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I feel terribly wrong
The moon doesn't shine
the planets are not aligned
My stomach sinks and I can't control
my heartbeat
Overclouded and no rain
Just a bunch of flying mistakes
I can't stay still, my feet run when I sleep
Courageous, I've been called
But murmurs of weakness I hear
And I feel like death is near
where can I find peace?
Where the leaves are colored
And the sea is aqua blue and the sun's rays are sharp
This palace is my solitude
This feeling is my prison
I can't escape it nor calm it down
It's tied to my veins
Derrick Dec 2020
i'd look in the sky and than i cry
i don't know why but i want to die
even the sun looks better than me
when i'm depressed leave me lonely
i give up all the time i'm never satisfied
wishing someone would hold me outside
please, i hope the one will rid me goodbye
Laiba Aug 2020
It started of as a joke
Like a game gone wrong
But when i heard her cry
I knew there was somthing
Terribly wrong
Laiba Jul 2020
My heart is beating so fast
Fast like fast
Faster then fast
The  urge is to self harm
My heart beated fast
My mind acted fast
Officially relapsed after being clean for so many months and its all because i feel low I feel anxious I feel worthless
Laiba Jul 2020
Daddy why did u hurt me
Daddy why did u put your hands all  over me
Daddy please tell me
Laiba is breaking apart
And that isnt fair
No freinds no nothing
She can't hear the phase "who will be the one to loose your virginity"
All I can remeber is my dad was the first
Not my childhood sweetheart ..
True story stay strong it gets better
Laiba Apr 2020
I wish I die.
And  nobody will cry
Laiba Apr 2020
My silent screams go unnoticed
My darkend days unchecked
I wish they believed me when i said it did happen
The emptiness is all consuming
It stole away my breathe
Self harm is always an option
Sucide is wish
That wouldn't happen to me
Because even death has rejected me
The memories of being suffocated by the man you called dad totures my head every minute
But now....
I got nothin to say
My words ran away with my happiness
Dear life
Let me go
Laiba Apr 2020
Do not  make permanent dessicions
On temporary feelings
Too late now.
Already have
Dear life
Forgive me. I am a bad person.
Laiba Apr 2020
I put on a mask
That's covers my true emotions
Why should I tell you I'm NOT fine
When you look at me and
Your overreacting
Your overthinking
Your lying...
Dear people
PLEASE believe me
Laiba Mar 2020
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