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Skyla Oct 4
He grabs me by my hair
And gives me quite the scare
And tells me that I’m his to keep
Backed up against the wall, I weep

I fear for my life but he says one day I’ll be his wife
So I guess it’s time to start lovin’ on him
Every day of every week, crying on the floor and between the sheets

Always making a scene
He can be cool, he can be mean
But my heart don’t mean anythin’
Because I’m his beauty queen

Crying in my Summer dress
Asking to be blessed
By a God I don’t believe in

‘Cause I’m his favourite dolly
Spins me ‘round and ‘round and ‘round
Violently dances me around the room
And drags me all the way downtown

‘Cause I’m his favourite Candy
And while he screams and drinks his Brandy
I’m writing apology letters to make him feel better
And I only feel blessed when we’re both undressed
Because lust and desire will put out his fire

He said I was Hollywood beauty and timeless grace
But that don’t feel right with the marks on my face
He says he adores me so I let him explore me
Whenever, wherever, he needs

I am his canvas, his hands are the brush  
The colours he paints on me feel like a sugar rush
He gives me some blush
and some crimson red lips
The metallic taste seeps in my mouth
And stains the front of my blouse

‘Cause I’m his favourite barbie
Likes to dress me up, and take me to town
I’m beauty, I’m grace, I cake on a new face
But it all comes melting off at night when I sob in my nightgown

But he kisses my wounds
And dances me ‘round the room one more time
Mr Rage, Mr. Love, my chaotic turtle dove
As we’re dancing I can see the heavens above
and there is no presence of time

Drink your wine, treat me like swine,
I’m scared for the future while he’s sippin’ on time

Lay me down tonight, decorate me with pearls
Whisper in my ear, tell me I’m your favourite girl
And that you’ll do anything in the whole wide world
To win my forgiveness
I don’t want this, but I deserve this.  

Kiss me, tell me i’m your peach, don’t shake me, or make me cry.

Please everyone, if you see my colourful face, please don’t ask me why.
This is not meant to glorify or romanticise domestic violence.  I use very heavy metaphors but it is a way for me to show that the girl refuses to believe her man is bad; she only paints him to look good.  Therefore “paints me” and “dances me around” are her way of expressing that he’s abusing her.
Paul NP Aug 12
Gentle solar I see you, I feel ya. My light bends around you. I'm not afraid am I? Afraid to dye, my touch in your Heaven? My earthly hurt in your pain. My chosen empath. I forget what I do when I'm cold and blue. How about you?

I am a mammal I do not comprehend your sight. Yet I try my best to re ignite, you, night.

When I am sleepy I am tired, listen to my wire.

Oh boy, are you gentle, soular kind? I appreciate thy design. How about you and I relax our sombre.

Dad, I'm sorry for everything I told you about your love.  

Thanks, me too. My wisdom is hours , my time is forgot.

I think I got it.

Why don't you still with da.

I'm too out spoked, I feel when I feel my lungs. I realize that I am gent.

My advice to your soul is to marry your divinity.

See ya around.
Bye kiddo.
Sunair, solar wind, love, thanks, reason, kind, gentle, sore, beauty, be you.
Chris Saitta Aug 6
Love, what have you become?
In broomsticks and cupboards and pantries,
On the dust-covered stairs,
In the breathless rush of faucet water,
On the crumpled lampshade at night,
Love is the summation of an individual’s life alone,
Somehow still expressed by two across the bridge of language failing.
She wonders what
her partner's mood
will be
when he returns
from work or play,
whether light and gentle
or dark and moody
voice and bark.

She knows from time before
how his mood can change,
and where words fail
his fists will settle arguments
in red-tempered
rage and mists.

She waits all tense
and on edge
for the door to slam,
or his voice to blare,
or if it clicks gently
and he happy sings,
and enters with a gift or two.

But she never knows
which one will come,
who it will be
that stands in the hall
in silent mood
or sighing breath,
and one step near
to punishment
or close to death.
Effie Rose Jul 22
The night sky is blue.
Amaranthine - endless
The mosaic trail left upon my satin skin.
The tinge caressing my eyes,
Which have seen
The devil himself
And yet dare not expose the azure brutality
Enveloped in your venomous cradle.

The waves are blue.
An exhausting struggle I brave
Desperate to subsist
As you seek to drag me
To the ocean floor -
Where I embrace my demise at your hands.

Blood flows blue
Yet pours red.
The colour you see each time I dare to pursue escape.
The colour you see
If I am to take too long in the bathroom.
If I am to have a quiet word with my friends
Without your contiguity
Looming like a cloud
Threatening a downpour congruent with my tears
As I beg them to liberate me
Yet say no such thing.

The lights projected from the ambulance
Pleading with traffic to manufacture a path
As I lay
Broken ribs and a broken heart.
Not the first assault and victim to more than yourself
But my forgiving nature
Assures that this is not the final beating.
As my skull is glued and the morphine streams through my veins
And the boys in
Delicately ask
“Did he do this, again?”
I nod,
Though the officer shakes his head,
His pen moving freely of his hand,
He acknowledges that tonight he will return to his wife,
He will have his meal and pray that his daughter is spared.
And I will return,
To the lair of the beast.

My eyes swollen.
My body imitating scaffolding; bones and skin housing the weary soul.
My hands shake as they struggle to grasp reality.
My cheeks stained by the violent, sempiternal flow of tears.
My ribs, forbidden from healing prior to the next wave of brutality,
Stood at an angle god himself could not manufacture.
My voice weak, desperate, pleading;
I beg no one to liberate me.
I, myself, choose to betray your corruption.
I tell my story, though it is not a tragedy.
I showcase, unforgiving - as you were,
The ‘love’ you enforced upon me.
The bloodthirsty way your soul adored mine.
The months of seemingly incalculable assault
Emotional torture
The autonomy you stole from me.
I want it back.
Instead it lies, at the bottom of your cobalt ocean.
Wrecked and never to be recovered.
Even in exposing you, and hand-delivering my message to you,
That you lost.
I do not regain the life you mercilessly devoured.

I must rebuild my own life.
Despite and in spite of you.
Though the blue I once knew was bruised and afraid.
The Sapphire I learn is of unwavering strength, kindness
And peace.
I forgive you,
Though I hope to God that you rot in a place where blue
Seems inviting.
'Blue' is a piece I created not so long ago; and it helped me to explore feelings and situations I could not at the time process or verbalise. I hope that 'Blue' can bring any survivors reading it some peace; as you realise you are not alone, your feelings of grief, helplessness and animosity are valid; and you will come out on top. I believe in you, I love you, and I'm proud you have walked away or are considering doing so. You deserve better than this.
Indigo Dream Jun 27
The night you let me go was the night that
I couldn’t comprehend that I was finally free.
I thought you had killed all that was left inside of me
until I realized I had simply hidden it away from you.

I rekindled the fire in my soul from a single dying ember
that you thought you could lock away.
Your love was intense and by intense,
I mean untempered.

It was not intended to last.

You kept me locked in a cage I could not escape.
I don’t think it was ever meant to end well,
but I thank you for walking away.
You taught me it's never too late to change our fate.
Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you.
Artistical Jun 1
Let’s start this with some counting
One, two, Three
One, two, Three
One, two, Three
One in three girls
In this room will
Suffer at the hands
Of the one who swears
They love you
The one who swears
They’ll never hurt you
But it happens

We pretend
It only
Happens to us
Let's do some more counting
One, two, three, four
One, two, three, four
One, two, three, four
One, two, three, four
One in four of you boys
Will be affected
By the words she said
By the cuts and bruises
She caused
You have no clue
How they happened
Because it's embarrassing
To admit you got your ***
Kicked by a girl
Only due to the fact
You refuse to
Hit her back
Because you respect

More counting
One, two, Three
One, two, Three
One, two, Three
Three women will have died today
From Domestic Violence
It's such a strange paradox
Domestic is calm and tame
Violence is a force that is intended to
hurt, damage, or ****
And from where I
Stand there is
Nothing- Nothing
Domestic about Violence

Knowing these Facts
It makes me afraid
I am afraid
to be a
To be a
Because when I look at my past

When I look at my past
I am afraid it will repeat
I am afraid
I’ll choose a man
Who beats me with an aluminum baseball bat
Like my own mother did

When I look at my past
I am afraid it will repeat
I am afraid
A man will choose me
And I’ll abuse him with my words
And he’ll take it
Like my father does

When I look at my past
I am terrified it will repeat
I am terrified
My children will
look for an escape
Like the five million children do
Like I do
This was just a topic that was on my mind...
what a kind word he said.
made a bullet rupture my liver.
my skull cracked in two.
It all started with
I love you,
I love you too.
If you would of told me this was wrong,
I would of told you this is right.
I looked into his eyes that night
He told me he would never let me go.
By his side I felt safe,
They say love is blind,
I say never judge a man,
You will never know what you may find.
Ravens, Doves, and a Cross.
Watch the truth unfold.

From that day on,
He captured my soul.

Now there I lay with my eyes closed
Watching myself, dead. In disgust
Not because I wasn't moving, but because
I wasn't moving on up.
To the sky. Now I finally understood,
I was deeply in love with the devil in disguise..
And to think it took 7 read texts, 3 missed calls
for him to find me.
teardrops fell to my face as he placed his hands on my neck.
They didn't tell me love is this powerful.
" I want to be with you forever "
Words I will always dread.
He wanted to be black and blue, just like me so he put the gun to his head.
Even though I was born innocent
The gunsmoke filled my spirit.
Blinded me, is what came from the sky
Whispered a soft lullaby...

God if you gave me one more chance,

To turn back time,

I would take everything back that night.

When I looked into his eyes.

Please hear my cry.

I never knew these words had so much power,
I pray that you equip me with strength,
I know I ain't your best child
My hands are too close to the fire.
I'm still learning how to keep faith
So please shield my heart with your armor.
Forgive me for I have sinned,
I didn't listen to the clear signs
All I want is one more chance to do it right....

And here I breathe,
A brand new life.

Here I release my new poetry with a story. Feedback would be appreciated please. Let me know what you think! Thank you.
You tell me you'll change,
You'll never abuse me again.
Or do anything to lose me,
But your fist is still bruising my skin.
Your knee still scraping my shin,
Your teeth still biting my flesh.
Your hands pulling at my hair,
Your foot kicking the wind from my chest.

Your words still hurt my soul
My mind is broken from your control
How much can my body take
One or a thousand beatings
From a man hiding behind feelings he fakes.

"I love you babe" he said,
"dont leave I need you" he cried.
"I'll never hurt you again, I'll change. I'm sorry" he lied

How pathetic I must have been
How stupid to think that this was true
I may have once been your queen
But the crown you placed upon my head, slowly slipped away
And your face began to show who you really were.

Your true form showed through.
Your not a man, your a monster.
You think it's appropriate
To treat women like dirt.
To take what you want
And paw at there skirt

I trusted you.
I believed you
Knew you
Fought for you
Wanted you
Loved you
Hate you.
There comes a point where the words of an abusive spouse mean less than nothing
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