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Kale Apr 29
When we first basked
In the moonlight’s ever
Opposing gaze
Stating our soliloquies
Of admiration
Of love
You gave me a jacket
To warm the coldness of
My heart
Now you’re gone
And now I am left
With nothing more than
This cloth
To represent the love you had for me
Crystal Apr 27
Somewhere there is a glass vase,
with white Lilly's wilted at the edges.

A pile of letters, unceasing.
Always arriving.

A candle half its lifespan.

A hair laying between the creases of her sweater.

I suppose we go bit by piece, sometimes having not knowing.
Tori Apr 16
He tugged at a snag
On our tattered old sweater
And left but a pile of thread.
Snowy ground
Lies untouched
Perfectly perfect
Made for us

Out the widow
Snow falls
Fire burning
Widows fog

Red nosed
In the house
Rose cheeks
On the couch

Curled up
In a sweater
“How are you?”
“Never better,”
Haven’t seen snow in 6 years. I miss it so much! Winter is my absolute favorite season. What’s yours?
Savanna Mar 25
Let the bottom fabric tickle the top of my thighs like your fingers do,
breathe in deep and worry washes out onto the floor.
Let the threads collapse into my skin and wind around my veins,
entrenching you deep into my body, so I can’t slide out of your grasp.
Let your smell and touch sneak into my dreams
and sweeten them with your honeyed smile and speckled cheeks.
Let me be a part of us indefinitely, an unwavering promise
gracie Feb 13
here’s to the thrift store sweaters,
well-worn, wooly and warm,
meant for curling up
with a book and hot tea
as the snow comes
twinkling down.

here’s to the little stray cat
street-smart, striped, and shy,
tossed to the curb
but somehow still grateful
for the touch of a stranger
passing by.

here’s to the weary lovers
run-down, restless romantics who've
learned to stitch up their hearts
and put on their smiles
because life is too short
to waste it
i heckin got this
abc Jan 10
she wanted this tight hug to be affection,
but to her dismay,
he coiled her like a snake does its prey
before it’s swallowed whole.
he released her into a twirl
and quickly slung her back into a dip
before closely gripping her once again.
she would continue this dance
with the devil in his christmas sweater.

JAC Dec 2018
Tonight I'll swim in your sweater
and I'll dream of waking up

in a soft nest of white gold
with your messy hair

teasing the freckles
off my tired nose.
Mortality is surprising as it should be.
That you should die is not implied by life
Or pain. There is a sweater hanging in his closet.
If one were to look closely at the
                       neck the thread begins un
                       raveling the
                       re. No one will
                       she s
                       d. But it is his sweater and he noticed.
But it is only a sweater and really no one will notice.
It isn't what they look for.
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
this is my favorite pair of jeans.
they fit my legs tight and then loose and the color keeps to itself.

this is my favorite sweater.
it keeps me warm and it’s the color of moss.

i’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days, but i’ve showered between those days
i’ve been seeing you for a week but you’ve talked to your girlfriend between those days.
my neighbor threw my clothes on the floor cause he needed the dryer
so now i have to wash them all over again and i don’t have $3,
the machine ate two so i only have one left

your copy of rear window is on my floor.
your copy of monty python is on my floor.

thick hair, thick hands, thick wool,
i’m thinning but you’re only getting warmer

i’m tired of men entering my life and taking all of my heat right before winter comes.
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