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Najla May 3
I wear a sweater no
matter the weather

It keeps me warm
and hides my shame

Sometimes I forget
what my arms look like,
but every time I try to look

I see only the scars that’s
slowly healed but never faded,
and I am reminded of my pain

And so I wear a sweater no
matter how hot the weather
I haven’t written anything in a month, I have lost my inspiration with all this chaos happening in the world. But today I write and hope my voice will be heard.  Stay safe everyone.
I miss you in ways I'm still learning to articulate
like maybe the sea misses it's purity
or your sweater misses the way my shoulders held it
the grass misses the sun's light when night falls
and in the same way the dirt on the ground wonders if it will ever feel warmth again
I miss you as though you're never coming back
Isabella Mar 17
A sweater I put on, worn and worn.
To keep me safe, to keep me warm.
The outside soft, the inside thorns.
Tempting is, my love forlorn.

The sweater stays, ripped and torn.
For lost labors that I mourn.
A love has died, a love is born.
Hopeless is, my love forlorn.

To be so close, yet all so far.
I cannot reach, yet here you are.
I cannot leap, the jump's too hard.
Forlorn love tears us apart...

Disdainful tears, that mark my cheeks.
My helpless world, is far too bleak.
Without my strength I seem so meek.
Forlorn love makes me feel weak.

A sweater I put on, worn and worn.
To keep me safe, to keep me warm.
Love is pain, and love is scorn.
Wretched is, my love forlorn.
We were once constantly together
You were always on my back
Kept me from getting too cold;
or letting my temper run.

Sometimes got stained
but would never walk away, you never left
And I'd never want to get rid of you, either.
You were a comfy sweater. You were a great friend.

You made me into an eye-catcher
We went to school together every day
I could never replace you,
one of a kind, like a once in a lifetime bestie.

You've served me well, done your time
this is now a bid goodbye, have a nice life
Whether I'm talking about a friend or a sweater
I guess that's for the world to decide.

So thank you,
best friend.
And thank you,
Archer Mar 4
You are my life
My oldest most comfortable sweater
You wrap me in warmth
You are worn
Rips and tears through out
You think they take from your worth
But they make you mine
Maegan deme Jan 30
I'm scared to start living with you.
once I do you'll start to lose your nose flavor.
Once I do all your sweaters and hoodies belong to us,
and I won't get to steal them anymore.
Once I do our late night texts will be late night ***.
Once I do you'll start to see me in the worst and sometimes best.
then again
I can't wait to start living with you
Once I do I can cuddle whenever I want.
Once I do we'll be free to make out for fun.
Once I do you'll show me shows you hate but secretly love.
Once I do I'll love you more than anything I'll ever want.
Once I do we'll be happy.
cause you're all I secretly want
spooky thing being in love, it turns you into a cynically optimistic self hating narcissist.
Tess M Nov 2019
why do I find so much
emotional comfort
in a sweater
that represents so much

things just don't

why won't they just let
angry for
Gavin Nov 2019
I knit those words together
so you can pull them over yourself,
on a cold day
and always remember,
Its me keeping you warm.
Erian Rose Sep 2019
Fields flood high of corn stalks
As we drove along with the country roads
Leaves splattered pathways in a vibrant tint
Electrifying the crisp air around us
Pumpkins grinned softly
Nesting in beds of acorn heads

Fall couldn't be any better
Than watching out the window
And laying my eyes upon the setting sun
While apple cider and spice linger in the ether
Protected in your sweater
Ashley Kaye Sep 2019
i feel the lonely bitterness of streetlights
slink away into the city

when I think of you,
home .
Another love poem. Remarkable-less
September 5, 2019
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