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Nadine Mar 6
Today there are no certainties
From the day my mom gave birth to me
As a child so young and free
I never knew what life held for me

As the days turn into years
My innocents turned into fears
I found that life was full of pain
And hurt and suffering all the same

I tried and tried to find my way
But misery was there to stay
The things of love and happiness
My dad told me would be a bliss

But years have slowly passed me buy
And the things I’ve lost just makes me cry
I think of all the lonely nights
And all the **** violent fights

The many nights I cried in pain
For tomorrow it would be the same
The screaming shouting, **** words
You’ll never know how much it hurts

The day we meet
I’ll never forget
Your gentle words and loving ways
How I pray there where there to stay

To calm my fears
And wipe my tears
To show me love
For all the years

But sadly as the months went by
I realized it’s all a lie
The happy home and tenderness
The sweet caress and gentleness

I sit and wonder what went wrong
It hasn't been that very long
Since the day I said good bye
And realized it was all a lie

How can someone so sweet and dear
Cause me so much pain and fear
You call and say you love me so
Do you really? I want to know

My heart was broken long ago
Can you remember you should know?
I turned around and left that day
And told myself it’s all okay

Three month later who should call
It was you in pieces, I took the fall
You were so down and miserable
And said you loved me most of all

Because I gave my heart to you
And it was a love so dear and true
So once again I took you back
Cause strength and pride I sure did lack

It wasn't long until again
Fighting, screaming lots of pain
Now it’s many years gone bye
And once again i say goodbye

But still you call me all the time
And say you love me more each time
How did it go so very wrong?
How did we miss it all along?

Why could we not find piece my dear?
Why did you listen but never hear?
But sadly now I have to say
I cannot take another day

Of broken dreams and a broken heart
And lonely nights we sleep apart
As I sit here thinking back
It was my dignity that I lacked

I love you to
If you only knew
But now it’s over I have to say
But you’ll go on and be okay
Breakdowns come and go as easily as a swing being pushed by the wind. Vexing, gruelling, pilfering one's glee and peace.  
ㅤ Hard to ignore. Impossible to run away: you feel. Breathless one is,
and tears stream.
Emma Jan 3
She loves you more than I will,
And Lord knows but you don’t love me.
Her circular curves –
Filled with such verve –
Blind so you can’t hardly see.
You could try to escape,
You tail-eating snake,
But your own misery
Is such better company
Than us mere mortals can provide.
You stew in your own **** unhappiness –
And I could be wrong,
To hate you for it,
But **** being right anyway.
Lot Dec 2018
It has come to my attention that packing peanuts and unhappiness are one and the same.
But how is that so?
Well, it’s because they both seem to infiltrate everything, and have a knack for sticking to every little nook and cranny in life.
Problems seem to create excess static electricity, attracting all sorts of consequences.
Rumination helps me create weird analogies.
Kale Dec 2018
Once again I’m here
stuck at the crossroads
dreaming of chasing
the dreams that are forever
bounded by the comfort of the past  
where unhappiness reigned free

With path should I choose
It so hard to be free
I just want to take a path
That lets me be me
My God.
This feeling is taking over.
Clawing at my very existence,
Spilling my insides onto the floor.
The stars have left my eyes,
My hygiene has wilted.
Instead of seeing the blue cover skies,
I only see the cement under my feet.
My shadows dance in the sunlight,
Laughing and mocking me.
Slowly knocking me down,
I’m tired all the time.
I’m sick of this feeling.
Sick of the demons inside of me.
They’re never ending party goers,
Constantly going and going until I fall.
I reach for help, some type of hope,
I find myself slipping away.
I’m so sick of these demons inside of me.
The drugs don’t help,
My smile fades when you look away.
I’m ripping myself apart,
And I’m sick of these demons.
Because they’re the ones making it happen.
meg Nov 2018
Sometimes I feel as if I am a
blind man walking across a tightrope.
Like I'm child in the world that is
dressed in a body too big for her,
in a world too big for her.

We are all susceptible to change.
Its hard to let go of broken things
that have strings tied to your heart.
If you cut them off, a part of you
will always be with them, and I
dont know how to feel about that.

I broke up with myself,
but she wont stop calling.
She wants me to believe in people
and concepts that I have waited so
long to let go, and I do not like the

I hate the feeling.
Everytime I feel the feeling
I feel like taking a scalpel,
and cutting out the places
in my heart where the string are.
I know they will never go away.

My ex is guilty of clinging
drama to her life, like
candy to a baby, and the
truth is, she can't seem
to understand that love
is just as conseptual as
we only love others
becaue we **** at
loving ourselves.

I guess we only start
to love ourselves
when we stop chasing
the people that don't love us.

Thats why people chase the strings they
choose to cut off of their hearts.
I guess all we do in this lifetime
is stress about not smiling and cover
up our mouths with bandaids
so people cant see through the broken
lies we tell them, so we reminise and
think of things that have made real smiles.

We only see half of people.
I will never know the story
of the perosn sitting next to me,
so all I can do is notice their
dreams and respect them.

We only see half of oueselves,
and I never know which parts are true.
All I can believe in is the
whispers of voices in my mind
telling me to be more than
everyone thinks I am and to not
lose my spakle, 'cause thats
the only thing that make me different.
inspired by Savannah Brown
meg Nov 2018
I don’t think I remember watching him die.
It wasn’t something I tried to grasp onto.
I didn’t want to remember seeing the life
drain from his eyes and his unhappiness
seep through his heart.

I tried so hard to just think of it as
what it was, so I constantly battled
every thought I had with,
"He died because it was his time”,
but my judgments run
after the concept of him
being in a white box,
sitting on a chair,
and choosing to leave me
and everyone else too early
like someone is chasing them.
That is terrifying.

I just try to forget.
“It was his time”,
but was it really?
He didn’t even see me
graduate high school,
or go to college,
or get a job.
And he missed it
because it was his time?
‘Cause if you lose your heart
before you lose your head
you were dead all along.
And I know that one day I
will stand in front of
that white room
and tell him that it was
only his time to go
because he wanted it to be.
And I accept that.
Because at least
something was done
and I didn’t have to face
the silence.

Now all I hear is silence
We cannot feel silence.
The way it sounds.
The way it persists
in the midst
of anything.

And silence begs
for our minds
and hearts to stop,
for us to sense
a second of peace.

And maybe he wanted the feel the silence,
so instead of holding it in his palms,
he held it in his heart.

I cannot feel the silence,
but I can feel tears and unhappiness.
I can close that white door,
it no longer leads anywhere.
might be many grammatical errors, but im trying to try something new with my writing style. any shared feed back would be highly appreaciated, thank you! :-)
Noelis Oct 2018
your skin feels so warm
and your lips so soft
you breathe on my neck
and i’m no longer cold
it’s late, i’m awake
and you feel like home.
—the beginning

you’re in bed with me
but i feel so alone
your skin feels cold
and your lips so coarse
it’s late, i’m awake
and i feel like running away.
—the end
Christine Oct 2018
My mind is an almost-lifeless waste
All around is evidence,
Barely-there impressions
Of feelings only just forgotten

They tell me that I will be happy soon
That excitement will bloom lush and fruitful
That passion will light these silent hills
But when I look across these cracked and mournful plains
When the rains shower me with bitter disappointment
When the winds freeze my interest into apathy
I think,
Surely not
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