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“My fiery red heart is in the darkness
its beat is suffocating, it’s almost breathless
by the seconds that go by it slows easily
and with it every cell, every atom cries for help warily.
It’s fighting so hard every day and every minute for its survival
but I can’t help but feel even death seems like a better call
Oh dear hands of relentless agony
release my heart, return my sanity.
Oh great hands that own me
return the good part of life ever so willingly
and I’ll go along my way, away from you
away from this tension to anything and everything new
anything that’ll replace this suffocating pressure
anything that’ll release me from this trap laid for me to suffer
Oh tight grips of confinement please
from this disgusting displeasure, put me at ease
allow me the privilege to feel anything other than this
TORTURE, SADNESS, PAIN, I beg- open your fists.
Oh Great hands that tugs my fiery red heart
Return it to me before I lose all my colour to this dark
I plead to you Oh Great Hands that possess me
open your fists, release your grip, gently put me down and gracefully leave me be
for everything and anything outside your existence isn’t that bad
I just want returned to me all the innocence I once had
Oh Great Hands of unhappiness, what do you want from me?
Have I not given you enough? What are you saying, love you deeply?
I will never love you. I can never love you. I refuse to ever love you.
Oh great hands of antagonizing pain, I’ll never see the true beauty
of this life if you keep me this chained up
I’m chaining myself you say?
I’m the one who’s holding on to something that is long gone you say?
You’ve released me ages ago you’re saying?
I’m the one refusing to release myself you’re saying?

Oh Great Hands that had me, return and bind me into this darkness where we once played,
bind me to you so at least I have someone to blame for this pain that never seems to go away.
Oh Great Hands that opened their fists, hold on to me and take me away from this world,
it’s not as beautiful as I thought, take me away and hold me tight within your palms,
I swear I’ll not complain anymore, I swear I’ll not fight you, I swear I’ll love you.
I swear I’ll love you and all the pain you come with ever so blue.

Oh Great Hands, I beg you, please save me-----

From myself...”

She was darting pretenders with her eyes,
With a bottle in a hand and a box of cigs in another,
In a foggy late sunday,
Rain had quitten before she did.
Bars were closing down but she remained,
Resting her back on some ol' and wet wall of the parlour.
You could hear Vincenzo yelling in the back,
"Let her in and throw on the red lights".
_ It's all 'bout the attention you give to them, you see,
in a day or other she will leave you and find someone better,
or someone better will find her, doesn't matter,
she will fall for the attention they give her and past won't set no call;
You know she started to comprehend, it's why you have been so kind
Carlo C Gomez Jan 22
Whilom seafarers in rapture,
seven minutes in heaven,
then nothing but bathos,
--a woman in bed,
she and Rembrandt quarreling
over fidelity or obedience to her king?

"It is I, Seagull!"

"Everything is fine. I see the horizon..."

Night sky, a blow torch,
a golden rain flowing between her legs,
curled in the veil of imperial lineage and/or arousal,
--ballistic arc,
peering into the hand mirror,
a breach of promise staring back.

"Will the flight
affect your reproductive organs, Danaë?"

and how they shall weep
when things go wrong between us?"
BethMaria Dec 2020
humans are the most pathetic species on earth,
they have no content;
no happiness,
no compromise,
no nothing.
so they ruin things over and over
and try to make themselves feel good by bragging about there misfortune,
and people pity them
when actually the ones who suffer the most are the ones who stay silent because they aren't allowed to talk.
cyrene Nov 2020
let me show you what a shadow feels like.

blank, dark, unnoticed.

i am my own shadow, in the light.
This is very random.
Mushroompoetry Jul 2020
I've got everything,
A reserve car for when my other breaks
A reserve of boys like a bunch of grapes
A reserved look that makes hearts ache

I've got everything,
Pressure coming from every way
And ice cold hearth and a fake display
A dark mind that's here to stay

I've got everything
A fancy shrink with a nice degree
Enough pills to calm the sea
A strong rope and a lonely tree.
Nidhi Mar 2020
Am I drunk?
Because I thought you loved me
Only to realized you betrayed me
Your hands are no longer warm as fire
But cold as iron
I refuse to hold walk down in life with a cold hand
Nidhi Mar 2020
My love as died for you long time ago

You seem to always forget who i am

Did you know I loved you before
But I forgot those days
I can’t remember the days I would create ribbons of joy

You have created great pains
So much pain like the trail of tears

You have given me legs to walk
So I will walk away from you and never to visit you back
There seem to be no end in the ocean of tears

But i have hope one day
I will he happy
Michael Flynn Feb 2020
I am alone,
lost within an empire of ambiguity
surrounded by seas of turmoil
an island of fear battered by waves of hate
its beauty-no more, covered with filth.

lost am I among the dead?
craving for love but fed hate
long for a peace that's all but late
consumed by sorrow.

brought into a world full of greed
I am the fallen, never to be freed
condemned for eternity,-my life,-the original sin.

the scars I carry from battles old,
never to be sealed.
forever seeping the blood of fake bliss
poisoned by spite.

the demons of the past lurk in the shadows of my mind
waiting to appear;
****** am I to wander aimlessly
through a nightmare recurring?

A window of hope is all but gone
blackened by drought and disease.
I have fallen-
doomed to love eternal hate.
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