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Nidhi Mar 25
Am I drunk?
Because I thought you loved me
Only to realized you betrayed me
Your hands are no longer warm as fire
But cold as iron
I refuse to hold walk down in life with a cold hand
Nidhi Mar 9
My love as died for you long time ago

You seem to always forget who i am

Did you know I loved you before
But I forgot those days
I can’t remember the days I would create ribbons of joy

You have created great pains
So much pain like the trail of tears

You have given me legs to walk
So I will walk away from you and never to visit you back
There seem to be no end in the ocean of tears

But i have hope one day
I will he happy
Michael Flynn Feb 15
I am alone,
lost within an empire of ambiguity
surrounded by seas of turmoil
an island of fear battered by waves of hate
its beauty-no more, covered with filth.

lost am I among the dead?
craving for love but fed hate
long for a peace that's all but late
consumed by sorrow.

brought into a world full of greed
I am the fallen, never to be freed
condemned for eternity,-my life,-the original sin.

the scars I carry from battles old,
never to be sealed.
forever seeping the blood of fake bliss
poisoned by spite.

the demons of the past lurk in the shadows of my mind
waiting to appear;
****** am I to wander aimlessly
through a nightmare recurring?

A window of hope is all but gone
blackened by drought and disease.
I have fallen-
doomed to love eternal hate.
Arke Aug 2019
You were three blocks away
Going to the same destination
But you wouldn't stop
In the cold and rain
Never asked if I needed help
Didn't offer a ride which would've
Saved me 40 minutes of time
And an awkward conversation
With a man who invited me back to his
I considered his offer
Partly out of spite
Partly out of hope
That he would slash my throat
And I wouldn't have to return home
I rubbed my cheeks, suddenly grateful
No one can tell when you've cried in the rain
I guess we've always been three blocks
Apart from one another, you and I
Too depressed to get out of bed. Guess I'll write poetry.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
"Life has its ups and downs"
someone said, and I thought
up and down is a state of mind:
our minds make meanings
of an unknown Destiny
to decide
how happy or unhappy
we should be.
And happiness is complex:
we are happy
about various situations to different degrees,
while being unhappy
about various situations to different degrees.
And unhappiness doesn't necessarily mean 'down':
Is there an experience of joyful-unhappiness?:
when we decide to be unhappy about a situation
while joyfully striving to improve the situation
to increase our joy and happiness.
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I’m wondering in the dark
Trying to find the light
Stuck in the lost
Where there’s no sky
Not a glimmer of hope
On where to find myself
"It's either too dark, or too light. There's no in between."
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Nothing will come from this
You say on our bed
Nothing will come from this
I repeat to your head

Dreams mean nothing to me
You say at the table
Dreams mean nothing to me
I repeat as I am able

We’ll all be nothing
You say as we stargaze
We’ll all be nothing
I repeat in a daze

You cover my face
You cover my eyes
You filter my mouth
Now all I tell are lies
"Your voice is so sweet. But are your intentions?"
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I Found Myself
Deep In the woods behind the house
I found me
Lost in space because of all the gravity
I found I
Bleeding on the floor about to die
"Oh, what has become of myself, of me, of I?"
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Can I be alive again
She asked her reflection
Can I go to heaven
She asked the one considered golden
Can I move on
She asked again
And she kept asking questions
"Not all of them have one answer; not all of them have an answer at all; and not everyone can answer them."
Grace Jun 2019
My biggest flaw is my impatience,
my inability to ignore temptations...

I always skip ahead,
which "defeats the point" you said,

"Curiosity killed the cat,"
you warned me too,
But... "Satisfaction bought it back,"
is the ending that I always knew

I cannot resist that euphoria,
from the last page of our story, a-

-book of two strangers
battling imagined dangers

If only I was less enticed by,
abundant sweet nothings, oh my..

In hindsight, I should have listened,
ignored the false sense of bliss and,

carried on without spoilers, for..
the journey would mean much more,

than this epilogue which left me reeling,
from emotions only I am feeling

But still, I refuse to accept,
that this chapter in which we met,

is somehow more meaningful,
as a tragedy, ending this.. uncheerful..

It cannot all be for nothing,
the moral of the story...
must be something..

Hidden, subconscious but still, remaining,
Please, I beg, tell me you are feigning-

-this abrupt conclusion,
this cold, harsh illusion..

What remains is..

a thousand questions that cannot be put to rest,
awakened in the presence of your disinterest

I'm left in this state of transcendence-

-into disarray, from the broken final...

This was written with the intention of being a spoken piece so that's why there are pauses and breaks (shown by the hyphens)
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