DF Aug 30

as i walked out the door
this morning, i felt it.

i felt the crisp in the air.
the promise of cooler days.

remembrance of things long ago forgotten.

Autumn is near.
hand me my jacket.
my season is about to begin.

{d.f. - 08/28/17}

counting down the days till it's officially autumn.
everly Jul 13

Yes I do still have your jacket
it does make me feel

Idk just a little extra something something. ;)
Eva Jul 2

She wears that leather jacket
Like a bee's stripes
To ward off anyone that might want
To get close

Her own, personal uniform
Her armor, her shield

Black leather jacket
An unwritten stop sign
For anyone that might want
To say hello.

Terry Collett Jun 28

The straight jacket
holds you firm;
they put you down
on the wooden bench,
sit there Yvonne, sit still,
the nurse says, and don't bite.

You watch
the nurse walk off,
her uniform dark blue,
the white headdress,
holds her brown hair in place,
but does nothing for her face,
hard and heavy jawed.

Your bare feet
sense the carpeted floor;
your toes scratch
against the rough grain.

Your black hair
is over you face,
you are unable
to push it away
as your hands
are bound
in the jacket.

You shake your head
to move it away,
but it falls over again,
shutting out sight.

You sit and sense hard
wooden plaits of wood
beneath your butt.

You had headbutted
that woman in those
female lavatories
who attacked you
in one of the stalls,
tried to touch you,
finger you
as you'd seen her do
to others in the past.

Now you are

That fat woman's nose
was broken.

Blood everywhere,
on walls, on the lavatory bowl
where you pushed her over.

You hear the loud
calls and screams
from the ward,
the keys in locks
turning and turning,
and anger
in your head and heart,
burning, burning, burning.


I hated knowing the fact that she was absent.
Missing the feel of her caress.
The arms that slipped over mine as comfortable as a jacket.

It was therapeutic in a sense.
The warmth that accompanied a simple smile spread across my face.
Knowing that she was there.
It wasn't as easy as going to the store.
Constantly trying on jackets looking for the right fit,
Paying no never mind to the tags that read different sizes.

The 2x's. 1x's. Sometimes disused as the wrong size.
No matter the store, there would never be another her.
I hated imagining the chime that would sing from under the mat when one foot hit the right spot walking into the store.
The awkward look passed from one customer to the other, the hassle of standing in line.
No, this was far from comfortable.
The ease of having what you need unexpectedly given to you, all of a sudden taken away.
The seams of her arms tailored around mine.
Snug against my back, her head as the collar laid against my neck, my chest.

What I needed was her, without her nothing felt right

Becca Schneider Sep 2016

It started with a jacket
It was fresh and exciting and you loved it
Time passed and the jacket was worn again and again
Often times it didn’t match, but you loved it
Now it has holes and cracks in the leather
I went to put it on this year and it felt cold
The shoulders fell past their familiar spot
The lining was splitting at the seams
The coat had outgrown me, it was worn out
A feeling all too familiar
It ended with a jacket.

- BS

Audrey Maday Sep 2016

My insides are made
Of shattered glass
Held together by pink bubble gum
An irreparable scene
Masked by leather jackets, red lips,
And pastel hair dye.
I wear fake battle scars on the outside
So people don't dare look in.

Wyatt Jul 2016

I wear my faith like a warm jacket,
so when it starts to slip
I feel cold and I start shivering.
It keeps me moving forward,
it keeps me sane with all that I lack.
It protects me even if I'm not worthy
of a single piece of cloth on my back.
I'll never understand it.

You protect me even if I'm not worthy of a single piece of cloth on my back. I'll never understand.
Bartelo Mandie Jun 2016

I remember being at the park
waiting for you.
I had my leather jacket on,
a book on my right hand
and tea on the other.
You were the lights on a christmas tree.
You were the confetti on a cake.
You were Bonnie and I was Clyde.
But you disappeared.
Sooner than seafoam,
And I was blue,
bluer than the ocean.

I wrote this poem days ago, but I was really busy at work and home. So here it is, pure inspiration through heartbreak and free verse, because they rhyme very well.

Her rivers rushed up to meet him, he almost drowned.

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