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Omarcito Jun 2022
Syllables mixed,
Meaning dispersed between the two conscious minds,
Connecting them,

But yet no sound was made.

The Brightest Star
Just smiled and waved,

The wind
Blowing though the rays that embrace Karim
Like a strait jacket of light, blinding bias.

Karim could hear the ants in the mycelium;
Manufacturing temples.

Tears flowed to the present light.

His tears then created the Nile River,
Where the stream keeps their society alive,
Engraving their history into ours.

Since that day,
Karim could only smile and wave.
Chris Bee Sep 2021
I found myself at another shop, a ritual of mine,
pondering its wares, as if I were actually interested.
The whole song-and-dance was routine by now.
I finally got to the section I was wanting,
and the small bin sat there, waiting for me.
The mass of colors and styles and shapes and sizes
were making my selection difficult;
they all had such different appeals to them,
such different ways others would judge them,
judge me for wearing them.
After finding something to my liking,
I slipped it inside my jacket pocket,
already adorn with many of its brothers and sisters,
coming from several
different locations,
different times,
different people.
I hurriedly left, ignoring the cashier’s bored “see ya next time.”
At the food court, I sat, meeting with my friends.
I sit, observe as they speak.
Much like the bin at the shop,
I look for something in them.
A hobby,
an interest,
an accent even,
just to call my own.
Finally, a joke is made, relating to a teacher,
and I got it.
I smiled to myself,
ready to incorporate
what I had stolen from my friend.
Part 4 of 4 of four works I did for an emulation portfolio. This poem is an emulation of the style from David Ignatow's “The Bagel.”
Svetoslav Mar 2021
Why are they laughing at me?
I'm normal as they are
Who else could I be?
wishing only to remain somewhere far

Will they ever leave me be?
healing scar is rare as a falling star
Can I ever be free?
reachimg my life's goal like a formula one car

Wet blue velvet jacket in a cold winter night,
it freezes under the blue light of the moon
close to the watery eyes of the grieving knight

Dry fallen leaf gone in the howling wind,
carried around and unable to go elsewhere
under the fiery autumn sky in our minds
Wilder Nov 2020
I forgot how much I missed you
Until we started talking again
I've been through lots of painful things
But not many compare to losing a friend

You texted me a week ago
You tried to apologize
It wasn't your fault
(You liked looking in my eyes)

Said you found this jacket
In the picture, it reminded
Me of a 80s quilt
I said you should get it, you did

Adults keep pulling on our sleeves
Telling us to grow up
Keep only what you need
Well I needed connection
And I needed a friend
You were running low on those too
Maybe life's out to get us
Maybe they just don't care
I know it's easier
If I have you there
Alt. title: The aftermath of "Cut off"

I'm glad we're friends again
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
Confused in Estes.

Slipping low.
How it felt.
Didn't know.
You're still warm.

Garrett Johnson.
Samatha approximatley
Marri May 2020
Call me obsessive,
I’m just a passionate lover.

I lay awake at night,
I look at the ceiling thinking of you.
Sometimes I never sleep.

I’m not obsessive,
Just in passionate love.

I stay in bed all day,
I close my eyes dreaming of you.
Sometimes I never wanna wake up.

I still have your clothes,
Some never washed.
I put them on and pretend I’m you.

I sit in front of the mirror,
I touch myself as you.

Call me obsessive,
I’m just your passionate lover.

I take hot showers.
I let the water cascade over me with eyes open
So I see the shape of you.

You stand in the shower with me,
Hair wet, and bright blue eyes that come alive.

I let the air cloud,
I let the windows fog.
I suffocate myself to hallucinate you.

Not obsessive,
Just passion filled.

I just want to love you,
I just want to hold you.
I want to wear your skin,
Feel you hot and fleshy around me.

I lay on the ground where you’ve walked,
I touch the areas you used to inhabit.
I still feel you here, I still feel you there.

I want to be hurt by you again,
I want to be bawling and weeping in love with you.

You’re obsessed,
I’m simply passion based.

You can’t hate me for that.

I want to be you,
I want to have you,
I want to be loved by you.

I’m obsessed,
Borderline obsessed.

And completely passionate.
About you.
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
Her heart burst into the air
Like a zillion shards of red.
Her heart a fashion show
Displaying a jacket wrapped around
it's waist.
I fell in love, my heart following hers
in applause.
I'd never seen a live volcano before.
Not until she opened her mouth
& covered me with her heart.
Her heart a fashion show
Displaying a jacket wrapped around
it's waist & prints of confetti
blown against it's face.
Love but an invitation to our
own private island in the making
Ray Dunn Aug 2019
when you realize you don't care
that you're going to get wet,
you'll never need a jacket again.
something i thought while i zoned out in lecture
Kale Apr 2019
When we first basked
In the moonlight’s ever
Opposing gaze
Stating our soliloquies
Of admiration
Of love
You gave me a jacket
To warm the coldness of
My heart
Now you’re gone
And now I am left
With nothing more than
This cloth
To represent the love you had for me
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