When you offered me your jacket
Because it was cold
My heart melted
And turned into
Liquid love
Do you love me
Darkly 3d
Yesterday at work I went upstairs to grab my jacket because it was a bit chilly on the floor that evening. As I put it on I remembered and thought "Wow, this thing has traveled quite a distance without me in it."

And I hope that it served you well in the Cayman Islands.

As I write this, I am getting further away from waking up this morning from a dream I had. You were in it (and so were your parents). At first I thought "Wow, why would I dream about her?"

But it must be because of the jacket.

You know, the attachment is long gone, but I still believe that you didn't know me well enough to know that when I said "Whatever I want" meant "Follow my dreams with success".

C'est la vie.
Sorry guys, I don't plan on leaving this one up for long. I just needed to... you know :~)
Hannah Feb 11
I see you walk through the halls with her
She wears your new jacket
She wears your new smile
She wears your new life
Do you recognize me
I wear your old jacket
I wear your old smile
I wear your old life
I wear you no more
I wear a stranger that you no longer know
Poetic T Jan 2
I will never wish words, only my actions as all syllables
   eventually fade..   Take my coat and the few dollars
as actions are worth more than just singular words...
         sleep warm with worth more than thoughts..
Isrella Uong Dec 2017
you’ve got the most delicate hands
i’ve ever felt on my inner chest.
i’m breaking apart,
completely shattering to pieces;
it might be a release, it might bring me peace,
bits & pieces, put them back together.
my legs are shaking from the cold;
you passed me your jacket.
but, this is no ordinary jacket,
it’s like a band-aid wrapped around my soul.
and maybe for a moment or a glimpse,
i let go of the past and thought,
“maybe it won’t hurt this time.”
but, i’m still shattered
and breaking to bits & pieces;
i’m breaking apart,
maybe so that i can be put back together…
properly, so that i can birth out nations & stories.
no matter how much this hurts,
no matter how much my heart is aching,
the sound is echoing,
“i want to know you more.”
i freaking want to know you more!
should i surrender?
is it even possible for me to surrender?
you can see through my skin,
you know that it’s like a storm within.
but all it takes is a hurricane –
you’re that hurricane –
to overthrow me.
is that too much to ask for?
can you shake me?
can you slap me out of this?
slap me out of my skin!
but you said, “no, i’ll do this gently.”
are you gonna tell me that it takes time?
i know you say i’ll be fine,
as long as i’m wearing the soul jacket.
ugh! surrender. surrender. surrender.
you said, “healing takes time.”
sometimes the truth hurts more than the lie,
but do i want to be lied to?
the truth doesn’t hurt!
because change is necessary.
and what i’ve dug myself into,
i know you’ll drag me out of my pity hole.
“stop hiding your heartburns and
the holes screwed in your heart.”
soul jacket, this is one heck of a special jacket!
feels like protection.
it feels better than muscular arms around my waist
from a guy who’s three-four years older;
feels better than beer chugged down
trying to pass for stronger liquor;
feels better than trying to numb myself
with “don’t make me sad / don’t make me cry.”
don’t get me wrong, i still love the song born to die.
but maybe this time,
i’ll have to cross out that line;
and instead i’ll write:
“born to thrive.”
because that’s how your jacket makes me feel.
December 9, 2017. Yeah, jackets are great.
luis Dec 2017
in my closet,
I have a torn jacket
two holes in its pocket
a rip in its hood, and
a broken zipper

patches, and stickers
stains of liquor
from when i drinked
so that I wouldn't miss her

I haven't thrown it
it's precious, for some reason
to throw it away
would, to my heart, be treason

I wore it when we met
on that cold autumn night
when the freezing wind swept
the leaves to our left and right
a scene from a movie
or a novel, perhaps
I look back and I tremble
I faint, I collapse
my mind goes numb
stuck in the memory
of that autumn night of fate

I gained myself, but I lost myself
when I put my jacket in her hands
df Aug 2017
as i walked out the door
this morning, i felt it.

i felt the crisp in the air.
the promise of cooler days.

remembrance of things long ago forgotten.

Autumn is near.
hand me my jacket.
my season is about to begin.

{d.f. - 08/28/17}
counting down the days till it's officially autumn.
everly Jul 2017
Yes I do still have your jacket
it does make me feel
Idk just a little extra something something. ;)
Eva Jul 2017
She wears that leather jacket
Like a bee's stripes
To ward off anyone that might want
To get close

Her own, personal uniform
Her armor, her shield

Black leather jacket
An unwritten stop sign
For anyone that might want
To say hello.
Terry Collett Jun 2017
The straight jacket
holds you firm;
they put you down
on the wooden bench,
sit there Yvonne, sit still,
the nurse says, and don't bite.

You watch
the nurse walk off,
her uniform dark blue,
the white headdress,
holds her brown hair in place,
but does nothing for her face,
hard and heavy jawed.

Your bare feet
sense the carpeted floor;
your toes scratch
against the rough grain.

Your black hair
is over you face,
you are unable
to push it away
as your hands
are bound
in the jacket.

You shake your head
to move it away,
but it falls over again,
shutting out sight.

You sit and sense hard
wooden plaits of wood
beneath your butt.

You had headbutted
that woman in those
female lavatories
who attacked you
in one of the stalls,
tried to touch you,
finger you
as you'd seen her do
to others in the past.

Now you are

That fat woman's nose
was broken.

Blood everywhere,
on walls, on the lavatory bowl
where you pushed her over.

You hear the loud
calls and screams
from the ward,
the keys in locks
turning and turning,
and anger
in your head and heart,
burning, burning, burning.
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