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Evelyn Ann Feb 2021
Yes, I have been through hard times.

I have struggled to find myself.
To find who I really am.
Was it just I alone
or is there someone else
out there, who had a hard time finding who you are?

Who we are.

We may have some time in life struggle
to find peace,
and contentment.

Sleepless nights and ghosted days to answer the question,
Am I living someone’s Shadow?
What is life really about?

I believe that one way or another that we bought,
things, with hopes to make us happy.

And just like trying to reload the chrome page
without the Internet,
it failed to connect.

It failed to give us an answer to this empty feeling.
Evelyn Ann Feb 2021
Every day we face challenges or triumphs.
Like a game, we move on to the next level.
Retry the same level until we finally pass.

Living Day to Day or Day by Day,
we each overcome obstacles in our own way
and experience life in a different way.

Every decision I make, every decision you make,
every decision we make will take us down different roads.
We are human beings, we will never come to the same crossroad.
We each have an equal right to make mistakes.

Let us acknowledge that we, we are perfect.
Evelyn Ann Feb 2021
Like Mono to Stereo
that's how paths

And like the Ocean;
sometimes calm,
sometimes weak,
in the blink of an
eye, a tempest.

That's how Love is.

I cry.
You smile.
We each taste
Love in
different ways.

It is true that I
only lived for you.
I only thirsted for
your love.

In doing so, you got
the best of me.
And I lost myself.

I forgot that I

too, needed love.

I forgot how beautiful
I am.

I forgot me.

It’s so strange
that you can love
someone and lose
yourself at the same

Loose your singularity

It’s so strange
that we will change
and adjust, for that

For love?

But as I did
I couldn't bear it anymore,
I was becoming me.

Loving you I lacked
Loving me I lacked

Loving me, might be
harder than loving
someone else.

I’m the one I should love in this world
Me, who shines, my precious soul
Now I finally realize, so I love me
Though I may lack some things, I’m so beautiful.
I wrote this poem after listening to Epiphany by Jin from BTS a thousand times. Thanks to him I got a great poem. I also used a verse from the song so I give all rightful credits to Jin, BigHit, and to those whom the verse was created.
catsmeow Sep 2020
The best art I make exists in those that are untainted
Words that are solely mine
To take and to recieve and to make transformations behind

From emotions to feelings, to creation and birth
Takes away my pain, fill my lungs with clouds
And everything else just slowly passing by

It exists in those that are sad, extreme moments
Or happy, delighted smiles
Vague, trance-like quick inception of messages
Visuals that tells stories and memories I keep in mind

It doesn't follow rules
A fish swimming in the bluest blues
Just as vast as the space
I belong nowhere but everywhere else.
Entry from my past self, every day, hour, second, we're constantly changing, and we have the power to change the way we think and how we can also help people widen their perspective in simple words we subtly wire on their minds.

Hold your words responsibly,
Your notes filled with heart and ink,
In shadows casted on daylight scenes,
We change things little by little, in poetry, and actions we make.
Alana Rein Mar 2020
Me And The Moonless Night
I sit alone watching the moonless night drift by waiting for it to come; I wait and wait but when it comes I am a saddening piece of depression; I wanna go home but I am just trapped in my mind trying to find an exit that doesn't exist; I spend my days and nights saying "Oh I'm fine" but really I am dying inside;People pass by asking me my story I make one up on the spot never telling them about me and my moonless nights.
This is an older poem that I have in a notebook but I decided to post it
lo Oct 2019
this is when i want you the most; when its 9 30 am and it is still gray outside because the rain came early today. press your fingertips into the dips of my waist with every roll of thunder because you are here and i am here and its dark but its still a new day. in arizona, we're lucky to get rain three months out of the year, those months are called monsoon season. heavy storms that knock over chairs and threaten windows, knock on car doors begging to be let in. we count down to the start of monsoon season and i cant help but think how beautiful it is that so many people who will never meet all look forward to this one thing. when it rains, we cry, creating our own storms and puddles on tile floors with rumbling laughter for thunder. you, dear, are a monsoon, in every sense of the word; strong and beautiful and devastating. anticipated. i count down the days, and when you finally arrive, everything is finally bright; your smile supplied its own lightning. you knock on the counties of my body and make yourself at home until its time to go. monsoons always start and end with drool and you are the same way, able to create something from nothing; incredible.
found in my closet, handwritten in july of 2017
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