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Alana Rein Mar 17
Me And The Moonless Night
I sit alone watching the moonless night drift by waiting for it to come; I wait and wait but when it comes I am a saddening piece of depression; I wanna go home but I am just trapped in my mind trying to find an exit that doesn't exist; I spend my days and nights saying "Oh I'm fine" but really I am dying inside;People pass by asking me my story I make one up on the spot never telling them about me and my moonless nights.
This is an older poem that I have in a notebook but I decided to post it
lo Oct 2019
this is when i want you the most; when its 9 30 am and it is still gray outside because the rain came early today. press your fingertips into the dips of my waist with every roll of thunder because you are here and i am here and its dark but its still a new day. in arizona, we're lucky to get rain three months out of the year, those months are called monsoon season. heavy storms that knock over chairs and threaten windows, knock on car doors begging to be let in. we count down to the start of monsoon season and i cant help but think how beautiful it is that so many people who will never meet all look forward to this one thing. when it rains, we cry, creating our own storms and puddles on tile floors with rumbling laughter for thunder. you, dear, are a monsoon, in every sense of the word; strong and beautiful and devastating. anticipated. i count down the days, and when you finally arrive, everything is finally bright; your smile supplied its own lightning. you knock on the counties of my body and make yourself at home until its time to go. monsoons always start and end with drool and you are the same way, able to create something from nothing; incredible.
found in my closet, handwritten in july of 2017
Aurora RW Aug 2019
A world that breathes and sleeps
Deep within the depths of my soul
Yearning for power
Yearning for freedom
Infecting my essence with a desire of great fortune
Lost among the pages of the past.
Resistance is futile
It breathes life into me, this creature
It molds its character between my flesh and blood
My thoughts fall as prey to its consumption
My conscience falls to its knees before it
To this, my desire for paradise
Aurora RW Aug 2019
When I’m around him
I lose my voice
When he touches me
I shiver, a little
The heat from his body
Warms me
His kisses…
Intoxicate me
His eyes,
Is where I lose myself
With the beating of his heart,
My skin vibrates
For him, my heart burns with desire
Aurora RW Aug 2019
I'll take my heart,
I'll wrap it well,
I will send it to a place no one will tell.
I'll hide from you,
I'll hide from me.
I'll send it through the floor,
I'll send it above the roof,
Did I leave my heart in London?
Did I leave my heart in Tokyo?
I think I left it by the queen,
Or I threw it in a dream.
No one knows how to bring it home.
Maddie Cribbs May 2019
Forced visitations
weren't your determination.
and mistakes.

Tore us down
like we weren't even your own.
You shut us down,
made us feel all alone.

The day you raised your hand,
I will never understand.
You lost all trust,
leaving us in disgust.

You never cared from the beginning,
how silly of me to thank you,
but as I grew
I pushed through.

I wouldn't want to be the person
I knew of you.

You taught me one thing
and that one thing is
not who to be
and who not to love.
ALC Jan 2019
I cannot run away from you
You're running straight into my heart
This pain is subsiding so slowly.
I can't breath this last breath
I can't weep this last tear,
You're everything I've ever feared.

When I think about those thoughts, I see nothing but fear,
I see nothing but you,
I feel nothing but a tear,
I  feel nothing but the perplexing pounding in my chest, my heart.
I do nothing but breath my silent breaths
Slowly, painfully, slowly, calmly, slowly.

I do nothing but hear the sweet clicks coming to me slowly,
I do nothing but it rises in me; the fear,
I do nothing but it comes more hastily; my breath,
I do nothing but feel so happy; it's you,
I do nothing but it pounds more rapidly; my heart,
I do nothing but they begin to appear; the tears.

I'd do anything to keep these tears,
I'd do anything to make you move more hastily; you're to slow,
I'd do anything to keep this uncontrollable heart,
I'd do anything to keep my hated fear,
To get rid of them would mean to get rid of you.
I'd do anything to keep these trembling breaths.

I want to feel your breath,
I want to wipe away your tears,
I want to be to close to you,
I'd stop being to slow,
I want to take away your fear,
I want to calm your beating heart.

They could be one; our hearts,
It could be ours; each breathe
We could tame it; our fear
They could vanish; our tears
Together we could be to slow
It could be us; me and you.

I love this world of fears and tears
I love the beating of slow hearts
I love the feeling of your breathing
This is a poem I wrote in 9th grade. Well before what I knew what it was like to love another person or before I had ever had a serious relationship. I rewrote this straight exactly the way I did when I was in 9th grade, mistakes and all. I can't quite remember what I was feeling or what caused me to write this emotional piece. Even with all its flaws it hold some hidden message to me I haven't been able to decipher.
ATILA Jan 2019
Don't you think our friendship is amusing
We rarely have a meeting
Or people call it a friend dating
Yet we're still contacting
Freaking every day one's thinking
How to make each other amazing
And to improve attitude doing
Not just to use fluffy words babe-darling
But to manifest love in our own way
And avoid separating.

Do you notice,

When you're happy
My heart dance genuinely

When you brightly smile
My heart is closer to you a mile

When you're excited
I'm donating my limbs to be cheered

When you utter something
I agree without hesitating

And do I realise,

When I cry
You provide a comfort room to rely

When I feel exhausted
You swing to be an energy booster

When my mood turns down
You send sweet phrases that make me frown

When I feel bright
You add another enormous light

When flower loses its scent
When world seems come to an end
My vast light is from a best friend
YOU, whose love never bent.
An infinite gratitude to you for spending your precious life with me ✨
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

I am a cynic and
a romantic at heart.
My skin hardened by experience
My heart fearful of pain and trust.
Many have tried to peel away
my doubts and fears and
try to add colour to my

My truth is my reality.
And with that, no one can
hurt me.
So stop.
Please stop.

Don't look at me with
eyes fascinated, eyes with
pity, eyes of doubt.
My heart's afraid
and my mind's so

You taste sweetness
from my sourness
and still...
think you can
heal me...?

This is an old poem I found in a very very old journal.
Wrote it back 2014-5, wow.
Looking at it now, I think I've gotten a little better,
but yet, this still hits so close to home.
Training the mind to be different is a lot harder than people would think.
Lyn ***
Kimberly Lore Oct 2018
Beside my window
There is a Japanese maple tree
And it is much taller
Than most of its kind
It survived the fire
That burnt down the original
House it stood next to
I want to be like it someday
I want to be able to withstand
Whatever life throws at me
And become more than I could ever dream
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