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Kale Jan 2019
Each beautiful morning
That walks by
I think about
My everlasting love
For you darling.
I think about
Our connection on
This earthly plane,
That brought two
People surrounded by
The rules of
Men and Women
Filled with dispear
Hatred and unkindness
Together again and
Again. My love
for you will
Never cease to
Exist and now
That we are
Both here in
This moment grows
Stronger and it
Leaves me to
Say this statement
I love you
Anya Sep 2018
One may be straight
like a saturated fat

One maybe bent
like an unsaturated fat

Or, one could be bent,
disguised as straight
Like a trans fat
Another weird but true science analogy poem. If you don't understand look up the difference between saturated, unsaturated, and trans fats. If this offends you feel free to message me.
the piano keys
will be rocking
in heaven

rhythm and blues
being played the
Fats Domino

quite the session of music
booming out from the
a catalogue of tunes
charming the aficionado

"I'm Walking To New Orleans"
a song of
delivered by a soul
with such

a welcoming on
his mortal coil spiriting
up to the good Lord's
a crying and a
of his heartbroken fans
as "Blueberry Hill" echoes to a
Acknowledgements to the late Fats Domino.

— The End —