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Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 42

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Yea, Everyone is naturally in Vain,

Except the Creator (Allah)’ and His Beloved Alone’

And on Specific One day every created Pleasant;

Dear things Must, be vanishing away!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Philipa James Jan 14
Song bird sing your song of love

The sweetest of sounds sent from above

Drifting away so pleasantly

To the rhythm of the heartfelt

How I love to hear each note

Soulful melodies that make me

Forever I would gladly listen

To the tune that you have
Few days had passed
since your last visit.
Cleaning up from our playful

I came across a water bottle
that was left on my desk.
I believed it was yours since not
near my stand.

Parched, I took a drink.
Then I was instantly set back.
This water
It tasted so sweet.

I put my nose up to check,
and it smelt even sweeter.
Reminded me of a fruit,
that I had never even eaten.

How could this be?
While water so refreshing
never had much of a taste
now tasted even sweeter
than a delectable berry.

I wondered if I should chug the rest and let
the taste intoxicate me further
or sip on the water and pleasantly enjoy
the taste of you.

Oh how I find myself
always thinking of you,
craving every part,
still thirsting for your
Sweetened Water.
Hey there! So I wrote this kind of silly little poem. But idk I thought it was cute. I never really write anything cute! My poems are usually really sad or very philosophical. And this poem I wrote last night, the previous poems I have posted are ones from a few weeks ago, so it was nice to write something new again. But anyway I hope you guys like it! It's just about my new potential love life, and they left their water behind, and then this happened to me (lol). Also sad this website doesn't let you italicize? I wrote this with the intention of some being italicised but oh well... and I see other people use it and I have no idea how to but whatever.
Gray Jun 2018
I walked along side the empty sidewalk,
Alone as I’ve always been.
It didn’t bother me as it might have troubled others.
I was used to it time and time again.

The weather that day was cold and grim
Just like how I’ve been feeling prior.
Since everything seemed to blend,
I didn’t realize until the two of us collided.

You were so polite and quickly said, “Oh, I’m so sorry!”
Even though that it was clearly my fault.
I remember nodding timidly, and lowering my hand to help pick you up.
The second you grabbed it was the second my old life melted away.

The next day’s weather was worse,
But it no longer matched how i was feeling.
We walked, not hand in hand, but side by side.
We were both equally as shy and nervous.

How else should have we behaved?
The two of us had only met the day before.
Yet, even i must admit now, I felt like we could have been more.
Perhaps if i said something then we could have been something more.

Soon the sidewalk met the intersection.
Which meant that our paths were to come to an end.
Even though i traveled alone,
I wore a happy grin.
I'm still toying with poems that don't rhyme, and poems that are slightly longer, so oops!
Brent Kincaid Jun 2018
Love ******
What else can I say?
Addicted to love
I’ve always been that way.
It’s an actual fact
Not just the way I act.
It’s the way I feel
And every word is real.

All should accept it
I take every single chance
Whenever I think this
Is the time for romance.

Yes, love can make me
Act like a monkey in a zoo
But trust me when I say
For me it’s nothing new.
I am totally enraptured
Like I’m as high as a kite
Each time I get captured
Happy all day and night.

All should accept it
I take very single chance
Whenever I think this
Is the time for romance.

I’ve been with those
For whom it’s all just play
And while it can be fun
I’m just not made that way.
It’s not about appearance
They can be thin or chunky
The point is that I am
An unrepentant love ******.
Willow shade May 2018
Your smile is the best poem ever,
Your 'hello' -  the deepest spring of mirth.
As you filled my heart with your warm greeting,
Now I can jauntily fly around the Earth.

I feel gratified in my sweet void
Gliding through the sky, no pain or grieving
So, I am sure that I was not wrong,
You have a potent spell, that I am healing

To shadow, to rain and to make a rainbow
I want to be a cloud moving above you
Wherever you go and whatever you do,
You will be mine as long as I love you
the upshot constituted a figurative straw
     that broke the virtual camels back
where yours truly fingered as scape goat,
     who meekly, passively, and subserviently
     felt the stinging *****
of wooden, smooth,
     and oblong paddle and stands pat,

     asper innocence, though now
     (myself more than two score years
     orbitz around sun) remains more defiant
     for purportedly causing Roberta -

not her real name flack
and clears that blot (now a composite
     of petrified spitballs) as a hack
writer of poetry, feels jilted like Jack

donning many major protagonistic ruffian knack
nursery rhyme roles, which fables never didst lack
for upstart precocious, kickstarters impish grin,
     as if he just wolfed down a swiped Bic Mac

and goose that laid more than one golden egg
McMuffin running from the Giant,
     with spindle shank for each leg,
and sliding down the beanstalk, which didst peg
world wide web Marathon record
     suddenly the envy of Queequeg,

which way word ness
     far off course from the theme of this work,
hence hold tight
     to hazmat bag of **** pin jay dreck,
     while poetic license allows me to twerk

intended story aye (captain...
     oh captain) moost not shirk,
lemme reel yar attention
     back to the classroom of missus Labosh,

     hood didst whistle and perk
unbeknownst to me, my scrawny derriere
     unaware what quaint, hence danger didst lurk
for letting passivity
     find me singled out as the bona fide ****

wishing Moby **** could swallow
     hook, line and sinker
     with a slight even Steven crane
of his neck, every mother plucking bird brain classmate
     deemed Scott free, and Chutzpah didst gain

while this smart *** wannabe took a crash course,
     sans weltanschauung "Artful Dodging
     Spitball Shooting Maven" in the main
quite heavy on Physics and Trigonometry as became plane.
Danial John Mar 2018
Why do I feel so uninspired?
High flyer
Tight rope walker

Why do I feel so insipid?
Fix it
Otherwise listless
Just a sniff

Why do I feel so bored?
Fast forward
Here we go
Oh lord

Why do I feel so insane?
In my brain
What's that feeling
It's not pain

Why do I feel so numb?
Going dumb
Asking if
Love is a drug
Danial John Feb 2018
I saw you last night in my dreams.
We were together or so it seemed.
The house was dark and not my own,
and something hidden chilled me to the bone.

It darted from dim corners into bleak rooms.
Fast, so very fast, did it move.
What it wanted I do not know,
But I do know one thing... I feared for my soul.

The wicked creature's presence could not be tempered with your embrace.
In fact, if you hadn't been there I may have given chase.
But you grabbed me and held me back.
And honestly, I don't know how I feel about that.

These monsters are mine, and I demand they stay that way.
Of my own will and volition, I will make them dissipate.. someday.
You make it too easy to forget my goals and purpose,
To hunt down these issues, find them, and have them murdered.

But fret not, because I forgive you.
When I say this please believe me: It is I, not you, that is the issue.
Its unlike me to care,
But please, please... heed my warning. YOU MUST BEWARE.

When I awoke, I was dripping with sweat.
I scanned my dark room, only to find my demons manifest.
And all at once, it became just too real.
Perhaps it wasn't a dream at all... but a depiction of how I feel.
I official don't like to sleep anymore. You may be able to run from your feelings and emotions while awake. Just keep moving, not thinking, and you'll be fine. However, in your sleep they easily invade your mind.
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