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Daisy Will Sep 2020
it started with a flirt,
flipped upside down,
knocked me down,
and stole my heart.
unexpected love is the best
Lilac Apr 15
Its like a warm shade of pink falling on clear water
if you ask the color
its the aroma of the first rainfall if you ask the smell
its like the petals of exquisite cherry blossom in spring
falling gently on the hands
its like the happiness in a kid's innocent eye
so pure and filled with joy
Just like a lost ship going wherever the wind takes it
but still filled with  a hope to reach the shore
Being in love so deeply
so beautiful and intense.
Want to be taken away
by the different winds
To a place unknown
a place far away
Where no one knows
Where no one has to pretend
Where I can be in your arms
and gaze deeply in your eyes
A longing to belong to you
as never known before
To let me take you in my arms
And make you mine.

As long as there is life you can fall in love! For whatever reason for.
Grace Haak Mar 19
I never thought my hands would look nice held in ones of polish, chipped and black
In fact, it goes against my own advice, but once I’ve crossed, I can’t go back.
I never thought I’d want dark and twisty like the licorice in your pocket
Because Nicholas Sparks makes my eyes misty, and your eyes roll hard in their sockets.
You’re hopeless, and I’m a romantic, soft and gooey like caramel chew
My touch isn’t rushed, and yours is frantic; a bit unsettling, but still so new.
My mom would hate your earring’s dangle, my dad might mutter, “sick *******”
But I like your silver chains’ jangle, and I’m simply sick of citrus suckers.
You’re sharper than shards of icicle glass, joking about my love for the sky man
Everyone says this feeling will pass, but I’m not quite sure it can.
What started as an inky smear has become a staining smudge
And where my eyes hold doubt and fear, yours have edge and grudge.
But when you look at me they crack like your lips into a smile
You spit a halfhearted comeback, and I let myself melt in your guile.
And you let me wear your rings, slipping from my pointer and thumb
You let me sing of saccharine things, laughing while you call me dumb.
What caught your eye was the sparkle on mine, blue hidden by gold glitter
What made you stay wasn’t how they shine, but how my words could match your bitter.
You don’t know what boat shoes are; I don't know how to line my eyes
You don’t know how this got so far; I don’t know why I went counterclockwise.
But now that I’ve had a new flavor, I’ll add you to my list
I think this is one I’ll savor; it’s like sugar, but with a twist.
violetisblue Mar 17
I’m just a girl
In all my infinite capacities and
Metamorphosizing intricacies
I read, write, and sing with grace but
My heart is simple and
Love is too easily found

Infatuation bleeds in purples and reds
Inside the aching soul, aching
Bones and joints and body parts that
Yearn for something greater or
Something to warm the soul
So simple and foolish for love.
Golden halo, crown of gold- rings as you call,
Golden halo, heart so bold- yes and yes to all-
yet all the time that falls off the leaves after rain,
dry up too soon in the mid-morning sun’s heat

Golden halo, not of gold- just as ever blinding,
Golden halo, made of light- slowly ever fading-
the sky is clear, buts its clouds uncertain to cry,
Sit and wait, sit and wait and talk- golden halo

I hear your whispers, golden halo- loud and soft
echoing from the fleets of galleon clouds
and crashing nimbus waves
blaring through soft torrents of gale and gusts,
dodging the lighthouse of heavenly fire

I hear your secrets, golden halo- safe and sound
safe in me, golden halo, deep in locked chains
safe in me, high above the clouds,
the key, broken- its pieces, heavens apart
the lock molten shut

golden halo, golden light
golden secret, lips sealed tight
jia Mar 8
so I wonder
if you think of me
just like how you're in my thoughts
so constantly.
: )
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