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Khoisan Apr 27
In the quicker sand

deeper than I've ever been

slip sliding away

I still see the gravedigger's *****

6ft deep in the shallows
Serendipity Apr 13
When I see God creating life,
I watch as his hands pause
over sculpting your body.

As he takes a moment
to smile slyly at himself
and take pride
in his most beautiful creation.
Serendipity Apr 13
I fully believe in the butterfly effect.
Because when I see you,
I know somewhere else in the world,
the universe must balance out
your lovliness.

When you laugh,
I feel the breeze blow on a spring feild
and see a child
seeing the sunset for the first time.

When you smile,
Orange trees bloom
with white colored flowers
and a scent so sweet
the bees cannot resist it.

And when you look at me
with the face of an angel
and the emotion of a God,
I cannot help but see
your beauty
in everything.
Sean Feb 8
dark hair, darker nights
the winter solstice draws us
together again
my first haiku (did i do it right?!) written for a winter crush.
When I embarked on my voyage
I got infatuated by your charm
And thought you were my final destination
But slowly, when I came closer to you 
You made me realize that 
You're just another harbor to rest for a while
In this indefinite journey, which has no end..!
Annatman Nov 2022
I have been mad, addicted
With conjuring your presence
I'm hopelessly afflicted
With longing for your essence
But I do not seek your attention
For you are but my mind's creation
Minnie Chuer Jun 2022
I feel like I'm going to love you forever
like I thought I'd love her forever
like i thought I'd never love again
it gets worse when I listen to love songs
or read romance stories
and that makes me believe none of it is real
that I'm just yearning for something with anyone
real or not
but then you do something
you put on a funny voice
you make a joke
a silly sound
you put that :p face on your texts that you'd never make in real life
you say my name
ask to play a game
tell me you were thinking of having me over
thinking of a gift for me
and you spoke so softly to me that one time
gentle, reassuring, patient
while i was anxious out of my mind because i can't even cook in front of other people
but I got through it because of you
because you wanted to be my friend
because you are my friend
and I don't know what kind of love this is
platonic, romantic, delusional
but I know I love you
and I think I always will
oh poster of ariana grande, we're really in it now
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