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I like you
I tried avoiding it
But I've been organising washing my hair around when I see you
So there's no denying it
The facts when laid bare
Read a clear tale
Of infatuation
Ah ****.
aennij Sep 23
A little glimpse of you,
a little glance of beauty.
Those eyes that never sees blue,
looking at you, you're pretty.

As you move swiftly,
these eyes only landed at you.
Those laughs that were quirky,
you're just too good to be true.

Gaining my courage,
breathing heavily.
Never will I be discouraged,
so let's take this slowly.

A little glimpse from you,
a little glance I cherish once in a while.
Those eyes that gives hue,
looking at you, I smile.
Ackerrman Sep 13
From the moment
You came to talk,
My hands perched upon my waist
And they refused to move,

The air became denser,
Stifled my breathing,
The universe narrowed.
Some moments swell in time.

Thoughts that lay on the ground
All jumped up at once,
Flew to the eye of the needle
And all tried at once to fit through.

Eyes flutter,
Looked to glitter
With the light dispersed,
Magic burst.

I can barely move.

My words are dumb!
They aren't clever,
Not chosen,
Words that constitute a conversation.

My chest,
Frozen in time.
I do my best
To untense.

The man of apathy!
Conscious of every second,
Every eye flicker,
My arms of cement.

I must blush!
She must know,
I try to hard to settle
And not show

That the flaking debris
Of my faded countenance
All rallies,
Pretends to be a person.

But it hasn't adopted
That mould in a long time.
The picture is fragmented
And it takes a lot to stay together...

Just so she won't see
The running colours
Inside of me.
I am sorry there isn't more.
Stupid crush
pseudnco Sep 9
"partridge foot," she'd say, hiding her smile with a book.
"partridge foot," i'd say back, bringing a coffee cup to my grin.
im kinda too busy to miss you and by that i mean im always too busy missing you
Jing Xi Lau Sep 2
I saw you,
In the bustling pantry,
Among the office lunch crowd,
Your eyes met mine,
For the first time.
Send help.

I soon forgot,
All about you,
Didn't know your name,
Didn't think twice of you,
Till I saw you again.
Send help.

Your voice was warm,
And so was your gaze,
My smile was wide like a child's,
Till I caught a glimpse,
Of a ring around your finger.

Send help.
Peyton L Aug 23
There's nothing quite like
the jumbling, tumbling feeling
of butterflies underneath my skin
whenever we talk.
The creeping blush that radiates my face and ears
my giggles and words stumble out of mouth
and I can hardly contain myself
whenever I see your face.

Something about you
makes my heart race and knees weak.
If you ever brushed your fingertips
against mine
I might implode from happiness
and get my giddy guts everywhere.
Your existence, just the fact that you're alive
makes my soul sing.

A simple thought straying from the rest
will easily find you and not let go.
One moment I'll be taking notes in class
and another I'll be staring off into space
smiling like an idiot because I couldn't keep my mind off you.
My soul sings a lovely little song when I think of you
it's full of hauntingly beautiful melodies made in major
the song is continuously stuck in my head.

Last night, I nearly burst into flames.
Your sweet words doused me in gasoline,
the liquid soothing and warm
and I know if I had gone aflame,
I would not have burned.
The flames of infatuation didn't completely evade me
as our conversation lead into twilight
I hope pillow talk is not all that's fated for us.
Mehek Aug 8
You're my perception,
a hallucination
and I'm a lewd subconscious
the subconscious in which lurks our infatuation.
You're like death
the death that lures me in,
the death that gives me hope.
My ghost
He wonders
if she sleeps
as other mortals do,
or if she sleeps
in a different way
or maybe not at all,
but skims
on the edge of sleep
like a dragonfly
over still summer water.

He Imagines
she slept beside
him in the night,
imagines she whispered words
seductively in his ear,
then naked they made love,
made love of godess
and mortal man,
and awoke to find
it just a dream, unreal,
yet in an odd way
more than real,
but it was pretending still.

He wonders how
she sleeps,
wonders how she looks
with eyes closed
with eyelids
like smooth shells.

And how she lies,
and of what she dreams,
and if she dreams of him
as he does her,
and if she does,
how will he know
if she not say?

So he pretends she does,
and that pretense
is his faith,
his reason for being,
holding on to that belief
without the fact
of seeing.
poesuer Aug 4
my mouth tastes Pepsi max ******
you know, the one they made to get around the sugar tax

because this boy I like,
he only drinks fizzy,
and he's been shaking my heart up a bit

he's Coca Cola and Mentos,
he's impulsively leaping down staircases,
he's somewhere up a tree

he's larger than life but fits in my bed

he picks me up and it's all such a laugh
and my head is only spinning because

being burrowed into his chest is the closest to heaven I think I've ever been

and if you could feel the etherea radiate from him like I can I think you'd understand
*I know etherea isn't a word but he's so ineffable that I had to make one up. It's (obviously) derived from ethereal.
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