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madison Jan 28
my words
they can't escape through my sobs
i've tried to tell you countless times
but they are trapped in my throat
trying to make their way out through my gasps of air
im choking on all the things i want to say to you
Its having air but not enough
Its writing a story without an end,
Its a present left unopened
Its a love kept to one's self
Its a hope unfulfilled
And a dream left to die
refresh mesh Nov 2018
Obesity and malnourishment
from high tides of anxiety

Gargling on plastic-filled saline
trapped by ancient propriety

Stuffed into a submissive pit
deprived of real variety

Our vices clearly failing
while we ridicule sobriety

This hunger's for the birds
because we live in a society
Gutter Grimer Oct 2018
I'm not anxious at all when it comes to these kinds of things
But I'm choking now
Fixated on staying afloat
My neck has gone numb and my eyes are wax
I remember her eyes when I was young
And my bones settle in time
I am a noxious trap for meddling thoughts
Justifying chronic limerence
Broken are the dreams I once knew
A seemingly solid idea, forgotten

Suffocating in these walls that I thought up
I caught a whiff of you, and it pangs me
Vener Oct 2018
feed me
something that's
big enough
for me to
choke on

it's *****
until someone
actually dies

preferably me
such is life
Ricky Oct 2018
There’s a man at my job.
He’s always angry,
like the world owes him something.

He breathes out just to breath back in again.

And then he holds it.

Doesn’t he know he’s choking himself?

You can’t die from choking yourself,
But you will surely suffer.

Some people laugh, because the actual thought of someone choking themselves is kinda funny.

He doesn’t want to talk to people.
Now he’s choking himself in silence.

All this choking isn’t good for your body.
You could die sooner.

Maybe he doesn’t care because he doesn’t feel like he’s living anyway.

Or maybe he gave his life away.

To work.
To his mistakes.
To his past.
The only liable limitation is yourself.
In order to fly you gotta give up the **** that’s weighing you down.
It’s your choice.
Kale Oct 2018
Anxiety  sneaks up
Like a snake in the greenlands of Africa
It's poisonous fangs elongated ready to

Anxiety knocks on the door
Hoping that we would answer
His creepy smile
Hoping that we'd befriend him
And when we do
chokes us to unconiousness  

Anxiety please leave me be
I can't stop thinking
I can't breathe
Im suffering from an anxiety attack and was restless so I decided to rest
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
I feel like I'm stuck
on what is
and what's snot

Post nasal drip
is when mucus in the nose
drops down to the throat

Voice coated and smothered

'It's not that bad’
a prime example
She Writes Jul 2018
When I see you my chest tightens
Suffocating under your stare
I can feel your hand around my throat
Pinning my body to the bed
Choking, gasping, crying

When I see you my skin crawls
I can feel your body
Forcing its way inside mine
Using me as an object
Made for your pleasure

When I hear you speak I taste blood
Biting my tongue
To keep your secret
I can hear every threat
You used to keep me quiet
I wish you didn’t still have power over me after all these years
Above the cushion springs
Above the bed sheet floor
They: Bird Lizard, Thing
Talon clasped around my neck
Below the salted rain, I
Bellow and ask for more

Trap these tremulous wrists
Tease these glistening lips
Bombard this sturdy frame
Bomb this body like a shanty town
After the white phosphor mist
Ambulate and bring the towel

Buried in the deep between
Buried in the *******
A post punk ****** scene
A sensational ligature
Tried and tested again
Test one more time just to be sure
I feel safe when I'm being choked. Or maybe, I feel like I want to be choked when I'm safe.
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