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JDM Jul 2013
I smite her without a flicker of remorse.

Web caught trembling prey
blistering sadness shallow grave
Repulsive rotten ***** stench
locked box of putrid sorrow
Blood clot hidden trench
vile secretion burrow

Wolf dressed goblin *****
muttering incantations
Teetering on a broken fence
seething hatred regurgitation
Greedy, evil, spineless, *****
cunning, patient, *****

One head liar
two face succubus

Speech craft forked tongue
slithering witch, foul gargoyle
Rebuke venomous, castrate hung
stoke the funeral pyre

Incubate the serpent fetus
demon, devil, fire
Never more sinister toil
bone covered soil

Death to the succubus
Death to Venus
© JDMaraccini 2013
robin May 7
digesting food has never been harder
Lizzie Feb 4
I'm feeling so bitter, so ugly.
These gross feelings that torment -
        Like an addict,  I welcome them,
But reluctant, and hating every second.
  I find I cannot let go
Of the passions that I grasp.
             I'm an evil soul, inside and out.
Oh help me, God, I am so lost!
Lost in the confusing swirl
Of right and wrong and grey.
The truth is found by reason,
               But the same can justify hate.
Oh, my God, oh, my God:
I beg for all the things to *****
And out, out, to go and free -
Give me liberty from this plague
      Which is me.
Anorexia, bulimia, what difference does it make
When they're both coming out of my mouth like a big mistake?
Vile bile comes out of my mouth,
Pouring out like monsters screaming, "GET OUT!"
Maybe I developed B from A,
Both leaving me with nothing good to say.

The doctor said it wasn't healthy, my weight loss.
I told her it was just from vacation.
I told her I was just worried over nothing,
She gave me a hug and said she'd listen.
But, I didn't tell her anything.
No such white lies.

Just thinking about food makes me wanna *****.
Thinking about ***** makes me wanna do it.
So I do,
And I tried to get better.
Hell, did I try.
But I ******* can't.
And I'm sorry.
For: Jenny Thoma, Huxley Densen
full of bile,
i need to *****
acid reflux makes it worse,
but i deserve this.
i'm hurting myself
but that's alright.
i want this,
i need this,
i can stop at any time.
For: Jenny Thoma, Huxley Densen
Tenant Dec 2019
Bile in my throat
Acid dance to my gullet
I want this to end
Calamitus Rex Sep 2019
one hell of a party
while it lasted
the neighbors would have complained
if there were any
but nobody was around
just you and me

you loved the music i brought
and the drinks i mixed
i loved your music too
and what you wore
so gorgeous

a few others showed up
but We never made it there
and Us had other plans

you and i were doing fine without them
listening to the music
dancing and having a drink

then i got drunk
and started doing crazy ****
that confused you
i can’t hold my liquor
you asked what was wrong
i got more drunk
and vomited words all over you
words like Love and jealousy

but you had clothes ruined before
by drunks like me
and the cleaning bill
was too expensive

everyone else had left by then
they didn’t want to be around
a drunk either

you didn’t yell at me
or call me names
God knows why
it just isn’t you to do that

you just said you had to go
that you couldn’t come back again
for more *****
who the hell would
Aseel Jun 2019
I was terrified
When I realized
That I had the urge
To *****
When I saw you
I’v always liked
To see you naked
I’ve always followed
The lines of your waist
The rivers on your thighs
The heaven between them
But today
I just
Felt like
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