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The acidic aftertaste of *****
scratches its way
down my throat
every time
with every beat
of a broken
Kale Feb 6
I'm falling slowly
Deeper into madness
Becoming obsessive
Crazed with feelings
of insecurity
I want to *****
the happiness that
I have injected into
my veins
Can I cry?
I hate seeing myself
this way
I hate seeing myself
Can I cry?
Because I want to be free
from the shackles
That bound me to this Earth
cupid Jan 22
he cooly walks down the hallway
long strides with hands tucked in pockets
only he knows what’s to come
he takes off his rings before he reaches the bathroom
tucks them and his right wrist bracelet away
his left side bracelets cover pale cuts
he won’t take them off
the hollow lock slides shut on the stall
his fingertips leave a weird taste at the back of his throat
he spits into the porcelain and water in front of him
not enough
when he presses into his throat
his body revolts
it’s disgusted, it panics
you’re shaking
tears form in his eyes and he tries again
gags and throws up
it’s sweet like the iced coffee he drank
it burns like his morning showers
he leaves to wash his hands
he spits into the sink before walking away like nothing happened
his stomach hurts
he still walks with utmost confidence
he’s empty inside
he slips back into his desk and chews cinnamon gum
he regrets what he did and can’t wait to do it again
he’s a real unfortunate story
Scarlett Dec 2018
she points ***** covered fingers in accusation
as her bones melt down the sink
her flesh stuck to my porcelain bowl
I still smell that chunky pink
if ***** had a voice
rom Nov 2018
patawad sa mahal kong akala ko'y lumisan na
sa paggunaw ng kaisipan sa mga bagay na pinipilit nitong takbuhan
ngunit bumubulong ang puso gamit ang lirikong tayo lang ang nakaiintindi –
mababalikan pa ba ang ritmong ito
o mananatili na lamang sa kasalukuyang pintig?
cupid Nov 2018
sometimes i just want to *****
i feel like not myself and get sick to my stomach
and hot showers make me queasy
sometimes i get cookies from the vending machine
they make me want to puke
food and apple juice make me want to empty my guts
seeing myself makes my insides bubble
it’s odd how many things make me want to throw up
i feel sick
Peninsula Oct 2018
Late night playing with a fake gun
Pointer finger married to the middle one
Latched to the side of my head
I let out a whisper through my teeth
As clenched as the fist on my chest
I let out a whisper through my lips
They shiver with the thought of death
I'm scared but sometimes I want to do it
I often pick fight with myself
Not knowing which side wants to win
I click one-two and hold my breath
Shake as I ***** all the ***** into the sink
And shake off the ***** and sink to my bed
Fills you up with carrion,
And leaves you to marinate,
Merely Marionetting movements,
Jerky and unfamiliar with the phlegm thick,
Cement heavy,
Consistency of your limbs,
Tires you out,
Until you sit a screen zombie,
Having your scalp pulled back and skull
Like a jaw breaker
svdgrl Oct 2018
the whirr of the fan, a flash of green in my belly button,
comic books on the nightstand, they might stand for real,
the way you steal a glimpse while we're all laughing at nothing,
the pause when we sit in your car after hanging with our friends,
circles the rain makes in puddles, rapid yet placid,
the subtle way you brush my hair away when it tickles you,
while i'm tucked under arm; a fond pillow,
when i curl up alone knotted in my sheets,
slipping my cold feet in the crooks of my legs to warm,
the only song that's been my alarm since you,
these are the things that make me miss you.
Kellin Aug 2018
hate to *****.
can’t stand the protest
of an upset stomach, the heave
of bile and undigested food,
the carve of acid in the esophagus.
okay, i don’t like that part much myself.
but i do like the cool porcelain on
my face, the solid of tile beneath
my ****. most of all, i like my belly
emptied, even temporarily,
of food.
of fat.
of pain.
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