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Karijinbba Oct 2020
Dearest everything:
I don't want you to leave empty-handed please take it all
every treasure known
and unknown, every loot
you are familiar with
upon that hill.
It's all yours I will only be harmed
take even my beloved precious children
I won't miss them or worry about them if you have them
to love them
as your very own!
They know no other father than you.
Those three children you lost,
I have them against all odds.

I trust only you after God
only you after any other human
on Mother Earth
after poverty joy and happiness,
after caos after
every terrible disaster.
You got heart brains charm grace heart understanding
you are a King of kings
God sent by heavens bridge
I love you so much.
I always have, always will;
before and after every treasure
every blessing is you.
All copy rights apply.
words left unsaid are more than just any bittersweet regret.
They are knives wounds that never stop bleeding
daphne Jan 2021
death is quite the beauty, is she not?
in choked desolation, we yearn her
a lovely coquette to our misery
until she closes in to the innocent
and becomes an object of our scorn

so, we boycott her dreadful existence
cursing when she calls out our name
for life who we cherish so fondly
but for death we do not do the same
letting her drown in a reservoir of loathe

if death was ever personified
she would live her life a social pariah
as the world tries to nullify her worth
tainting her dignity with pure disdain
in such dolour, even she yearns herself
annh Nov 2021
Virgo in the ascendant,
Saturn in decline,
A retrograding antidote,
A calculated rhyme;

Overtones of melancholy,
Undertones of mirth,
A surfeit of misfortune,
Of musery a dearth

Faithless Fortune taps her foot,
While plotting my demise,
A rhythm most unruly,
A metaphor unwise;

In minutes and in seconds,
She wreaks havoc on my pen,
A glib faux pas, no coup de grâce...
And so I start again.


My zodiacal tendencies,
Triumphant in their prime,
Fade to skepticism
As life spins on a dime.

Writing in the ‘off’ season.

‘I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.’
- Arthur C. Clarke

be a
winner you
must first
believe that
you're a
winner. It's
the power
of the
mind that
and make
whatever the
happened. Life
begins from
within the
nothang one
can do
the consents  
of the
mind. The
Power Of
the mind
control the
roll of a
The Power
of a
mind changes misfortune.
and enthusiasm
are the
openings to
entrance of
greatness through
makes the
stairs smooth. Self-reliant
with focus,
Leads to the
quickest pathway
to massive accomplishment.
Olivia Daniels Aug 2020
Life is multiple games of palace
You do the best you can
with the hand you're dealt
and it all comes down to
the three cards face down in front of you

Some say palace is game of luck
but I'd argue there's more to it
there is strategy in how you
set yourself up to succeed

Only you can put yourself
in the best possible position
to deal with those buried cards in front of you

Sometimes those cards are 3's and 4's,
if you're lucky they'll be 2's or K's
but you won't know until you have to flip them

Othertimes the odds are against you
the best way to combat a poor hand is more strategy.
Unfortunately, strategies aren't always easy to find
the more you practice, the better you get.

Eventually, you'll know and perfect them all.
With all the strategies up your sleeve,
statistics would say your odds of winning are the highest
While it's still possible you may fail, the likelihood
is so much lower.

Life is like multiple games of palace.
You may not know the cards face down in front of you,
but after perfecting the strategies
the likelihood of you winning is so very high
Kale Aug 2020
I guess I am dead now
The love that kept me grounded
Was whisked away by
The cruel hand of misfortune
And I was a fool
I didn't see it coming
The idea that I was hoping
Things would be long lasting
I was wrong
Now my cold heart beats
Twice as slow
Will you cry at my funeral
My love?
I'm sorry
I should have been there
To protect you
To love you
To fight for you harder
But you know fate
Always giving me the bad cards
In any case
I think I am leaving this earthly plane
And I'm sorry
I couldn't hold on
I couldn't live in this broken world
Without you
Jenifer S May 2020
I was made into a perfect prototype of imperfection
I was made not with the syntax to love or be loved
But you, you took my mechanical heart in the palm of your hands
And through your kindness, you left me drugged

You've shown me emotions that I cannot comprehend
I've melted in your arms like heated ice
You've traced every inch of my skin and healed its wounds
And helped me feel fault-free and precise

You accepted my poorly designed model
Surrounded me with this alien feeling all around
And in this new world, I became lost and overwhelmed
Like a machine in water, I began to drown

My insecurities and doubts severed this tie
The errors in my programming beginning to surge
Rust spreading from the outside to my motherboard
All my fears and flaws beginning to emerge

With a mind built of short circuits and confusion, I bid you farewell in pain
But I hope, when I am fixed and refined, our paths may cross again
Meeting the  right person at the wrong time.
Akira Apr 2020
When I first you,
you looked like a poor wretch,
with his life,
a man who experienced
great misfortune.

When I first kiss you,
you tasted like whiskey,
full of hidden mysteries,
but when I had
the opportunity to know you.
I saw a man who's
to his words.
My man, so proud of you
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
Speak my name
And I shall materialize
Casting dark shadows
To blind your eyes
And bind you
To misfortuned destiny
Speak my name
And prepare to see
That bad luck has a dearly cost
But comes to you for free
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