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Everything will work out for us in the end
Enduring our said love for each other
Existence have been doubted
Exit gates aren't open for now
Entering magnificent world of love!
Essence will fade,
Excitement will be lost,
Elderly advices,
Escort loving hearts to home,
Expulsive mind to dwell
Ever since it was started.
Everything works out in the end
Enable casting heals
Every wounds must healed
Everything works out in the end
Dealing it on my own!
Delusional and wrecked,
Descriptive insanity
Destressing myself on my own
Don't you dare!
Dealing it on my own is not healthy
Disaster of both metaphors
Degrading love,
Displacing hearts,
Destroying faith,
Destructing vows,
Deleted mindset,
Distance may help
Days will come easy
Dealing it on my own
James Lloyd Jun 5
Catching fire
Ceiling floor
Cellar lights blinding me
Caught up dreaming while I'm awake
Cask will be my tomb I knew
Clanging metal rods forsake
Can't I be at the same time real?
Classically modified human
Constrict to more necessary things
Cliché is it?
Cast it on
Clever at love?
Can't you see?
James Lloyd Jun 4
Before he met you
Broken man was seen
Believing everything isn't clear and untold
But, something he knew is right
Bounded by lunar lights and finest rays
Beautiful lady he knew will come
Bended on his knees
Breathing rain
Blasphemy lies is it!?
Believed again
Before he met you
Silver Raven May 26
They hold an untold truth,
that is linked to you.
Listen to the sounds,
As they slither around.
Coiled and twined,
Growing in size.
Latched on to your screams,
As they enter your dreams.
Fight the battle long and hard,
Until they are nothing but shards.
But the truth will still remain
until your emotions are slain.
Origin: Had a dream about a snake laying eggs that were actually maggots and they grew in various sizes. Quite disturbed honestly
James Lloyd May 22
An angel caught up swinging
A daisy blooming aesthetic
To feel is to be felt through eyes
The angel laugh and cry elusively
I couldn't tell whats wrong
But to be with her is heavenly
White as the brightest light
She talked continually
My heart listen in grace
I'd took everything personally
Angel turned into devil
Evil is satisfying and silly
He must have knew it
That he must never believe in destiny
James Lloyd May 22
Captivate withering feelings
Like predicting weather
Starry night and eclipses
You are lunatic romance maker
A pinch of million possibilities
Whom I'd be love lies rater
Perdue Poems Apr 13
Should all the tears
of all the world
be gathered into one pool
to share equally
I should think
would take their own tears
and go
You are not alone in your tears.
Ylzm Apr 6
A traffic jam at 2 am?
My work just done, tired I am.
Is misfortune a thing with me?
A fallacy unknown maybe.

Recalled the time iPhone at max,
An accident my old was cracked.
Or day my rags compelled I splurge,
The day some Prada had to surge.

In Dubai, Grab’s copter went down,
With lover, boyfriend’s stuck in town.
Cold ***** camel ride through night,
Paid Bed’uin gold, or wait till light.

My friends all say I’m blessed and rich,
But life with peace I’ll rather switch.
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