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jǫrð Dec 2020
His promises of
Tomorrow, Something to look
Forward to, waiting
The History: I made conscessions for your preference and you never got out of bed. You slept until you were late for work and I tried to pretend I didn't exist.
Kale Oct 2019
My heart weighs heavily
In my chest
I never loved
I never cared
That was until I met you.
You who showed me
That the smallest
Can bring forth bowls of laughter.
Each memory of you
Stays intertwined with
My happiness
Now you’re gone
And I remain inconvenienced
blackbiird Jun 2019

We’ve built the wall surrounding our castle—
Slowly becoming each other’s demise.
Sounds of slamming doors and shattering glass pierces the silence.
What an inconvenience this life has become.

The pendulum that once swung has taken its final swing.
Envious cries cutting through infinite silence.
Visons of thieving wolves that capture our castle—
Removing delicate, intricately sewn lies
What an inconvenience this life has become.

ANTONIO Ainnoot Mar 2019
The milks gone bad
My drinks all flat
The lights now flicker
My favorite fruit‘s bitter
Every morning a pimple
My shirts always wrinkled
I’m sleeping less
My hairs a mess
If you were faking it
round of applause
for my favorite actor
So help me god
since you’ve been gone, Love.
my life’s a disaster.
Hope Nov 2018
Plant me a rose, plant it down on my skin
Dig it to my flesh, wound what make sin
Grow the thorns until it pierce my heart
Let the four chambered wall torn apart

Crimson flowers, bloom towards my skin
Turn me into something, I've never been
Watered by blood, drain the endless pain
Nourished the knife that blood stained

Flower of thorns open my beating chest
No one saw the beauty, let them see the rest
Darkened blood and the broken promises
A garden to have, to care that wishes

Grow into me garden I've always wanted
Dreams I seek and the love I've pleaded
Creep into me bouquets of flowery blood
Just this time give me what I can't have
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I feel like a burden, an inconvenience, a waste of breath, a waste of time, annoying all living things that come near me. I can't shake this feeling and I cry to myself, I cry myself to sleep, I hide my face as I weep, from my family and friends, even my pets. I don't want them to see me upset, to be more of an inconvenience. Don't ask me if I'm okay, don't waste your time, I've done enough of that already, I'm just down, down and steady.
Written on 4/1/17
Alanna Hoeveler May 2016
i lost control today
a fool i am, for you flirt obnoxiously in front of my ******* face
i know you do not love me but i still feel pain knowing i will be replaced and that all i am to you is waste of space
sorry for the inconvenience
- a.h.
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