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Apr 2017
Am I happy?
Am I truly happy?
All my friends are happy,
Does that makes me happy?
So many questions to ponder,
As the cold metal touches my head.
Why am I alive?
What is my purpose?
I see no point in living,
The voices tell me "No one wants me."
So why should I keep drawing my breath.
I pulled the trigger,
There was a click but nothing happened.
A tear fell down my cheek.
I pulled the trigger again,
Nothing happened again.
I dropped the weapon
I just can't die.
People you may know may be suicidal. Help them.
Written by
Kale  🇧🇸 🇯🇲
(🇧🇸 🇯🇲)   
   Mack and Randolph L Wilson
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