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Sketcher Jan 12
Yet another day I can't go outside,
The walls closing in, my tears like the tide,
Plotting during day, crying during night,
How much longer must I put up this fight?
I must find a way to escape his wrath,
Marriage was obviously the wrong path,
During day work or during his night bath,
I'll sprint out the house, but I must run fast.
-       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -
The door squeaked as I quickly closed the door,
Key in ignition, the engine did roar,
Quick prayer to God, then pressed pedal to floor,
This evil mans wrath I shall feel no more,
I realized I had nowhere to go,
As I drove in silence, through the thick snow,
I decided to turn around and drove,
To the only place I ever did know.
I'm reading 'The House on Mango Street'.
Jason Drury Oct 2018
Those words,
grow suddenly like thorn weeds.
Without warning,
they spread wide.
Reaching and choking,
reality to death.
It's a chemical reaction,
like chlorophyll to plants.

Blinded by vines,
that are fed by her light.
Thorns of memories,
dig deep until you bleed happiness.

It's perfectly overgrown,
10 years of blissful growth.
How enchanting,
to wither with you.
Sow our seeds,
and live.

We’ve suffered,
intimate drought,
periods of stunted growth,
dark days with no light.
We began to untwine,
then climb to seek a different light.

That day was our garden calamity,
You no longer fed me your light,
Or Nourished my roots.
You uprooted,
Robert Jones Aug 2018
The house is empty.
Even with the pets.
The house is empty.
Empty for too long.

It’s not uncommon.
To feel alone.
Even when company comes.
It’s not the same.

No one gets it.
Of course, they try.
They say what they say.
To help the pain.

After all, it’s been a while
So getting past it
Ought to be something
I could do by now.

Yet the house is empty.
Pets and guests aside.
It’s not so much the building.
It’s more the sadness in my heart.
Saudia R Aug 2018
Have you eaten yet?
When are you getting home?
Where are you going?
I thought that we...
How long will it take?
Whose with you?
Can I come?
I'm worried.

Says, Love
How so many of the, "annoying" questions we get, are how someone in our life says love.
Avinash G Jul 2018
Parents to take our responsibility
Siblings to carry our roller-coaster emotions
Friends to co-create the madness we are
Relatives to form our extended safety networks
Spouse to satiate our mental, physical and lonely desires
Kids to give us those safe & positive vibes for future
Influentials and celebrations to realize our existence

But how about having one nameless relation?
One that doesn't mandate responsibilities?
One that doesn't burden expectations?
One that is Fearless, Formless & Weightless?
One that is 'Carelessly Caring' ?
Sincerely May 2018
Do you ever wonder what your future spouse is doing at this very moment?

I mean.. Given that it’s 12:11 AM on a school night, their cute *** better be sleeping. But... What if they are in a different timezone and it’s 7:11? What if they are just reading a book? Or thinking about their current crush? What if they are working on homework or playing sports? What if they are already in college and stressing over an essay that's due in 12 hours? Do I even know their name yet? Have I ever seen them walking down the street? What do we even have in common?

Or maybe it’s someone I know. Maybe it’s my best friend. Maybe it’s someone that I despise because of their immaturity. What if they hate me? It’s a fascinating thing to ponder over... But what if I never meet them? Maybe I am meant to be with them but I missed a chance or didn’t take an opportunity that would have led me to them. Maybe I’ll die before I ever speak their name.

Maybe.. Just maybe... Things will work out. Maybe I’ll have the life I’ve always wanted. Maybe I’ll have those two kids like I want. Maybe I’ll have those two dogs and one cat. Maybe I’ll have that perfect wedding I’ve always dreamed of... The one out in spring. Where there are polaroids hanging from the fairy-light entangled trees.

Where are you now? I hope you’re doing well. I can’t wait to meet you. I love you.
Whoso hath himself a wife may
not seek for himself a life; they
seek not for their own, but harmony
My wife's favorite, for some reason.
Shreyas c9 Apr 2018
(B)ack from your job you enter the house,
(L)ooking around you can’t see your spouse,
(O)bserving the signs of struggle, things spread on the floor,
(O)pening slowly with hesitation the master bedroom door,
(D)own on the floor you see her in a pool of……

Just a tale of a person finding his spouse's body..
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
I've searched my whole life
In the darkest crevices
At the tallest heights
In the most hidden of shadows
And under the heaviest rocks
But I can't seem to find you anywhere
And when they say you'll find the one
I begin to doubt them
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