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Xandra Lynch Dec 2018
The snow is blank as
My apathetic manner
A seed thrusts out; new

Intense agony
Spreading and twisting in a
Worthless, weeping heart

The product amazes
Me; it's absolutely a
Lucid, pure nothing

New Year's - a silent
Lullaby; empty promise
For the hopeful/less

Nothing ever came
From nothing; good trees do not
Sprout rotten, **** fruit
99% of New Year's resolutions fail by February. If you want to improve yourself, your mindset, humanity, or society, invest time into your goal. Suffer if you need to come to new heights. It sounds cliche, but it works; make a SMART goal (specific, measured, attainable, relevant, timed) and work for it. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS - don't try to make one; put a **** load of time into whatever you do. Go out into the world and fix it, child; it's at your disposal. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

~This has been my lackluster motivational New Year's speech
Sara Kellie Dec 2018
Wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
A better morning.

Wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
A better morning.

and repeat.

and repeat.
Apathy has become my way of life.
and repeat
not only is beauty supposedly
in the eye of the beholder, it
also reportedly emerges from
an intangible depth within

okay, then, so that means ugliness
comes similarly from within,
or doesn't it, baby?

so then, ugliness must begin and end
in the pit of your stomach, and in
the words that pass the tongue
on the exit from your **** mouth

so then, ugliness must begin and end
in the nerves buried in sleeves, and in
the actions that slip the heart
sneaking past the brain, and vice versa.

on the grab from your dead hands.
on the grab from your dead hands.

not only does it tend to work
unlike the excitable pretend it works,
the implication is, that half of your
worthiness is linked to the mercy

of the mass effect.
as for a thought, a dream,
an intent, an outcome,
a vision, a nightmare,
a hermit knows the good folk
permit attractiveness to good lines.
4 gibs. take it and do some super artsy dook on it!
Talis Ren Dec 2018
it’s hard to explain,
but imagine
you were pulled apart;
stitched back together so hastily
that parts of you still laid
forgotten on operation tables.

like someone took a knife,
carved you out and
left you open;
a ****** display of
Gray May 2018
I wake up, it's already almost afternoon​.
My face looks like a gross greasy spoon​.
Now I'm hauling myself out of bed​.
I think to myself I rather be dead​.
I just don't understand why​,
My eyes just feel like they want to cry.​
Immediately I am collapsing down those wooden stairs​.
I feel like I'm descending into my own personal dark eternal despairs.
Now I am eating expired corn flakes​.
Here's another tally mark to my list of headaches​.
To answer your burning question​,
Yes, that's right I do have depression.

I'm on my way to my boring average school​.
I can already tell the day will be cruel​,
Just by seeing all the other loud students​.
Oh, heck I think I forgot to take my antidepressants​
I think I rather pass​,
On heading over to math class​.
If I don't finish all these problematic math equations​,
I'll be forced to take even more medications​.
Finally, the bell rings​.
Everyone else starts to pack up their things.​
I do the same as the rest​.
That's right, I am still depressed.
This one was meant for an ELA project i did awhile ago.
It's meant to be ruthless, but in a 'funny' kind of way.
Ramish May 2018
i feel,
apathetic right now
i feel,
emotionless right now
and it's scary. it's scary to feel, nothing,

i tried to preserve my innocence as much as possible,
but, in what i've seen, throughout childhood, my innocence was like
gutted and killed.
and that also is pretty scary
cuz i feel like
along with innocence, things go hand in hand, like
happiness, and love
and i think moments of love don't last forever but,
nothing lasts forever.
but in the moment, love and sharing it really,
it puts you in a place like,
kinda like another dimension where,
you and this other person can,
let loose and do anything.
i like,
text this girl
and uhm,
it's scary to say the least,
cuz i don't want to admit that i depend on her, but i do
and depending on someone is scary because they might not depend on you so you just,
are stuck, waiting for this person to call back, when they have other people in their life. and i'm really antisocial, so i don't have many people.
and like,

i just feel scared for my future.

it's really messed up cuz you get so lost in someone.
that the only way to get out is to just,
delete them.
because you can't really delete people from real life.
i mean you could,
and it's ******* horrible.
thank you.
s May 2018
you little shattered thing, have
you lost your pieces again?
are you still
seeking comfort
from someone's
apathetic hands?
allowing yourself to cave in
to their abysmal demands?

you ****** little thing you
disappear more every day
even your reflection dissipates
cause it can't bare to see your face

you human-turned-monster
have you forgotten how to live?
didn't anyone teach you how to give
parts of yourself to the others?

you ******* idiot
why can't you remember the past?
do you just choose to forget?
and why do you lie
about your quiet laments?
are you blissfully ignorant  
or are you consumed by regret?

     your sweet shy soul
     where did it go?
Anivas Forrester Mar 2018
My mother used to tell me to be careful
with who I entrust to be the keeper
of my heart.
I ignored her.
After all,
all broken things can be fixed.

Like the sunrise,
relationships came and went.
The pain which the bitter end brought with it,
never lessened with each subsequent visit.

My body began to degrade,
hope began to dissipate,
soul grew tired,
and heart,

Time never truly healed the tears in my heart
like so many before me had promised.
All these years I thought my mother feared my heart being broken,
her fears laid in my heart progressively growing numb,
and indifferent
with each new person I start with.
SeaChel Feb 2018
My heart aches
to feel something.
My head longs
for my heart to feel
Though I feel absolutely
SeaChel Feb 2018
When I care,

I care too much;

smothering the flame

before it can even think

of becoming a fire.

Yet once out,

those feelings vanish

along with the smoke.
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