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Luna Jul 16
How is it
that I feel so
and yet
nothing at
my life is an oxymoron
Rickey Spence Apr 25

Closed off to the world,
That’s where I’m secure.
Terrified; so up I’ve curled,
Perhaps, this way I will endure.

I fear the unknown,
How can I face it?
I try to argue on my own,
But will the judge acquit?

I am comfortable,
Is that so wrong?
You call me a vegetable,
I resemble that, so I belong.

Can I bridge the gap between?
Is it getting nearer or farther?
I’ll just sit – observe the scene,
Change? What’s the bother?

In the past, this or that,
Not what I thought it’d be.
I can’t stand their chit-chat,
Talking always turns out crumby.

Who predicts the future?
None but God alone.
So I sit here in a stupor,
Apathy – now full-blown.

If I can’t know what to expect,
I might as well not do anything.
Of this – guilty – a viable suspect.
My uselessness: like a napkin ring.

If I venture into newness,
Evil surely awaits.
Positive outcomes in fewness,
I only see dire straits.

Let the world leave me in the dust,
You’ll see if I care!
It’s always been so prejudiced.
As long as I’m happy, that’s fair.

I’ll stay here and be constant,
I’ll let others make mistakes.
Fail? I’m too important.
I mean, for goodness sakes!


I can’t just end this here,
That was me in the past.
My pride – nothing dared interfere.
But God did, the obstacle passed.

I’ve learned more about losing,
I’ve lost more than I’m winning.
My victories, all by God’s choosing,
My choices are all towards learning.

You could me on quote, this:
“I had pride in my humility,”
A contradiction I always miss.
I focus now on vulnerability.

Because when I choose,
To choose spontaneity,
A boring life it eschews.
Abundant life, takes responsibility.
chitragupta Mar 28
Dear Granny,

I saw someone
a week ago,
In the streets
on my way back home..

Her wrinkled skin burnt by the Sun
Her attire frayed and patched with dust
An empty oil can of crumpled tin
A humble sum peeks shyly from within
Her hand stretched, a cup formed from her palms
It shakes too furiously to beg for alms
She speaks a language alien to me
Yet her eyes tell me a universal story
A tale of a debt that was never paid
Kindness was dealt a hand of apathy instead
And the care with which a seedling grows
Was not returned as winter crept close
Because fall came and went, and the old leaves are spent
Shed across the city streets, with none to speak for the dead

Like the world around me I know not
why I should care
Her face is that of a stranger to me
Yet I keep waking up
on account of these dreams
A similar picture, a similar scene
And at the heart of it
The face is yours,

Do not neglect the old. As you wouldn't be neglected as the young.
The golden rule.
ok okay Mar 8
I was feeling apathetic again
And then out of the blue
My emotions took me by surprise
A smile took over my face
Tears met it shortly after
And then all of a sudden
My emotions left again
Perhaps for another day
For reasons I cant understand why
so many name changes recently, tryna find out who i really am
ok okay Mar 6
Apathetic boy
Did you take your joy?
All the other good kids did
Now they're laughing at the wall
(Joy is the drug from a game called 'We Happy Few')
Took the idea from a game called 'We Happy Few' never played it but the idea was that the world was ****** beyond fixing and everyone took pills to feel happy
Xandra Lynch Dec 2018
The snow is blank as
My apathetic manner
A seed thrusts out; new

Intense agony
Spreading and twisting in a
Worthless, weeping heart

The product amazes
Me; it's absolutely a
Lucid, pure nothing

New Year's - a silent
Lullaby; empty promise
For the hopeful/less

Nothing ever came
From nothing; good trees do not
Sprout rotten, **** fruit
99% of New Year's resolutions fail by February. If you want to improve yourself, your mindset, humanity, or society, invest time into your goal. Suffer if you need to come to new heights. It sounds cliche, but it works; make a SMART goal (specific, measured, attainable, relevant, timed) and work for it. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS - don't try to make one; put a crap load of time into whatever you do. Go out into the world and fix it, child; it's at your disposal. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

~This has been my lackluster motivational New Year's speech
Sara Kellie Dec 2018
Wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
A better morning.

Wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
A better morning.

and repeat.

and repeat.
Apathy has become my way of life.
and repeat
A Simillacrum Dec 2018
not only is beauty supposedly
in the eye of the beholder, it
also reportedly emerges from
an intangible depth within

okay, then, so that means ugliness
comes similarly from within,
or doesn't it, baby?

so then, ugliness must begin and end
in the pit of your stomach, and in
the words that pass the tongue
on the exit from your **** mouth

so then, ugliness must begin and end
in the nerves buried in sleeves, and in
the actions that slip the heart
sneaking past the brain, and vice versa.

on the grab from your dead hands.
on the grab from your dead hands.

not only does it tend to work
unlike the excitable pretend it works,
the implication is, that half of your
worthiness is linked to the mercy

of the mass effect.
as for a thought, a dream,
an intent, an outcome,
a vision, a nightmare,
a hermit knows the good folk
permit attractiveness to good lines.
4 gibs. take it and do some super artsy dook on it!
Talis Ren Dec 2018
it’s hard to explain,
but imagine
you were pulled apart;
stitched back together so hastily
that parts of you still laid
forgotten on operation tables.

like someone took a knife,
carved you out and
left you open;
a ****** display of
Gray May 2018
I wake up, it's already almost afternoon​.
My face looks like a gross greasy spoon​.
Now I'm hauling myself out of bed​.
I think to myself I rather be dead​.
I just don't understand why​,
My eyes just feel like they want to cry.​
Immediately I am collapsing down those wooden stairs​.
I feel like I'm descending into my own personal dark eternal despairs.
Now I am eating expired corn flakes​.
Here's another tally mark to my list of headaches​.
To answer your burning question​,
Yes, that's right I do have depression.

I'm on my way to my boring average school​.
I can already tell the day will be cruel​,
Just by seeing all the other loud students​.
Oh, heck I think I forgot to take my antidepressants​
I think I rather pass​,
On heading over to math class​.
If I don't finish all these problematic math equations​,
I'll be forced to take even more medications​.
Finally, the bell rings​.
Everyone else starts to pack up their things.​
I do the same as the rest​.
That's right, I am still depressed.
This one was meant for an ELA project i did awhile ago.
It's meant to be ruthless, but in a 'funny' kind of way.
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