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Kristina Oct 5
My wrath is massive.
To not hurt anyone
I keep it locked away.

Now the only one who's hurt by it
is me.
Helios Lunar Sep 9
I give my daily offering to the mighty Gods,
I thank Hades and Demeter for their gifts of allowing crops and vegetation,
I thank Zues for protecting and leading all of us,

But as i proceed to thank the rest of the Mighty Gods i see him, so gracefully walking and carrying stones, i loose myself gazing at him not realising the thunderous storm building up,

Not knowing the Gods have noticed my defiance,
Loosing myself within his lively aura and graceful soul,
Unwillingly I decide to give him the most precious thing i have to offer,
My heart; is now forever his and only his,

The Gods seeing that now my undying loyalty lies only to him,
They see this as treacherous and label me as a heretic,
In doing so they decide to give me a more inferior punishment than Death itself,
Zues building up his eternal power,
Gives a uplifting yet dim thunderbolt strike,
I see that it is directed toward him,
Panicking yet paralysed i watch,
My one true love fall still,
His lifeless heavenly green eyes gazing at me,

And then i realised my heart is now forever lost in the underworld with my one true love.
They say
Paris is the city of love
Apocalypse is the wrath of God
I say play your cards right
And get saved from both.
Grind against the stain of your hammer
The smile of blood judges your tools
Feel the wrath of an angels stare
As you tootle off home, his blessed wings stretched
In jest as they decompose and crumble. You did your job marvellously military man
Varsha K Jun 22
Once the calm ocean
Engulfed the entire sky

Once the gleaming sun
Made the homeless cry

Once the soothing wind
Uprooted innumerable lives

What a sinful wrath,
It haunts for a lifetime
Thera Lance Jun 13
A fool once said
That “there is power and those too weak to seek it”
As he burned upon the pyre of his own foolishness
Blinded by willful ignorance as motherhood,
The primeval weapon of life,
Descended upon him like the sparrow pair
Drive down the hawk
And the mother car gouges
The human hand that grabs at her kittens.

Love carves open fools with
Its power stretching back
To when life first raged against the death
Daring to take the newborn future of the world.
Inspired by Lily from Harry Potter
I am a star for i shine bright and all planets and moons encircle me,

but i will never have  anything close as like the Earth beholds the Moon.

For my love and wrath burns the same.

The dread star dreams solitcitously to see if serene calm ever witholds him.
Greetings If you too are a star that longs for a moon.
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