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There is a little Monster that lives
somewhere inside my heart.
It dies when the heart does forgive,
but my rage is my art.

So It thrives, Greedy and Gluttonous.

Unchecked, It grows both day and night
off my wrath, my venom.
Like the apple, It grew large with spite,
and became my Kingdom.

The Parasite, my heart It's sustenance.

I hide It from the light, my Secret,
from those who may despise.
They shan't be able to take It,
It warms my soul with lies.

It's music, divine in Its dissonance.

When the Monster sees my love,
It withers like a Shade.
But my wrath I hold above,
To lose It, I am afraid.

Omnipotent in Its belligerence.

When the Monster sees my enemy,
It gives me my purpose.
It snuffs out my shriveled empathy,
and my hatred acts wordless.

I tear out my heart, and **** with indifference.
Emma Feb 9
I stab you in the face.
I strangle you to death.
I slap, hit, and kick you over and over again.
I blow up your house.
I put water in your gas tank, and then blow up your car anyway.
I steal your identity, and embarrass you when you have to have her pay for all your dates.
I tie you to a chair, attach your ******* to a car battery via clamps painful on their own, and then proceed to electrocute you.
I steal your dog, and she likes me better anyway.
I turn your sister into a *******.
I recruit four horsemen to pull you limb from limb between them.
I burn you to the ******* ground, and force-feed your ashes to someone you hate, so you're always a part of them.
I slice you open from taint to ******* and stuff you with cheese as rancid as your soul before sewing you back up and sealing it with a kiss.
I feed you **** pie.
It doesn't really matter though; my fury never dies.
Pyrrha Jan 25
Lying in the pit of my stomach
Is a furious fire breathing dragon
I'll never admit it
But that dragon is tearing at my insides
Trying to desperately claw its way out
And devour every flaw, every mistake
It longs to burn the flesh of whom I despise
Claiming me as it's final prize
Kale Jan 5
Once Again
I am left here waiting
If you will come home
Feeling helpless
Thinking she's touching you
Feeling tears swell in my eyes
I want you with me
But each moment you're with me
I feel your ultimate wrath
I want to escape
But each time I try
Your sweet nothings hush me to
My brass cage
I can't do this
I won't do this
I will leave you
I won't get hurt again
Daisy Jan 1
Dance to death,
Love and hate,
Lost faith,
Peace and wrath,
**** is what we make,
Heaven is cake,
Everything else is fake,
And Life is Black.

Give **** a chance,
Oh lord, create a spot where both demons and angels can dance.
She was in the state of trance,
When they were trying to do a seance.

**** is a new heaven,
Paradise of Sin seven,
Home to a demon,
Is it really unpleasant?
Sky color Raven,
Only hellfire but no light from the sun,
I'm burning like a beacon
And I know nothing to learn,
All I know is to burn.

Heaven is the new ****,
It's the paradise from where the fallen Angel fell,
No one can tell,
All we know is from the tale,
Funeral, roses, and farewell,
Going round and round like a carousel,
Rock your coffin well,
And I need a soul for sale.

Dance to death,
Love and hate,
Lost faith,
Peace and wrath,
**** is what we make,
Heaven is cake,
Everything else is fake,
And Life is Black.
LiteratusZR Dec 2018
Craving for a lost soul,
Darkness all over my head
Happy when you're miserable,
Your jealousy I know where it'll lead.

Ecstatic feeling for your ****,
Your wrath that fed my heart.
Wrap my body with your pride that last,
For my demons on your head that chant.
Marla Toledez Nov 2018
Merriment upon merriment!
What parceled eyes are these?
Latent dilations that sting:
Bungled African bees.
You say as I-
Bid the fair day;
What tame a lion are you
To proclaim the error in my ways.
Leave you in a daze I shall,
As your ego suddenly croaks.
For **** hath no fury like yours truly
Who raps upon the door softly,
that you choke.
Aka legend Oct 2018
I’m taking off my mask
Now you’ll see my true nature
The real monster of the past
The demon of the foreseen future
RBWhite Sep 2018
He,who lies on my secrets and remorse,
Only unique to senses when by a chance he cares to please them,
He,who soars through one of many nights pursing teeth and claws against my swollen throat,
He,who lives from blood and guts,The one who says everything I need to know in times of doom,
He, Oh Lord of my deadliest sins,
Where's his wrath now that his crown is mine?
Wasn't his head tall and bright talking about war?
Now beheaded,like a kingdomless Conquerer,
I took the title of The Emperor of Darkness,
And beg for me he will,
In the depths of his guilt filled dreams,
Because not once he thought of me as his enemy.
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