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Samara Reddy Jun 1
wild flowers
growing in the rough

let them grow
where they go
thriving sure enough
Nina May 23
You wonder
Where you stand in his life
You wonder what he wants

Baby girl
You think he wants to love you
But don't be foolish
For all he want
Is to *******

Look at you
You're irresistible

You think he wants you for you
But he clearly just wants to use you

It's quarantine
Everyone is insane from the lack of ***

You were naive to think he wanted you
He doesn't even care about you
He pretend to
Just so he could get in your pants

Just remember
No guy in this world will want you
All of them just wants to *******
-Goat Apr 28
You want to survive, you want to fight
you need to prove that you can get through the night
but after so many years of being a scapegoat
you realize that no matter what,
you're still stuck on the same boat

All you wanna do is tell them what they did wrong
yet they just keep singing their ignorance song

you don't even care if you become successful and rich
as long as you find a wonderful wife, and have beautiful kids
Yet after all this time you realize you're on your own
left behind, heartbroken, with an enormous l̶o̶a̶n̶  debt..

you can keep on moving, keep on running
but even so the problems will always be coming

Still you gotta keep on fighting, even after so long
because the good things comes only to those who stay strong

for after all this time, after all this pain
you gotta prove that you can do it, and that it wasn't all in vain
Growing up feeling nothing but neglect, abandonment and lonliness is rough
but if you run every time evil comes to pummel, how will you prove there is light at the end of the tunnel?
Gypsy Loo Apr 7
I wish I were to be a book,
Left to be unopened.
Nobody reads books anymore.
May the dust blanket me
I'll try to not let it hinder me.
For I know what wonderful words lie underneath.
Because nobody reads books anymore,
It's just me.
Amanda Feb 19
If feeling lonely
Lost, neglected, hurt, or sad
Things will get better
Maybe soon maybe someday but eventually they will
Chelsea Rae Jun 2019
I am a mess piled on top of a mess piled onto more mess..

If you want the perfect analogy for what kind of person I'll be in your life just think of that pile of laundry you push aside on your bed every night . . .
EmperorMoth Mar 2019
Desperately grabbing on to imaginary safety, hoping that maybe
just maybe, they'll save me.

This is no virtual reality, but it's hard to see reality when the fast pacing of ghosts and goblins are racing to neglect you as if you weren't ever here, to begin with...

This endless stress I'm feeling is a confession of my LACK of pity
because I feel like it's fitting for this circular way of ending

Spinning in this pattern
Fending for myself on an endless pasture
Demons and shadows, I call those the normal
Opposing humanity that lacks reality
Blinded by the constant wall we bring together
Formally restraining the legs, because we think it's better

"What's the weather"
A constant concoction of tales and tallies for the repeating day
Like a feather, the weight of these lifeless questions couldn't keep the ocean at bay

"What else is there to say"

It's not about what you say that will matter anyway,
Although the power of words is often underestimated,
Keep in mind whom invests in you and what you say,
For those will be you're biggest assets and liabilities.

But if you insist, say what you value, and value what you say,
Because your actions will amount to what comes from them at the end of the day,

Constantly tiptoeing over words like an *** drunk and stumbling over grass

We value the past, abusing it until we've drained it of any real mass it once had, excusing what we do, based upon the past

Forgetting that the past is so close yet fastly becoming the last player in this race in time,

What kind of journey must we take to pick what we say, what we do, what we feel, what we value,

giving our value to ourselves, excusing someone else's hell and making it about an experience that we still dwell on,

our experience

forgetting the rotating reality around us never really rotated around us, but it around it, around it, which we are apart of, silently sending chaos into its sight as we see fit

fright...we should feel because this multiple concoction of words is really a riddle, hidden message, pleading for safety, which may never come, fiddling my thumbs as I write this passage,

Paving a plea that may one day be seen and actually pondered...
Or maybe left, neglected, as expected, not graced even lightly with another soul's wonder.
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