Elmarie 3d

I miss you today.
I miss you now.
The house is empty without your smile.

As I sit here, without you here,
I realize the words on your grave is sincere.

"A father, a son, a hurricane event.
Forever an angel, by God you were sent."

At night she buries herself six feet below the ground
and she paints her face with a smile every morning.
Her mascara is waterproof and her shaking hands
buried deep inside the pockets of a beautiful coat
while she tells exciting tales of sorbet happiness.

She is a conundrum, weaves lies from silver thread
and hides behind red lipstick smiles over coffee cups.
She whispers false promises to you and herself
between Egyptian cotton sheets, skin illuminated
by the glow of the sun rising behind a high-rise.

This girl is careless but made of glass, and her eyes
catch every word you say, and carry it along, but
her words are not those you preserve in your heart.
She bursts into flames in the middle of an ocean;
she will never be anyone’s to take, or understand.

Hannah Apr 5

Your heart beats
between the walls
of your shattering chest.
I swear,
it sounds just like thunder,
and in your eyes,
I see rainstorms,
mixed with
catastrophic hurricanes.

~ catastrophic ~
Vexren4000 Apr 2

The gods or demons of love,
Cursed us with this feeling,
An emotion like a boiling kettle,
Akin to water torture
Not in the same vein.
Pleasure and pain,
Seem to generate,
The sweetest of lovers.

JAC Mar 20

Like a candle in a hurricane
We flickered out in the wind
And anyone who saw us burning
Thought it must have just been
A little trick of the light.

Elise Jackson Mar 7

i've been told that i come off as cold, or intimidating.

it's a defense mechanism, like an alligator. or a porcupine.
i know how bad this world is, and i'm not about to fall in it's trap by being nice to everyone.
that's why i come off cold.
i will not surrender.

but i am the nicest person you'll ever meet.
i am smart, i know my way around the world.

but i am only 19. i am only human. these things that make me who i am are just as important as i portray myself.

i am just a girl, with big blue eyes and long hair.

i am a girl with long nails and i will not hesitate to rip anyone who hurts me apart.
because i am not going to stand on the edge and let myself be pushed over it anymore.

i am a girl with a loud mind, and a voice. and i won't hesitate to use it.

i am a girl with big dreams, and an amazing imagination.

i am a girl with good intentions and a golden heart.

i am a girl with fire in my veins, and a hurricane in my stomach.

i am who i am, i am not going to tear myself apart after so much building.

Lucid dream
When I was young they had no faces
Smooth as nog
Strain to convince
Me or you
To run from hurricane fire inside
The walls of that house
Carry on austere reflection
We are crystallic
All their irises
Black maelstroms
Keep face
Of course I have known what you are doing
Avoided that gaze
There are more vital veins I am satisfied
But must I wake you to shake you?
Or is it I who
Becomes the ascetic?

PSR Feb 23

A breathe of fresh air
Or a simple breeze
But when Doris is scorned
She will strike with ease
Tearing a path through a well planned day
Ripping apart that what gets in the way
There is no mercy, no leeway or pity
An invisible force, she can level a city
Wreaking havoc and damage untold
No heed for the stupid, the brave or the bold

Kaylene Feb 17

Stumbling from the depths of Heroahima,
you came to find riptides in my hurricane,
only to learn that two storms can't build a home
And besides,
you've forgotten how to float

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