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Cora Mar 16
i know this hurricane
we've been here before
different versions of me in different suits of skin
with some of the lies written in different colors
in hail and rain and snow

it's comforting, in a way
when it's here at least the wait is over
and i know exactly how things work here
i can look for all that's left in the whirlwind
and find my legs and arms and phone and the cup of tea

and i am calm
calm in the only way that feels permanent
because there's nothing to protect anymore and i am absolved
and i can just sit back and listen
to my mind mimicking the sounds of thunder
Nicole Mar 9
You look at us and see girls,
Different heights and weights and hair colors and skin colors
Different religions, different abilities, different passions
But girls. Just girls. And that’s where you’re wrong.

Because the ******* my left
Holds a forest fire inside her chest
And she can burn down this entire city with it.
She can end the world and just keep burning
And if you aren’t afraid, you should be.

The ******* my right
Is a hurricane that never ends
Carrying you and your world away
To make room for the future. You better
Learn how to swim.

In front of me stands a girl
Of Kevlar, more bulletproof than any military invention
And she is a defender, a fighter, taking bullets
Meant for us and spitting them out with a smile.
No assault rifle is going to get
Through her.

Behind me is a girl who is also
A ticking bomb, waiting for just the perfect moment to go
She’s unpredictable and uncontrollable and undeniable
And when she decides it’s over,
It’s over.

I see a girl who is a
Whole star, casting light across our solar system
And warming our hearts. She
Holds enough power to end life as we know it
But she holds us in a tight embrace of love and pride.
Go ahead and try to **** a star; I bet you don’t know how to fight a nebula.

There is another girl, a
Wolf with her teeth bared.
She snarls and growls and holds the line back
And, fair warning, she’s tasted blood and she is
Never going back.

And me? I’m something old and ancient
That can’t be seen, only felt, sometimes heard.
A whisper in the dark of the woods,
An unexpectedly cool breeze on a warm day.

“Just girls,” they call us. But when they come for us,
They realize just how wrong they were.
liv Mar 6
Her wounds are like a canyon
But her love is like an ocean
Filling it up

Her rage is like a fire
But her power is like a hurricane
Blowing it away

Her filth like the strength a mountain
But her grace is like fresh snow
Falling over it
I'm watching my every single step
I'm careful not to stumble and fall
One stone on the road
could lead to a landslide
And one broken bone
could ruin it all
I'm watching my every single move
I'm careful not to scare you away
The faintest blow
could lead to a hurricane
And one wrong word
could be the last thing I say.
I never knew where I had you.
The night's deep darkness  wore a cloak of evil,
The time, just ripe for the poison to spread even,
The ghosts went on preening wings with pleasure,
All those bit the dust,  hit by bullets anr on the streets,
Dancing to the crazy movements  of their phantom limbs!
An out the world music filled the air, evoking trance

"The water level rises far above the danger mark"
The evening news rings alarm bells, but already
We are in deep waters and at a point of no return!
"The hurricane hit the coast very badly, beware
All the escape routes are blocked by vehecles"
"Yes, yes, things are all in pretty bad shape, let's admit it"

But the girl is still practising her lines, leasurely
For the blast she has hardly an hour away, if it happens!
The dogs bark aloud alarmingly in the back streets,
Someone, it seems has broken in to the house
Through the weak door,  from behind.
"What do you suggest us to do?"
In panic someone in the phone yells.

There is stunned silence for a long while when
We could hear the darkness heavily breath and pant.
Then evil laughs like **** from that fierce night.
The stars once bright blink and go blind one by one!
The cadaverous moon bleeds blue blood, copiously.

I can't wait anymore to see you sweet heart,
As the night gets more and more turgid,
Could you make it..?.
Karen M Feb 13





Anita Feb 6
Deadly, Silent, Destructive
The passions of a Hurricane
Dark, Quiet, Afraid
The thoughts of the people

Prepare for the worst
The violent winds in the carribbean
Pack your things

We've got one more day
T'ill destruction reigns
Sadness, Fear, full of adrenaline
Their hearts heavy for the unknown

Honor, Fear,
Life or Death
All it does is fight us
Did this for an assinment about hurricanes, I ended up scraping it because it didn't sound good. Credits to an aquantance of mine, 'Pinapple'
YY Jan 18
You are a hurricane, swirling around your lives,
You're trying to be peaceful when someone is throwing at you knives.
From house to house you travel in swift dance,
In Sufi gathering you found another chance.

So wild, but yet so pure and quiet,
Yourself - you can revolve a riot.
With tropical cyclones you rapidly move in,
Behind you not always leave a ruin.

Rebirth, reset and reconstruction,
Comes after your soft kind destruction.
You can rule over any man,
On future's life - you have no plan.

No matter if you blow or just breeze in,
You know for sure who you are from within.
Just be your own distinctive self,
And put your harsh past on the shelf.
Kellin Jan 12
I am a hurricane
of mismatched
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