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Cheyenne Oct 10
I'll be like the wetlands
I'll take the brunt
When the storm rolls in
Let the flood wash
my skin
I know how to survive being drowned
So I'll stand my ground
Zack Ripley Sep 10
Whether you look up in the trees
Or down to the bottom of the sea,
Mother nature's beauty is plain to see.
But one look at the hurricanes
and fires on tv
Serve as a reminder
Of what she can do
if we make her angry
Surkhab kaur Sep 8
I saw a girl in that unknown land
Wearing a grey hoodie and a black mask
She was just walking to a location unkown
I felt a wreck was inside her
And everyone judged her
But the truth was...millions of things
were happening inside her.
And she didn't know where
she had reached?
She told me that she was a mess at that time...
sadnspicy0 Aug 17
Sometimes it seems like my heart is rotten,
it can't feel anything but the pain,
and I can't touch it, 'cause wounds are open...
I am my calm and my hurricane.

Sometimes I think I've concurred the monster.
But then, again, the image starts clouding.
They say the human body is 60% water...
Well, that explains why it feels like I'm drowning.
I deeply apologize for the amount of I-s and my-s put into this poem.
Jay M Aug 10
Mumbling a storm
Tumbling like debris
Trembling like a blade of grass
Barely rooted in the ground
Outside it's rather warm
Maybe 90°
While towards the core
Sitting stubbornly on my ***
It's a hurricane
Trying to tear away
Refusing to stay
Yet lightning strikes the sand
Reminding of a hidden glass shore
Lost in a pool of sand
Are the fragments of the soul.

- Jay M
August 10th, 2020
I don't know what's going on with me, but it's strange and I don't feel right. Guess it's about time I wrote some more, got it all out rather than keep it floating in my head like a message in a bottle.
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