skyler 6d

all i can say
is that we tried
but even the strongest hurricanes
can dissipate among the ocean
before they ever taste the ground


chipped tooth Jul 13

Nature, too, is self-consuming.
Even the grandest oak
of all southern Louisiana
will be uprooted in a hurricane.
The moss that grazes the water
with gentle finger tips
from those weary branches
will be swallowed by the water.
An old man's life spent in Houma
is reflected in the river currents;
his house built on stilts
across from the cemetery
where is wife is buried
next to her eldest son.
It meets the Mississippi
not surrendering,

Anna Lucia Jun 29

Like a butterfly produced by a storm
Like a survivor from a fall
Like a goddess that is deformed
An angel dipped in vampiric expression
A beautiful mess you can call

but who could I be really
The ghost of the hurricane
Product of chaos and the fury
Dear so fragile, I'm very sorry

I desperately want to caress you
But at each touch, howling winds lie and grew
Your pain and ill-gotten state blind me too
We're the perfect hue of murky cold blue

I'm still hoping to find your heart
Although the eye contemplates me as a feeble bar
Veracity seasons often identify parts
Which pushed us even farther, war

I never wanted this, if you just let me love you
Things would have gotten different, since there is love to woo
I'm always triggered by the truth
Shit is the coffee bean we brew

Dawn, dusk, noon and heavy night
All I wanted was your presence
Signal number six I fight
You just reached the evanescence

All is well but then you walked
And swept in like a wind
Once uncluttered
Now messy-piled

Once a greyscale county
Now a lit-up scenery
Once a lit-up scenery
Now a greyscale memory

I loved this guy once
Blew everything in it's place
Walking in without effort
And left

—with ease.

stargirl Jun 16

a bleeding skull on a broken sidewalk
the blood is on my arms and seeping into my chest
a rancid, puttering pulsation blossoms there
and i am left on my knees in the salt of your tears
i live to love you, i love to love you
i love every bit of your cracking soul
a juxtaposition of friction and fiction
not in your soul, not in your heart, but in your room
a shaking heart, a beating hand, and a nodding head
dead flowers, old pictures, and a haunting bed
show me how to breathe in the eye of a hurricane
show me what life's like when you're not crushing my ribs
show me a better light, give me shelter and house my mind
you are
flatmuscled, with honey colored sea secrets in your eyes
navigating the thick soul of yourself
parting shells and parting my hair
tracing nautical hoops on my skin
and i am
bare, as blue as cuban nights
basking in the cool waves of the sea
savouring the hum of your heart
basking in the warmth of your vessel
white sheets never felt more like a place between heaven and hell
white sheets don't mean much unless you're next to me

this is my first attempt at a poem like this pls no no nO
Mita May 16

don't fall in love with me
unless you are ready to face
my unpredictable murmurs
of nonsense things about
politics, religion, death,
sex, or even about life.

don't fall in love with me
unless you don't mind
coping with my mental
instability and deadly
mood swings.

don't fall in love with me;
i will take you to museums,
and beautiful places, so
you could taste me every time
you visit those places again.

don't fall in love with me;
i break hearts of people
i love and let down
tons of people who have
their hopes on me.

don't fall in love with me
unless you don't mind
listening non-stop to my
voice when singing to
every song on the radio
on every car rides.

don't fall in love with me
if you want sweet talks
and cheesy chats during
relationships, because i
would most likely cringe.

don't fall in love with me
unless you don't mind me
laughing even from the
slightest jokes or crying
even from the silliest things.

don't fall in love with me;
i like to write, and sing,
sometimes draw, and i
would most probably make
masterpieces out of you;
the worst or the best.

don't fall in love with me;
i'm a mountain, a hurricane,
a living disaster, i'm full of chaos,
i'm made up of gigantic question marks.
so, don't fall in love with me.


don't fall in love with me
written by p.a on 16th of may 2017
Avery May 14

my voice is spun glass,
as fragile as the wings of a butterfly taking it's first flight out of it's cocoon.
so long my voice has remained unused,
drowned out in the voices of others,
whisked away in the hurricane that is my thoughts.
my voice is weak and unfamiliar,
even to myself.
it's not as strong as the sea.
it can't sustain life, or  drown it away.
the force of it alone is not crushing;
it is feather-light

the secret about poetry is that it changes things,
just as the ocean does.
when you hardly ever speak,
it can give you the power to transform your voice into something better.

a fragile voice,
frail with disuse,
becomes a force of it's own.
it becomes a gale.

i do not need a voice like the ocean.
i have a voice of my own.

spoken word/free verse, from english one (modified)

Your hurricane heart blew into my life at an outrageous speed.

At the rate of 26 years per kiss, you blasted through my walls
and wiped out all previous heartaches
I'd ever sought shelter from.

Your wind uprooted all I have known as typical of boys
and planted the seeds of men
to show me that to love is to have true strength.

My shingles were weathered, claimed to be made
to withstand someone like you,
but at the first sight of you I ripped the nails out myself.

Lilly Apr 26

Dance; bathe your heart in sweat:
Make the hurricane jealous of your fervour;
Sing; summon gods with your breath:
Make the stars beg for your favour.

Elmarie Apr 22

I miss you today.
I miss you now.
The house is empty without your smile.

As I sit here, without you here,
I realize the words on your grave is sincere.

"A father, a son, a hurricane event.
Forever an angel, by God you were sent."

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