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Kale Jan 5
Once Again
I am left here waiting
If you will come home
Feeling helpless
Thinking she's touching you
Feeling tears swell in my eyes
I want you with me
But each moment you're with me
I feel your ultimate wrath
I want to escape
But each time I try
Your sweet nothings hush me to
My brass cage
I can't do this
I won't do this
I will leave you
I won't get hurt again
He gave me a gilded cage,
All I wanted was to fly.
Blake Dec 2018
T h e    l i t t l e    f l o w e r    s p r i n g s
from between
two rocks,
the tale of youth
and parenting,
 suffocation and guarding,
    Its thankful
but not too much,
See it was never able to
beyond their hold,
and into a mush of their choosing
T h e   l i t t l e   f l o w e r ' s
instead of the
b l o s s o m   o f   i t ' s   s p i r i t
 towards it's natural
cage of their


           that it wouldn't be the scent
of dandelions
and a
uncomplicated...tight bud
- s u n f l o w e r -
Nyx Nov 2018
I've lost my sense of happiness
I've lost my point in life
As I stare upon my phone screen
Not a single message lights
And I cry and I cry
Dont stop me
From attempting to fill this void
I smile and I smile
Dont fault me
For letting myself be destroyed
I'm alone right now
Watching it all pass me by
As people change and move on
I stand idoly to the side
Its tearing me apart
Demon clawing at my soul
Dragging me down into the abyss
Buried deep below
These chains tightening
Its harder to breath
Don't try and save me
Its pointless as I have the key
Its comforting these shackles
As at least I have a place I belong
When the world around give me no purpose
Its me that has to somehow live on
Even when all the friends I have leave
And I've been beaten and deceived
I've always been alone
There is no one I can trust
A mere passing fancy blinded by ****
And it appears to me I've grown too reliant
On the birds that perch upon my window
Keeping me company but only for awhile
Before flying away back into the sky
Where they belong
Unlike the caged bird with her wings clipped off
Singing softly to those who listen
while the owner merely sits back and watch
In the cage she is happy
As she knows no other life
Unlike the free birds
Who know how to fly
Little puppet was made
Like a fairy angel in shade
She was dressed in pink
And so was named Rosy in ink
Lime was her taste
Ants were her mates
Littering was her weakness
Loitering was her meanness
Eyes are red with blue *****
Life are blue with red falls
Ocean chiseled her heart
And purgation baked her to frost.
Now time has come for her
To let go off what is not hers.
But still the sculpture is busy
And her emotion is again in fussy.
Luna Nov 2018
And beaneath everything there’s another feeling, the last of them buried beaneath my bones.
The feeling of sitting in the dark, alone.
Some might see it as peaceful; a place for safe keeping for yourself but it’s anything but that.
Instead it is hiding, crawling up into this dark corner because of all the lights flashing at me.
They’re transfixing in a way though, these lights. Like the cacophony of moth wings near that one simple light that hangs suspended in the middle of a hospital room. It’s kind of rancid too in a way.
On reflection, everybody is trying to dissect me.
Dissect me till I am these layers of feelings I store.
But nobody can ever reach down enough to this hidden feeling.
Everybody wants to tear me apart; but I am only flesh and bone.
The only part of me that needs to be torn apart is the one in the darkness, where I am caged and begging to be torn apart.
Not a poem I know but a little something inspired by the show Alias Grace. A must watch btw :)
Alvira Perdita Oct 2018
can you hear it? the scratching,
itching that's constantly wanting
to escape the confines of my brain.

can you hear it? the eternal screams
that i'm holding back, swallowing
and trying to suffocate.

can you hear it? the ticking of time
passing with nothing changing as
each day swings.

can you hear it? my last threads
of sanity slowly escaping my grasp,
knowing that there's so space left for it.
Karijinbba Oct 2018
Sadly I compare part of my life experiences to a wild CAGED Cheetah's wasted life
Think, for a moment, of a
cheetah, a sleek, beautiful animal, one of the fastest on earth, which roams freely on the savannas of Africa.
In its natural habitat, it is a magnificent animal, almost a work of art, unsurpassed in speed or grace by any other animal.
Now, think of a cheetah that has been captured and thrown into a miserable cage in a zoo.
or smoggled to another country
( like I was.)
It has lost its original grace and beauty, and is put on display for our amusement even sold
(like I was by a nun.)

We see only the broken spirit of the cheetah in the cage, not its original power and elegance.

like my life's experiences
the cheetah can be compared to the laws of physics, which are beautiful in their natural setting.
The natural habitat of the laws of physics is a higher-dimensional space-time.
However, we can only measure the laws of physics when they have been broken and placed on display like in a cage, which is our three-dimensional laboratory.
Likewise people who ventured
to come close to me could only see the pieces of me like
seeing the cheetah
when its grace and beauty have been stripped away
This too is true of many of us doesn't it?
What binds us to space-time is our purest mass, which prevents us from flying at the speed of light, when time stops and space loses meaning,
and no need to worry
if one day our sun will grow bigger burning all before it dies  because all this has been happening to my sun's life metaphorically speaking
men and women made sure I feel the end before I ran out of time.
All my life I sought for one single friend and I was lucky to find only one whom I was condemned to love more than I loved myself deeply enough to let him go.
The biggest mystery in my life was to have sacrificed my love life loving and surrendering all treasures to an unprovoqued undeserved irate ****
slandering many an enemy  
both near and far
both male and female.
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved.
(Do not repost thank you)
Is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all??
True love never dies no matter who benefits from it or who reciprocates
or not very few love unconditionally like I sincearly do. One thing is for sure I never want to be born to be a loser ever again
As God is my witness in my Gone with my wind kind of traggic life I will never surrender whats mine to another woman or man.
as true Love is worth fighting for
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