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Grey Nov 17
Lost boys
Running down the streets
Cutting corners in their haste
To get away from life.
Inspired by Lost Boy by Ruth B.
The parrot has 3 billion neurons in its brain
We have 86 billion
And most of mine are busy
forming unhelpful pathways
Misleading my good intentions.
Still, 3 billion neurons
seems like enough room for a few
unruly pathways

The parrot can repeat phrases
Which we thought to be
pretty cool
So we trapped him
and put him in a cage
And in our living rooms

The parrot knows how to survive happily
Within his world
Within his world, with 30 others of his kind
And a partner for life.
In his world
he would fly with his flock
To trees to pick fresh fruit
Now he perches on his own
And picks dry fruit out of a bowl.
In his world
he would prune his partners feathers
He would look after her
And she him
Now he perches on his own
And prunes his feathers
until there are none left.

Its an unhelpful neuro pathway, you see?
Some form of OCD?
Maybe its a way to cope?
Maybe its the brain spiralling
Trying to figure out what to do
Because it can't be a parrot anymore
It has to learn to be a toy
A talking point
And the parrot doesn't know how to be that
He only knows how to be a parrot
Birds belong in the wild, not in our homes.
Nobody's born that way.
It's the life you grow up in.
The choices you were given without the liberty to make them
The choices that were forced upon you
The life you once thought nurtured you, grew around to betray you
Tell me where's the liberty of choice? Liberty to taste freedom?
Liberty to escape not just from anyone else but sometimes from yourself too?
Liberty to escape without being called a coward, without being chased down by the terror you were escaping from.
Tell me then, tell me your expectations from a person
who carries the life that betrays her,
Terror that fills her up with dread and fear
Her survival at the stake of uncertainty
While most of the days,
She lives one day at a time
Waking up at the cusp of night
Contemplating what body she'll wake up in  tomorrow
Her mind, foreign to herself
Her much too familiar bed, a misfit against the markings on the wall
The walls of her bedroom, which were once yellow, now a dull blue
And this is just one of her many, many phases
She bleeds in colours,
Rarely red anymore
She hopes for her favourite one
But little did she know, the hope that almost flitted from her soul
Like a bullet graze had left a wound that can never be healed or forgotten
It's about a girl, infact, it could be anybody, who is uncertain of themselves, uncertain of their decisions. Not being able to guarantee trust, even to themselves. Like they're always on a slippery *****. Their mind changes likes seasons. This moment, they're happy and the next, they might have a breakdown. And to live in a body like that, it's not liberating but unsettling and hurting. It's like living in fear all the time.
Well, this is my perception. I'd love to hear yours too!
aennij Jul 23
as the little bird tries to fly,
it explored the very sky,
with her wings waving so high,
with the joy she cry

as the little bird tries to sing,
she sang so loud hoping one could hear a thing,
she waved again her little wing,
little did they know she was yelling

as the little bird tries to speak,
no one wants to hear for she's so meek
everyone thought it was just a trick
but they can't see the tears on her cheek

as the little bird tries to escape
she tries to fit in any shape
with her wings she casually drape,
her little body she gently scrape

as the little bird tries to cry
she began to look at the sky
is she here to live or to die
no one really knows why
-elixir- Jul 11
Time slips away,
as you prepare my
And I drown into
the ocean of thoughts,
unprepared, alone
as I gnaw at my cage
as the pomp
is heard outside.
The wings cut off and
freedom seized for
the shallow prestige
of the vultures.
The words given, now
wash away with
the water,
as I desperately try to
find it,
and identity and faces
changed for the
benefit of some.
The boneless spectators,
watch as I am
made to dance,
in the show of Honour.
As I become "dignified".
Elle Jun 29
This silly little poem
          Gives flight to silly wings
                        I soar into the distance
A chain trailing at my feet
They tied me to the lighthouse
                  It's beam searching the footwall
My pen begins to waiver
The bird begins to fall
Near the rocks I'll stay
Crowing to the abyss
          Calling with my heart
And hear the echo fly offbeat
And so my poem waits
Without a place to go
Patiently I'm caged
Until the raven
                 breaks down walls.
Take my heart and squeeze it like the stress ball you use it for,
drench out the blood that slowly drips down the palm of your hand unto your wrists and take me as i am for your sudden bliss.
I feel the gated entry close me in, like a locked up bird cage with no way out for fallen angels.
Fallen angels are ones like me and you,
We try so hard to be free but always end up with clipped wings that don't seem to grow back.
Now can you understand me?
EmperorMoth May 21
Clipped by the cage you're confined in,
Dark and compliant, a conflicted life of air,
All faces remembered, those who are in debt to the raven's snare,
Inspired by shadows that lurk in the sun, the ones with many sins,
You have a story to tell, but one mustn't dwell,
You will sing your family's name, let it echo like a bell,

Caged raven...what is it you think?
Poetic T Apr 26
Some are like caged hens
banging there heads on the
        metal metaphors of desperations.

Non confirmative to the needs of seclusion,
as they were once free range.
           The eggs of doubt and walking in
secluded circles,
                 can drive one to
or even to the moment of silence.

We all are meant to be free range,
             and now were battery hens,

running out of charge..
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