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Apr 2018 · 571
Sēma - 4 -
Paul Jones Apr 2018
The fall of a great tree has the power to take down others.
A clearing is made in the forest and new life fills the space.
Apr 2018 · 600
Sēma - 3 -
Paul Jones Apr 2018
A drop of ink does not need stirring to be diffused in water.
A drop of ink becomes concentrated when the water evaporates.
Apr 2018 · 690
Sēma - 2 -
Paul Jones Apr 2018
Rain does not fall forever but where it is stopped, there it continues.
Trees will not grow forever but when they die, death is not the end.
Sēma is an ancient word for 'sign'. The poetic form Sēma points to signs of change in nature. Using intuition and imagination, a Sēma's meaning can have a human context. To know nature is to know humanity, for they are one and the same thing.
Apr 2018 · 455
Sēma - 1 -
Paul Jones Apr 2018
A small pebble is placed in the stream. The pebble is carried away.
A large pebble is placed in the stream. The water flows around it.
Sēma is an ancient word for 'sign'. The poetic form Sēma points to signs of change in nature. Using intuition and imagination, a Sēma's meaning can have a human context. To know nature is to know humanity, for they are one and the same thing.
Mar 2018 · 448
Dyad - 102 -
Paul Jones Mar 2018
Too lost to turn back.     Time covers its tracks.    
Voices go unheard,     stolen in the wind.
11:00 - 26/03/18
State of mind: calm; reflective.
Perspectives: natural; philosophical; social.

Thoughts: from thinking - about the problems that arise when a community is broken up, society becomes divided and people no longer understand one another.

Also from watching the film Jane - about the primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall - and this passage from the book, The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying:

             'Obsessed, then, with false hopes, dreams, and ambitions, which promise happiness but lead only to misery, we are like people crawling through an endless desert, dying of thirst. And all that this samsara holds out to us to drink is a cup of salt water, designed to make us even thirstier'.

- Sogyal Rinpoche, Patrick Gaffney and Andrew Harvey, The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying (London: Rider, 2008), p. 21.

Questions: None.
Mar 2018 · 457
Dyad - 101 -
Paul Jones Mar 2018
As chaos abounds,     I look to the dark
and distant grey clouds.      Their weight is with me.
16:15 - 15/03/18
State of mind: patient; waiting; worried.
Perspective: personal.

Thoughts: none.

Questions: none.
Mar 2018 · 437
Paul Jones Mar 2018
My eyes are heavy, drawn into the ground.
Moisture gathers, forms a drop on my nose.
Knackered, bowed and kneeling, I knit my brow
and wonder where the unknown, west road goes.
When I raise my hanging head, I feel for
the strength to rise up, stand and carry on.
I have looked inwards to see through the fog
because the signs that guide me have gone.
It is a struggle to walk in the mud,
Whilst cold and weary, with my clothes sodden.
My thoughts are hazy but a strong heart should
not fail me. My faith is not forgotten.
Aimlessly dragging hope alongside despair,
a feeling leads me, I do not know where.
10:00 - 03/09/17
Sonnet - 31 -
Jan 2018 · 479
Logos - 4 -
Paul Jones Jan 2018
                  someth    g
                               in   side

          think                 side


  ­        the                     box
Know something inside out. Think outside the box.
Jan 2018 · 771
Dyad - 100 -
Paul Jones Jan 2018
The veins of the earth,     the rivers flowing,
the aspects of you     filling my spaces.
08:00 - 25/01/18
State of mind: wholesome.
Perspective: natural.

Thoughts: from feeling - through an intuition, the flow of life, the oxygen being carried.

Questions: none.
Jan 2018 · 750
Logos - 3 -
Paul Jones Jan 2018
it is cold
then hot
                    so quickly
it is tough
it is hard
                    but melts with heat
it tings
it taps
                             the surfaces
                    of the kitchen worktop
             these are properties that stir tea

it is cold
then hot
                    so quickly
it is cool
it is calm
                    but bends under pressure
it sings
it raps
                              the textures
                              of existence
             these are properties that stir me
Jan 2018 · 386
Dyad - 99 -
Paul Jones Jan 2018
Like a bright star dies     or a great tree grows,
Some things are best lived     when they're long and slow.
10:45 - 03/01/18
State of mind: calm.
Perspectives: natural; universal; philosophical.

Thoughts: from thinking - do things long and slow. If there is a better way, it will come not from using more energy, but mastering how energy is used.

Questions: none.
Dec 2017 · 649
Dyad - 98 -
Paul Jones Dec 2017
In the frozen earth,      a seed is buried.
Memory rests, waiting      for the warmth of spring.
16:20 - 30/12/17
State of mind: deep thought; mellow.
Perspectives: natural; philosophical.

Thoughts: from thinking - if an idea is to come to fruition, construct an environment from which it can grow.

If an idea cannot die, it is only because it has left traces of itself in as many places as possible. A thing is not dead if its memory can be passed on.

Questions: If a memory is altered slightly with each passing, how can an origin be known if its current state resembles nothing of its original?
Dec 2017 · 1.1k
Dyad - 97 -
Paul Jones Dec 2017
The wind moves through trees      and waves find a shore
but with my embrace,      I am missing yours.
21:45 - 09/12/17

State of mind: happy; sad; longing.
Perspective: natural; personal.

Thoughts: none.

Questions: none.
Dec 2017 · 605
Logos - 2 -
Paul Jones Dec 2017
d                                             e
    a                    c
                   w i t h
with          me
Yeah, it works.
Nov 2017 · 774
Logos - 1 -
Paul Jones Nov 2017
thinking is
thinking is not
thinking is not what
think it is
you think it is
but it is not
what is it not
but what are
if you are not

you've been thinking

but if
asked a thought
am i
it would reply

i'm just passing through
Logos - 1 -
11:00 - 26/11/17

This is experimental but I'm working on a new structural form. It is not free verse and will have rules. It will be playful and rhythmic.  

This explore's 'thinking' but I will have to see if it works with other concepts. It seems like abstract words work well.
Oct 2017 · 462
Dyad - 96 -
Paul Jones Oct 2017
I remember you     the way I want to,
without a photo     but from memory.
10:45 - 28/10/17

State of mind: pensive; apprehensive.
Perspectives: personal; philosophical; psychological; ethical.

Thoughts: from thinking - I choose not to record every moment with a photograph or video. I choose to develop the clarity and sensation of memory. I want to walk in the spaces of my mind, to feel the texture of the walls, gauge the temperature, feel the atmosphere and see you with the flickering animation of a beautiful essence. Those memories are more real in feeling than the photograph I'm seeing. Memories are the stories I want to tell.

Questions: What is missing when we are without who we are within?

Listening to: Beach House.
Oct 2017 · 1.4k
Rapture of the Sunset
Paul Jones Oct 2017
The sunset looks beautiful at twilight,
piercing through the underbelly of clouds,
the sky painting vehement, orange light
against the darkened faces of the crowd.
We listen to the sound of a sitar play
and feel the rapture of the beating drum.
Everything the spirit could want to say
is spoken by the motions fingers strum,
reverberating through the evening air,
and those who move to its smooth harmony.
I hold you close, sway with your gentle care.
True beauty is this rhythm, dancing free,
far from the dissonance a dark world cries,
an orange glow reflected in your eyes.
22:30 - 14/10/17
Sonnet - 30 -
Sep 2017 · 668
Autumnal Dance
Paul Jones Sep 2017
Where the Earth has etched out the Avon gorge,
I stand and look, from the edge of the downs,
see from the pale blues, where sky and land merge,
to a valley of green and ochre browns.
Under the midday sun, in silent awe,
I stand and look into the glowing distance.
Light dances, like I've never seen before,
the landscape shimmering with brilliance.
It humbles me, how I have happened upon
this panoramic and sublime expanse,
how it will stay with me, once I have gone,
how what I will remember is the dance.
Then I realise, the world, it sings a song.
That all I want to do, is sing along.
22:00 - 22/09/17
Sonnet - 29 -
Sep 2017 · 2.0k
Paul Jones Sep 2017
The blackberries on the railway path are ripe.
  The woodland birds are quick to take their share,
while purple fingers pick amongst the hype
  and rabbits hop in the hedgerow somewhere.
A cool wind spirals, rustling fallen leaves,
  carrying distant cries along its way
and bending the amber-tinged tips of trees.
  The sound of summer joys are in decay.
They soften, becoming calmer, quiet,
  like tired eyes in need of time to sleep.
There are some feelings I cannot forget
  and memories I will forever keep.
Meet me along the railway path, my dear,
  to breathe the mellow, autumn atmosphere.
19:00 - 07/09/17
Sonnet - 28 -
Sep 2017 · 873
Dyad - 95 -
Paul Jones Sep 2017
To love and be loved      is to be in the
atmospheric warmth      of feeling complete.
14:30 - 01/09/17

State of mind: mellow; tired.
Perspectives: personal.

Thoughts: from feeling - mellow and tired but generally quite content and relaxed. Like an overwhelming tiredness, returning from a long but beautifully, wild adventure.

Questions: none.

Listening to: Sigur Rós - Dauðalogn
Aug 2017 · 500
Dyad - 94 -
Paul Jones Aug 2017
It takes a lot of      time and energy,
to spin a web strong      enough to hold dreams.
22:00 - 30-08-17

State of mind: calm; tired.
Perspectives: philosophical; spiritual; structural; natural.

Thoughts: from thinking - that the capacity for knowledge is only as great as the structure that has been build to contain it. A web is a good metaphor because it is a framework on which things are caught. If a bird flies into a small web, it passes straight through it. A great mind will catch great ideas because that is what it has been developed to do.

Questions: What happens to a person when they challenge themselves to become familiar with what they have an aversion for?
Aug 2017 · 609
Dyad - 93 -
Paul Jones Aug 2017
Beauty is a voice,      like the beating of
a butterflies wing.      Something sensitive.
13:00 - 21/08/17

State of mind: pensive; calm.
Perspectives: natural; spiritual.

Thoughts: from thinking and observation - of butterflies. Beauty is carried on the wings of your sensitivity. Deep insight is born from the nuances of your intuition. The butterfly may be fragile, but there is power in beauty that draws the eye to follow where it leads.

A butterfly ***** its wings...

Questions: none.

Listening to: Evanescence - My Immortal and Going Under.
Aug 2017 · 447
Dyad - 92 -
Paul Jones Aug 2017
They are weak to time.      Be like a river,
eroding away      the stubborn limestone.
11:30 - 20/08/17

State of mind: calm; deep-thought.
Perspectives: natural; ethical; structural; spiritual.

Thoughts: from conversations and thinking - that some structure's seem so concrete, so fixed and unyielding it can be daunting, almost impossible to have your impact felt. This is why we must be persistent and relentless in our ambition. We must be like the river.

This dyad specifically came about from a conversation on women in religion, feminism and gender equality. The metaphor in the dyad came like a flash of inspiration after hearing the humorous remark ~ 'If women ruled the world, men wouldn't have time to fight'.

Perhaps, the struggle's of humanity unto itself, through time, are like the river eroding away the embankments of ignorance. This viewpoint runs contrary to the opinion that history repeats itself. Instead, it hopes mankind is in a process of understanding, defining a destiny of its own, different to its basic, selfish nature. Figuring out the best or just way is learnt from trial and error, observation and reflection. This applies not only for the individual but for evolution itself.

Questions: Instead of using force, how can the integrity of an ignorant belief, be chipped away, piece by piece?
Aug 2017 · 424
Dyad - 91 -
Paul Jones Aug 2017
Stones skim the surface     of a level mind.
Ripple's of broken      calm teach me to catch.
15:50 - 15/08/17

State of mind: melancholic.
Perspective: personal; natural.

Thoughts - from thinking - that over-thinking is like skimming stones on the surface of a level mind.

Questions: none.
Aug 2017 · 1.2k
Dyad - 90 -
Paul Jones Aug 2017
All I have to do      is care, tend to you
and when you flower,     I will feel human.
22:45 - 10/08/17

State of mind: divided.
Perspective: natural; spiritual.

Thoughts: from thinking - what makes us human is an expanding capacity for love. It's the thought that counts... and your actions that add up.

Questions: What will you do with the sum of your addition?

Listening to: The Lumineers - Angela.
Aug 2017 · 504
Dyad - 89 -
Paul Jones Aug 2017
An ivy cutting     will start growing roots
all along its stem,      if touched by water.
23:20 - 06/07/17

State of mind: reflective; deep thought.
Perspective: natural; structural.

Thoughts: from observations - of an ivy cutting that grew its roots, not only from the base of the stem where it was cut, but also all along the stem, at the intersections where the branches grew out its leaves.

We grow from what wounds us, but also from where we are allowed to grow. If that place is fear we grow fearful, if that place is want we grow wanting... and so on for any state of mind. Societies, too, have a state of mind.

If fear or want is to be overcome, it must be in a place where they are not familiar.

When conflict arises from fear or want, the peace must be bridged by creating an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and communication.

Questions: how can an atmosphere of respect, understanding and communication become the emphasis for interpersonal relations?
Aug 2017 · 883
Paul Jones Aug 2017
I feel the subtle changes in the air
  and alter so I might align with you.
We glide with one another, taking care
  to match and mirror each and every move.
Life dances. Sudden motions counteract
  the pause, bringing balance to where we're bound.
Everywhere, in the tracing of our tracks,
  we had left beautiful trails to be found.
The carrier of great things in the mind,
  our wings are lifted by the warmth of love.
We are two old souls that have been assigned
  to soar like eagles circling high above,
have come together with the rising sun.
  Home is a journey that has just begun.
- Sonnet 14 -

Original: - 13/03/13
Edited: 21:30 - 23/12/15
This Version: 00:30 - 18/07/17

This is about harmony and the perfect balance of complementary people, friends, partners... lovers. People who find their strengths capture each others weaknesses, raising one another to soar together in completeness. A dance of personalities, fulfilled by the mirroring of their emotions - their joys, their sorrows. Whatever form these relationships take, what they give, will always belong in the realms of love.
Jul 2017 · 457
Dyad - 88 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
As the wanderer      paints life with travel,
they use not one hue      but all the rainbow.
21:45 - 31/07/17

State of mind: calm; reflective.
Perspective: spiritual; existential.

Thoughts: from thinking - that, maybe a rich life is one where you are never truly lost or found but always a wanderer, giving as much colour to life as you can.

Questions: What colours would you paint life?
Jul 2017 · 777
Dyad - 87 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
They who know the oak      learn there is wisdom
written in nature     words cannot describe.
12:30 - 31/07/17

State of mind: calm; deep thought.
Perspective: natural; spiritual.

Thoughts: from thinking - that to truly understand something, you have to experience it for yourself. To read about it, or know of another's interpretation, dilutes the power of witnessing something firsthand. In the instance of the oak tree, its knowledge is in the understanding; the understanding is in the sensation; the sensation is in the experience.

We know only what our senses reveal, and they are rooted in our nature, the nature that makes of men what it has made of oak trees. What truth has been revealed is that which makes sense. What is beyond sense, may well be beyond us, simply because it is too much. The light that shines, increases gradually, so there is time to adapt to the intensity that awaits.

There is a memory that exists in nature. It remembers. We can learn all we want to from what has been recorded, but if we should reveal something for ourselves, of ourselves, in ourselves... those things can be found by reflection. The knowledge of ourselves is in the reflection of experience. Make of life what you experience.

Questions: What exists beyond sensation?
Jul 2017 · 712
Dyad - 86 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
In the spherical     motions of my mind,
there is an orbit     of thought around you.
00:25 - 28/07/17

State of mind: pensive; longing.
Perspective: personal; universal.

Thoughts: from feeling - like I miss someone.

Listening to: John Murphy - Adagio in D Minor

Questions: none.
Jul 2017 · 585
Dyad - 85 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
I look into the     window of your soul
and a nebula     of thought swirls in me.
00:00 - 28/07/17

State of mind: pensive; longing.
Perspective: personal; universal.

Thoughts: from feeling - like I miss someone.

Listening to: Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

Questions: none.
Jul 2017 · 375
Dyad - 84 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
The chemistry that     mixes within me
is a hurricane,      when you catch my eye.
22:50 - 27/07/17

State of mind: pensive; longing.
Perspective: personal; natural.

Thoughts: from feeling - like I miss someone.

Listening to: Linkin Park - My December

Questions: none.
Jul 2017 · 472
Dyad - 83 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
I want to take a     leaf out of your book
and, with threads of love,     stitch you into me.
16:30 - 27/07/17

State of mind: focused; thoughtful.
Perspective: personal.

Thoughts: from feeling - loved and cared about. Also from conversations, when Sun mentioned 'taking a leaf out of my book'.

Questions: none
Jul 2017 · 297
Dyad - 82 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
From a speck of light,     the pinhole of a
camera obscura...      you get the picture.
12:50 - 26/07/17

State of mind: playful; curious.
Perspective: comical.

Thoughts: from thinking - about the camera obscura.

'You get the picture' has a double meaning.

Questions: none.
Jul 2017 · 340
Dyad - 81 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
I feel all the space,     sense the atmosphere.
What should be a blur     becomes my focus.
10:45 - 25/07/17

State of mind: reflective; thoughtful.
Perspective: personal.

Thoughts: from observations - of myself. Ironically, I am not that observant. When I look at something, the information being perceived is primarily spatial and atmospheric. Visually, things I clock onto quickly are colour and pattern recognition.

So, motion and light effects fascinate me, naturally... This explains how my art style has developed the way it has, over the years. If I start noticing details, it's usually because I'm switched on and thinking about it consciously. Thus, the blur becomes my focus... making sense of what is hard to grasp.

Listening to: Linkin Park - Meteora (album)

Questions: how greatly does the way we perceive contribute to the person we become? How many different perspectives can we see the same thing?
Jul 2017 · 756
Dyad - 80 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
Your message was heard     by those who have felt
the numbness crawling     from a face within.
14:40 - 21/07/17

State of mind: nostalgia; sorrow.
Perspective: personal.

Thoughts: from memories - a tribute in remembrance of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park - he made some of the best music I listened to growing up. Mostly from my teenage years.

Words from the last line are derived from their songs Numb and Papercut.

Listening to: Linkin Park.

Questions: why?
Jul 2017 · 431
Dyad - 79 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
The forest shimmers,     sunshine glows and dims,
Dappled light dancing     with summer colours.
12:30 - 21/07/17

State of mind: nostalgic.
Perspective: personal; spiritual; existential; philosophical.

Thoughts: from memories - of walking along a riverbank, deep into a Welsh forest, the sunshine glowing and dimming, dappled light dancing with the summer colours.

I think I experience true joy and peace in times of solitude and exploration. These times always become strong memories. Ones that can be visited, as if they were never left.

It makes me wonder about those adages that state how if pain is felt deeply, joy also can be felt strongly. But it doesn't end there. We have sensitives, which draw us to the things that make us feel a certain way. They become our habits, if easily obtains. Our dreams, if not.

When, for real, I walk through the dappled light of that Welsh forest, I will be living my dream. But the dream is not the goal, for desire is only an urge. It is when we are there, this place of dreams, that we can comfortably give life to our thoughts and thought to our life.

Questions: Where is the place that gives life to thought and thought to life?
Jul 2017 · 7.7k
Dyad - 78 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
As I was looking     at cells, I saw stars,
as if my parts were     a whole universe.
23:15 - 19/07/17

State of mind: awe; deep-thought; curious.
Perspective: universal; philosophical.

Thoughts: from conversations - about microcosms and macrocosms. About the uncanny similarities of the small and large of natural phenomena.

Questions: Why can all the cells in the body get along with their differences but humans are incapable of this? If we fear what we do not understand, does that mean love is the path to understanding?
Jul 2017 · 581
Dyad - 77 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
A shadow of your     maker, you gave us
hope... strength. Hold the door -      these words became you.
18:00 - 16-07-17

State of mind: sadness, deep thought.
Perspective: philosophical; spiritual.


Thoughts: from watching - Game of Thrones. Series 6, episode 5 - 'The Door'.

In memory of Hodor. We will never forget the strength and servitude you gave to keep Bran alive. That kept hope alive.

Something unreal can still be a vessel for what is true about reality. Fantasy, legends, the spirit of myth and make-believe... stories give us our values, teach us wisdom, and truth. They are a retreat in memory or reading, a silent place of honesty, when all around us the world is riddled with lies, deceit and corruption. They are the pillars of religion, the backbone of our beliefs, the conversations with old friends over coffee, or a pint.

Questions: none.
Jul 2017 · 468
Dyad - 76 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
Kissed by a warm breeze,      I feel like mirrors
to the radiance     of summer's soft touch.
13:10 - 16/07/17

State of mind: blissful; calm.
Perspective: natural; philosophical.

Thoughts: from thinking - the reason we can draw parallels between human, natural, even universal behaviours so easily is because they are all connected. The information of one feeds into another. That is why our mood is affected so strongly by things such as the moon's gravitational pull or polar levels of sunlight.

I swear cultural temperaments are born of such simple things as the weather. This links in to how an environment shapes you. If you want to change or discover who you are, do so with your environment. You will be forced to adapt to it (or force it to adapt to you). Successful or not, keep changing how you live until you find something you're comfortable with... somewhere you were born to be.

Listening to: David Bowie - Changes.

Questions: Does success mean different things to different people?
Jul 2017 · 424
Dyad - 75 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
As eyes turn skyward      and the lone wolf howls,
paw prints in the snow     pause amongst the pines.
18:30 - 13/07/17

State of mind: calm; rested.
Perspective: natural; philosophical.

Thoughts: from thinking - about rest and recovery. The soul sings best when it is well rested.

Unseen and deep within the dormant volcano, there is lava flowing.

Questions: none.

Listening to: Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars
Jul 2017 · 453
Dyad - 74 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
Like a drop of ink     diffused in water,
A single idea     might change everything.
00:15 - 11/07/17

State of mind: content; tired.
Perspective: empirical; spiritual.

Thoughts: from observations - of pressing a paint-loaded brush against the rim of a glass, watching it all run down the inside, diffusing throughout the fresh water.

A single idea might change everything. A single act might mean something. Ripples from the butterflies wing.

Questions: What can be done to make a difference?

Listening to: Coldplay - Everglow
Jul 2017 · 1.1k
Dyad - 73 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
An ocean apart,      but a bridge is built
and old souls meet on      the road less travelled.
21:20 - 09/07/17

State of mind: joy; peaceful.
Perspective: personal; spiritual.

Thoughts: from thinking - about impossible dreams. There is something instinctive about striving after goals that are hard to reach or have never even been thought of before. To achieve this is to have walked the road less travelled.

The fourth part - 'the road less travelled' - is inspired by M Scott Peck's book of the same title. The overall message of the book correlates with that of this dyad, which is that love is not necessarily a feeling but an activity... such as a dance, I would say.

Questions: would you care to dance?

Listening to: Ed Sheeran - Perfect.
Jul 2017 · 426
Dyad - 72 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
Battered by strong winds,     stems bend with the storm.
This is a silence      deep roots know too well.
17:00 - 08/07/17

State of mind: calm; thoughtful.
Perspective: empirical; spiritual.

Thoughts: from observations - of watching crops in the garden swaying with the breeze. The storm is analogous with struggle. People who know they can fight through something stick at it. There's silence in knowing the storm will pass.

Questions: how far can the stem bend before it is broken? Know thyself...

Listening to: Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
Jul 2017 · 489
Dyad - 71 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
Water fills the cup.     If it is too strong,
its flow will either      break it or bounce back.
14:30 - 08/07/17

State of mind: focused; contemplative.
Perspective: empirical; philosophical.

Thoughts: from observations - of turning the tap on too much, by mistake, and watching the water swill around the concave of the cups base, only to rebound back.

Be patient and gentle and things will gradually sink in.

A metaphor for the mind.

Questions: none.
Jul 2017 · 425
Dyad - 70 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
From the hazel trees      beyond the meadow,
I heard you calling.     Whispers on the wind.
23:30 - 07/0717
State of mind: calm; deep thought.

Thoughts: from thinking - about faint memories, ideas that are hard to grasp... subtle touches. This expression represents the fleeting moment. Their brevity, here in an instance, then gone forever.

In Celtic folklore, the hazel tree is a symbol of creativity and wisdom.

Questions: none.

Listening to: Christina Grimmie - With Love
Jul 2017 · 461
Dyad - 69 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
My hand is in yours.     As you lead the way
whilst I watch our backs,     we'll escape this maze.
23:15 - 06/07/17
State of mind: calm; tired.

Thoughts: from dreams - of being stuck in a maze. As soon as you grabbed my hand, we both knew the way out. As you focused on where we needed to go, I remembered where we had been.

Questions: none.

Listening to: Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Jul 2017 · 431
Dyad - 68 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
Like sparks of embers       fizzling through the air,
we set each other     aglow in the night.
18:50 - 04/07/17
State of mind: optimistic; thoughtful.

Thoughts: from thinking - about how people who get on really well just seem to set each other in motion. As if it is a chain reaction.

Hope and persistence can overcome a great many obstacles. But people are usually given hope. So, optimism is a valuable thing to carry around with you.

Questions: If, as it is said, a smile is contagious, how far can optimism be spread?
Jul 2017 · 525
Dyad - 67 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
Gracefully gliding      through the highs and lows,
a bird of prey feels     for the warm currents.
12:30 - 04/07/17
State of mind: longing; hopeful.

Thoughts: from thinking - about the beautiful movements of flight and all its intricate geometries.

Questions: none.

Listening to: The Beatles - Across The Universe.
Jul 2017 · 745
Dyad - 66 -
Paul Jones Jul 2017
A big rock is hard     to start rolling but
when it gets going,     mountains will be moved.
11:45 - 03/07/17
State of mind: calm; thoughtful.

Thoughts: from thinking - about dreaming big. If something is too hard, get help. There are people out there who believe in you because you believe in yourself.

Questions: Did Sisyphus ever laugh?

Listening to: Van Morrison - Crazy Love
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