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Paul Jones Jan 2018
it is cold
then hot
                    so quickly
it is tough
it is hard
                    but melts with heat
it tings
it taps
                             the surfaces
                    of the kitchen worktop
             these are properties that stir tea

it is cold
then hot
                    so quickly
it is cool
it is calm
                    but bends under pressure
it sings
it raps
                              the textures
                              of existence
             these are properties that stir me
Viseract Sep 2016
Bubbles and smoke
Wavering flames and twisting, spiralling water
Like two tornadoes of varying temperature and temperament,
And equal as different the opposing elements
Earth and air lay dormant as I lay,
By the visions that my very mind manipulates into my reality
JayceeJellies Sep 2015
Picture an anti-social pessimist
who fears her own existence
should probably get a therapist
but that's just not in her element.
always has a Nemesis
She wants to be affectionate
but she feels unwanted;

— The End —