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Andrew Layman Apr 21
I stood staring
not moving
but aware
feeling the breeze
and its touch
light as a feather
hinted at freedom
long since forgotten.

Heavy is the gravity
that anchors me
to the ground here
so when a shadow
covered my face
I raised my eyes
and I cheered
as a white bird dissected the blue sky.
IN THE MOMENT, Copyright © 2020 Andrew Layman, All Rights Reserved.
Seanathon Sep 2018
Eyes upwards
Turning clouds
With rolling chin
And a smile to the sky forever
He grins
At the vantage point of where it begins
Skyward Glance
A M Ryder Aug 2018
You ever try counting the stars?
I can't ever get the same number twice
They keep changing on me
I'm not even entirely sure what a star is
Well my body knows,
It's my mind that has forgot
K Balachandran May 2018
a tree egrets crowd,
one more wants to land on top;
now all fly skywards!
Paul Jones Jul 2017
Gracefully gliding      through the highs and lows,
a bird of prey feels     for the warm currents.
12:30 - 04/07/17
State of mind: longing; hopeful.

Thoughts: from thinking - about the beautiful movements of flight and all its intricate geometries.

Questions: none.

Listening to: The Beatles - Across The Universe.
Seanathon Mar 2017
Almost sweetly

So the clouds are near to me
And to you as well

Although we are not at this time
Standing right here or there beside

How these clouds smile back as they roll by
And tell us both to our surprise
That we are watching and watched over

Since long before we each sought after
That distant star in the summer sky

We are by ourselves and each other
Mere reflections in such skyward eyes

— The End —