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Circumstances compel
You think and analyse
What's what
What's why
What intervention  
Is required
What you desire
What's desired of you
Physical, financial, or communication
Or two or all
Physical, financial
There's maybe a tie
You may try
Communication tricky
Knowledge of circumstances
Tells you
What to say
Skill tells you
How to say
Wisdom tells you
How much to say
Whether to say
Or not to say
Circumstances compel
You think and analyse
Almost my whole life
I’ve been writing
short simple lines for myself
I love all little beautiful things surrounding me.
Love to look and discover
all the beauty in nature
It makes me so happy.
I know there is so  much going on in this world where we’re living in. Things that make you really sad!
But then I saw a documentary
And all I can say
I can’t post a quote today.

Shell ✨🐚
We don’t know what’s going on in several places in this world. I mean you think you know. Until you see it.
Paras Bajaj Feb 3
In may,
when you came around,
I never thought I would lose
what I didn’t plan to found.

In June,
when I first kissed you,
I never thought I’d choose
someone other than you.

In July,
when you had to go away,
I never thought I’d pretend
that our time dropped in decay.
Spriha Kant Dec 2020
Circumstances crushed hopes and new hopes rose from the ashes of burnt desires.
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
How is life?
It's a compromised life
Without my beloved wife
Memories in giga bytes
Couldn't be moved to a pen drive
Freeing the mind of a haunting lane
Unfaltering faltering gait
I call a ***** a *****
With pain in the core of my heart
I have learnt happiness
From my spirit inside
Mansi Sep 2020
Why do we expect everyone
To react to
Grief, and  
In the same way?

Each person is different
And so is each circumstance
So how can we expect the
Same reaction?
Kaumal Borah Aug 2020
It feels as I if
She is
is stabbed
By a
Knife from inside
That breaks
Her soul
Into pieces
Like a glass
It's the taunts
Or the praises
Or the fear of being
Losing oneself
Too much
Burried in
Thoughts of  
Maybe of
Of disgrace
It's just making
Her a puppet
Of the control
Of herself
A soul
In the hands
Of circumstances .
Today I am feeling as if everything someone is telling is hurting me so much...some people are so sweet but a backstabber ... sometimes it just not feels alright to be treated like literally breaks us down.. something it feels that I m losing myself in this journey....maybe I m tired of getting failures or
I m too scared to overcome another one to face people's just enough sometimes...I just wanted to share my feeling with u dear poets..

Thanks you for reading.
Dez Apr 2020
When my lids are heavy I do write
For that is when creativity is at it’s hight!

When dreams run wild
And I am as free as a child!

When waking is hard to keep
And all others are asleep.

When the sun is down
And all is quite in the town

When the Moon is up
And I think about my screwups

When the night begins
And my mind spins

When my lids are heavy I do write
For that is when creativity is at it’s hight!
Mark Toney Mar 2020
His name was Jim
He was a dandy
Her name was Kim
Trancendence candy
Held each other tight
Cherished is the night
Homeless, not loveless

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
3/22/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - Homeless folk have feelings too - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
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