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Kaumal Borah Aug 15
It feels as I if
She is
is stabbed
By a
Knife from inside
That breaks
Her soul
Into pieces
Like a glass
It's the taunts
Or the praises
Or the fear of being
Losing oneself
Too much
Burried in
Thoughts of  
Maybe of
Of disgrace
It's just making
Her a puppet
Of the control
Of herself
A soul
In the hands
Of circumstances .
Today I am feeling as if everything someone is telling is hurting me so much...some people are so sweet but a backstabber ... sometimes it just not feels alright to be treated like literally breaks us down.. something it feels that I m losing myself in this journey....maybe I m tired of getting failures or
I m too scared to overcome another one to face people's just enough sometimes...I just wanted to share my feeling with u dear poets..

Thanks you for reading.
Dez Apr 1
When my lids are heavy I do write
For that is when creativity is at it’s hight!

When dreams run wild
And I am as free as a child!

When waking is hard to keep
And all others are asleep.

When the sun is down
And all is quite in the town

When the Moon is up
And I think about my screwups

When the night begins
And my mind spins

When my lids are heavy I do write
For that is when creativity is at it’s hight!
Mark Toney Mar 23
His name was Jim
He was a dandy
Her name was Kim
Trancendence candy
Held each other tight
Cherished is the night
Homeless, not loveless

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
3/22/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - Homeless folk have feelings too - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Capriccio Jan 28
On the train
On me
To exhale
To believe
For a change to come
For tomorrow

Is dependent

On action
On Circumstances

Which one are you
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2019
I already believe
You are the one

Now it's your turn
Genre: Romantic
Theme: When everything matters.
Khoi-San Mar 2019
The moon speaks in glyphs
on the faces of young girls,
where miracles tear
at their souls,
rescue is nigh and
ignorance is bliss.
in the dead end of the red carpet
selling flowers hustling for gold.
These are all kids caught up in the crossfire of circumstances some rarely make it out OK!
Eloise Mar 2019
Running through my mind, is you.
I want to tie you up, and stick duckt tape on your mouth.
Shut you up, stop accusing me.
Stop it, it's not my fault. It's not my fault.
My character is just a result of the circumstances I was in.
My feelings are a result of both our circumstances, and so are yours.
So why do I have to be the victim of all of this pain, this circumstantial pain?
Kada Jan 2019
God isn't limited to your circumstances.

God can do amazing things in your life if you just allow him to. Instagram:Pintsizechic
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