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Sight of mine dulled to nothing but red.
My aching fingers bleeding from the splayed out shards of glass.
Time and time again, this feeling will never truly fade.
The destruction that eases into every walk that I take.

The pent up pain that does not soothe
It only comes in waves of doubt and an ache that runs deeply through my body.
I can only sit in silence and wait for it to wash over  as the never-ending wrath bounces in the corners of the room.
No freedom found as I keep myself from lashing out.

My blood keeps dripping around my pooling ire.
To lock up such a monster that laps away at every upset and disappointment
There really is no telling when
The day it stops rocking back and forth the dark curtained bedroom I try to subdue it in.

The day my warm blood no longer satisfies the steely blue light that edges its existence.
And the way it bounces off of the crystal shards coated in crimson beneath my hands.
Alcohol has never truly worked for me as much as I wished it did.
What do I do when there is nothing I can do?

How will I cope when I can no longer keep from being violent?

yes i've had a bad day
labyrinth Feb 2021
I realize now. I am at that age
Temper is a barless cage
Like having both an inner accomplice
And a judge giving you a life-sentence
Lee Carter Dec 2020
Practice patience,
Or you will always have less of it.
Bhill Oct 2020
im tired of the conflicts erupting between us all
let's get our act together and answer the needed call
the politics and policies are in grave need of revision
why can't we get together to avoid the mad collision
throw away all the so call facts and see what's going on
quit throwing your temper into the fray and creating a nation that's gone...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 278
Tara Apr 2020
I have felt its deadly kiss,
its grip seductive on my throat
Heat rising in my blood.

Danger creeping up my form,
no warning, never able
His attack is far too soon.

Fire and ferocious, he grows,
roars and snarls, demands to be heard
All thoughts of reason stolen.

Parting ways with all calm,
he chooses the violence of hate
Opens the doors to his demons,
and sends you to Lucifer's Gate.
Lili Mar 2020
Her mind was like fire and ice.
In one moment of anger
her words get heated
and yelling commences,
and in another
her silence is deafening and cold.
Grace Jan 2020
So many things are buried there
My hopes
My outgoing nature
My old personality
All long dead and buried

But some good things are buried too
Things that needed to be laid to rest
My temper
My annoyingness
My pride

But with so many things
So many parts of me buried
What is left?
An empty shell of what I used to be

And when I finally take a walk
Through the dark shadows of my mind
I feel the same foreboding feeling
That one gets
When walking through a graveyard
I was finally letting myself feel the things I’ve been pushing down and this image came to mind. Somebody pray for me.
You’re so close to letting it out.
And I’m the only one around.
Just snap at me already,
I deserve it anyway.
For: Jenny Thoma, Huxley Densen
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