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It's a case of adverse possession
There's no time for regression
No room for hate for their goodself
Don't bother about the herd
You are a different nerd
Engineering, artisans, artistic literacy
Justice and advocacy
You are a peerless practitioner
With a scientific temper
Viewing matter and spirit from that angle
Don't bother about the herd
You are a different nerd
SAME Sep 3
A dreadful thing does creep around,
one careful foot at a time.
A dreadful thing does creep around,
in narrow passages in my mind.

I keep it close for it mine,
but no light of day will see.
I keep it close for it is mine,
this darkness inside of me.

It's a fragile threat on the mind,
like a sinister veil over the mourning.
It's a fragile threat on the mind,
sometimes I hear it calling.

Rendered now to just my spite,
my loves, you are the ones to receive.  
Rendered now to just my spite,
know that it is also my heart that bleeds.

Anger riddles the mind,
it rules and it recks.  
The temper I've ignored,
now like a bird in the mind,
that pecks ....
                        ...................... and pecks.
Tara Apr 19
I have felt its deadly kiss,
its grip seductive on my throat
Heat rising in my blood.

Danger creeping up my form,
no warning, never able
His attack is far too soon.

Fire and ferocious, he grows,
roars and snarls, demands to be heard
All thoughts of reason stolen.

Parting ways with all calm,
he chooses the violence of hate
Opens the doors to his demons,
and sends you to Lucifer's Gate.
Lili Mar 1
Her mind was like fire and ice.
In one moment of anger
her words get heated
and yelling commences,
and in another
her silence is deafening and cold.
Grace Jan 7
So many things are buried there
My hopes
My outgoing nature
My old personality
All long dead and buried

But some good things are buried too
Things that needed to be laid to rest
My temper
My annoyingness
My pride

But with so many things
So many parts of me buried
What is left?
An empty shell of what I used to be

And when I finally take a walk
Through the dark shadows of my mind
I feel the same foreboding feeling
That one gets
When walking through a graveyard
I was finally letting myself feel the things I’ve been pushing down and this image came to mind. Somebody pray for me.
You’re so close to letting it out.
And I’m the only one around.
Just snap at me already,
I deserve it anyway.
For: Jenny Thoma, Huxley Densen
sara Oct 2019
a volatile, drunken live wire
exhaling smoke, and spitting out fire
they tell her softer, sweetly be;
reminders only ignite grief
a mind of its own
a mind of her own
a room with a view
but it's nothing like home

reactive, electric
she burns as she breaks,
she hits without thinking
but makes no mistake;
she begs for forgiveness
it's all just the same.
for, she holds on too tightly
to the bars on her cage
make sure you're not standing in your own way
Katherine Jan 2019
There are houses on this street filled with wolves.
He-wolves and she-wolves and wolf-whelps howling for meat
Scattered like snowflakes across the neighborhood.
It starts slow, and ends with “I lost my temper” “It was their own fault”
“All the better to see you with, my dear.”
Some of us are eaten up, and some of us grow wolves in our own bellies,
And some last long enough to meet our wolves down the line.
What does it matter if you become the wolf or not?
What narratives are left to us now?
Tommy Randell May 2019
I walk the dog before I'm awake almost,
when the streets are empty as I prefer.

I've found if you talk to anyone new, the next time your paths cross
before you disappear, they change direction uninvited,
even cross the road just to talk to you.

That's a Code Blue right there. Code. Blue

I'm into work and my monitor is down
And the guy cant fix it 'cause there's a flu bug going round.

Listen I've got deadlines, I've got problems to solve,
and the woman at the photocopier is just chewing and chewing
like she's still eating her breakfast and has all day to do it.

Blue flashes behind eyes, real Indigo needles. Code. Blue.

I'm sat at the Bar minding my own business.
I'm still checking my emails and Instagram.

Some people just wanna poke their eyes over your shoulder
to check out the screen view, being ****** nosey
by habitually climbing into other people's personal space.

That's a a big No-no! for sure. Code. Blue.

On the subway or the bus with all the other empty seats
They sit down next to you and they let out a sigh.

I don't want to listen, I don't want to share, I really don't care,
And there goes my stillness, and there goes my peace,
And one of these days there will go my temper and I will blow that fuse.

Then there'll be a Code Blue... MIGHTY! Code. Blue.
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