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Treat of rich, airy goodness
Lacquered with butter
Flaky crust, honey comb core
Golden brown crescent
With honey or jam
Taste of nuts
Twenty-seventh Epulaeryu! ^-^
Who doesn't love a good croissant on their downtime?
Just a sweet classic treat, especially when its fresh out the oven
I especially love it with a spoonful of honey, though having it with jam is great too!
Br back with more soon!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Honey pale and so whip-light
Hints of vanilla,
Wheat flour, milk, sugar, eggs
Whisk smooth with butter
Sweet or savoury
Choose fillings
Twenty-sixth Epulaeryu! ^-^
The Pâtisserie collection continues, haha!
Crepes are a guilty pleasure of mine.
Personally, I love mine with some lemon and honey.
Powdered sugar sprinkled on it with some berries on the side.
And the best part is that they can be sweet or savoury!
Br back with more soon!
Much love,
Lyn ***
The feel of the wind.
The rich mountain air.
The sun peeking over the hill.
The creatures playing.
The feel of nature.
Who doesn't like being in the wild?
always filling

      and emptying

                and refilling

                     again and again

                                   like gas tanks
               to get to our destinations
                          like bank accounts
                 depleting from bills and
                    replenishing from moil
                                 like our bodies
         with stress on the weekdays
                 and relief or excitement
                             on the weekends
                                  like our hearts
          with love in tiny little spaces
   like bottles of cleaning products
                   under our ugly vanities
               like barrels of toxic waste
                      dumping into the sea
                             like porch swings
              on lazy spring afternoons
                like pews of worshippers
               at Sunday morning mass
                   like stuffing our bellies
              with 99 cent hamburgers
                  and draining our *****
                              down the toilets
                        of the unconcerned
                              like spit suckers
                        at the dentist office
                      like pills of seduction
                                   relieving pain
                  like centuries of people
                    and trees exchanging
             carbon dioxide for oxygen

     it’s hard enough just to breathe
                           but how lovely is it
             to prattle and wail through
    wasted time and non-existence
        and laugh at our faces hiding
                   behind troubled masks
                   because we don’t care
                        to know who we are
               or what we’re doing here
      just keep on filling and refilling
           our embodiment with a sun
       patch of numbing resentment

                     it’s just easier to wisp
                        through the willows
                 than to empirically plod
                       through the bogs of
A H Butler Mar 2018
Anguish poured over

               its open and avoidable.

                              He goes to the bathroom down the hall.

                                             I’m so glad I

                                             am not alone.
© A H Butler
Paul Jones Jan 2018
The veins of the earth,     the rivers flowing,
the aspects of you     filling my spaces.
08:00 - 25/01/18
State of mind: wholesome.
Perspective: natural.

Thoughts: from feeling - through an intuition, the flow of life, the oxygen being carried.

Questions: none.
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Taking pills again
Filling my body
With this and that...

Taking pills again
Loosing the development
Which I had...

Taking pills again
Now I can once again
Focus on homework...

Taking pills again
Now my mood will
Become less cheerful...

Taking pills again
To delete the traces
Of you...

Taking pills again
Now I'm myself
From before I meet you...

Taking pills again
Man... I really wish
That I didn't have to...
Just something random which I wrote
A-S Sep 2014
Dance was my therapy,
but I'm not able to do it anymore.

So I'm left with music;
the only thing that makes me
yearn more for your love.

Your song is my lullaby.
Falling asleep to it,
makes me dream of you.

I wake up
with the lyrics
my heart.

Your words filling
my empty part.

— The End —