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Twalib Mushi May 18
Something was inside her head
I tried very hard to find.

As I soothing her body, she whispered
Applying cuddling, she muttered
Like a beautiful mountain, her hair stood.

I know she felt something
But she was a bit scaring.

I heard a free flowing of her blood
I proceed with my delightful searching
Her heart made a trumpet sound
Heart beating I never heard before
As she mourned
I kept on going as I ignore.

She made a very delicious musical sound
As I proceed, she begged
Beg for me to be inside her body
I wrapped her sweet lovely body,she laughed.

I continued to take my round
Hell she's hot enough to be burned
We snoozed!
Daddy brought a toy car,
toy car , toy car,
Red and blue, red and blue,
red and blue,
It has four wheels,
four wheels, four wheels,
Which go round and round
round and round,round and round,
You wound it with a key and it goes vroom, vroom, vroom,
Up and down, up and down,
up and down
Right and left, right and left,
right and left,
Daddy brought a toy car, a toy car, a toy car,
I love him a million times,a million times,a million times.
The heartfelt joy of a poor boy who lives in a slum and barely has a proper meal.Sing with him and see how happy you feel.
A different pathway through life I now do walked heading of In
a different direction
from to were It will
I'm not really
Life much changed
from a year ago when
my darling was still
with me a once life
change so quick gone
In the blink of an
The pathway to were
I now walk upon haven't
a clue to were It may
lead that of If cause If anywhere at all so strange how life can change so
Life can change so fast turn one life upside down not knowing which way to turn
Masin Jan 30
I could stare at you all day and say nothing
Its rare, I didn't even realize I was smiling that hard.
You'd notice and
Stare back, sticking your tongue out.
Goodbyes are hard
But I'll keep this smile
Day round, cause I feel the love
All around me
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Sometimes when can't sleep at night listening
to the only sounds that
of those In my
Mind overactive to much going on like a carousel
round and round It goes
faster and faster can't focus
Try to stop It but won't stop
can't get off all memories of my past flashing by so fast but
gone by In the blink of an eye
Desperately trying to stop at a favourite moment In my life
It won't allow me eventually I fall Into sleep
my carousel ride over for tonight
When I can't sleep my mind Is like a carousel going round and round
Right now is where things are going to take a turn,
The roundabout welcomes another hurried passenger,
The biker sits idle,
The circle goes on,
days past and we are again at "the last",
Round and round,
To leave is only to return,
Weaving a knot to the difference (conscious) that is me,
An infinite point watching every decision,
Only a glimpse from the rear view mirror
We are road locked, *******,
Eventruly drifting off into a sleep that could wind up taking others,
Are you alone in the car?
Are you alone in the car?
Treat you passengers with care,
Pray for a good review for when you finally stop,
Or get out and let someone else become the commander of what roundabout you take,
It may be fun.
How are you?
Arthur Habsburg Jul 2018
All land begins
underneath these feet:
a merry makebelieve.

and catch a glimpse of Arabia
in red,
in yellowish-grey,
Berlin's fading rainbow..
all lacking in depth like
like foreign pain,
like your very first birthday.

Don't they?

Spend days in suspension,

don't you?

Well, look around!
You see ahead
and back
are much the same
when all is round.
And all IS round!
Unless of course,
on the ground
where a single wave can

Doubtless fun,
boundless thrill, all
but for a price!
even cloudy sunsets imply
And at nights
perfect darkness never dwells,
Some devilry always tells the time
in mocking ways:
and you're on holidays,
divorced from all necessity,
sleeping in the sun
for days an altogether different
with sandbagged veins.

At least not dead,
I hear you say.
How cute..
Alas! the price you pay for
being oh so futile is per se
a snide;
So pick your cherries and throw them
in that tide!
You know the lights in this harbour never return
in a straight line
May craft and the shimmering power
not let you be
the fog in the rye,
or the rock's inside.

You are round and everything
is your equal.
So consider your battles well.
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