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Paul Jones Mar 2018
Too lost to turn back.     Time covers its tracks.    
Voices go unheard,     stolen in the wind.
11:00 - 26/03/18
State of mind: calm; reflective.
Perspectives: natural; philosophical; social.

Thoughts: from thinking - about the problems that arise when a community is broken up, society becomes divided and people no longer understand one another.

Also from watching the film Jane - about the primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall - and this passage from the book, The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying:

             'Obsessed, then, with false hopes, dreams, and ambitions, which promise happiness but lead only to misery, we are like people crawling through an endless desert, dying of thirst. And all that this samsara holds out to us to drink is a cup of salt water, designed to make us even thirstier'.

- Sogyal Rinpoche, Patrick Gaffney and Andrew Harvey, The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying (London: Rider, 2008), p. 21.

Questions: None.
Paul Jones Mar 2018
As chaos abounds,     I look to the dark
and distant grey clouds.      Their weight is with me.
16:15 - 15/03/18
State of mind: patient; waiting; worried.
Perspective: personal.

Thoughts: none.

Questions: none.
Paul Jones Jan 2018
The veins of the earth,     the rivers flowing,
the aspects of you     filling my spaces.
08:00 - 25/01/18
State of mind: wholesome.
Perspective: natural.

Thoughts: from feeling - through an intuition, the flow of life, the oxygen being carried.

Questions: none.
Paul Jones Jan 2018
Like a bright star dies     or a great tree grows,
Some things are best lived     when they're long and slow.
10:45 - 03/01/18
State of mind: calm.
Perspectives: natural; universal; philosophical.

Thoughts: from thinking - do things long and slow. If there is a better way, it will come not from using more energy, but mastering how energy is used.

Questions: none.
Paul Jones Dec 2017
In the frozen earth,      a seed is buried.
Memory rests, waiting      for the warmth of spring.
16:20 - 30/12/17
State of mind: deep thought; mellow.
Perspectives: natural; philosophical.

Thoughts: from thinking - if an idea is to come to fruition, construct an environment from which it can grow.

If an idea cannot die, it is only because it has left traces of itself in as many places as possible. A thing is not dead if its memory can be passed on.

Questions: If a memory is altered slightly with each passing, how can an origin be known if its current state resembles nothing of its original?
Paul Jones Dec 2017
The wind moves through trees      and waves find a shore
but with my embrace,      I am missing yours.
21:45 - 09/12/17

State of mind: happy; sad; longing.
Perspective: natural; personal.

Thoughts: none.

Questions: none.
Paul Jones Oct 2017
I remember you     the way I want to,
without a photo     but from memory.
10:45 - 28/10/17

State of mind: pensive; apprehensive.
Perspectives: personal; philosophical; psychological; ethical.

Thoughts: from thinking - I choose not to record every moment with a photograph or video. I choose to develop the clarity and sensation of memory. I want to walk in the spaces of my mind, to feel the texture of the walls, gauge the temperature, feel the atmosphere and see you with the flickering animation of a beautiful essence. Those memories are more real in feeling than the photograph I'm seeing. Memories are the stories I want to tell.

Questions: What is missing when we are without who we are within?

Listening to: Beach House.
Paul Jones Jun 2017
Near the alcoves of      a secret garden
you'll find me lost in      the maze of my mind.
13:30 - 12/06/17
State of mind: calm; serene; peaceful.

Thoughts: from experience - of being in an alcove of a secret garden, lost in the maze of my mind.

Questions: none.

Edited: 10:20 - 13/06/17
Original Post:
Near the alcoves of      a secret garden
you'll find me lost in      the maze of my mind.

Edited: 10:20 - 28/10/17
Original dyad reinstated.
Edited version:
You'll find me in the     alcoves, the cradle
of secret gardens,      lost in my minds maze.

(A coincidence I noticed afterwards, that the time of both edits is exactly the same.)
Paul Jones Sep 2017
To love and be loved      is to be in the
atmospheric warmth      of feeling complete.
14:30 - 01/09/17

State of mind: mellow; tired.
Perspectives: personal.

Thoughts: from feeling - mellow and tired but generally quite content and relaxed. Like an overwhelming tiredness, returning from a long but beautifully, wild adventure.

Questions: none.

Listening to: Sigur Rós - Dauðalogn
Paul Jones Aug 2017
It takes a lot of      time and energy,
to spin a web strong      enough to hold dreams.
22:00 - 30-08-17

State of mind: calm; tired.
Perspectives: philosophical; spiritual; structural; natural.

Thoughts: from thinking - that the capacity for knowledge is only as great as the structure that has been build to contain it. A web is a good metaphor because it is a framework on which things are caught. If a bird flies into a small web, it passes straight through it. A great mind will catch great ideas because that is what it has been developed to do.

Questions: What happens to a person when they challenge themselves to become familiar with what they have an aversion for?
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