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Hex Jul 2021
Far, up high,
An idol's cry,
Her shining tears,
Sprinkle the sky,
Infinity's tomb,
Brings cosmos bloom,
Bringing life,
And starlight's doom,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.

Painting warily,
Creating merrily,
Braiding hues,
Working wearily,
While painting shells,
Her eyes still swell,
Her canvas, sprinkled,
As shining tears fell,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.

Gaze shifting upon her opus,
To the Terra, formed with focus,
As she peers, she fails to notice,
Her heart's expire, soft necrosis,
Yet again, a grieving seep,
Striking hard, striking deep,
Off again, her focus turns,
Her mind taking a blinded leap,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.
Chapter One of an intergalatic series.
clementine May 2021
far across the scintillating galaxies,
a dying star fulminated, blasting celestial fantasies.
then, a pulchritudinous nebula was born
and woven constellations she wore.

the moon hung like a chandelier in her eyes,
studded with jewels like diamond stars.
splendor interstellar dust swathed around her ivory skin,
virtue and intelligence she always has from within.

her mellifluous voice sends you to a place full of gentle breeze,
where azure firmament embraced few puffies
made of cellulose fiber and soft creamy cheese.
and with a touch of her fingertips, you’ll see cerulean seas.

she’s someone that you’ll always remember
for she makes learning as her adventure.
and her euphonious words
that shakes your mind and your world.

she’s the universe’s child.
mark soltero Oct 2020
give me ugly
use your words to serrate my soul
paint me bad
lacerate your name into my tongue
whatever you do
do it for fun
because the impression
of your touch
burns like the birth of a star
the pressure from the nebula
collapses my lungs
stifle me with my own emotions
burn me to ash
I’m sry i haven’t been interacting with you guys’ stuff. I’ve been really busy and appreciate everyone taking the time to read over my dramatic feelings. This whole account has been so therapeutic and it means a lot to see that some of this stuff resonates or at least piques your interest
AE Oct 2020
In your palms, a lingering remnant of moonlight
traces your fingerprints,
And it illuminates shards of evening rain that have landed on your skin as droplets of hope.
Together a nebula is painted on your hands,

And you find tranquility in evening wakefulness.
Karijinbba Apr 2020
As seen by:
Hubble Space Telescope's iconic view,
of the Pillars of Creation!
In the Eagle Nebula constellations
of stars, as viewed through Hubble's
magnificent eye glorious images
sent to Earth tickling all senses.
fine tunning imagination.

You were there with that infinite
gesture of love connecting us
across time and space.
How easy tears fall to this
intergalactic outer space truth.

Two brains one single thought.
Indeed you are everywhere that
I look away even not to think!

Eagle nebula is also known
by another name officially
at Hello Poetry
us two dancing, singing
ever so lovely gracefully,
here in poem.

" Star seeds Rdd/Bba!1974-75
=Until the end of time.
BY: Karijinbba-04-20-2020
Copy Rights apply.
Hope you are free healthy and enjoying life.
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Jam Jul 2019
The starry sky had engulfed in me in its embrace, leaving my skin pickled in porcelain frost. Floating in the abyss, stars swarm to my touch. Fleeting warmth is merely inches from my fingers, your love is merely inches from my tongue, his hands are merely inches from my thighs. The sky split, separating the tainted from the unloved.

The Sky God, Boreas, he cries rivers of gold. Intertwined with the cosmos, the echo of such a deity lays aloof in the nebula. His whispers sprawl between planets, looping back around through earth and leaving me awe struck. Feeling his words lick at my skin, burn at my flesh, peel away my bones..Reminds me of the way you cried. You drowned me in salty, fresh water; leaving my skin pruned from the river.

Odd how reminiscent your love is to the tears of god. Pounding
Through my heart,
You’ve left me dauntless
Beneath the proud, rising sun.
Gale L Mccoy Feb 2019
the stomach in the palms
of our very hungry hands
spits out acid
reminiscent of the same
gas in nebulas
it pools around our heads
a halo of thought
twisting and spiraling ideas
till it collapses in on itself
falls to our feet
becomes a very heavy star
rolling further away with
each step we refuse to take

see the star wants
to be chased
each stomp makes it jump
releasing a flare
that makes it lighter
stomp and chase
till your star is floating
or else
it will grow ever heavier
a very very very heavy star
falling in on itself
taking you out with it
Liberalintent Sep 2018
Dawn's golden notes stream
across barn's yellow beams
supporting stables hemming horses
cavorting cows sagging udders
melding with yellow hay
bouncing glistening pitchforks prongs
as the song begins.

Dust, glittering as if a nebula, each speck of it freed of
ground, twittering around like birds wading sound.
Spread out, as if a picture, dots of bright ethereal
in their luminescence lightened blinking out
as if frightened, but then heaving about
in the barn's barren air circulating redoubt,
sparkle yet again,
and again,
until they are drowned dark black out
by the opening of a barn door.

Little of moment's loves
Transform our precious
Frail pleasures
Into eternal loves
Unless there is a decision
to greet the old and mundane as
as if dust were stars.
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