She was just another star
from a distant constellation

But she didn't know that
looking from his planet
she was already a
beautiful nebula.

Paul Jones Jul 27

I look into the     window of your soul
and a nebula     of thought swirls in me.

00:00 - 28/07/17

State of mind: pensive; longing.
Perspective: personal; universal.

Thoughts: from feeling - like I miss someone.

Listening to: Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

Questions: none.

You: A nebula.
Vast and far-reaching.
Ionized gasses, pink and blue
An ode to passion, and depth.
You. Are. Unfathomable.
Nestled in your tendrils,
A cosmic safe harbor,
I am born a star.
Consuming your words like hydrogen,
I shine bright,
Radiating warmth into the cosmos.

Poetic T Jan 15

Deliberations are a veil of pigmentation
as I see the transparency of every thought.
a nebula of ideas woven in view, can you
see the curvatures that expand outwards.

Bright moments illuminate the surroundings,
as reflections are seen as the weave of conciseness
exhales in majestic colours.

A tapestry of interpretations which is visualized
differently by everyone. All is vivid in the lucidity
of all ideas that form and coalesce. I could almost
reach out and touch this moment of reflection.

Luisa C Dec 2016

it's strange the rides your mind partakes in while it sits still in your head.
i am unmoving, staring at the endless rows of grey spotted ceiling tiles from a bed, while my mind cartwheels and bursts into flames, cosmic colour, ribbon dancing through its many seasons during my quiet sit down. it swims through galaxies with graceful strokes, leaping joyfully into nebulas and leaving behind a shimmering trail of sparks. it speaks in starlight and dances hand in hand with planets.
the peaceful space of the space in my mind
bursts to life.

this is probably messy sorry
Afiqah Sep 2016

I never could have envisioned
that I'd slipped into reverie
ebbing along
with the masses of cosmic dust
into nebula
speak of you
in past tenses

Neo Morake Jun 2016

I stare at the moon,
But it don’t tell me what to do.
I glare at the stars of the night,
But all they do is flash in my eyes.
I wish to touch the clouds,
I wonder would they make a sound.
Lately my nights have been regular,
Just myself & whatever else lies out in Nebula.

I stand on your doom,
I still don’t know what to do.
My Heart vs My Mind, like a planet,
Are pulling me away from you.
My single mistake seems to have altered the course of our love & in breaking my heart, it has given yours the freedom I promised you many moons ago.

So I stare at the moon,
But it don’t tell me what to do.
Slumber into my bed,
Resting a battle between my chest & my head.
A star will soon
Come crashing into my room,
& if this conflict, like a planet,
Pulls me away from Ruth.
I’ll still remember you.

*Star = Answer*
dex Apr 2016

When you look into the mirror, do you not see the newborn stars behind your eyes?
Do you not feel the weight of your own ancient gaze?
My, oh, my.
When I kiss you, I taste pine. I taste forests I have never seen, I taste water so cold that my teeth ache.
The forest floor fills my lungs with sweet, safe decay.
Sweet and safe. In your arms, I am safe.
I am a shipwreck and you are the ocean floor. You are vast and it is here, among your shifting sands, that I rest, that I find peace.
You smell of the happy parts of my childhood.
“Honey, I'm home.”
“Baby girl.”
“You are a gift.”
You are a gift.
I'm sorry that I'm crying again. I'm sorry that I don't know when I will stop.
Am I tangible at night? I hope to never become a cloud in front of you. I hope to never float away.
I know that I will stay.
You are a gift.
When I kiss you, I am swimming. The water is cool, the water is clear, the water is deep.
I do not fear that I might drown.
Your hands could mend mountains.
Your hands.
Strong, but so careful, so kind.
Your hands could salvage seas.
Your hands.
You glow with the misty light of dreams.
You radiate light.
You radiate light.
You radiate light.
It pours from your eyes.
From your heart.
Do you not see the stardust that falls from your skin?
A walking nebula.
And I am your newborn star.
Your shipwreck.
Your river.
I am yours, simply and truly.
Glass people dance in the deserts.
Warmth fills the air around them.
I think of these glass people when I miss you.
I think of their freedom.
I think of your eyes.
The newborn stars.
You. A walking nebula, and you don't even know it. You don't even know it.
I look for you all the time. It's silly, and irrational. But I do.
I look for you everywhere.
When I kiss you, I taste molten rock. I taste heat and debris and controlled chaos. Beautiful restraint.
I taste time in the form of an hourglass. Sand.
But not clocks. Never clocks.
You are a gift.
I look for you everywhere.
Your hands.
Your hands are cellists, my heart is your cello.
A walking nebula, and you don't even know it.
You don't even know it.

Solaces Mar 2016

Star glass and light.  Emotion engine, dream machine. This is my Lightcycle!  With just thought I can catapult myself across the galaxy!  I remember home and the fields of blue bonnets and Indian paint brushes.  I remember looking up at the stars from Earth.  Wishing to one day see them.  But nothing is more beautiful than that blue star from afar. Earth shines and sings sapphire among the blackness we call space.   But as I enter my solar system I no longer see her.  I quickly thought stream home and find my planet is covered in a sick gray shadowy nebula.   Something is here and is trying to take away all the souls of the Earth!  I try and break through with my Lightcycle!  The star shell fills with my anger and despair!  Reds and tornados made of light dance within my Lightcycle! But to no avail the nebula seems to counter act my will!  I close my eyes as tears flow.  My lightcycle cries colors on the inside.  As I open my eyes I see a cloud within my lightcycle that is made of all colors!  It then clears as I see the harp with light strings the Dragon Secalos gave to me.  This was the dragon I escorted across the galaxy!  The harp then materialized in my hands and I played the melody of the star serpent!  I cannot begin to describe the melody to you.  It was like my dreams were playing for me.  From afar I could see a blue star growing and growing.  Only it was no blue star at all! It was the dragon Secalos!  He was even more massive than before. His wings shined Star Earth blue.  He must of been the size of our moon.  He looked to me with glowing blue eyes!  He spoke to me with his mind.   "  I will help you in thy darkest hour as you helped me."   The dragon then flew toward our sun and completely back in an instant. He then emitted a beam of light that was all colors toward the dark gray nebula.  The dark grey nebula filled with colors and seem to almost dissipate.  The beautiful majestic Earth seem to almost smile back at me. " Thank you serpent of the stars!" " Thank you rider of light. "

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