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Ghost of Jupiter Oct 2019

in my darkness

I slip into dreams

of you

chiseled out line in the stone night

walking the horizon of stars

iris eyes

of nebula swirls spinning

moonbeams dancing on your tongue

illuminate my lips with your kiss

come wrap around me like nightshade

let us fill this emptiness with

only eachother

Jam Jul 2019
The starry sky had engulfed in me in its embrace, leaving my skin pickled in porcelain frost. Floating in the abyss, stars swarm to my touch. Fleeting warmth is merely inches from my fingers, your love is merely inches from my tongue, his hands are merely inches from my thighs. The sky split, separating the tainted from the unloved.

The Sky God, Boreas, he cries rivers of gold. Intertwined with the cosmos, the echo of such a deity lays aloof in the nebula. His whispers sprawl between planets, looping back around through earth and leaving me awe struck. Feeling his words lick at my skin, burn at my flesh, peel away my bones..Reminds me of the way you cried. You drowned me in salty, fresh water; leaving my skin pruned from the river.

Odd how reminiscent your love is to the tears of god. Pounding
Through my heart,
You’ve left me dauntless
Beneath the proud, rising sun.
Gale L Mccoy Feb 2019
the stomach in the palms
of our very hungry hands
spits out acid
reminiscent of the same
gas in nebulas
it pools around our heads
a halo of thought
twisting and spiraling ideas
till it collapses in on itself
falls to our feet
becomes a very heavy star
rolling further away with
each step we refuse to take

see the star wants
to be chased
each stomp makes it jump
releasing a flare
that makes it lighter
stomp and chase
till your star is floating
or else
it will grow ever heavier
a very very very heavy star
falling in on itself
taking you out with it
Liberalintent Sep 2018
Dawn's golden notes stream
across barn's yellow beams
supporting stables hemming horses
cavorting cows sagging udders
melding with yellow hay
bouncing glistening pitchforks prongs
as the song begins.

Dust, glittering as if a nebula, each speck of it freed of
ground, twittering around like birds wading sound.
Spread out, as if a picture, dots of bright ethereal
in their luminescence lightened blinking out
as if frightened, but then heaving about
in the barn's barren air circulating redoubt,
sparkle yet again,
and again,
until they are drowned dark black out
by the opening of a barn door.

Little of moment's loves
Transform our precious
Frail pleasures
Into eternal loves
Unless there is a decision
to greet the old and mundane as
as if dust were stars.
TeeCrush Mar 2018
Travelling our galaxy
Searching so far
Like a dream or a fantasy
You lie among the stars
You are a nebula
Luminous and bright
A heart-stopping,
jaw-dropping delight
The only miracle in my sight
You are more beautiful than I could ever believe
Too gorgeous for my eyes to conceive
Far too bright to ever be matched
Happy and free, you’re unattached.
With my space suit all out of gas,
And no time in space, I hope I do last
And I might be coming on too fast
But believe me when I say
This is where I want to stay
You have my trust
You have my lust
I’m in love with a girl made of stardust
I was in love with a girl made of stardust.
Cat Lynn Jan 2018
I am running... into a tunnel that seems to be nothing but a galaxy of voices

Echo the stars into its shooting state,  for I chose to ignore their choices

Comets have left their trace,  But like an icy breath,  their existence goes extinct

Cover my ears! For their twinkling whispers of constellations will never predict

The future laid aside for this black hole Dreamer. For I have disposed the old axis

The dwarfs of my outter life I have chosen to betray,  I need a morphallaxis

Soften my core with an after glow ripple of silence, and open up wisdom through the coronal holes

Cover My Ears! I only listen to the language of the Solar winds. It understands my soul

My planet has enough craters... No more damage shall be done.  I am the mistress of dark matter

My  past and  memories have been dipped in the light of a lunar eclipse,  it's blood scatters

Only within a Large field of view can I  recognize it's purpose. Not through men's atmosphere

Cover My Ears! I must deal with these super clusters of instincts alone. Now and Here

The Super Novas have no sensitivity to the relationship of  Outer Space and  Precious moments

Gravity is quick to make me stumble...So now I beg the Novas to no longer see me as an opponent

My life has been spilt into two hemispheres. Meteors shower down, destroying every Neutron Star

Cover My Ears!  For only my eyes will notice the Satellite from afar

Where is my home? The milky way?  The singularity of my black hole had ****** me in

Please someone! Anyone!  Flare me away at the speed of light! No longer do I wish to be a captive of sin

Once blinded by the Oort cloud,  But praise the Nebula's, I am now a T-Tauri of a young force and desire

Cover My Ears! Oh Zeinth! So I may focus on your celestial point of view.  Your rays are my purifier.

*Cover My Ears...
Definition for the Space words (

After Glow - a sudden BURST of fireball gamma rays from deep space

Atmosphere - The layer of gases SURROUNDING the surface of a planet, moon, or star.

Axis - An imaginary line through the center of an object. The object ROTATES around this line.

Black Hole - A region of space containing a huge amount of mass compacted into an extremely small volume. A black hole’s gravitational influence is so strong that nothing, not even light, can ESCAPE ITs grasp.

Comet - A ball of rock and ice. A comet’s “signature” long, glowing tail is formed when the Sun’s heat warms the coma or nucleus.

Constellations -A geometric PATTERN of bright stars that appears grouped in the sky.  

Core - The CENTRAL region of a planet, star, or galaxy.

Coronal Holes - Regions in the corona from which the high-speed solar wind is known to originate.  

Craters - A bowl-shaped DEPRESSION caused by a comet or meteorite colliding with the surface of a planet, moon, or asteroid.

Dark Matter - Matter that is too DIM to be detected by telescopes. Dark matter MAKES UP most of the total mass of the universe.

Dwarf - a dwarf planet has NOT cleared away any loose cosmic rubble from its orbit

Field pod View - The area of the sky VISIBLE through a telescope.

Flare - A SUDDEN and VIOLENT outburst of solar energy that is often observed in the vicinity of a sunspot or solar prominence

Galaxy - A COLLECTION of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity

Gravity - The attractive FORCE between all masses in the universe

Hemisphere - HALF of a spherical or roughly spherical body

Lunar Eclipse - A DARKENING of the Moon, as viewed from Earth, caused when our planet passes between the Sun and the Moon

Meteor - A BRIGHT STREAK of light in the sky caused when a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere.  

Milky Way - a spiral galaxy, is the HOME of Earth.

Morphallaxis - REGENERATION by the transformation of existing body tissues.

Nebula - A cloud of gas and dust located between stars and/or surrounding stars. Nebulae are often places where stars FORM

Neutron Star - An extremely COMPACT ball of neutrons created from the central core of a star that collapsed under gravity during a supernova explosion.

(Super) Novas - The EXPLOSIVE death of a massive star whose energy output causes its expanding gases to glow brightly for weeks or months.

Oort Cloud - A vast spherical region in the outer reaches of our solar system where a trillion long-period comets reside.

Planet - An OBJECT that orbits a star. Although smaller than stars, planets are relatively large and shine only by reflected light.

Satellite - A man-made object that orbits Earth, the Moon, or another celestial object.

Singularity -  black hole’s center, where the matter is thought to be infinitely dense, the volume is infinitely small, and the force of gravity is INFINITELY large.
Solar Winds - STREAMS of charged particles flowing from the Sun at millions of kilometers an hour.

Speed of Light - The speed at which light (photons) travels through empty space is roughly 3 * 108 meters per second or 300 million meters per second.

Super Clusters - a CLUSTER of galaxies which themselves occur as clusters.
T-Tauri - A class of very YOUNG, flaring stars on the verge of becoming normal stars fueled by nuclear fusion.

Zeinth -The point on the CELESTIAL sphere that is directly above the observer.

        Cat Lynn ///                                                            
January 31, 2018
Gabriel Marfim Sep 2017
She was just another star
from a distant constellation

But she didn't know that
looking from his planet
she was already a
beautiful nebula.
Paul Jones Jul 2017
I look into the     window of your soul
and a nebula     of thought swirls in me.
00:00 - 28/07/17

State of mind: pensive; longing.
Perspective: personal; universal.

Thoughts: from feeling - like I miss someone.

Listening to: Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

Questions: none.
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