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jaden Nov 2021
i’m unplugging the month old box fan for the first time since i moved in
september 22nd the first day of fall and im excited i was made for the slight breeze of the morning and the warmth right before the setting sun
but like i said i’m unplugging the month old box fan since i took it out of its box when i moved into mine
august 29th a midwestern summers peak when i truck back into the alley of a save a lot and the empty room i moved into
it doesn’t really matter though cause it’s two in the morning of the morning after i shoved the first box fan i ever bought myself under the last bed my mother would ever force upon me and i’m getting upset about the rate at which the world keeps turning
so maybe i’m sad because i haven’t seen my friends since i saw my broken box fan i had for four high school summers and didn’t have to purchase with my own barista money and i miss the way we’d understand the nonsense and sit too close together
but it doesn’t matter cause yesterday way september 22nd. the first day of fall and i was excited and i am excited because i’m unplugging that month old box fan that drowns the quiet in an empty room alone at 2 in the morning
Andrew Oct 2021
Couple together,
walking in the rain - pretty;
I walk with myself
Sarah Oct 2021
an August rich with wanting
in September my leaves changed colors
and I fell into madness.
Allesha Eman Sep 2021
You take flights on paper planes
on September nights to escape the rain
love sits beside you
and so does pain  
in their hands, feelings from June
and they sit there waiting  
to take you to the moon
fray narte Sep 2021
the dusk wastes its pity on me. in its muted retiring lights, i have learned a terrible habit of forcing poems out of my mouth,
when maybe all i wanna do is be as quiet as the wounds nesting inside my head.
Raven Feels Sep 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a happy is a happy?

a second at a second
eyes knew something of a golden weapon
a minute at a minute
a sunrise's glitch before you know it
an hour at an hour
dinner a feast desert sour
a day at a day
one sunny one rainy all different says
a week at a week
Mondays lazy Fridays a smiley cheak
a month at a month
nothing permanent each a season at once
a year at a year
every beginning to the ending you near
a glance at a glance
still dont know the hallways of a billion stance

Fey Sep 2021
September leaves rustled in the glades of my mind,
I saw them dancing golden since August and July.

They shone gently in the tone of your eyes - russet-chestnut and striking hazel;
I still couldn't name how they struck me like a sharp blade - cruel and fatal.

And I saw your ghost lingering
in the corn fields of this autumnal dream.
You as blue aciano, me as red poppy,
complementing our floral color scheme.

A person like you doesen't even exist
and yet I am writing this.
Summer died long ago
but we were meant for the fall with the aching of the cold wind's blow.

© fey (19/09/21)
basil Sep 2021
i wanna fall in love in october
so we can have a song written by girl in red
and pretend it was for us

but i'm falling and you're not
hahaaa im going to homecoming with this delinquent!!

Marina Sep 2021
the problem with me is that I don't stop thinking
I am always at a loss for words, but when i'm faced with you
it feels like I have been waiting to speak with you my whole life.

the emotion that binds me
to the thoughts of wondering faces and misconceptions
I have stored, I can't face them all alone

But those soft dainty hands he lays on my cheek
like a whispering gust of wind

I feel him everyday

every day is a day I morn for him
but when the mind is filled with nothing but his lips
I feel founded by the memories
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