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juliet Nov 14
i am a sleepy drop of silver moonlight
i bask in diamond skies
before i feel the sting of the sun
because i don’t want to lose my
starry eyes
Shofi Ahmed Nov 6
Singing up on the fly,
the sea touches the cloud.
Dancing on the ground,
it won't slip off the floor,
it won’t drop a drop!
Curiously algorithmic,
runs on the go
leaps or dips, but never
is a gone goose!
Programmed clouds
sing and drop!
Maegan deme Oct 17
it's raining,
it's pouring,
the old man is sighing.
wondering why it's raining.
trying to remember how many times
he's sat on his porch and listened
to the rain trickle down in front of him.
after all, it was a rainy area.
he tried to look back on his wife.
he tried to picture the them back when the porch wasn't over grown.
"oy vey",
he thought wistfully to himself.
he sat content for now.
but he wondered when his rain drop might touch down.
been awhile since I've written a short story. but the rain has me inspired and it's been raining for almost a week non-stop with literally no break.
it's pretty awesome.
dmperez Oct 6
lemon bloom lifted
to sweet pink tongued suckle
down around a drop
CC Oct 2
This isn't 2007
You're not as pretty as you think you were
Or as fit as you were back then
You're not in high school
You didn't even win Prom Queen
All your juvenile accomplishments may have meant something to people who cared about high school
But then nobody cares now
Suckers are falling for the cruelty of compliments
And they can't tell the difference between an insult from your mouth and kindness from a good person in the form of me delivering you to the painful truth
That when you were somebody
It wasn't preparing you for anything
You're going to be nobody forever
Just another face on TV
With 15 minutes of forgetability
Because you were never really giving. You never knew what it meant to defend the defenseless, fight for what was right, or think about making somebody else look good when they needed a win.
You only think of survival in the jungle of pettiness
And when you feel you've done some sort of triumph
It's always about you
Haylin Sep 27
Recently I have learned that I need to let go of the toxic.
He is toxic.
You know what I did, I didn’t respond and I deleted the message.
If I want to get anywhere in life and be a better, happier person;
I need to drop the toxic.
Cece Sep 12
"but rain is depressing"

the usual reaction
to my weird joy
when it rains.

you know what?
rain is depressing.
but that's why
i like it so much.
it's in pain,
it's relatable,

It's falling
with little control.
It's gone,
into grass,
or accepted into
a little stream
down a cheek
or on a road
making its way
to a gutter.

It's loud
and distracting.
constant interruptions
to look
up and meet
the rain,
or out the window
in a futile attempt
to see where
the thunder
comes from.
a tumult of thoughts
mixing with cries
of the wind.

Soaking clothes
and freezing hair,
though nothing colder
than the emptiness
a void filled
only with drops.
rain or tears.
it doesn't matter.
even then,
it's not stable.
just rain
and sadness
in an abyss.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 7
Be quick, before a rain
spills off the rainbow bowl.

And the smiling rose
shows the world
the sun in its dew.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 26
                of a
Once done all in all
there was still a sea
     in the whole!
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