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Steve Page May 5
The blossom landed softly
and spread its smile unevenly
- even wickedly -
before over-reaching herself
and fading
into an inappropriate pink
only then to be reinforced
by a cherry drop
and another,
and forming a flower
of its own
in full bloom
Watching a ****** thriller and got distracted by the graphics.
LC Apr 27
she didn't see him slithering.
her heart was pounding,
but everything seemed fine
until she felt him
coiling around her
tighter and tighter
until she couldn't breathe.

she clutched a pocketknife.
with the last drop of
strength she had,
she slashed him
and he slithered away.
after she caught her breath,
she realized he was a snake.
#escapril day 26!
Amanda Apr 18
I have drank *****
Down to very last droplet
At bottles bottom
I don't drink much nowadays but back in my prime I was never one to turn down a spider
Maja Mar 11
It’s silent when I’m alone.
But why is it still so loud?

That voice doesn’t scream,
when I’m with a crowd.

Why does it keep,
and keep on screaming?

Why doesn’t it ever stop?
Why is it,
that when I’m alone,
I can hear every single **** raindrop


it doesn’t ever stop

Do you also hear the silence?
Why is it so loud?
r f laurel Mar 6
race at an arm road;
a full earth bodyquake to
space me out of death.
Bhill Jan 12
Conditions got worse
The cold swept in unaware
Dropping temperatures

Brian Hill - 2020 # 12
Baby, it's cold out there...
Amanda Dec 2019
I raised my hopes amazed
From dust to package and ******
Blinded by charms into your arms
Forced to watch now without affecting the how
Twisting restlessly beneath sea
Doesn't matter if they scatter or drop and shatter
Heard them fall and not hurt at all
Crashing is nothing new in fact it's why I grew
Another crack won't cause a heart attack
If my hopes weigh too much that's okay
Let them go to be swept below
I will pick up the pieces and use glue to stick
Until every single hope I own is ready to once again fly
Day 18: a poem with no end rhyme scheme. Only internal.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
The spring of all water
of all the rivers
is not the ocean but
a drop of nectar!

Not to mention it’s the spring
of the moon and the sun
and the earth’s elixir!
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