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Zywa Oct 2023
Sometimes the sunlight

glints in the drop that I am --

in the sea of life.
"The Once and Future King" - part 4, "The Candle in the Wind" (1958, Terence White) - End: "The fate of this man or that man was less than a drop, although it was a sparkling one, in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea"

"Desolation Angels" (1966, Jack Kerouac), part 1-1-15

Collection "Stream"
Karijinbba Aug 2022
"Like a prayer in church to God
you are to me precious love: " "knowing you is loving you thus, Knowing me is loving me."
How sweet lies sound near or far
how bitter truth tasted as
memories arrived so awkward
It's bitterness lessened with understanding true love
maturing sweetening and
cruel Mr Ttime relentless I'm
In silence and in time
God allowed me to see
where i erred and failed
.I ask God to show me to lead me
as head not as chopped up tail.

God showed me what I couldn't see
showed those I injured unintendedly
parroting unkind words in ignorance
what you want us all to see.
Please notice my lonely waves
Predictable unchanging.
Drop your pebbles in my sand pond
that everything in me may be altered in your grace Lord
Bless a peace my every loved one.
Remove all enemies from our paths.
Bring my loved ones back to my caring selfless Godlike realms
anchored in your mercy God..

We are one soul let no tongue fire in anguish untimely.
We got God's soul so we wait patiently
Even against all odds.
neth jones Jun 2021
I offer up                                     
the stubborn prideful self
to a dispersal action
ink drop into moving water
to be included in the greater thirst
married with laughter
buried in the great humour of it all

What remains                              
can be free to operate ;
unrestrained by queries
based off of monstrous analysis

- Of Use Shall Be
Ken Pepiton Apr 2021
This is possible.
Soul possession in owned patience, no mortgage,
no refi,
pieced together idle words,
used and abused, reused
food for thought
gleaned and horded patience.
All redeemed, for full worth in your eye.

What all we know, forms, in patience
for instance,
not long ago, you know, fire
craft, the making of it, was magic
as anything
witnessed, seen and attested to by two
or twelve or twenty, however many

five hundred, okeh, 500 miles walking,
while 2 seemed too far,
patience, life is a test, you are the best at
the gottabe this
my child, my future seed sown, grown wild,
espelliered, oh so, there was a wall
around the garden, which
was there for a reason
in the story,

oh, so many stories in ever are untold.
s'cool, we got contingency mods

we are ready, right? You read a whole lot to be
ready, when now happens

as if the story took a million years to arrive at
now, your page, or chapter, or name, just

your name, after your ears fell off, there
you found it, in the bibliography of the book of life

as listed in the amazon cloud. Chronos order.

First test to ever after now, what is the Gebser handle on it?
The Ever-Present Origin.

-- stop flash 2021 link to the as youwere a mazda, the name,
thing spread-winged thing on a wheel with a stiffened spiral,
****** media image in ever now, that symbol, bird with too wide wings
on a unicycle with spiral spokes in some
iterations, then
leafing branch tree structuring shape
in a wheel in a wheel,
gears and wheels to balance time and worth
the ef- fort if I can okeh
I kan das  sig gefun den
straight center outer way oomphala always starts
in any seed or ideal encompassing all the information needed
the zoroastrian symbol is related… at the avian level of sci-use, lizard brain, where t-cells train,
art instituted entertain ment, tthis is us sorta
see the totem, see the flag, see the fire, see us dance
see the shadows,
those dance too.

to form a piece of every theory of everything with words in it.
We be all that ever matters, at moments like this.
Doncha love the cheesiness,
ripe, , message
it still smells like food.
Stomach rumbles, there is a word for that, bunny trail,
brain bubble,
been there done that and the whole gang from 10-18, the novel,

all of em, Notacrook, the whole cast, on that stage
in this book of my life with you in it.

We can work some wonders with 2014 tec + the connection
Ai ai ai, I say, I love to say I love living now

time is as always, changing, to the beat of my own tin drum.
We won.
We do not study war, we study life, and life is a story all its own.


Pure, mere realm of mind in time
immaterial ever origin fin ginfinginfingin
an engine that starts
but but but you never knew such things were known

as common sensed events, shadows shown on walls
for all the seers, in the shade of this wall
arising in the book of life I am involving in my solution…

FTA… to this day it does mean find the answer,
but you can reinterpret am-big-u-is-us words say
FTA always think first first to attack, sir

it means, first to attack, t' me.

soon's I see the whites of those eyes comin' up my
bunker's hill,
if I have to -- glitch have hold to of -- must say
he's too old to cuss the mustard any more,
let all the seed blowwildwisht away

Peace, in my time. DID I imagine this?
In a way, I did, I think.
I made a way this could happen, and it did,
because I did not do something wrong
at one of the right times to do
something in the former
time-state-stage e re en
volvement in humus re-entropication, getting old
maturing adul-tatifity
this idea of dying, so slow
I can see trees grow, and the crow in the momma pine
musta died, he never came back after that last big ******
in february, I think, around the time
my house ate a tab of acid, 2021.

Tep. Yep. could be we stretch a point and make some
thing be
real enough to feel if there was a 10 wpm to 2 or 3 each
or beat of your heart, as mine
- thinks back to the ori-gin fin gin
- point
- spark
in the stretching, on the rack, you know the image, stretch

Not that. This realm of timeless reason being.

Thinking iferies you must imagine
or not sense, not sense as non
in time to glimpse the if that winks at you and laughs,

you saw, says this other, joy-driven, you can feel it,
feel it, this is
eu-daemonical ha, I knew it, we have a recipe for this,
I wrote it down

---------- but this works if you stir it in with the rest
at the end of your last war, you can make a fine rest
with just this little bit of patience built by reading this, twice.
Possession of one's own soul, patience, all you can muster, that's the price. Or I can sell you seed for one holy cow, in the dna of a bull I rode in on. Piled here.
Russ Heeschen Feb 2021
Rap is a craft and it oughta be,
But my rap is crap;
That’s just the way it comes outa me.

My rhymes and my rhythm are kinda feeble,
When I play a record sideways all I do is break the needle.

You lay a eight on its side and you get a infinity;
that’s how old I was when I lost my virginity.

Took my side piece out for a high class dinner
To show her I’m a winner
But I lost all my street cred when I ordered the sweetbread.

My homies formed a gang
And I tried to join the ranks,
But the only part of “gangsta”
I can handle is the “angst.”

I’d bust a move but my move buster’s rusted,
I’d pop a cap but my aim can’t be trusted.

One more thing to say
Before I depart:
Next time I’ll do a mic drop
Before I start.

Pizza? Out
A follow-up to “Why I Cannot Sing the Blues”
Jessica Oge Feb 2021
As a drop in the ocean
I need my Ripple Felt.
M Solav Jan 2021
If you walk, you slip
If you stop, you stall
If you touch, you stick
If you drop, you fall

In the eternal,
In the eternal now.
Written in September 2020.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
It’s in my soil that maybe only
a patch of mundane dust.
But the water within it
must not come close to tear
or else no rock from space
will hit the one and only
finest cut the polished earth.
But it can no longer hold
onto its lubricating drop
of water at its very heart
will loose it to one’s  
disheartened cry!
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