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hazem al jaber Aug 2021
Until the last day ...

let me sneak ...
between your lips ...
as every morning ...
your coffee do ...
to run happily ...
while i'm diving ...
within your honey lips ...
traveling with all your veins ...
until i reach the most sweet place ...
where i dream always to be there ...
to stay inside your heart forever ...
and never to leave ...

let me sweetheart ...
house your heart ...
and all of you ...
until i get ...
the last day ...
of my life ...
while i'm keep ...
with every second ...
loving you ...

hazem al ...
Andrew Rueter Aug 2021
In the American justice system
there’s no such thing as an “open and shut case”
unless the defendant has no money.
Siddharth Sharma Apr 2020
Did you read today’s news?
Ah! It’s making me so confused.
We have been already living the blues.

And now they say April Fool’s Day!!
I’d thought we could all use some fun.
But Alas! We’ve been asked to shun.
Coronavirus has left us spun.
What do you say, anyone??
Heena Jan 2020
I want to be consumed in every breath you take
I want to stay in every beat of your heart
I want to live in your eyes
You made me immortal my love
The eternity is mine
If you are with me until the end of time
I'm a million miles away
In dreams that haunt me
Even when I'm awake

I look at your pictures everyday
I can't seem forget your face
My heart is lost and in disarray

Is that you on the crowded avenue?
I look for you everywhere I go
How come it's never really you?

It's so difficult to live again
In a world that you're no longer in
But I  still believe in miracles
Someday the world will end

I'm still learning to smile again
But not ready for love to begin
I wanted to believe in a miracle
I'm waiting for the world to end

I don't want you to fade away
I know you didn't want to leave
You fought so very hard to stay

If I could just stop dreaming
I could carry on without you
Your name I can't stop screaming

I barely manage to push through
But I can never stop loving you
And I honestly don't ever want to

I'm learning to love again
But it's hidden deep within
I still believe life is beautiful
Until this cruel world ends

I'm learning to smile again
I know you would want me to
I'm still waiting for life to begin

I know you don't want me lonely
But I will never stop loving you
You were always my one and only

I'm learning to live again
It's still hard to comprehend
I'll always believe in miracles
Until the world ends

Maybe we'll reunite in another life
I know we'll someday meet again
Perhaps it'll be when my life is over
I'll have to wait until the world ends

© 2020  Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
Drop in the Sea Apr 2019
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