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In romantic relationships
You speak Latin
And your empire falls

In platonic relationships
You speak Greek
And think about caves
False Poets Oct 2017
An excerpt from           An excerpt from
a poem by T.S. Eliot.     a poem by the False Poets

Between the idea          no permanence in juxtaposition
And the reality              where Falls the Shadow, the shadow
Between the motion.     a divisive notion caught between
And the act                    composition & action, the response is
Falls the Shadow           Falls the Shadow

Between the conception grayed outline indistinct, the cognitive sap
And the creation              leaks, contradictions irritating birth sac,
Between the emotion      whereupon Falls the Shadow emerges
And the response            the response conclusive, occlusive, collusive 
Falls the Shadow             Falls the Shadow
Between the desire          juxtaposition insertion, need to achieve
And the spasm                 the blurted ****** of spurted letters born
Between the potency.      in the potent white seeds of black words
And the existence            coming into existence as a riptorn issue,
Between the essence        essences of scents blood+logic foretelling
And the descent               birth & death, descent & the ascent, both,
Falls the Shadow              Falls the Shadow

Between the desire            the desire desired, completed,
And the spasm                   the latency uncovered,
Between the potency         the potent toxins of spit and tears
And the existence              the birth fluid of  of existence
Between the essence          the formulation of the human essence
And the descent                 from blood dust to blood dust is where
Falls the Shadow.               Falls All the Shadows
October 2017
Arcassin B Apr 9
By Arcassin Burnham

Leave me in the moonlight, where I should have been,
I can't take you all the places you ain't never been,
Not like other men..

Clouding my judgment like a pack of wolves,
I never had friends to watch all my moves,
Not passive aggressive like these other dudes,
Just watch it all fall away.
Pushing my buttons ain't what want to do,
Far from extent of ****** but it could subdue,
Emotions run so I get the blues,
But it will all go away.


You can't find perfection,
The body can overcome so much confliction,
Stories portray and we follow the mission,
Perfection will come at a price to submission,
Tomorrow not promised,
Octagoning layers in life into sessions,
Don't need no permission,
Good men and women blames themselves
for the things that your exes do and the
cycle just repeats,
Knocking down chances of trusting every
single person you meet, I'll let you see,
The differences make you and me.

This ignorant generation will consume the worse.
Lets see in this life who will break a heart first.
You don't need love , you just want them to know your worth.
Someone will notice that beautiful soul since birth.
Toxic yeti Mar 27
At midnight
The moon is just
At the horizon
As if touching nagara falls
A goth girl watches
This splender.
Each day is a day like day had before
I don't know if I can take anymore
There's pain in my bones; Weak feeling and sore
I question myself what this life is for

Don't know what's ahead; Don't know what's in store
As happiness hides behind a locked door
The pressure, it builds to find it before
The hourglass now has emptied what's stored

The light from me left; Although I'm not sure
If ever I had a light that was pure
My soul's on death's bed; No hope of a cure
The word's left unsaid; I'll always want more

Waves lapping against the rocky beach shore
Each time takes away; A heavenly chore
Was true of my joy; A tunnel was bored
Inside from my soul true self of me poured

I ******* out myself like a *****
Each day is a lie that I can't afford
I wish I was maimed; Insides had been gored
I can not explain; Knight falls on his sword

But I am no knight; More like one who's poor
Been chewed up, discarded; Fruit with no core
Tried sharing with you; A piece of me tore
But know you disliked; Did nothing but bore

This poem is not new; These words said before
I've whined and cried too like those I deplore
A task left to do; Must settle the score
Each day starts anew; Be happy once more
Written: November 15, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic/Anapestic Mixed Tetrameter format]
Evelyn Ann Nov 2018
I have always hated falls
For it was the seasons where
All **** broke loose

The season where my cold winter nights began

Fall begins

Don't open your eyes
Don't move a muscle
Just pretend to be asleep

Your cold heart
Your frozen words

My father, my first lover
A sweet little secret to keep

What did I do wrong?
A Sweet little girl
A sweet little secret to keep

Mid falls begins

Don't worry about pain inside

Forget about blood on the sheets
I'll get them watched

Don't worry about the blood on my legs
I'll take a shower

What did I do wrong?
A Sweet little girl
A sweet little secret to keep

My body tender and weak.
Closer to death it must be.

I looked into my broken reflection
For the last time

What did I do wrong?
A Sweet little girl
A sweet little secret to keep

Tears, flows
The floor, Cracked

An old friend
Still wearing your mask
But have no scars to hide.

Fall Ends

A new season begins.
This did not happen. I was give a task and that's what I came up with.
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Kisses make up for the pain of breaking feelings of the people that you never
Would let you down in an on-going cycle of emotional rollercoasters and flashlight
Demons decorating the inside of your mind,
When you fall , where does the half go when you pivot?
Does your other half restore all of that ****** healing?
Is his love so high that it reaches the ceiling like the top of a flying lotus
Spewing paint over cities,
How could you tell?
Could we all prevail from what love will make us?
Is this ****? Is this **** in shell?
Is it that obvious?
I don’t know if we we're moving slow or we're moving fast,
But she was all I ever wanted , at the time was all I had,
There's not a single night and day that I would change If I tried,
All the other people in my life has always lied,
And two of the most important people in my life has died,
The one above all watches , where all the love will reside.


Sun warmed to submission to a higher purpose,
My times wasted but I don't want to leave you,
The joy in my heart will manifests itself from your smile and,
I got another remedy for your virtue,
Whatever falls upon you will fall upon me to, then we'll both fall
Knowing I have feelings for you,
But I heard through the longest grapevine equip with thorns that
You would see another,
I was not ready for this,
Not knowing it would end with your betrayal to be so under cover,
I was afraid of this,
Glad I took it slow, Just like molasses,
In my walk I'm just so weakened by deceit and social sadness.
Allie Dotson Aug 2018
Eyes a blur
The clear liquid falls some more
A sticky feeling upon the skin
no feeling within
nor no thought calls
as the clear liquid falls
why is that I feel
when it's suppose to heal
comfort in the coldest of times
but how is it now I can't stop the red going through my head
and the fire that reaches my veins
and inspires my heart to reach new heights
I can't breath
my eyes collapsed
everything has stopped
except the warmth
that is keeping me frozen
my face is a blaze
as the clear liquid falls
The tears of warmth
was all I could recall
Brandon Conway Aug 2018

One tower falling
We all gazed, boss yells at us
"Get back to work!" CRASH!
Trying to combine dark comedy into haikus.
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