A kite's distress call,
starved and thirsty,there she falls,
sun, calling shots.

Just in case this all falls through
And one of us can or cannot be
Exactly who we wish to be
Would you remember me as I am right now?
And I'll remember you like this
As the girl of dreams
Mixed with the memory of what could've been

Sometimes... These things just crop up. No clue where they come from.
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 11

Falls colors looking
that the trees and
seeing the falls colors
some are yellow
and some are red
Falls colors looking
that the trees and
seeing the falls colors
some are yellow and
some are red seeing
the falls colors is so
peaceful I love seeing
the falls colors fall is
one of my fav season.
©Amanda Kay Hill

Sethnicity Nov 2016

White light blowing away my black stains Pure in sight through window pains

Sorrows woven from my brains share this pleasure between fabric rains

Lines that line our manes white sheets draping, like waterfalls, breaking

Breath taking  with all this clarity my ties remain unshaken

While the white washed world beams me down vacant.

Visually stimulated, Beat sequence motivated. ( A Series of insights)
The metaphor here is capturing an epiphany while  enduring the darkest of storms.
Crimsyy Oct 2016

How do I milk these thoughts?
I extract them from her skull,
I turn off the colour switch
so she won't want to exist in this dull...
I scream inside her
and she fights me,
endlessly, tiredlessly,
She's trying all the solutions in the book
but without a grain of confidence,
she's a fishing line with no hook,
sinking into my kind of
state of mind for eternity,
penetrating my inner walls,
she knows my name as she falls,
She has become me.

Love (if I'm capable of that),

Ashes to Ashley Sep 2016

This flower didn't belong to me! Why did he belong to me?

Sean Scribbles Jul 2016

Robbed from my throat,
These thoughts of you.
Pulled apart like spider legs,
Only the frame remains,
A body be it black and blue.

Tired and worn,
Of being reborn.
Will we be soon?
The dusk and the dawn,
Of each new moon.  

Arise and fall,
Like the trembling falls.
But beneath these still waters,
Is where our time,
Will begin anew.

In the darkest night,
All the billions of lights,
Call out to you.
Like the shimmering stars,
To kiss away the black and blue.

Randy Ray Price Jul 2016

Red Cup Red Cup, colorless backdrop
Just filled with water as its poured with the last drop.
Red Cup, Red Cup all packed with water
But the Red cup gets picked up and cracks at the bottom.
Red Cup, Red Cup, but black and white all around
The man holds it up and a drop falls to the ground.
That drop that drop, like a slow motion  flood
Is thrown to the ground with an ominous thud.
Red cup, Red Cup, now past its peak fullness
As the man sheds a tear for his entire life’s dullness.

AB Jan 2016

Today I realized
Why we never worked.

The problem was, you were
The only good thing in my life.

When the rest of my life was in shambles,
You were the only good I found everyday.

You took advantage of that.
Because I gave you my all.

But your life, your life was good;
I was just an extra piece of the puzzle.

When you realized that I didn't fit;
You just passed me off because I wasn't

The problem was my life.
I thought you were my life, because I needed
You to be my life.

Too much was going wrong.
Too much was fucked up.
But you were perfect
To me.

The problem was always me.
Me; and my horrible life.

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