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We were laying in bed
and I was drowning in your gaze.
You wrapped your arms around
me and slowly whispered in my ear
that I was a national treasure to you.
You told me my essence,
my power, and my presence
overwhelmed you and that
I was your Niagara Falls.
parthenope Oct 16
Cold and dead this night
All these miseries inside,
Alone I fight.
Why is there no one by my side?
Being selfless wasn't worth it
At every step I got kicked,
Hitting rock bottom.
They say karma works well
For me its turned out quite unfair.
annh Apr 29
Gilt-edged meanderings
the sediment of diurnal isolation
as autumn falls.

'Today I am one, tomorrow I shall splinter again. And thus everything in the world decants and modulates.'
- Vladimir Nabokov, The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov
Euphrosyne Feb 26
Rain  drops /     /    /     /.      /         /    
  /    /     /      /   falling from  /   /     /
the sky /     /       /     /      /       /     /    /
     /         /    /      /    tear drops /     /
/   falling from      /     /     /    /      /
   /   /     /     /   my eyes.   /    /      /
Can't you see? My sincerity? My feelings for you are all true.
Amanda Jan 8
You have ways of getting under my skin
When you are miles away
Don't understand why I hold onto
Words in the back of my mind each day

Forget past arguments
Continuous struggle I'm losing
Consuming the house we share
Showing scars
Blood oozing

Much more damage than can heal
Not what I choose
War becoming clearer with time
Further pain to gain unclouded views

When light fades I am blinded once more
Can't breathe when you're not here
Visions flutter faintly inside my chest
Standing in emptiness
Reach out to pull you near

I cannot explain why I cannot shake you off
Brain stuck on you like glue
Lift my gaze for a moment
Cast aside charm invading my view

I climb
Get away from your hold
And turn away from your eyes
I can't see through your blindfold
the darkness taken by your disguise

Standing heart falls deeper every night
Blackness is to blame
Heart entrancing with endless illusions
Surrounding me to be consumed by your name
Once again sorry but I don't know if I've posted this one before
Grace Haak Sep 2019
it's white
so pure
so fresh
so clean
so tell me why the red that flows
looks like a scar, so mean?
it's sparkly
so fluffy
so new
so light
so tell me why the red that flows
looks just like blood, so bright?
it's racing and racing
and flowing and falling
leaves a scrape and a streak
as it runs down the peak
a strange sled of red
down a white snowy head
Yachika Sharma Jun 2019
The world falls upon me,
So heavy, Yet I outlive it,
Piece by piece fixing life.
Now listen well and hear this tale
Of a sixteen year old lad
Who with his wit and flying skill
Made two great countries glad

The chasm was eight hundred feet
Across Niagara Falls
The travelers could not get across
The steep and spray soaked walls

“We need a bridge”, cried engineers
A modern thoroughfare
But how to reach the other side?
We cannot build on air

A rocket or an arrow? No.
But what about a kite?
Let’s have a contest for the youth
We’d have a start, though slight

The people came with kites prepared
For fame and a reward
And Homan Walsh was very first
To span the gorge with cord

A string, then ropes, then cables spanned
And soon the bridge was done
The mighty falls could now be crossed
With string it was begun

And every great accomplishment
Began with something small
Remember Homan and his kite
That bridged Niagara Falls
This is prosperity poem 28. You can see this poem on a background at
A M Ryder Apr 2019
In romantic relationships
You speak Latin
And your empire falls

In platonic relationships
You speak Greek
And think about caves
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