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Johnny walker Aug 31
I survive this life purely
In hope one day I'll see
my sweetheart once again
trying to live without her now
has been harder than I'd evet thought It possibley would
To love and then then loss even
harder so I spend all my days trying to Imagine how our live would be If she was still here with me still brings tears to
Tears that have never fully dried countless times I've cried but having loved and now having to return a life
before knew my
So much harder now to do for when you've loved and lost Is
harder than to have never loved at all trying to live a life without my beautiful wife Is really no life at
Johnny walker Aug 20
I've driven a hard road along on my way through life easy Its never been more rough than smooth on my travels upon the highway of
a highway that never seems to run out of road on my travels through the journey of whats called my life mistakes failings unsuccessful
ventures tragedy all disgarded by the road side as I'm traveling along on what sometimes seems like a highway to
Nova Aug 12
I saw you once before
In one of my prettier dreams.
But now you’re actually here.
Is this really as it seems?
Johnny walker Jul 19
And the world moves on around me as If for me time
has stood still just like I'm
frozen for I no longer move
on with time and seems like
a world away since my sweetheart left for
And this old world It keeps on turning but It seems turn for averyone but me time has stood still frozen like In surspendid animation but the life with Helen now seems like
a  world
But my brain still remains active for memories of happier days they're spinning like a carousel silently In space Images flashing through my brain reminding of my sweetheart who left for Heaven In what now seems like a long time
Johnny walker Jul 18
We all live In a now ever changing world for nothing sees to stay
the same for
You open eyes to life but what was as now all gone for Its seems nothing stays the same for
In this ever changing world we now all live for nothing seems to stay that way for
Shyamu Jul 12
I have
an appoinment
with disappoinment.

People say that
it's because
of expectations.

But I know that
it's because of
the people I believed
the people I loved.

The blame is to me
to believe them and
to love them.
Kelly Sims Jun 21
-Calm,be calm young one

I heard the strangers voice, and having no frame of  reference with which to originate myself within my surroundings, I readily took heed to these soothing words. Only to soon find my senses entirely overwhelmed as my mind and my body caught up to each other at the same moment. Feeling the most unusually bizarre sensation of having been just previously located fully within my mind. Panic set in as I found myself naked on some distant planet who's surface was composed disproportionately of foose; extremely fine grained sand. The only feature that stood out in any way was the stump of an obviously dead tree. The stranger ,who I realised was actually seated crossed legged and floating some 6 - 8 feet above the barren surface of the desolate moonscape. He continued to re-insure me of my safety and I was in no danger. I had started to hyperventilate and grew ever so close to losing my vision .When the stranger reminded me that breathing was not necessary in the journey we were  sharing and was he was going stay with me to ensure my trust guarantee, my return to my  body I had  known prior to this remarkable experience.
Johnny walker May 18
Of late I found myself slipping  back to my
old ways of shutting
myself away
but can't
really say
Again losing out to
depression which has
followed all the days
of my life to which at
one point
really I
believed, at leased
thought I'd escaped
from but sadl)y
of which seems
to be true It seems
there Is no
escaped for
me from
up there with sentiment, sweet kiss gifted

mine eye, the milky scar

now none know Fall without pain

nuzzle nuzzle
loneliness struggles

with bright worms

lush snow blesses death

together now

our song in dark soil
shrieks and tears

together now
hope it seems missed much
Johnny walker Mar 25
Sweetness and light Helen bought to my life for she showed how to be
much nicer caring person with her so loving kind nature
everything she touched was blessed by
this world Is a lesser place without her for It Is always the good that die
always those who give so much to life this world
be an Incredibly cruel place to live Helen was not just a loss to me
her family she loses to all her friends all of us left behind
Live can be Incredibly cruel seems only the good die young they who give so much to life
who are far more deserving
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