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Shelby Marler May 12
Our little buds do seem to wilt,
If only in the face of guilt.
But for all the time well spent,
Our buds still keep their scent.
mia Apr 1
her clothes reeked of cheap perfume and daddy issues
polyester black cloth elegant and purposeful in its placing
she lived by the motto “everything is free if you run fast enough”
and figured that something was going to **** her anyway
why not let it be something of her own design?

she asserted this often
taking a drag of her pernicious cigarette
forcing her careful and cultivated opinions on everyone within shouting distance
if only to silence the sadist inside

besides she had already walked in loneliness through
most of a lifetime
full of satin bows and
amusement ahead of her
for she had no one to go with, neither kith nor kin
so it might as have happened now
because everyone always loves you better when you’re dead
mediocrely morbid (thats not a word) and kind of lame. still, fun to write and hopefully fun to read.
conflicting species
test the limits
to assert power
between themselves
i need to thank my ecology teacher for this
Damian Murphy Feb 2018
One who reasserts power constantly
Shows strong signs of weakness, impotency!
Though they may deny it vigorously,
Perhaps protest a little too loudly?
Definition of Impotence: noun
1.the condition or quality of being impotent; weakness.
2. Obsolete. lack of self-restraint.
Chano Williams Apr 2014
I lost a good woman
You lost a good man
Not being with you
wasn’t­ part of the plan,
but you chose to scram
without saying a word
C­hoosing not to clarify
all the things you heard
So quick to assum­e
your friends told the truth,
but they still act as if
they’re a­ll in their youths
High school is over
There’s so much more to li­fe
There is no need to learn
every thing in hindsight
Honestly, I­ believed
we were past the pettiness
I was ready to move on
and g­rant your every wish
I guess I was wrong,
but it wouldn’t be the ­first
I just never expected
things to become worse
Do you still p­ossess
my picture in your purse?
Our’s is in my wallet
You’d cry ­if you saw it
Memories of something
that was once so sweet
Now I ­drive around with
a vacant passenger seat
I doubt it would be
fil­led for a quite a while,
‘til I find that good girl
that can make­ me smile

— The End —