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Simon Apr 21
Intuition at it's finest when feeling the seasonal changing of its metamorphosis is coming ahead. A foreseeing truthful measure of action (over the wonder of its own inevitable evolution).
Feeling of observance is nothing without attitude (in it's very self to bear alone), when it's never alone... Except, when all in not well within its favor, because that's when things change in the way it's ought to be. And not because it's an entire consequence (all on its own little lonesome), without truthfully knowing of the very actions that surmise the difficulties straight out from under its own opposable..."developing pleasures!"
stillhuman Apr 14

I finally get up, i leave you behind
Now i'm free


I cry of joy as mom holds me in her arms
Now i feel


I paint 'til i can't feel my hands anymore and my cheeks hurt
a sweet ache caused by my smile
Now i create


I look in the mirror
I don't see a stranger
Now i am

But not really
I'm not
Not now
Practice makes progress, i guess
cassandra Apr 4
i heard your words
"that's all she was"
so i decided
to put on a show

now you can't compare me
to anything you know
cause i'm a butterfly
that learned to grow
Broken Pieces Feb 23
I haven't been able to write for awhile,
I've been more focused on just trying to smile.

I have loved and lost,
Each time with a bigger cost.

This time around my heart was broken,
Yet he wears pieces like a token.

When I needed someone the most,
They left like a ghost.

I let my cuts go deeper without a care,
Making sure that no one was aware.

Writing this is like a confession,
I have a major depression.
Svetoslav Feb 23
crunchy leaves float
meadows dancing rain
wrapping sun in gray 🍂

brown ❆ branches
break ❉ white ❊ crystals
into ❅ disappearing ❊ pieces ❄️

crimson sky shivers
sounds of spring water heating
fuming snowy breath 🌷

sunburnt black branches
shake calmly in the night's breeze
connecting earth's force 🍃
A haiku chain:                   Syllable count:

1 • Autumn Rain                              4/5/5
2 • Winter Trees                              3/4/8
3 • Spring Waters                           5/7/5              NEW
4 • Summer Trees                          5/7/5

by Svetli
Kaitlin Evers Jan 31
See the colours
Vibrant hues
Look into the mirror, it's you
Paintings on the wall
How far did you fall
Before you realized you were changing
And not just rearranging
Welcome back to you
Dancing bright and true
Unhaunted, undaunted
Clear and breaking through
With the spring I've sprung anew
So much I wish I could undo
Somehow I'll let it go
A set of seasons done and gone
And now I'm moving on
Ashlynn Rose Jan 1
Couldy, misty,  night.
Running through the forest.
Time to be true and start new.
This only happens once in a blue moon.

Transformed. I pick myself up from the dirt.
Howl a feral cry and bare my teeth to the earth.
Looked up to the moon and thank her for showing me my truth.
In this world I am not an animal of prey.

It's not in my DNA.
I thought
we were once
so close,
knit together
close enough
to know
what's it like,
to be ghost
to each other,
yet wandering
out into our
own colourful
way of life,
just that
we are
colours now.
colours change,
seasons change,
people change,
yet I
remain the same.
JJ Inda Dec 2020

yet, ever-changing.

Just as waves

on the beach;

so are the years

and us.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Bit by bit
I begin
  To understand it

  And piece by piece
I put the puzzle together,
  Ya see?

For each and every
  One of us are blessed
With life
With love
With blood
  With breath

And each and every
  One of us are stressed
With strife
With hate
With disease
  With death

But, nevertheless
We all have our individual
Yet some are blind
Some are deaf
Some are deceived
  And some are just stalling

All in all -
I find this spiritual plague
  Quite appalling

For each man
And each woman
Is quite aware
  Of God's longing
His plea
His cry
His desire
  His yearning

For His heart for you
  Is quite passionately burning

Therefore, each and every
One needs to let down their
Guards and open their hearts
Open their ears
Their mind
Their soul
And Their eyes

And submit themselves to the LORD
His plea
His desire
His longing
  His cries

And that's how ALL of us
  Should live our lives
Before we fall
Before we fail
Before we're deceived
  And before we die

This Is the plea
Of a lonely old man -  
  This is his cry
At the end of the day
  I just had to try
Now I bid you farewell,
My good friends
  Now it's time for goodbye

A lonely old man
Something I came up with while thinking about stuff on the porch.
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