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Dreams that lay broken
by grief shattered on the ground, I'm slowly
piecing back together bit
by bit one piece at a
time the slow
of my life having lost
my loverly wife but I'm rebuilding my life from
all the memories that I have to relive my life
again but
living with Helen's spirit to
Guide me on the way she will lead me on my new venture through this ever changing world
Ever changing world Helen spirit will be with me to guide me through life In this ever changing world
Zywa Feb 7
When there's moving so much
inside me, my belly, my heart

and parallel in my head
chaos everywhere

how could I be quiet?
My muscles follow slowly

because of the small balance
wheel my whole body rotates

just as the earth spins around its axis
because of elementary particles

shooting around back and forth
I am in the middle and I don't

feel the speed, united
with my own storm, I am

It is called inertia

but I call it life
The rotation of the earth is the delayed effect of the movement of the elementary particles

Collection “The light of words”
Abigail Rose Feb 7
It’s not a rule forever followed,
But as a rule,
I don’t write novels.
Tales told in fiction
Rely on reality for sustenance
and I don’t want to confuse you
with my world
that is always flipping,
and put simply,
always changing.
When life seems to lack continuity...
Alex Smith Feb 6
A failed boy,
Like a broken toy.
You snap the limbs,
And neck -
Oh joy.
Wondrous pain
And glorious disdain
From all the things around him
And what he'll never feel again -
What is happiness?
Besides a word
An unrequited sentiment
And statement
Of what he might be led to.
A shame -
But notice,
And rearrange.
Seeing his life
And plans
Fleet from him,
Burning in a flame
Of anxiety,
Borderline personality
And impulsive
Behaviors like choke holds.
Let go.
And box up the thoughts,
Put them on a shelf
Next to the forget-me-nots.
Because maybe he can rebound,
And unbound
From the chains
Holding him down
Like being pinned to the ground
He broke through,
Blasted of - shoot.
Like a rocket.
He is growing now,
Or maybe not.
But he can,
I'm just not that good of a person.
Natasha Jan 31
I miss parts of being a child
the endless days with not a care in the world
the simple clothes and bike rides
on back roads where grass grew so long it curled

in the gentle breezes of June afternoons,
or seeing the neighbourhood cats stalk,
& lay on warm side walks for their
mid day snooze.

or summers by the lake,
being in the sand and sun until late
there was no tomorrow, no yesterday
just then, there, today.

parents, and grandparents and aunts and uncles
still full of laughter, life, love and light.
as they aged, their lights fade
each day, they become more grey.
smiles strained, and eyes foggy
memories of their newborn babes.

it's all so strange.

it happens to all of us

the circle of life

we're born, we live, we die.

I just never knew to treasure all those long summer nights,
all of those days wasted away
not thinking of the future,
just what we were going to do today.
I've been way too busy/happy to write. usually, I write when I'm sad lol. I was talking to my sister today and we started talking about life.
Just made me kinda think through things.
sigh. who knows anymore.
Wolf Jan 19
The screams have been roaring
Thriving, locked in my head
Had I done nothing
There they would stay

But a new day has risen
Change I stray from, change I seek
Alas, the scars burn
Screams merely dulled to whispers

I am able to turn my ears away
Yet they linger in my heart
So cold, an aching snowfall
On my very soul

"You still love him, desperate as always"
"Difficult, unstable, unworthy *****"
"You are too afraid to try any more"
Now be silent and perish already"

The snow dissolves to nothing
In the midst of my true flame
The screams silence themselves
For I no longer listen to deafening lies

Despite my efforts, forgetting is futile
I am still persisted by whispers to this day
I cast them away as illusions
Bringing focus to the light I hold
Anon Jan 16
Who am I?
Its funny you should ask.  I wish I could give you an answer but I simply do not know.
Can anyone truly say that they can answer that question! Aren't we all just lost in this world constantly searching for who we think we are?
We as these humans can never be one thing for any longer than a second. We are incapable of just being.
We are constantly shifting, changing and conforming to suit those around us in this harsh society.
So, Who am I you ask?
I guess my answer is...
I won’t let your expectations suffocate me,
I won’t conform to this,

Like a caterpillar in a cocoon,
I’m going through a metamorphosis.
Doing a lot of thinking of late, and decided to make the most of life
for after all there is no certainty In life and most probably there are none In the
One shot all we have at life decided to take my shot now
get out, live a bit make every day count as If my last for who know It
may well
Important decisions to be made some already made
with many more still to
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