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Kristin 14h
Autumn wants attention today
as she tosses leaves
into cool, crisp air

Autumn wants attention today
as my flip flops are thrown
off my porch
into a pile of crunchy leaves

There is a chill 
It makes me awake, more prescient

There is a chill
Have I prepared?

Autumn wants attention today
as she tosses what's no longer needed aside
I used to think
I was living a nightmare
Now I think I'm becoming
Maria Mitea Sep 13
There were two good friends,
The flowerwoman and
The fisherwoman.

Both selling
flowers and
fish at the market.

One weekend,
The fisherwoman  invited
The flowerwoman for a sleep over.

At night,
after talking for a long time
they were tired and wanted to sleep.

The fisherwoman  fall asleep immediately,
as she was sleeping in her home,
but the flowerswoman could not fall asleep.
She was tossing because of the smell of fish in the house.

She woke up, and got a few flowers from her basket, and put them on the table.
The flowers smell helped her easily fall asleep.

The fisherwoman got up,
wondering from where this awful
smell was coming.
“ I can’t tolerate flowers smell. “
She removed the flowers from the table.
The fish smell again helped her fall asleep.
Only falling asleep took them beyond their likes and dislikes.

We engage in changing many things in life. We change our diet, look, car, house, friends, relationships, ...  We eat super foods. We create and learn  different sophisticated  theories to feel smart. We work hard to change others, but rarely we notice and approach our own attitude ....
She is the sunflower in the field of grass,
She stands tall, full of all that sass.

She is the sunflower bright and tall,
She is a firm sunflower that won't fall.

She is the sunflower that will change the world,
She will scream and shout and she will be heard.

She is just a sunflower in a field of grass,
But she will take a stand and won't break like glass.
Riju Gupta Sep 2
I remember
Cool brezze at night
Shinning stars in sky
Birds chirping at dawn
Sun rising in east
People walking to their farm

I see
Polluting brezze at night
Darkness in sky
drunkard shouting at dawn
Sleeping as sun rise
People walking to their hallow life

I remember
Kids in street
Families in house
Love in lives
Health became wealth

I see
Kids with tab
People in house
Greed in life
Wealth became health

I remember
The joy
The love
The care
The bond
The happiness
All shared

I see
The pride
The envy
The greed
The jealousy
The loneliness
All given

I remember
The days of past left
To became what
I see
Remembering the past when everything was simple
Produce to consume and light your fire.
Persist through a mix of focused work. Permanency provides false hopes. Passion comes from prolonged desire.

Recognise your present form, for we are forever changing, born again through death. As emotions whisp away and our memories fade. Life creates new ways.

Aim to be observant of the unknowable, touching what cannot be felt, offer kindness to those in and out of sight. As our mind's eye flies. The universe is alive and we will again become well.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Alice Aug 15
Like the seasons
I'll keep changing
But I always come back
To where I began
Is change bad?
I see and feel the multi faced
Wondering how's that valid
They say that's how we survive these days
Ignorance of these will end with guilty days
Change is the essence of time
One should thrive to tame his heart in time
As tranquility of pure soul is uncorrupted

Every step i take among these, facing the ill
I am pulled into an underworld by a quick sand in a loamy soil
With all my raw and pure strength, i tread to sky
Like a phoenix i rise and clear my path with fire
Turning these ore of men into priceless stones
Looking down from celestial dome, i see crystals
Witnessing a tranquil change in my own and every
Tranquility in my heart and every every
We need to change ourselves and others for the much good that is there in this world.....we must see it done before our time is done.
Jess Jul 15
Faded daydream
like continuous clockwork constantly
reaffirming itself in cycles of limitations.
Who is talking
which one is speaking?
The actor of many characters that
have become so real.

The awareness cuts through
shows it's not you.
But the patterns still remain,
a flickering between
an old life and the new.
Nov 1, 2019
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