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Orchid Mar 21
For what can I say but disagree with the rest,

The daughter of Poseidon
Caught fishing out a net

With the denial of most
I cannot fear for the man

With the face of a goat
And hoof for a hand.

Fell in love like a blossom
Ripped from it's path

Drifting and floating
Then crumbling when dark,

Held my hand and watched
The snowflakes heave

And move to the sound of a sunset breeze.
A notification from facebook
Reminding of a memory
A known face of politics
Eating fodder in kind of currency worth 90 millions
Jailed for just three and a half years
Travel without a ticket of a few hundreds on a train
Go for five years to jail
What lesson you learn?
Be a dacoit, not a petty thief?
Blind law for blind people
Created by great people with a vision!
Xella Dec 2020
You must pray for the fickle and weak.
As we all need to make it through the heat.
Your whiskey neat burns down the branches of your chest as you speak.
Expand into a balloon, the crowd won’t bow but shake their heads.
They can not believe this tale you live, the life in a comfy castle cove.
The girls back home cry, denying all this fallacy.
Really it can not be like this, this isn’t reality.
This can not be like you or me.
We aren’t merely copies, are we?
They cry tears in the shape of rapids that carve rivers down your cheeks.
To take her to the moon will settle, remedy this pain.
So give me a few years and I’ll get you there.
For now pray for the fickle and weak as they aren’t lost, but free.
Just something.
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Resignation for self preservation
Forever to hide
Or to break out en masse
Communities struggling
For identity safety and Touch
When leaders ignore
Never give up
Josh Kizax Oct 2020
"Perhaps, Martin Luther King never had a dream,
but he had seen a dream.!!!"
This is a description of my theme;
Rhemes of his speech gathered steam,
which stimulate and create a remembered stream,
" I have a dream.!"

Nowadays, dreams are not the ones you get from a slumber steep,
but are those that deprive you of sleep.
I hope that one day our countries will no longer appoint leaders again, based on their individual gain.

Apart from their political parties, they come from,
but due to one single universal party, we are all going to form
Neither, for the agenda of their race, color nor religions,
But with an organized calendar, and tremendous visions.

The day we shouldn't be interested in their background stories;
popularity, prestige, and their wealthy glories.
not even their power, pomposity storied-houses.
Despite being the lineage of dynamic dynasties,
but just a human being with the visionary eyes for minorities'

One who should not focus on celebrities and Hollywood Stars,
but will celebrate with poverty-stricken, take them as the stars,
well recognized as the sons of the Sun'
helping the country economy shines,

Am looking forward to the election days,
The national quadrennial event, Tuesdays.
our voices will bring impact through our votes.
When we shall elect mentors, role models and not our Idols,

Am looking toward the day the financial crisis will fall through
when our leader's mission comes through.
Focusing on the fact of where they are heading us to,
and where they are taking our dreams too.

The dreams for our country's bright.
Rights and freedom for our countryside,
the ease for our forefathers' long century sight.
I can't wait for that day indeed,
my dreams will no longer be just like a dream,
but actually, film-strip with its factual receipt.
This is a dream of which I hope will inspire all those who are seeking change. As we are going for our coming election on Tuesday 2, Nov 2020. I hope this will help you determine, and have you make the best decision ever when voting for our leaders. be inspired
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
I sum up politics in three words:
wealth equals power.

we are expected to make lasting
changes in our communities,
and in our country itself.

but to do that,
we need power.

and the people in power
will always have more
wealth than we do,

which means that
the people in power
will always have more
power than we do.

they tell us that we are
the future leaders
of this country.

they tell us that as leaders,
we are expected to make
changes in our communities
and in our country itself,

but they tell us that
only because they
know that we can’t.
Gunnika Mehra Jun 2020
I am a flower
all of you must know?
Not really famous you see,
the rose stole that place.
Am I not a flower with beauty ?
Rose comes with thorns I come sin free .
Then why am I not used by lovers to express their glee?
Lately as I grew in the meadow,
all my followers questioned me .
They say they made me leader,
to defeat roses ,our worst enemy.
I tried so hard to make them believe
that we can live together through our friend ,humanity.
But they were all against it
and trampled me on the ground.
Like 'The Patriot' the years of hard work drowned.
I was their leader
I wanted to stand for the right .
and my friend 'the rose'
helped me sitting by my bedside.
We were both of the same ideals
both of us were thrown out.
Well now we tended to each other
as our days whisked by.
The devil flowed into their petals
we can't do a thing .
but I wish we could
I wish the roses and tulips could be friends
till time's end.
Gunnika mehra
SelinaSharday Jun 2020
Protest WWW..Global
Our Cries World wide..
From the USA even to the Mother lands..Africa..
Cries reaches US.
Paris France. Vancouver Canada, Germany
Visions and dreams have shown my stove is burning..
I often wondered what it could mean.
There's a fire in my kitchen, the center of where I live.
Theres a burning. In the heart of the land..
The place that feed my family.. food to survive..
As I look around my land now right in my homeland. There's fires burning..
In the hearts of man. From Injustices in the land. The killing OF another Now George Floyd Openly. Strangely for the world to see.
Now cities are burning, grenades are throwing, rubber bullets are shooting..
At us in our pains. They are arresting any and every one of us. Why..
Because we are Bleeding, so they arrest us. because we don't wanna go home.
Suffer in silence unseen. Hurt and die in our sorrow.. Obey curfews.. Used as tools to control.. what needs to be seen.
Our rights to be heard, our rights to walk it out, shout it out, All day and night with eachother.
See us we want to protest, stop shooting your rubber bullets, because
we dont wanna hide behind closed doors. between 7 and 11..

We are risking Our Lives for this cause.. Risking Our health for Liberty.. Equality.
The Rights to be free, Our Lives Matter, Our Rights matter, Our Equality Matters,
Our Humanity Matters, Stop Killing Us, Trying to Silence us.. STOP And.. Prosecute The guilty.
OverThrow The Powers in Authority That rule with cruelty to humanity. Especially to People like me. I want the rights to Express myself Openly, Our tears for the world to see.
In Our Pains why must you treat us so roughly, so disrespectfuly. rubber bullets, gas grenades, smokes and flares, We people are already wounded, already feeling down, already fed up, already exhausted, already disrespected already getting killed.. You won't lift us up give us a  caring hand..Us against those racist against us..Way Over fed Up.
We are Thanking every color in America and world wide.. that Protest On Our side.
Willing to fight and be heard and demand for changes for our kind, and all of mankind.
Thats been denied..
Justice for US.
Teachers, Inspiirational Speakers, Leaders, Poets, Comedians, Leaders,, Entertainers, People, Speak Up with fire and Passion.
Tom MacDuff Apr 2020
Five thousand thought voyages,
The victims sought triages,
The players sought blood,
And we cried through our eyes where we stood.

One substance stupidity,
Causes morbidity,
The captain of deaths
Pays homage to leader’s shibboleths.
I feel as though every poet has to write at least one poem about war during their lifetime. This is my first submission to this poetic venture.
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