Mane Omsy Jan 8

Tragedy ends here and now
Pull me through the wires
I can sense your blood thirst
Did your business go down?
Unfortunate that the war ended
For you, I limit the life expectations
Judge ruled out the grave stones
For you, dealing requires no mercy
No heart for heartless creatures
Who put them through this?
Have you no soul that’s pure?
Then must the robots finish you
They’ve one thing common with you
They function without a heart

Francie Lynch Dec 2017

I don't laugh, gawk and point
At one who falls down;
Unless that one's a clown,
And we've plenty to go around.
Crusty's in the Kremlin,
He's got an act with dogs;
Freddie's in the U.N.,
Freeloading from his friends;
Bozo's in a big white house,
And I'm bent with tears laughin'.

Freddie: Freddie the Freeloader, a Red Skelton clown.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017

I am glad of who I am.
I celebrate my difference
From those who scam
And lie, without diffidence,
Meanwhile, they are godless
And worship Mammon
In the name of holiness;
A practice that is common.

Their sleepless nights
And bingeing on Mylanta
Belies their image of Santa;
Their self-created fantasy
Of being job creators
When the money they create
They keep, and put away
Into offshore banking states.

With no basis for pride.
They can’t celebrate
About what they are,
They can only prevaricate;
Hire companies to help them
To look us in our eye,
Smile in thousand dollar hairdos
And capped teeth then lie.

Not I. My armor is truth,
Saying what and who I am
And letting others know
Their postures are flim-flam!
And as long as they make money
Nothing is commendable but wealth;
They joyfully create a culture
Where there is pride in stealth.

what do you call
a more or less elected leader

who is unable
    or unwilling

to work for
    the health and safety
of his nation?


silkstahr Oct 2017

Isn’t it all games and bets?
With my sweet little marionettes
Charmingly they fight my wars
Dancing to my twiddling force

Happily I watch them give in
To the daily new laws I spin
Dear puppets what choice do you have?
But to dodge from the president’s wrath

Thus I command you to fight
For what should be ours by right
Oil, gold, land and power I lust
Looting the weak must be shushed

To hell you say I should make my way
Blaming me for the wars we play
Remember it was me who was named
To comply the wishes our country claimed

Even you’ve got marionettes to your ease
Gladly abusing them as you please
Power and wealth society craves
It’s not just me who misbehaves

My successors will replace my place
Juggling with morals they will face
For the system was painted by society
And now it pains our humanity

Francie Lynch Oct 2017

Where have all the assassins gone,
I'm just asking,
Where have all the hit-men gone,
It wasn't long ago.
Where have all the psychos gone,
Ones like Sirhan Sirhan,
Or a crazy red Russian,
Better still, an American.

Where have all the agencies gone,
I'm just asking,
The MI5, the CIA,
KGB, Mossad;
Where have covert actions gone,
When there's guys like crazed Kim Jong;
Or a crazed American,
A narcissistic American.

Where have all our heroes gone,
I'm just asking;
Where have all our leaders gone,
Not so long ago.
Where have all fine Presidents gone,
Obama was our last good one;
When will we ever learn,
Ego-maniacs can't govern.

Read to the melody of "Where Have All the Flowers Gone."
Enlarged and re-posted.
Voicesinthewild Aug 2017

The masses are blind.

It is up to us to be their guide. No more insecure writing,

we'll use our Voice!

One sound in many directions heard in the Spirit.
Our confidence for this moment is not something that we have to search for.

We were built for this, yes a very tall task.

A generation full of passion and energy yet a gaping hole that only a leader(s) can fill.  

We'll prove immortality by "writing"history itself. Fear, Anxiety, Depression no longer hold the keys to our freedom.

The power has been handed down from One that is greater.

It started with a whisper when you were young and now it's a constant roar.  Belief is the key, Faith opens the door.

How can simple words spark a movement?

It's as simple as writing them down to prove it.

Who's in?
Mane Omsy Apr 2017

UV straight in to our body
Heat strokes are close by
Take enough pills, feel clean
Stars flying right to the core
Woke up into a mass disaster
Hemispheres collided, hell
The grass fields evaporated
Rising out to the space
Aliens upgraded calling friendship
Brainless leaders conquered world
Dropped Mothers on each corner
Shook hands to slaughter more
Poured blood into vine glasses
Cheers, topped the death rate

Innocents waited for shooting stars
Ended up wishing at KN - 14
A smile before vanishing into air
Over suite is torn, they blamed
Named North West, they discussed
Wore glittering lipsticks, partied
Acted, the innocence deserve awards
Been up and down, never stuck there
Never rose high up to the violent sky
To wave another white flag
Inhale the poison and exhale fresh air
Wars won't end, so won't the business

The Violent Sky - tells the situation we are witnessing now. But we keep silent. They create terror and compromise for more violence. They only want to be rich and great.
Mane Omsy Mar 2017

Let the heat cool down
Erase the thought of razors
Thoughts of meaningless rules
Let us be our own judges
Coz it's corrupts everywhere
Find the best people to maintan
Tranquil atmosphere won't hurt
Only but for the criminals
Let's wipe clean our country
Forget about the past
A new start
Yes, the memories you created
Won't fade
Still, we could forgive mistakes
You've destroyed your name
Bring a change yourself
Put the criminals into misery
Abandon leaders of violence

Being religious doesn't mean to hurt others
Mane Omsy Mar 2017

Why is it always?
Is it your thirst for respect
Prove if you can in a better way
Don't bitch about "it's OURS"
Speak if you can
Or hide in the bushes
Don't sneak around killing people
If you really want to be praised
None will do, even your religion
Hell is awake with your deeds
Eat what you want
Don't dare put your hands
in our platters
Real men don't bring hate
Ugly goblins, teach your kids too
Respect people without covers

Leaders who spread violent speeches and deeds must be abandoned from the country. . Should be hanged in public.
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