Mane Omsy Apr 17

UV straight in to our body
Heat strokes are close by
Take enough pills, feel clean
Stars flying right to the core
Woke up into a mass disaster
Hemispheres collided, hell
The grass fields evaporated
Rising out to the space
Aliens upgraded calling friendship
Brainless leaders conquered world
Dropped Mothers on each corner
Shook hands to slaughter more
Poured blood into vine glasses
Cheers, topped the death rate

Innocents waited for shooting stars
Ended up wishing at KN - 14
A smile before vanishing into air
Over suite is torn, they blamed
Named North West, they discussed
Wore glittering lipsticks, partied
Acted, the innocence deserve awards
Been up and down, never stuck there
Never rose high up to the violent sky
To wave another white flag
Inhale the poison and exhale fresh air
Wars won't end, so won't the business

The Violent Sky - tells the situation we are witnessing now. But we keep silent. They create terror and compromise for more violence. They only want to be rich and great.
Mane Omsy Mar 28

Let the heat cool down
Erase the thought of razors
Thoughts of meaningless rules
Let us be our own judges
Coz it's corrupts everywhere
Find the best people to maintan
Tranquil atmosphere won't hurt
Only but for the criminals
Let's wipe clean our country
Forget about the past
A new start
Yes, the memories you created
Won't fade
Still, we could forgive mistakes
You've destroyed your name
Bring a change yourself
Put the criminals into misery
Abandon leaders of violence

Being religious doesn't mean to hurt others
Mane Omsy Mar 28

Why is it always?
Is it your thirst for respect
Prove if you can in a better way
Don't bitch about "it's OURS"
Speak if you can
Or hide in the bushes
Don't sneak around killing people
If you really want to be praised
None will do, even your religion
Hell is awake with your deeds
Eat what you want
Don't dare put your hands
in our platters
Real men don't bring hate
Ugly goblins, teach your kids too
Respect people without covers

Leaders who spread violent speeches and deeds must be abandoned from the country. . Should be hanged in public.
Ben Jr Mar 20

How did we get here?
Where we hide our thoughts,
And only speak in fear,
Just so we don't get caught,
So we keep to ourselves our opinions and ideas,
How did we get here?

How did we get to this?
Where we have a limit of a way to think,
And we limit our right to freedom of speech,
All just so we don't offend thee,
How did we get to this?

The men who are meant to serve,
Can't handle the truth,
So we don't tell it as it is,
Coz we know what they'll do,
From courts to jail and at times beating,
Yes that's true!,
So it all comes down to what they'll choose,
And they smile like its all good,

So we have to hold on to our dictionary for a consult,
Just so when we speak we don't accidentally insult,
'cause you know the big men can't take a joke,
Or a poke and what not,

And its not that we can fight,
We can't take them up in a round with all their might,
They'd squash us down like a bug,
And then just shrug,

How did we get here?,
Its not like they need it to earn our respect,
We've already voted for them,
How do they not get it?,
We did it with clear mind,
And know that they ain't perfect,
Why do we have to regret?

So I sit here just asking,
How did we get here,
I thought things would be better,
Instead we all now have to look over our shoulder,
How did we get here

When Trumpet can be all powerful President of the United States,
Then Viola can be the future Queen of the United Kingdom, and,
Surely a Drums Master can better be the Prime Minister of India.

My HP Poem #1404
©Atul Kaushal
Mane Omsy Nov 2016

Amid the obstacles, went through
A huge pit downward, survivors?
Who do you expect to fall for traps?
Said you thought through, roughly?

How many lives will end up in ropes?
How many futures crash on rail roads?
The purple papers start to stink blood
You smell the perfume with those stacks

Indian citizens are suffering from the great change of the century (banning of 500 and 1000 rupee notes)
Many poor people are hanging to death becoz the money they stacked to marry their daughters are useless now.
Mark Lecuona Nov 2016

Atlas shrugged his shoulders and said his last goodbye
He said I’m tired of this world and all of you know why
Before he left he let the singing caged bird out to fly
She said I begged you to release me before I die

The world once was green but forgot how to create  
The sun’s early morning make the moon tides too late
He purified himself first so he could turn from his hate
Now he’s gone leaving behind the anger of our fate

She only knew how to paint the colors of her reality
It made her life easier because it was her normality
They begged her to come back but she did not feel free
She’d rather sell tortillas than cross the pretentious sea

Release the favor of your desires for I have none to offer
I exist where the light has exhausted itself from its search
We only live underneath its glow and not by its promise
And I walk alone by the door of a once beckoning church

In his hands he may choose his wraths or his mercies
A terrible sword of dust swirling without remorse
The light of a rainbow without sound or footprint
We choose either the gentle or sharp side of its source

Where men gather arguing over the virtues of sin
There is no trail to follow except the way of failure
For there is no just end without a just path for peace
And the burden he bore knows who was his savior

Safwan Barnawi Oct 2016

Our world today is filled with lies and painful rage
Wars, destruction, and fear with senseless hate
Many Leaders’ obsessions to become super great
Led to Killings without thinking of the one who creates
Don’t they worry about the day in hell they’d suffocate
Or is it lack of faith, yet thinking everything is fate
All they worry about is how history will narrate
Heroes, or villains, depends on how you translate  
sometimes depends on how your faith accommodates
Christians believe their faith is superior you shall celebrate
Muslims believe heaven is through their way you must navigate
Didn’t God tell you to him only you must dedicate?
And killing your own is a sin that he shall not tolerate
Yet behind the mask of religion you all instigate
A war of self- interest then meaninglessly advocate
“The older you grew, the wiser you became”
Oh, Wait, wait, wait! could you illustrate?
Because our leaders have grown into a psychological stage of “Childate”
Making decisions that even a child wouldn’t appropriate
Now I tell you, the end of the world we shall anticipate
For peace is far, far, far away from the stairs of our gates
Pray to the only God who taught us how to appreciate
And hope that one day Humans will better communicate

Our world today, Safwan Barnawi, October 30, 2016
Childate: is a made up word that simply means "Childish" in my dictionary.
Rasheed Ibrahim Jul 2016

Greed has superseded tranquility
And our lives have lost their concinnity
And all rapports are displaced by cacophony

All peace is now down the drain
Our world is left with nothing but rain
Of missiles and pain

Peace is appended with a price tag
Leaders have no aim but to fill their bag
Corruption has become an addictive drug

Justice is ensnared
A whole generation in despair
Comradery has evaporated into thin air

We’ve become paper people
Money makes us feeble
Is there any hope left for humanity?

ShowYouLove May 2016

I pray for the world that we would be instruments of love and peace. That we would cultivate forgiveness and equality and strive to understand each other better so that we would be made more tolerant and less angry and afraid.

I pray for the nations of the world and their leaders that they have respect for you and for the many they lead. May they lead with wisdom, understanding, compassion and justice. I pray also that they lead with integrity and honesty.

I pray for our cities, towns, and communities that we would be good stewards of the gifts we have each been given to reach out and help those around us. Help us be generous and honest. Help us be leaders and role models for our children, grandchildren and all the youth who will one day do the same.

I pray for our families and friends, and for those who are hurting. I pray that you would be with them and heal them or give them the strength and courage necessary. Keep our families and friends close to you and may you be at the center of their relationships so that peace, love, and joy would prosper and their lives would flourish.

I pray for those who serve us and by whose service keep us safe and well. I pray for their safety Lord. Send your angels to guard and protect them and help us support and thank them however we can. Let their hands and feet and all they do be extensions of you. Bless them Lord, bless the little ones, the least ones and the last ones.

I pray for us Lord. Help us remain faithful and fixed on you. Don't give up on us: for we are broken, but we are also so strong. Be with us Lord and help us to live by your example and let us be a light for all to see.

Bless us all Lord that we may care for each other and in doing so, care also for you.


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