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Be your own sun shining in life of others.

Be your own flower that beautified ones dried up garden.

Be your own bird the soars high above in the sky.

Be your own moon that allows the night to bloom.

Be your own star that lighten the way of a person's dark path.

Be your own person and appreciate being you.
Mary Lupague Aug 2020
I'm like a daisy lost in a field of roses,

and I was insecure.

Because all the flowers around me were so beautiful,

that they were admired by everybody.

I wanted to blend in,

so I painted myself red.

I wanted to be beautiful like their petals,

so I twisted myself so that I could be like a rose.

I changed myself so much,

to the point where no body recognized me as a daisy anymore.

I tried to fit in so bad,

that I lost myself in the process.

So, I laid my head down,

With tears in my eyes.

And that's when I saw her,

The most beautiful sun flower I've ever seen.

Her beauty outshined the roses,

with her bright yellow petals that resembled the sun.

And when I looked around,

I saw many more beautiful flowers.

Proud that they were unique,

and accepted who they really are

And that's when I realized,

that each and one of us are beautiful in our own way.
I wanted to be somebody else my whole life, and I want to change that perspective of mine. I want to love me.
Whitavius Jun 2020
Because someone doesn’t love like you
Does it mean that they’re not true?
Should different loves ever compare?
Whom would judge which is fair…

To impose rules in love of to demand
Destroys its potential to expand
Love has wonderful holistic ability
For new ideas and endless possibility…

Relationships evolve together – separately each
Each person having much the other to teach
It takes two whole people willing to become
Parts of each other, as one whole SUM.

Love doesn’t have to “change” with vicissitude
Though it should adapt to it with aptitude
Life is constant alteration and flux
Understanding this seems to be the crux…

Love how you love
And you be you
Let them be them
And love you too…
Gunnika Mehra Jun 2020
Sometimes I feel like an upturned umbrella,
Serving no purpose in the heavy rains .
Filling up with water,
Like emotions I can't let go of.

I feel bad for myself,
As I see the other umbrellas being embraced.
Why do I lie on the ground,
My insides drenched with pain?
Do I have holes
That I am thrown away?

And then someone picked me up
And I felt an immense joy.
My insides were dried and my holes fixed
And someone held me up again.

That moment realization,
Like lightning struck.
I just needed someone to see the good in me
I needed someone, to be me.

And spreading colours another
Umbrella popped into place.
Saving my saviour,
with my grace.

Finally being what I was meant to be,
As I looked up at the sky.
And the thanked the bright lightning,
For giving meaning to an umbrella's life.
Quinn Adaire Feb 2020
Why am I not good enough.
I wake up.
I look into the mirror trying to remember what I look like before.
I walk into my closet.
No clothes good enough.
I find some people might like.
Tight clothes, uncomfortable too.
But the fact is that everyone will like them.
I put on makeup trying to recognize the girl I saw when I woke.
I can’t.
The girl in the mirror, stealing my reflection.
You walk into school with girls you don’t even like
But they are popular
That’s all you wanted.
You can’t though
Because you work hard at school
And you stop working hard to walk in with those girls
Why am I not good enough
You look at those popular girls wishing you were them
Why am I not good enough
That night you take off your makeup
Why am I so ugly
Why am I not good enough
I am good enough
Wake up the next morning
Wear clothes you comfortable in
Wear no makeup
Be the person you are.
Work hard in class
Get straight As
You are good enough.
I do not claim the credit for this. This poem is by my friend Hannah Watson.
GreenWitch Dec 2019
I've come back
Dropped the act
Ignoring what was thought of me
Like a smack
Woken up from darkened dreams
Stealth attack
I've gotten back my everything
Watch me crack
But never lost a broken piece
Welcome back
Yes, I've come back
Bhill Nov 2019
There is new life in the air
Wake up to the sweetness of new intensity
Take in an abundant amount
Take in all you can
Leave no indication of your prior lack of existence
Be the you, you have constantly challenged

Brian Hill - 2019 # 289
Wake up and get your new life in order...
Mari Jul 2019
There she was
standing in front of the mirror
with pale skin, showing ribs
and a shrunk body.

There she was
standing in front of the mirror
starving, listless
weak and powerless.

There she was
standing in front of the mirror
comparing herself with
all the girls on the internet.
"You're beautiful just the way you are." ☄
Marcelina Apr 2019
Please don´t beat yourself up when things don´t go as planned
Please let yourself cry when things go wrong
And smile whenever you want to
Do not suppress you're being into somebody you´re not
Or fear that you will never be loved
You don´t need someone to tell you that you´re good enough
Please remember why you got a word inked into your skin
Don´t die on me when I need you the most
You´re everything to me, with all the flaws you consider weaknesses
But I love you for them. It makes you, you, authentic and real
We have so much to explore and feel in this world
Just breathe and hold on, I want to open your eyes and see the horizon full of
the stars, you don´t want to be among them just yet
Once your time comes you will, but now it's not your time
So please just breathe, and take a moment at a time
Let the compass lead you, to wherever it desires to be
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