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Bhill Nov 19
There is new life in the air
Wake up to the sweetness of new intensity
Take in an abundant amount
Take in all you can
Leave no indication of your prior lack of existence
Be the you, you have constantly challenged

Brian Hill - 2019 # 289
Wake up and get your new life in order...
Mari Jul 29
There she was
standing in front of the mirror
with pale skin, showing ribs
and a shrunk body.

There she was
standing in front of the mirror
starving, listless
weak and powerless.

There she was
standing in front of the mirror
comparing herself with
all the girls on the internet.
"You're beautiful just the way you are." ☄
Marcelina Apr 18
Please don´t beat yourself up when things don´t go as planned
Please let yourself cry when things go wrong
And smile whenever you want to
Do not suppress you're being into somebody you´re not
Or fear that you will never be loved
You don´t need someone to tell you that you´re good enough
Please remember why you got a word inked into your skin
Don´t die on me when I need you the most
You´re everything to me, with all the flaws you consider weaknesses
But I love you for them. It makes you, you, authentic and real
We have so much to explore and feel in this world
Just breathe and hold on, I want to open your eyes and see the horizon full of
the stars, you don´t want to be among them just yet
Once your time comes you will, but now it's not your time
So please just breathe, and take a moment at a time
Let the compass lead you, to wherever it desires to be
Be proud of your beliefs.
Where you came from.
Who you are.
Because in the end,
You are who you are.
Jade Welch Mar 12
If he makes your heart pace, and your palms sweat, he's not the one!

You will know he is the one when you are comfortable enough to pull the ugliest of faces without wondering if he still thinks you are beautiful.
Vivek Gupta Feb 23
I see this bright night!
I see this darkened day!
I see the darkness light!
Which in the morning fades away!
I see the space end!
I see the time append!
I see this beautiful dirt!
I see this infinite Earth!
I see these coal shine!
I have what's not mine!
I see you but you don't see me!
I am in this cage yet i am free!

Ella Feb 18
I thought that we were friends
What happened
Did we talk to much
Did i say something
Am i not good enough for you?
Where did i go wrong?
Are you gone forever
Will we be friends ever again?

I lost a friend
What happens
How do i tell you im sorry only when i dont always want to waste my breathe When you might not even care.

What happens next?
Will anything even happen?
Will i ever love again?
I loved you but.
What happened?

Why dont we talk?
What happened?
I wish we could be together.
where did i go wrong.
i cant believe i lost you over mainly

I feel lost.
Why do things happen.
What do i do.
These where my thoughts in one day.....
You want to keep me in a box,

but I’ll paint all over that box

with every color inside me

ready to burst

from my loud, imperfect mind.

-beauty is different

Isabel Jan 5
A girl sees a boy
And they get to kiss
This is what happens
Nothing to miss

A boy sees a girl
Nothing wrong with that
They hold hands for the world
Nothing to look at

A girl see a girl
Pretty and bright
Brings her joy
That she has to fight

A boy sees a boy
Handsome and strong
Makes him feel safe
Yet he thinks it’s wrong

A girl sees a boy
She feels something new
Her body’s not right
She is a boy too

A boy sees a girl
And he starts to frown
He really wishes
He could wear that gown

A girl sees a boy
And she sees a girl
She doesn’t know why
But they both make her whirl

A boy sees a girl
And he sees a boy
He sits there confused
Cause they both bring him joy

A girl sees the world
Full of simplicity
She feels love
But she never wants intimacy

A boy sees the world
Yet he feels out of place
He feels love
But he doesn't want 3rd base

Love is complicated
And you can't describe it with a word
Just be who you are
Cause no love is absurd
Vivek Gupta Jan 1
New Year, New Me!
I can be who I was or who I wanna be!
I can sit in my comfort zone!
Yeah I can be alone!
I can sit back and waste my life away!
On make my mark on this new way!
Oh another new blank slate!
I can't decide my fate!
But I can work hard and try!
I don't wanna do this? No I can't lie!
Two zero one nine!
This year I will be more than just fine!
I will convert my  imagination  to memories!
I will start on this new page a new story!

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