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blackbiird Jul 2021
means to deny my past tormenters
and to live authentically as a gay woman.
CrackedMoonboy Apr 2021
They say demons aren't real
but they are just the dark side
of people lives

it is nothing bad it's just the temptation
that make you always be craving

the daily dose of misbehaving
It can be bad just don't be glad

When you give in just bounce back
in and saying I going to try again

So don't forget that every day is
new so don't lead yourself a stray
I be me
And you be you
Be whoever you want to be
Don't copy someone to fit in
Be whoever you desire
Not someone else's

Don't be a liar
Be true to yourself
Care for who you are
With that, you'll get far
Within this world of grey, you'll be a shining star
Zack Ripley Feb 2021
So much time to win.
So much time to lose.
So much time to think.
So much time to choose.
So much time to love.
So much time to hate.
So much time to give.
So much time to take.
So much time to be afraid.
So much time to be brave.
So much time between
the cradle and the grave.
So much time to create.
So much time to destroy.
So much time to unapologetically
Be who you want to be.
Whether you're a girl or boy.
Be your own sun shining in life of others.

Be your own flower that beautified ones dried up garden.

Be your own bird the soars high above in the sky.

Be your own moon that allows the night to bloom.

Be your own star that lighten the way of a person's dark path.

Be your own person and appreciate being you.
Mary Lupague Aug 2020
I'm like a daisy lost in a field of roses,

and I was insecure.

Because all the flowers around me were so beautiful,

that they were admired by everybody.

I wanted to blend in,

so I painted myself red.

I wanted to be beautiful like their petals,

so I twisted myself so that I could be like a rose.

I changed myself so much,

to the point where no body recognized me as a daisy anymore.

I tried to fit in so bad,

that I lost myself in the process.

So, I laid my head down,

With tears in my eyes.

And that's when I saw her,

The most beautiful sun flower I've ever seen.

Her beauty outshined the roses,

with her bright yellow petals that resembled the sun.

And when I looked around,

I saw many more beautiful flowers.

Proud that they were unique,

and accepted who they really are

And that's when I realized,

that each and one of us are beautiful in our own way.
I wanted to be somebody else my whole life, and I want to change that perspective of mine. I want to love me.
Whitavius Jun 2020
Because someone doesn’t love like you
Does it mean that they’re not true?
Should different loves ever compare?
Whom would judge which is fair…

To impose rules in love of to demand
Destroys its potential to expand
Love has wonderful holistic ability
For new ideas and endless possibility…

Relationships evolve together – separately each
Each person having much the other to teach
It takes two whole people willing to become
Parts of each other, as one whole SUM.

Love doesn’t have to “change” with vicissitude
Though it should adapt to it with aptitude
Life is constant alteration and flux
Understanding this seems to be the crux…

Love how you love
And you be you
Let them be them
And love you too…
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