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Hunter 7d
Do heroes follow fools?
Do they make their own rules?
Do heroes sin?
Or always win?
Are heroes brave?
When the day is saved
Who do we have to owe?
When peace is a no-show
Who shows us the light?
When they start to fight.
For everything that is right.
Who turns your life away from a zero?
A hero.
Heroes are not determined by the skills they were born with, nor what they have gained.

They are determined by the will power they have to overcome unimaginable dire adversity, fear and pain.

In order to help others in this crucifying world
Ian Robinson Jan 1
Yes it's true
Heroes need saving too
They get beat black and blue
All to save damsels like you
Skyler Dec 2018
any man can fight,
any man can swing his fists,
or shoot a gun.
any man can fight for himself,
but a hero fights for others.

(he fights their demons, but who fights his?)

any man can defend.
any man can raise his shield,
or make a narrow escape.
any man can defend himself,
but a hero defends others.

(he is a wall of solid rock,
but rock cannot bend; only break)

any man can suffer.
any man can weather a storm,
or feel the sting of pain.
any man can suffer for himself,
but a hero suffers for others.

(he has scars that none can remember;
or is it they not care to recall?)

any man can be happy.
any man can make money,
or indulge in all his desires.
any man can bring happiness to himself,
but a hero brings happiness unto others.

(they praise his name to the sky;
but no one asks why he cries)

any man can die.
any man can be killed,
for he is still but a man.
any man can die for himself,
but a hero dies for others—

and so a hero never dies.

(but sometimes, they die inside,
and there’s no marker for that grave.)
Skyler Dec 2018
you know, in a way,
monsters are heroes too.

the world needs monsters
like a clown needs its makeup.

– like a turtle needs its shell;
like a mirror needs a reflection.

without monsters,
we’d see the ones in ourselves.
Randy Johnson Nov 2018
This is a special day because it's Veterans Day.
We celebrate because certain people fought for the USA.
Veterans put their lives on the line so that we can be free.
Veterans are important to you and they're important to me.
It's heart breaking to know that some Veterans are homeless.
They are heroes who we should ask *** to bless.
Ignatius Hosiana Nov 2018
Those who fight to change history
usually change to fight history
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
The end of days is near.
Because it is the death of you I fear.
The sun has blown away all.
The moon encroaches all.

If it is not a lie in the first place!
Is it not viewed this way from space?
You took my life from me.
So others could be.

This is what heroes do.
In that I hope I find you.
Give me a chance.
Because I have been given a last dance.

We as people need to join together.
Before it is any system we can weather.
Please hear me out.
Because I am not just here to spout.

I am telling no lie.
Maybe it will be done long after I die.
Could you just apply.
All my lessons and reverb a reply.

I know the secrets behind their lies.
In the end must we all give this more than just three tries.
You know I can hate no one.
In the end I hope we can all become one.
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