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Nathalie Nov 19
Silvered flakes illuminate

Her promised path

Crowds of trees

Honour companionship

During this heartening journey

No turning back

Once the voyage begins

Vision lifts the seeker

And encourages progress

Moving towards purpose

Heart and minds speaks

In accord, as momentum

Drives achievement

Elevation boosts awareness

Soul vibrates new frequency
Johnny walker Nov 18
For a strange reason  can't  
get my head around how
someone can be here one
minute then gone and
life Just carry on as If they
were never
The rich and the famous
will always be remembered,
so I  thought why not my
wife she Is so deserving  so
I'm going  to make Helen
known throughout the world
by the poems, I write that have
come to being  through
This gift I've been given I will
use to make Helen known to as
many people In the world that
I can as this a promise made to
A promise I made to myself that will honour to my wife Helen till I can write no more
Jon Thenes Oct 3

Attaching honours
and dispatching lives;
So grins the new day
and greets the Great Flaw


The Fusing :
and apply
weapon to wound
(as the weatherman dictates)


Taughtless and young
Fight your way from family
and take oath
with no protest:
A moral clumsiness


We'll sort out that 'population problem'
and lunge out our burrowed lives
in saturation
of our unmended sorrows
This message is a worn out cliche,
but nevertheless the meaning is still as real as it ever has been, and although you may have heard this so many times that it might've just turned into slurred words in your mind that go in one ear, out the other, the words still remain true.

Whoever you are, whatever you bring to the table, whatever of you meets the eye, whoever you are inside. You have worth. All the worth in the world and you don't have to believe me but I believe in you.
You are on this planet, doing your daily things for a reason, you have YOUR personality for a reason.
I beleive that you have been blessed with this original, beautiful person inside of you. So forfil it. Take advantage, show off who you are. Do what you want. Get in trouble, do something risky, step out of your comfort zone, have fun, do something you would never dream of doing; you could die at any moment, so cherish the time you have on this planet, you only get it once.

Be a good person. Make someone's day, if you like something say it, if you think there is a particular aspect of someone that shines, say it, who cares what people may think, wether they act like it's nothing to them, if you say your words correctly, and say them like you believe them (which you do anyway), then they will beleive it too. And you've boosted their confidence.

Move away from those toxic people, you will leave them one day anyway, the sooner the better. Do things for your benefit not theirs, you will always have to live with the decisions you make/ have made, you don't, and WON'T have to live with the people that sway you to do things you don't want to do.

Stop focusing on everything negative, okay yes sometimes it's healthy to have a bit of self critique, we need that to see what to improve on, and to think about what has been done.
But whatever happened to positive self reflection?
Praise yourself, this is a hard life, for anybody; you've made it this far! You have conquered stuff in your lifetime, it's okay to tell yourself you deserve good, or that you worked ******* something, or that you did well, you don't always have to be so modest just to not seem big headed.
Pay attention
What I said, I said from my heart not my mind.
Isaac Aug 21
When honour awakes,
ordinary things become vibrantly alive for you.
Written 21 August 2018
Isaac Aug 14
honour can be likened
to a bird timid and glorious
flitting to and fro
sometimes arboreous
looking for a tree
to frolic and adorn
which could be you or me
but it only will be drawn
to trees that have
the same kind of bird
but trees with none
will sadly be deferred.
Written 14 August 2018
Isaac Aug 7
Poetry does not
toot her own horn.

She knows that's what
invites scorn.

It was for honour that
she was born.

Those who have it
she will adorn.
Written 7 August 2018
Nathalie Aug 4
With steeple hands,

She bowed in reverence

Holding the vision

Clearly in her mind’s eye

A remembered commitment

Honouring his words

Speaking of love

A desire greater

Than most…

A dream for a new world

Carrying the highest notes

Of integrity…

Girdling the outer limits of,

Great nobility and generosity

Forgiveness given with free will

A soul that harboured

No resentment or anger

Leaving his soul unblemished

Do we know the difference?

Between acts from the spirit

Or offerings from the ego

And do we pretend to care

Or turn a blind eye to the

Greed of men

Rising the erroneous ones

To Gods

And forgetting the small

The quiet ones

Silenced by the skilled

Faces of deceit

How do we hear?

Through all this


The same clamour

Reverberating throughout history

It stops when we stand

And face ourselves

Be mindful of our thoughts

Intentions, words

And our deeds

When we redeem ourselves

To the falsehood

That we ourselves

Have believed for

So very long…

It’s start with every one of us

One by one…

We live in a world

That we create…

And it starts with LOVE…

Khoi-San Aug 4
Humane  hearts tempered by steel

Futures forged galvanised

Brilliant minds changing paradigms

Young men slain
At the promise of honour
And glory on the frontline
I pray a global prayer for all souls
Out there in uniform for their country
May *** bless them and protect them
And his Holy spirit comfort them allways
Isaac Jul 29
There is a power that unveils loveliness
hidden in everything, even in ugliness.
An x-ray that shows you all the good
inside of things that normally would
seem so ordinary to the average eye.
You need to realise that beauty is shy.
You don't have to search the world to see her.
Just look with an eye that goes a little deeper.
Take the time to notice what no one else will.
It'll heal your heart. A truly amazing thrill!
Written 28 July 2018

When you have honour, you see things that many miss out on.
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