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Poetic T Dec 2020
Never forget the root that fed you,

for no matter the height you attain

remember the earth beneath your feet..

No matter your height,

                       you forget what
    you grew from...

you'll easily fall and no one will hear it.
CC Jul 2020
Truly I have the will inside me
To push my chest out and bare my dignity
Like a thumping paw of an elephant
The sound of who I am beats the ground
Every thump like a chanting
Every chant like a battle-cry
Break their bones if they strike you
Their throws are soft and formless
A fog that poisons
You are protected by the bear in the woods
A massive presence of teeth and claw
Bear in mind
Conquering the battle is not complete without armour and sword
Use your sword with caution
Sparing them for when the season is ripe
Struck whence the shield lowered
You seek for bleeding
You seek for victory
Joy is in the skin scarred without fright
Victory is in the timing of each strike
The sword has discipline in its swift blow
Should not have trace of megalomania
Should win every ****** in order to teach
Lessons to heed the definition of honour
Two victors will defy the battle
When one wins on honour
If the other triumphs pride
-elixir- Jul 2020
Time slips away,
as you prepare my
And I drown into
the ocean of thoughts,
unprepared, alone
as I gnaw at my cage
as the pomp
is heard outside.
The wings cut off and
freedom seized for
the shallow prestige
of the vultures.
The words given, now
wash away with
the water,
as I desperately try to
find it,
and identity and faces
changed for the
benefit of some.
The boneless spectators,
watch as I am
made to dance,
in the show of Honour.
As I become "dignified".
Maniacal Escape Jul 2020
Blue constantly coats black
And black again to be smothered in more blue
How do you like your eggs in the morning?
I like mine with a black eye.
Boiled or fried?
I’m satisfied, as long as my honour is torn apart.
Laura May 2020
I made excuses for you
Then I’m sorry.

Not to you,
But to me.

I didn’t deserve that sort of disrespect
From either of us.
Tara May 2020
When will it end, the sorrow, the pain?
What will we lose and what will we gain?
When the guns have no bullets and the missiles no fuel,
When the bodies start to mass and the blood starts to pool.

What will they create, but chaos and war?
How could we win and who sets the score?
When friends become enemies and we lose Wisdom’s sight,
When the battle is over and both sides lost the fight.

When will it end, the anger, the hate?
When will we learn from our past mistakes?
Are we to be remembered as isolated and weak?
Cowering from the prejudiced differences we seek.

Where will they go, the forsaken and lost?
How will they live and what will it cost?
When the land becomes barren and all hope disappears,
When the love and ties of family are no longer revered.

When will it end, the sadness, the grief?
Who is the hero and who is the thief?
When they build a big wall and send more men to fight,
Taking more lives in the dead of the night.

Who will we blame when the tears come like rain?
Who will be responsible for humanity’s slain?
When the finger is pointed at leaders and their deeds,
Where justice has fallen to corruption and greed.

When will it end, the suffering, the hurt?
How many corpses shall we leave in the dirt?
When will we choose peace, when will we choose life?
Choose to shield each other from evil’s sharp knife.

Will it be worth it, the famine and death?
Will we know peace before our last breath?
When we cast out our brothers, both by arms and by blood,
Loyalty and honour, left in the mud.

If we end it with battle and fire and lead,
We’ll end it in disgrace, and we’ll end it dead.
If we end it with war and anguish and guns,
We’ll end it in terror for when judgement comes.


If we end it with allies and fealty and trust,
We’ll end it with dignity and we’ll do what we must.
If we end it united, and make them understand,
Perhaps humanity’s salvation may yet be at hand.
Entered this into a competition a while back (didn't win). One of my favourite poems.
Viji Vishwanath Nov 2019
Have courage to live...
And have honour to die..

We salute those braves...
who sacrificed their lives...

And pay tribute to those great..
who are in grave for our sake...

Being yourself, is easy..
But being for others, is not easy...

Being in ego, is not heroism...
But being not in egoism, is heroism...

That coward is human...
But that brave is not human...

That selfishness is in human...
But being selfless is not human...

We salute those braves..
who have courage to live
And have honour to die...
Never be a cowardice
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