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Damian Murphy Jul 2019
Much harder than your own pain to bear
Is the pain of one for whom you care,
Their pain for yourself you would welcome
If it would ease their suffering some.
Dazed Dreaming Jan 2018
I miss sleep.
I miss the peace that comes with it.
Erasing the day.
Running rapid in the world of my subconscious.
Those days seem so far away.

I find myself running on empty.
On pure fumes.
My thoughts are endless.
Bringing me to the cliffs of mania.
All my wants, needs, goals and things I want to accomplish keep me up until the sun peeks through my window pane.

I'm swimming in my own pool of exhaustion because my success hangs at my finger tips.

I find myself unable to shut it off.
The desire.
The passion, and determination that fuels me to wake up everyday.
I am simply put, tired of running inside my head 24/7.

I want to slow down.
But my need to succeed wins again.
Overpowering my need to slow things down.

I wish you knew what it felt like to walk into a room, notice every color of every detail on every wall.
To hear every sound, even the unnoticeable fly that circles round.
The endless chatter of passing people.
The entrance doors that squeak when you walk through the door.
Knowing every exit to every room.
It drives me crazy to notice so much.
If only for just a moment I knew how to quiet the mind and drown out the sound.
The sound of life all around me..
And how crazy this all sounds.
Lshassan Aug 2017
She was full of love.
Filled with happiness,
Filled with commitment
And determination.
She needed his attention
And attraction.

He was empty.
He had no knowledge of love.
He didn't believe in intimacy,
All he knew was to take
What he needs and leave.

She strived to be his savior,
Tried to changed him to a believer.
She loved him more than she loved herself.
She gave away all her energy to remove his pain,
Again and again.
But he would take no notice of it.

He gave up on love,
He was cozy with the chaos.
she was full of love.
She didn't give up.
She searched for hidden feeling,
And found none.

She tried to fix him
But he was unfixable.
She tried to save him
But she broke herself.
Paramount Pawn Aug 2015
I'm always left undecided
But decisions are just too much for me to bear
I always feel like choosing the other
Will make me feel like regretting the other choice
Now people choose for me
But who am I to say I don't like it
Because with so much time passing
No one would want to waste it

— The End —