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Damian Murphy May 2019
Let not flattery, praise beguile
Lest you become another's foil!
Midnight Locke May 2019
Knocking you down
Brother, please
With a mallet and hammer
I do it in despair, not freedom from greed
There's a frown on your visage
On your face of wrinkles and disease
At ease, soldered soul
With my years on the sides of rivers
With handfuls of rice
People came begging
Let me tell you of a story
Allow me a spare moment of your time
With this rhyme
"A nickel for food is a dollar for two."
Came a beggar with a glistening smile
And exasperated sigh
Begging to help my family, he said
Helping the poor and feeding the needy, I said
I ignored his plea
Little did I know I was a piece of another
Person's puzzling responsibility
I offered to help the person who came across my travels
The poet who had pirated from nature
Only then I realized kindness didn't exist
And I had grown accustomed to stealing
I took glances at people in need and realize
One thing about poverty
I couldn't be that if I ever reached the vicious
The cycle of predators robbing people
In a meaning of good grief
"Man - a being in search of meaning." - Plato
Breon May 2018
Down where the ocean drowned another day,
Where silver shards of moonlight coalesce
As salt-spray rushes up and falls away
Like laughter, murmured out with a caress,
A dreamed-up Venus wreathed in seafoam light
Steps lively, dancing lonesome on the strand.
Capricious in her shroud of murdered light:
The sea-witch calls a lover from the land
'Til, tangled all together in the neath,
Adrift in trance below the rolling waves,
Eyes meet, then hands, then lips. Why stop to breathe?
Her siren-song calls out to passion's slaves
And once the sea's crescendo drowns out dread,
She snares a heart and makes it hers instead.
Wrapped close enough to strangle, clinging tight
To every curve, each shifting of the tide
As if the midnight moon drowned politesse
To crush together spite and searing lust:
A tempest in a bruise-black dancing dress:
No pity for her prey, ****** dry, left dust.
I dreamed her laughter and her wicked grin
And barely dragged myself, with stifled scream
From drowning in that sweet, voracious sin -
And waking, I grew desperate to dream.
Eternity I spent all piece by piece
'Til, blinded by the darkness, I could slip
Beyond the cruel moon and find release
In Venus, and perfection in her lips.
Revisiting a recent theme. If I belabor this, it's because it belabors me.
To wander where the rungs begun
Where all the prose beguiled the sun
And set ablaze the yester years
Leaving old men drying tears

For darkness came and went the same
So all they name would suffer blame
To right the wrong that came about
To sing a song with whisper or shout

Take control and lose the way
Climb the rungs out of the fray
To hights esteemed on day's morrow
A little luck the heart might borrow

And see how green this other side
Where dreams and wishes do collide
For all the prose beguiled the sun
Now I wonder where the rungs begun
Twinkle Jan 2015
If this title attracted your attention
As it surely should
The devil is real my friend
Rest assured it's true.

Folks I am not fibbing
The master of lies has a great disguise.
Like the Saviour he is watching you too.
But unlike the Master, your fears are his haven.
He's lying in quiet wait to trip you.

If you think I am fibbing, let me explain.
His existence is in the mind of the aimless.
He makes his home in the hopeless.
The young ones he infects with discontent
His hatred he sows deep.
This till the children of God become his sheep.

Then beguiling he'll lead them to slaughter.
Broken hearts, bitterness to plunder.
The emptiness a yawning gap.
You can't save yourself,
He'll push you to give up.
Then he'll put words of despair in the mouths of loved ones.
Break your resolve if you so much as dare.
He'll thrive on wickedness, and turn your love into despair.
All around you, you'll see hopelessness.
This minions perfecting the part.
Only the Son of God (Jesus), can break this act.

When you feel love tugging at your heart
And reach out to those hurting.
When u bury the hatchet
And choose forgiveness.
When you rise above the pettiness
Your pride destroyed
When you see in persons God's image
Trust me, you've the fetters blown away

Oh, he won't let you go easily
Your too much a prized possession
The one he'll ensnare,
The one he'll dangle, before His throne
Then the Son of God, His Christ, his body tearing, will offer himself in exchange
A bargain with his blood
Before your life can drain.

Look out Oh children of One God
The devil knows no religion
He exists it's true
Simply look around you.
The wars and guns are his legacy
Products of his insanity.
The mindless massacre of innocents
Unleashed through times immemorial
****** earth covered cries for vengeance.

Mind you, you can only be so much as used.
As you allow yourself to be.
The traps are set in every corner
It's not going to be easy.

Often you'll be goaded by those closest to you.
Offering you solace in things that should not be.
Drugs and gangs
Violence and rave
Ecstasy and addiction
Cool fads and attractions
Wanting things you'd
be better off

But it doesn't stop there
Fear is a potent weapon
He'll use it everywhere.
He'll bombard you from every corner
Till you doubt your sanity
Then willingly you'll walk into his parlour
Handing over your serenity

You'll never know what's evil.
Cause he make you believe he doesn't exist.
But my friend all long
You were flirting with the devil..
Something I had a long time to ponder on and think, what makes us evil.

— The End —