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Good with, good without;
If not good with do without.

You be good with you
The title is the closing line to make it a haiku
Jammit Janet Jul 2
Exerting true power
I bloom
Into the flower
Of the present.
Jammit Janet Jun 11
I’m right where I’m supposed to be
Right here, right now

Letting go
Letting go
Letting go
Of all that does not serve me
Of all that stunts my growth

Breathing in
Breathing in
Breathing in
And compassion

To spread love and light
In the kindest of fashions.
Keep the sun in your heart,
The moon in Your mind
and so you may see far,
the stars in your eyes
A mantra and prayer
coffeegirl Apr 27
I Run in place of those who can't.
I Run in spite of those who won't.

I Live in place of those who can't.
I Live in spite of those who won't.

I Thrive in place of those who can't.
I Thrive in spite of those who won't.

I Run.
My mantra this month. Live your life to the fullest because some weren't given the opportunity, and some won't take it.
Chloe Jan 2
Frostbite of the teeth
Bite into me
I will not bleed
I am strong

Frozen to the core
Hit me
I will not shatter
I am strong

Crackling in your water
Swallow me
I will not melt
I am strong

I am not angry
It is no fight
Whether I bleed,
shatter, or melt-
I am strong
Lo! The holiest saint, arises underneath the sun /
Whose august, resplendent rays fulminate /
Auric with excellency; golden in his eyes; /
Therefore, my pilgrimage upon this world /
Is but an ephemeral speck, an exhalation, transitory, /
For all is a preparation, a quickening /
Unto Greater Eden! /

Lo! A Land where dreaming is fallacy for /
Arcadia awakens anew with each morn: /
Love & Light brim in every living soul; /
There in my heart, I fathom The Transcendent hears my /
Beckoning cries beneath /
The adamantine moon, & /
My wishes shall be ordained at twilight. /

Lo! "Know thyself," said the sage; /
Yet, every man, /
Every woman, /
Every child, /
Falters should they fathom themselves fully. /
Ye, ignorance is not only ephemeral bliss, but existential.
(Voracious self-knowing is moored in a sea of vanity) /

Lo! Understand that meant to be understood /
By mortal eyes, yet, mind /
That there are deific forces whom devise, /
Transcending the veiled realm of our Mind's Sky; /
Therefore, we must allow ourselves /
The privilege of unknowing: /
By virtue of this advent, enlightenment is borne. /

(—Se' lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III, AAS

Jammit Janet Oct 2021
I’m doing stuff
I’m going places
I’m being bold
I’m letting go
To flow
And become present.
Jammit Janet Sep 2021
Makin' moves
Creating grooves
Syncing to the synchronicities
The Universal mood.
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