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andTilly Oct 14
one word, a clutch
to hope, to wish, to tell
to not worry too
everything’s gonna be good
everything’s gonna end well
Nankurunaisa, an ancient Japanese (Okinawan) saying. The original meaning was: "Never forget where you are and live for today and for tomorrow; never forget to smile and, however bad your day has been, remember that the next day the sun will receive you with a big smile, so do the same yourself".

"Want to stop the world,
This moment" she whispered
In to my ear, mantra like.
And it did, before I could even
Get astonished  on  what happend.

A sonorous hum, kept ringing
Deep in my being, then in a flash
Was revealed our sublime bonding
With the  eternal;  we are one
And the music of eternity plays in us all.
din le lo May 22
Sunflower daydream
Poppy seed fields like the Sundance Film Festival
Where to go when one is incomplete?
Black-eyed Susan complimentary as the colors of your skin your hair your eyes
Hydrangea honeysuckle hubris
My meditating mantra of you soothes me
Like my third floor studio apartment yoga class
Red rose, violet drum
White peonies pantry I dip my hands in
I cradle that craving every night as the sun rises and the moon sets
Erin Riley May 19
Why have
I always
felt the need
to be someone
else’s property
when I was
planted on
this earth to
grow wild.
LRF May 4
You can carry it around
cupped in your hands
for years
and not know the weight of its load.

You can hide it away
from those who wait
to pull it apart,
take its clauses from its subjects
and replace its pensive question marks
with the certainty of full stops.

You can repeat it
under your breath
a mantra,
to soothe
to ignite
to inspire.

You can give it away
to a person
worthy of such a polished gem,
release it into the world
and watch its words
weave meanings you never anticipated
by people you never predicted.

But you cannot
take back
the words
the rhythm
the rhyme
once it is formed;
for the words
you have breathed soul into
now have a life of their own.
May, 2020.
The state of things
It’s a crisis
The shame it brings
It’s a crisis
It’s a crisis
Mass hysteria
It’s a crisis
Senseless dying
It’s a crisis
Divided nations
It’s a crisis
Spreading virus
It’s a crisis
But the rivers are flowing
Clear. The trees are growing
Years of filth walking astray
Birds are singing
Voices ringing
Through sacred skies of blue and grey
The blind now see the sun rays shining
The worst of times have silver linings
In nature, beauty and strength coalesce
In nature, only the strong survive
In nature, strength determines life's longevity
Be strong I think, as I open my front door
Sometimes, we all need a little pep-talk.
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
It was not her.
When she saw me hurting,
she knew it was not her.
When she saw me sobbing,
it was not her.
When she saw me choking on my breath,
when she saw me shaking in shock,
when she saw me screaming for an escape,
it was not her.
I cowered in my skin
and it was not her.
And when I was dying,
it was not her,
for once.
I stole away from her
her hands
and her broken rage,
her sorrow and terror,
her unwavering pain,
so that
for once,
she would
have to
hurt again.
I was so kind,
so for once,
it was not her.
Meruem Dec 2019
Same day last year was different;
It was a lot of of ups and downs.
Things were left because it ain't right;
Same day next year will be different.
December 9, 2019 - 02:14

Looking back, I really made a lot of mistakes. I am trying to not let those things define who I am as a person, and I am still doing my best to be better each and every day.

So, I am still thankful for all the days - up to this point - of having a fresh start since then.
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