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Joyce Jul 6
breathe in, breathe out
keep calm and stay relaxed
laugh when it's funny
smile when you're happy
flex those face muscles
frown when you're angry
speak up, be heard
always in a manner
so gentle yet firm
know when to sit down
and listen too
words will come when they do
you'll learn the world revolves
around the sun— not you
and most of all
remove the glove
touch the people you love
they're precious
when held in your heart
they're most precious
when held in your arms
The kindness warmth your eyes.
The sweet love living in your spirit.
The soft heat on your heart tonight.
The only happiness and freedom.
The only peace and calmness in my mind.
The only richness I saw through the nature.
The only slowly breath I hear from the trees.
A flaw or difference to one,
Is a pathway towards acceptance
For another...

...In a world that embraces and encourages
a "cookie-cutter" mentality,
Individuality should be celebrated,
Not chastised!
DARE to stand alone...Humanity NEEDS individuality!
Philomena May 30
"Before the truth will set you free, it'll **** you off
Before you find a place to be, you're gonna lose the plot
Too late to tell you now, one ear and right out the other one
'Cause all you ever do is chant the same old mantra"
Chase Pamplin May 28
it when
I am open to the deep reservoir of love in my heart.
I am loving and I am loved!
The mountain sleeps in the brightly fog.
Nature take this moment. And enjoy some pleassure self.
Resting in the silence waves.
Here and now, no past and future, just in moment.
Flora take the deepest breath and exhale composure.
Mind is light and clear.
Calmness and relax.
Nothing worry about.
Just be in moment now.
I feel whole bodys cells.
Whole body cells of me, myself and I.
Feels sleppy and close your eyes.
Johan Nel Apr 22
my smile
my now
my home

my smile
slight inside
half magic

my now
resting here
right here

my home
the breath
in out
© Johan Nel 22.04.2019
Meruem Apr 16
To have your life on a string,
And living through both ends - that's enough.
It is not always how hard you pull;
Sometimes, you gotta learn to let things go.
April 17, 2019 - 01:43

Trying to find all the good things amidst the bad..
Meruem Apr 7
While enjoying a good bottle of beer,
A close friend of mine told us:
You should all practice
"The Art Of Not Giving A ****."

I had an immediate idea of what it is about
But I wanted to have a deeper look on it.
As I scroll the book,
There was this one particular line that got me;

"This is why not giving a **** is so key.
This is why it’s going to save the world.
And it’s going to save it by accepting that the world is totally fvcked and that’s all right,
because it’s always been that way, and always will be."

People must take note of this:
Bad things happen and we reach rock bottom,
that's okay!
Stop hating yourself for being so bad and focus on continuosly watering yourself for you to grow.
April 8, 2019 - 01:26

Rose-colored boy still.
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