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You always transcend my sadness
with your hypnotic stillness,
your entrancing symphonies.

My thoughts go back to the banks of Langat*,
where one day a little boy sat alone,
just only five,
bewildered, in a canoe.

From the sea,
from the streams,
from the rain,
you chanted a calming mantra to soothe him,
calling him to dissolve
in your awe-inspiring presence.

Your aquamarine sheen paints
the intricacies of all that I'm.
In the cool blue depth of your stillness,
I long to create the tabernacle of my being.

Never I thought
your melodies could become
the war cry of a devilish psyche!

Today I'm perplexed,
when I hear the anguished human cries
from the twirls of your turbid anger.

I realise
you’ve become an enigma
that pulls me to the depths of a
crazy conundrum.

How many more shades of anger you hide
in the burning red heart of the mantra you chant
to give me a heavenly bliss, Oh Water?
* Langat is a river that separates Carey Island (Pulau Carey), an island in Selangor, Malaysia, from the Selangor coast.

NOTE: My love affair with water started when I was in my mother's womb! It continues even today. Water has become so integral to me that it sustains my spirit in its fullness!
Em MacKenzie Jul 13
I can't see anything but you
so I'll force myself to blink,
but I know it won't do
you're the first thing of I think.
Then I greet you before sleep;
I think I'll pour myself a drink,
But the cup never seems deep,
though in the depth I could sink.

Tell me a story
that's full of glory
and never sees heartbreak.
Make something for me
and please say sorry
that this was all a mistake.

Take me back in time
back to the sunshine
before the skies turned grey.
Please show me a sign
that this will all be fine,
and now this time you'll stay.

I can't see anything but you
so I stare directly to a wall,
but the paint of it is blue
and in time it's going to fall.
Even rubbing at my eyes
only causes it to stall,
we've been sharing the same skies
and listening to thunder's call.

Tell me a story
that's full of glory
and never sees heartbreak.
Ignore the gore scene
and all inbetween
even if the ending's fake.

Take me back in time
back to the sunshine
before the skies turned grey.
Ignore the bold line
this life is not mine
it wasn't meant to be this way.

And I can't see anything but you.
Ignore every other shade or hue.
I can't see anything but you.
You're stuck in my mind with glue.
And I can't see anything but you.
You're forever in my view.
I can't see anything but you,
but that's not something new.
Mazen Edlibi Jun 30
When you are blessed enough to someone

Being with you is a bless given by God!

Listening to your soul is a remedy for a tired soul!

Reading every single word from you like reciting a mantra of pure love among Angels!

A radical bond created beyond people terms and norms!

Silly...Funny...lightness...spontaneous...are the core of our moments!

Downs are met with faith...
Ups are felt with appreciation...

With all of that, a happy 1 paper anniversary, is not but a long life journey filled with amazing moments!

With that I face any moment even if it is painful, with joy and hope!

Thank you for the light you bring to us!
She spend million $
Thousand hours

I spend 1 min
Few clicks

The result is the same
Genre: Experimental
Theme: I think, you understand
Lyn-Purcell May 30
I will succeed. I will succeed.
Give me time, that's all
I need.
A personal mantra of mine...
I'm looking for the perfect line
A word to define
The thing I want to say to you
The thing to make it all
Come True

I'm trying to say
What it means to be this way
How we get lost in the issues
This stalemate of feelings

I try too hard everytime
Keeping the rhythm and the rhyme
Maybe the maybes become just eye-food
Maybe the poem is then
Just an Etude

It's better just said
Straight off the Tongue, bypass the Head
Maybe then our rhyme could resume
Maybe then what will be, may be
Poetically true
In a loose sense ETUDE is a study of form as a practice of a skill - usually refers to a musical form but hey, it works for me.
On behalf of all,
A common denominator




Diary of all Humans

What I did,

What I am doing

What I will do

You too, following
the same

The Heart stops running.
Theme: Human Race
Th-e-ink Well Feb 28
Life is better made making decisions rather than weighing consequence.
You give a try
Honesty got a way

Decently, she stayed

Put her in your eyes

Close it

Only then,
She will never go away.
Genre: Love
Theme: When, small things matter. Customize your way.
Adam Robinson Jan 23
It hurts so good.
It hurts so bad.
Why leave me alone?
When you can just be mad.

I don't wanna wait.
I don't wanna stay.
Can't you hear me?
When I lie I just fade away.

Prom evening sighs.
Drugged night highs.
Bedroom prison lows.
Head asylum blows.

Maybe if I just slowed down?
Maybe if I just stopped?
I could be myself.
I could breathe again.
Let The Melody Shine
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