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Meruem 1d
By the time we were born
We struggle, but keep on growing.
Undergo constant changes,
To be the best version of ourselves.
December 15, 2018 - 00:45

Someone made me realize that life goes on..
Amaris Dec 6
I like to play diplomat; it's hard to say no
Never the one who decides where we go
Affixed in place by the roots in the past
I hide behind everyone and choose to be last
So I also play victim more than I care to admit
Enough is enough, I've decided, that's it
I've wasted too much time on worry and fear
I think it's time to show the world that I'm here
Meruem Dec 3
A girl slowly dancing on the pole;
I was not in the right position,
It was not the ideal place,
Something's wrong however we put it.

I still have the letter and postcards,
The PO receipt i keep it with me.
As I about to post this poem,
Am still hungover post-downtime.
There's so much time ahead of me. After it all, I need to focus on the present, as this will build my future. Padayon~
Efa Nuryani Nov 16
Blissfully unaware
Under my spells
Your demon played along with my devil,
dancing magnificently in my magic storm
As in silenced mantra, I jubilantly celebrated your inchoate fall
Oh dear...

Evenoer. 2018
Meruem Oct 29
Do not give up.
It is not over.
The universe is balanced.
Every set-back bears with it the seeds of a comeback.
About that life.
Karijinbba Oct 21
Myo **
Renge Kyo
Nam Myo **
To defeat violent untimely death and to apeace karmatic enemies
I recite:
Aum Triambukam Jaya Mahe Sugandhim Pushtee
Bard Hanam, Urvaa Rukamiva
band Denaam Mrityor Mukshe
Ya Maambritaate.
By: Shankar Sahney youbube
The purpose is to avert disasters
enemy attacks untimely death a mystic power bestowing
granting long life immortality
swip clean of diseases and avert them an easier death
"Lord Shiva's blessings invoked."
Vibration of
this mantras mystic sounds
transform our cells within
renewing reballancing inner joys

This worked for me saving my life confusing karma's enemies

Money too is a form of energy
income naturally increased as my energy incresed.
If a competition has gone bad and opposing forces grow in power against me and
seemingly surrounded by opponents,
or if a long time adversary comes to the scene I
elevate my inner core joys for the win.
If with sadness and tears differences aren't reconciled,
if a dispute or wrong rules my day, or deep emotions arise
by undeserved injustices,
if a period of mournful contemplation over great loss or mistakes done returns,

I meditate! I FOCUS! I re evaluate
I am just, being genuine
who understands forgives King Queen or *****
being ever patient
believing  in second chances!

Yes, I've grown in stature
from within
if life's hardships and selfish people have shrank the inner life force of my spirit soul
down too low!

Some of us are even blessed
wearing the light of *** in hus or her face
I make sure to not project an angry canvas that's not my own,
for a benefactor, a Knight an old true love might see a fool
like mine did once, and lost it all.

tTo work on my self esteem
I am confident but not cocky
dearing but not foolhardy

before I could move forward
I had to right a wrong done without meaning to and pass whatever test is required to close any **** chasms.

When this is no longer possible
All I do is forgive myself
for being like Scarlett Buttler
"parrot phrasing"
hizzing words received back
and perceived a snake.

It's said ts neverwise to return evil
it tends to Back Fire on us.

By: Kariginbba
All R. Reserved.
One or two medically aborted regrets ARE mine alone to mourn.

and even One is ONE TOO MANY!
Not necesary MANY.
Meruem Oct 15
It's unbearable, indeed, to be a human.
All these uncertainties, not knowing what to do or what will happen next.
I am trying to walk outside just to find a world that's still beautiful.
I'll try to avoid the impulse to grieve what's still wild and alive.
For me to get by, I guess I'll have to continue being a rose-colored boy; your rose-colored boy.
If they spell
Evil to you

Be wise

Let them get paralyzed
By your kindness
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Response when have to
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