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They have brought me under the sky
No bed in hospital
I am dying
It's for the first time
Stars and moon
I amn't enjoying
They have brought me under the sky
No bed in hospital
I am dying
Breath isn't in
Breath isn't out
Give me oxygen
For me to survive
They have brought me under the sky
No bed in hospital
I am dying
Breath isn't in
Breath isn't out
Where's oxygen
Where's doctor
They had false hope
They had wrong notion
Once in the hospital
They would administer oxygen
Doctors would attend on me
I would be all right
Back home in a few days
Father's daughter
Mother's son
Would smile
Winning war against corona
They arrived
It's ordained otherwise
God of death
Pulling me out
My body I come out
I die in open air
Under the sky
Good bye, good bye!
Heidi Franke Feb 3
He Was Almost Home

He chinned is hand to his cheek
How quickly my stuble comes in he thought
It was just this morning that I shaved?

Will my wife still let me kiss her when I get home. I know she likes the smooth rather than the rough
But that is her. Smooth and rough around the edges too.
A strong person in my life is a great reward .

My daughter’s will be showing up for dinner
The food will be of *** roast that melts in your mouth
Potatoes they trick your palette into think you are eating in another country, India perhaps?
Maybe I will take her there some day.

She likes to travel as I do.
I enjoy the playfulness of adventure of the unknown.

Oh, the unknown. Another patient new into the hospital today

I have little knowledge of at this time, but a young boy of 14 just not following all society rules,
Keeps getting into trouble. No one has yet to diagnose him. It will take some time but I am sure
I can seek him out to understand him.

That is what I do so well. I am a good doctor.

I can understand where people and
Youth especially, are coming from. The mind set.  

My mind is set on the *** roast. I can smell it know.
She always makes homemade bread buns. The smells as I walk in are intoxicating. I love my family…….

*Sudden crash to my side with such force, my car rolls twice. All air bags lite up. I swear their were 10!
Not one of them saved me.
What struck me?!

Oh yes, my wife, the girls, the *** roast I remember now how much I love them.

Those are the last thought’s I imagine could have been going through Dr. Arthur Miller’s mind
The moment my son’s car t-***** into Mr. Millers at what must have been a very high
Rate of speed.

Miller’s car turned over twice and landed right side up on its tires. My sons car on its side
Perpendicular to Mr. Millers on a street corner in the grass of someone’s yard
So much debris strewn around from my sons car he was living in.
My son’s neck broken, his chin bleeding profusely, his disorientation.

And what of the person recklessly chasing my son?
Who was there to help? Who was first? What trauma are they recovering from?
Dr. Arthur Miller was almost home.

Just a few more blocks
And how on either side of that eventful moment
Why were not a second or two given leeway, one way or another so this never happened?

What kind of foolish time and choices prevented Mr. Miller from giving his wife and daughters
Gruff whisker kisses as the timer on the oven went off when the biscuits were done as he entered his peaceful home.
I never arrived says Mr. Miller.

I was almost home.
Sinking, feeling antsy
Pink fingernails dancing
Sinking feeling, antsy
about my psychiatrist
Scarlet McCall Oct 2020
Your left knee is arthritic,
Your spine is warping too
Your reactions aren’t so quick
And you’re often in the loo,
But we cannot help you
Your time is simply due.
It’s normal for your age.

Your skin’s become quite dry
As well as your nether parts
Your outfit isn’t fly
And you’re far more prone to farts
But it’s been written in the cards
It’s been sung by many bards
It’s normal for your age.

You tell me it’s an illness
And you want it treated fast
I’m afraid it’s your willfulness
You weren’t designed to last
The diagnosis is that your youth is in the past
We won’t treat your condition; the die’s already cast.
It’s normal for your age.
If I hear this phrase one more time...
Pinanday ka ng panahon
May tapang na hindi
basta sumusuko,
sa lahat ng laban
wala kang inuurungan,

Agimat mo ay katapangan
na umagaw mula sa kalaban.
Buo at tibay ng iyong loob
ano man ang iyong sagupain
walang di kakayanin.

laban mo’y hindi biro
Una kami sa iyong puso
Bago ang iyong pagkatao
Karamay ka, sa bawat
along bumubugso.

Ikaw ang bagong bayani
ng ating lipi na nagbabalik
ng kulay at sigla bitbit
ang bandila na may kisig
at buong katapangan.
Dedicated to all frontliners and to all great leaders.
Damian Murphy Apr 2020
A heartfelt thanks to all going
To work on the front line knowing
You are stepping into harms way,
Risking your lives every day
In caring for, and comforting
All those in pain and suffering.
For the fantastic job you do,
Stepping up when we needed you,
For the sacrifices you make
And the daily risks you take,
The country should never forget
We are forever in your debt.
You are true heroes all of you
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…….
Nidhi Apr 2020
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a superhero
she saves the world
leaves no soul behind
defends the saints from the devils
soars through the maze of fear
I can't wait to be a superhero
Thank you to the doctors and nurses helping us through tough times
Abbas Mar 2020
In times like these we must beware,
for we know not when end is near,
know your purpose in this world,
for time has come to be sincere.
To all those people fighting bold,
whose days are long and nights are cold,
for you and I they risk their lives,
so now’s the time to make them smile.
Give them strength and power too,
for we know not what they go through.
Show respect, support them too:
to all those angels, we need you.
For all those who risk their lives every single day for the safety of others: you are special in this world and you need to be told that. The world must show its gratitude to the warriors that help get humanity through unimaginable crises such as the prevailing one. They deserve love, respect and appreciation.
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