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Who is this young girl,
Thinking she has the right to be in my office?
I pretend to be nice,
I do all the tests,
After all, I can’t risk her suing for neglect.

I comfort her, by telling her it’s stress,
Indeed yes, this is all in her head.
I let her tell me all of her symptoms,
She must be a hypochondriac because how else would she have come up with all of that?
Nevertheless, so she can’t say I haven’t done my job,
I send her for an MRI and EEG,
I also use my favourite words:
I tell her it’s nothing sinister.

I can’t believe she’s wasting my time,
She has anxiety, her brain is all fine!
Now that I’ve ridden her off of my list,
I can move onto to patients, who are actually sick.
She walks in looking young and healthy,
Does she really expect me to believe her?
She’s too young to be sick, and all her tests say are that she needs a psychiatrist, not a neurologist.
I give the advice I’ve learnt from my medical degree, “just get on with life and do whatever you were doing. Go to university, you’ll be just fine! You can’t keep relying on your family forever.”
Poor them, they must be really fed up of her,
She’s just too lazy to make her own food, to get out of bed, to go alone to the toilet unaided.
Yeah, she can still go to university, it’s not like she needs 24/7 care in case she falls down the stairs!

I tell her she doesn’t need those crutches that she uses,
I tell her she’s wrong about social anxiety, although she says it’s much better and I’ve only known her five minutes,
She’s just stressed, her diagnosis is functional.

Six months later her MRI and EEG are normal,
But I already knew it would be,
I advise her doctor to sort her out with a psychiatrist, even though she’s already seen one because I don’t get paid to actually listen to people.
A year later and she’s trying to get another neurologist appointment?
We can’t be having that, let’s make her referral disappear!
She’s told an ophthalmologist she’s having temporary loss of vision, flashes of light?
Who even cares? It’s just in her mind.
She’s chased up how her urgent referral hasn’t be fulfilled in a month,
I guess I’ll have to write her doctor a letter then,
I’ll say it’s just migraine auras because when I saw her she was fine.
She’s only pretending to be disabled,
After all it’s functional so she must be pretty messed up inside.

I’m a doctor so people know I’m smart,
So I get good money,
I don’t need to actually believe my patients and look for things that are not obvious to see.
I’ll make sure she feels like she’s going crazy and will never be helped or believed.
David Adamson Mar 14
N.  N is for neurologist.  
What does the neurologist say?
“Nothing seems to be wrong.
Your net recall seems normal.
You seem to remember most nouns and the news.
Nothing serious,
No need to worry.”

I don’t quite remember driving here.
This is Bethesda, right?
And your name is…?

P.  P is for psychologist.
The P. is silent.
So is the psychologist.
I talk and talk.
My energy level is high today,
even though I got no sleep last night.  
I want to write a poem and run a partial marathon.
I love people.
People are so beautiful.
“Only connect,” said E.M. Forster.
Am I talking too much?
How does that make me feel?
Just great!  Not like yesterday,
when I wanted to jump into the Potomac
from Key Bridge.
P is also for Potomac.
The psychologist speaks.
I need a new pill.

E. E is for endocrinologist.
What does the endocrinologist say?
“Eat. You’re an enigma.
You are losing weight.
We don’t know why.
We’ve checked everything
and can’t find evidence
of enemies in your endocrine system.
Enjoy some eclairs, eggplant, eggs benedict.
Life is short, endulge!  
Hopefully not too short.

O. O is for oncologist.
Oh oh.
Tony Tweedy Mar 14
I sought help from you and all your kind.
To fix the cracks formed in my mind.
I reached out because all was dark.
In desolation without a spark.
Consulting you because my mind had flipped.
I don't recall the name of pills on that script.
So many now that have come and gone.
So many kinds you've had me on.
My mind and body with side effect.
Years and years of that neglect.
Going cold while changing types.
Try something new with all its hypes.
Still waving like a drowning man.
And despite my plea no change of plan.
Is this all your education can do?
What really is the point of you?
Years of drugs and threats of E.C.T
Do you know the new cracks you made for me?
I wont medicate this stuff not one more pill.
Not one of my mental cracks did it fill.
Feeling better just being drug free.
Thank you Doc for helping me.
I have lost a little faith in doctors
chloe Jan 25
I am tired of all the meds
The meds make me blurry
They are evil
They look for your weak spots and attack
Just got back from the doctors and they prescribed me a NEW medication to add on the 5 I already take.
Luna Jay Jan 18
We planted the forest to hide one tree.
We our drowning our fish to flood polluted seas.
Brothers, capturing others does not self free.
Mother Earth is dying. Sisters, hear her pleas.
Constructing iceboxes to contract the big freeze.
Cloning our society; the big keyhole squeeze.
Cancer floats in the air- Doctors begin to wheeze.
Father Time…
Look at what you´ve done to me.
Luna Jay Dec 2018

They poke and ****.


I don’t fit you description of a ******-

So doctor, jump me.

I didn’t ask for the

Endless sob-

The rejection of fleshing

My health and anxieties

Into human form again.

You’re not a friend,

You’re a judgmental man

In a lab coat

Who denotes his time to

Giving patients unanswered answers

And more pills.

I’m never going to be sorry

I do not fit into this

Patriotic Addiction

That has taken so many from me-

How dare you…
Temporal Fugue Dec 2018
The words will someday bury me, eternally, eventually
a specter that none can venture, or see
and yet, will always be

My ghost now in periphery, essentially, unequivocally
just some paranoid activity
spirits wild, and free

A presence, apparition, without material definition
no clarity from any position
a deteriorated condition

The doctor, from his elevated premonition
pumping me full, and mentally dull
with no chance in ****
of any recognition
I don't understand dulling the mind to everything in the name of alleviating pain, it doesn't make sense IMO :(
Iska Dec 2018
You stick us all together
And declare we are the same
As if we all don’t have a different
Tolerance to pain
Grace Summers Nov 2018
I wanna share a joke,
And my life is one;
I guess so am I, myself,
And how it all begun.

So it went like this,
I was born one day.
The doctor cut my ****,
And he had to sew it up some way.

I was crying too loud,
So he didn't tell my dad.
Just ran away from the OT,
Me in his arms, bleeding bad.

He didn't tell no soul
Why the **** he ran.
And when he had sewn me up,
He looked at his clothes, said, "Oh, man!"

He rushed back nonetheless,
Me again in his arms.
Bundled up and quiet,
Grinning as if saying, "He did me no harm."

He took me to the OT,
And everyone gasped at the blood.
He said, "Don't worry.
It's not mine, it's hers!"
My life began in a weird but funny way and not many people know how. My parents got to know about this incident after hours of me being born.
Josh Nov 2018
For years
all I have yearned for
Is health.

The pills, the needles
the doctors, the lights
the fear, the hurting.

For years
I have abused my body more
and more.

The razors, the *****
the hitting, the starvation
the fear, the hurting.

the fear, the hurting

the fear
the hurting

the fear.

the hurting.

My only escape is death.
isn't it?
this one is a few months old, but i have wished and wished to share it. so here <3
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