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May 2018
These are our sisters, mothers, wives,
And all of Irelands daughters lives
Being put at risk so needlessly,
Devalued oh so callously!

The truth is, there’s no denying,
Women have died with more dying
Who could have been saved possibly
If there had been more honesty?

When the problem first came to light
That some test results were not right
The first thing that should have been done
Was to inform everyone.

Alas, all those in power chose
The facts, the truth not to disclose
To women who in tests had faith  
β€˜Til for many it was too late

How can it have become the norm
To coldly choose not to inform
Women when smears are positive,
To give them the best chance to live?

The facts cannot be argued yet,
Though facing needless early death,
They force them down the legal route
Rather than own up to the truth.

How can there be any defence
When the truth is the difference
For many between life and death?
What justice can they hope to get?

Why add to their pain, suffering,
Why not now just do the right thing
By these women failed so badly?
Though for some β€˜tis too late sadly.

The choice to cover up and lie
Knowing many women could die
While in no way done in our name
Is to Irelands eternal shame.

The politicians promise change,
The Health System to rearrange
Forgetting they have been remiss
As they presided over this.

What use to grieving families
Platitudes and apologies?
No change can justify the cost
Of mothers, sisters, daughters lost.
This poems captures my thoughts on the cervical screening scandal which has resulted in many women dying or developing terminal cancer due to receiving incorrect results, which when discovered,  women were not informed of for years; often when it was too late.
Damian Murphy
Written by
Damian Murphy  Dublin
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