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Lexie Rose Apr 11
I never thank you for being the sole orange-blossom in my garden.
Laughter fills your pockets and spills into the air like bubbles, adhering to all who pass.
Only you know how to turn anger into flowing yellow carnations and chocolate swirls.
Vibrant amber sun-eyes glint on your face; you elevate me with your common sense and faith.
Every night, when I was little, you crocheted a quilt of stories in my head so I could sleep.
Your touch turns my tears into dragon-flies fluttering
Off my cheeks, reminding me that I am never alone.
Upon my shoulders, I wear your strength as a jacket against the cold.
An acrostic poem about my mom and all she does for me
Lexie Rose Apr 10
Ivory leaves sprouting from your knuckles
light streaming through your lashes
as snowflakes braiding your stone fingers
moving reaching for the sun
bark ascends from the earth raising you
becoming you encasing you in a sheath of Laurel
roots journey from your feet exquisite as butterfly wings
hair turns to foliage Evergreen
Based on the Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo.
Time moves so ******* slow
And life likes to hit me when I'm already low
But I know for sure that you're gonna be here
You're always gonna be here by my side.

Maybe life is moving too fast
Making me question if it'll even last
But I know for sure that you're gonna be here
You're always gonna be here by my side.

It's the way that you talk to me
Like I'm the fallen star you've been wishing on
The way that you hold me tight
And the way that you keep me strong
I know that true love exists
And it's looking me right in the eyes
The world would shatter and break
If we ever had to say our goodbyes.
JMS <3
Inked Quill Apr 2019
In a world of music
And images
In her mind
She sleepwalked
Through life
Watering the roses
With her blood
Looking through
The mirrors
The cellar dwellers
Waited for her
To be one of their own…
Inked Quill Mar 2019
I guess
We fell apart
In the most
Usual way
But then why
Does it hurt
When I see you
In the crowd everyday...
Inked Quill Mar 2019
Addictively sweet
Soaking wet
Moist tongue
Doused fervor
Brewing storm
At her engorged fruit
Inked Quill Mar 2019
Very slowly
I rise
Of my body
Lying still
Inside the box
I move up
For a glimpse
Of the body
So empty inside
Sans me...
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