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Ady Jul 2014
Once they've caught you
they'll take off the veil of pleasantry and manners-
to reveal the swine underneath; the wolf if you will.
Something I found scribbled on my journal.
9.9k · Apr 2014
An affair with Death
Ady Apr 2014
Life is my current lover.
I swig her ephemeral taste from my cupped hands
worried as the golden, shimmering liquid rushes through
creases and cracks in my jaded hands.
Her mood varies through my stages;
at times she is of doting temper and roseate kisses
but when love evades her, most often than not,
her calloused hands damage the pearly flesh in tender
and discontent paints a surly mood as she digs her crimson
brush against the canvas of my self.
Life is my inconsistent lover,
sometimes doting but most often than not abusive.
So I vowed my eternal devotion to Death.
We escape under the dark canopy of starless wings;
a tryst.
I eat of the forbidden feasts in the Kingdom of Hades,
grains of scarlet pomegranates staining my chapped lips.
Death has promised me perpetuity.
But until Life decides to release me from her capricious temper,
I shall long for the wintry, rainy comfort of my drowsy affair.
Ady Sep 2014
There is a blood clot in the center of Imagination Street,
I can feel it.
It blocks the path that follows through Creative Avenue
where cars horn, roar and protest, curse and smother with
a simple look of “Move the **** on!”
And yet no paramedic can remove the jumper that
lays from austere insipid life.
It's a victim of routine they say, jumped from the nearest skyscraper
hoping to touch the sky but fell miserably on to the streets.
There is an aberration stretched over the streets, I can feel it
because it's me.
Apologies for such a long absence many things have happened above all a **** writer's block asdfd!
So er what to do? Write away the ******* block
6.9k · Aug 2014
To my stranger,
Ady Aug 2014
I am to see to it that I never find you,
dear my stranger.
Because if what Steven Chbosky said was
indeed true,
"We accept the love we think we deserve."
Then, I sure do not believe I deserve you.
Just playing around with Walt Whitman's "To a stranger" and being inspired by the quote from "The perks of being a wallflower".
5.4k · Sep 2014
Jealous of your cigarette
Ady Sep 2014
I am jealous of your cigarette,
won't you place your lips against mine instead?
A dance of rapid breaths.

I'm jealous of your cigarette,
of how delicately you seem to hold it
and yet never let it go until, of course,
it burns your fingers;
but I promise I'll never do such a thing as hurt you.

I am jealous of your cigarette,
of the aftertaste and the time it takes away from you,
of how you confide in the smoke in times of desperation.

I'll be here, your addiction,
you won't need to light me up;
and leave you a better taste.
Uh, the product of listening to Arctic Monkeys at 1 a.m
4.1k · Jul 2014
The invention of light
Ady Jul 2014
The light mankind has created although useful
has dulled and perhaps even made them blind
to the immaculate beauty of the night sky
and warm rays of sunshine days.
Now, it's not an argument or a condemnation
it is simply a sigh and an accommodation.
Just thoughts I found on an old notebook.
3.8k · Feb 2015
not a lipstick
Ady Feb 2015
I took a blade home and tried it on
my skin as you would to a nice new
shade of lipstick.
It suited my skin and was long lasting.
I'm addicted; so much that I reapply it
every day.
Finally I've found, the perfect shade to
compliment my skin tone.
3.2k · Mar 2014
Carton heart of chocolates
Ady Mar 2014
There the irony,hardly lost in me,
as the scarlet wrapping, of a heart,
now vacant of chocolates
lies wasted in the pile of my *******.
I barely found this small, unfinished piece dating back to Valentine's day which I completely forgot to post.
I might finish it later, or leave as it is. We'll see.
3.1k · Apr 2014
Girl interrupted (10w)
Ady Apr 2014
Girl interrupted,
because my values don't consent to your norm.
I'll make another version of this later
2.9k · Mar 2014
Misconceived reality
Ady Mar 2014
She hopes, silently, that he will chase her,
catch her in his embrace and smother her
with feverish kisses.
He wants to glance back, towards the stinging
sun, towards the opposite direction she has stayed in
and beacon her with words of licorice.
She wishes to let her voice drown the antagonistic
opposition to their current disposition and listen
attentively to reciprocated admissions.
But they cannot, will not, because
this is not a fairy tale, this is not a fantasy, this
is the sad reality of both decisions.
And so torn apart between letting go or
catching to,
they walk away towards opposite directions.
2.8k · Mar 2014
Must be magic
Ady Mar 2014
You're a wizard, I should know.
Capture my thoughts with memory spells,
Enrapture my eyes with the charms of yours, and
quicken my beats with a grin of your lips.
Gravity ceases with a snap of your fingers.
Yes, you're a wizard, I whisper,
because no muggle could possess the magic
hold you mantain in my self.
2.7k · Apr 2014
A car ride away from freedom
Ady Apr 2014
Come and pick me up, in your worn down
car , I don't much care about the chipped paint.
Where do you want to go?
Anywhere, take me far away from the confines
of my prison,
let's ride around alien towns at night and settle in the
comfort of leather seats,
let's go visit the Grand Canyon as the tangerine
sun settles in the cradle.
And once your car gives up on us,
let's take a train to the ends of earth.
Please, help me run away from life because
I've just realized it isn't mine.
I'll be there soon.*
Please, don't take too long.
My feelings today
2.6k · May 2013
Symphony of Decadence
Ady May 2013
The curtain of night descend upon the sky. It is aphonic, psychotic and dark.
Perpetually calling for daylight, but it is hours before the sun can, if, reply.
Those remote, desolate hours are intolerable, hurtful.
They bring the piercing screams of silence and poignancy.
My wasteland is inhabited with moribund trees in the middle of spring.
This world knows regrets and disingtegrating logic.
Although the constant clouds conceal my world, no sign of rain befalls the thirsty earth.
The trees curved to the scorched ground, seeking mercy, weary and restless of this static infertility.
The throats of the passing birds have dried, no song can brighten the sky.
Insipid and dimlit, not even the sun can filter through the clouds or the thickness of the fog.
Somewhere in this world my body awaits demise.
This decaying rationality bringing peril and incoherence, not a breeze or a murmur of rain,
to quench the aching and consuming thirst.
I beg in silence, but the words seem to hang confined in this inclemency, alone 'till my waking hour.
The curtain has not risen, the night still falls in place.
How long before I can succumb to oblivion and quiesce this raging, tormentig thoughts?
There is no answer to follow the question because I am this world's, this hell's, this limbo, wretched creator.
And so with cracked lips, with ragged breath and stinging chest I remain in the inside of this deserted, and cracked state of mind.
2.4k · Dec 2014
Ady Dec 2014
I never cry in front of people anymore.
But when I did it was sonorous and wailing
clinging for support, gasping for more air.
And after the storm had passed and the sea was bright
there was nothing but the quiet and the joy.
I'd drained the worst in to a handkerchief and dumped it
in the bin.

Now, years have passed and life has taught me
one too many tales.
I now know to weep softly, softly in despair
as the scalding water of the shower hides
tears and muffles sounds.
Because those I thought cared lied and went away.
Sorry I've been away, I got sick and people are *****.
2.4k · Oct 2016
Like an open book
Ady Oct 2016
i'm going to write all over my body,
show you the stories upon the heart
inside my sleeve
i love books so much i'll become one,
just for you;
you can turn the pages with the tips of your
fingers and  read between the lines-
just for you, i'll open up my cover without fear
of being torn apart,
you can add your own writings,
i want our stories to interwine.
i'll let you press your lips to the bones inside my spine,
skip the pages, go back and re-read my lines;
you can hold me in your hands
or throw me against the wall.

i know i can be cryptic and maybe i ask too much,
ocassionally i talk in metaphors,
give you hints about the story inside my skin
but i also know you love that most about me;
i make turns and twist the plot just as i please
to appease the hunger you hold when i'm a tease.

i won't let you put me down,
have you entranced and falling deeper,
forget the sleep, the night will be for reading-
you'll crave me like an addict, desperate for
the next line.

let me write on my body,
explore the passages inside me,
i'll keep you guessing, searching for the ending
but i know i won't write you one,
this is the one of you and I;
our one thousand and one nights.
This had a different ending but I like this one better haha...
2.3k · Jul 2014
Of metaphors and unmade beds
Ady Jul 2014
This morning I sat contemplating the wrinkled sheets of
my night of restless slumber-
I thought of the possibility behind contacting you and being
denied or sitting here and believing in the multi-verse theory.

When I was younger I took comfort in the thought of different
worlds which equate to multiple plausible outcomes.
I thought that if it rained here,
out there, another me would enjoy a sunshine bliss.
And so, by that logic, there is a universe in which you answer
positively, negatively,
one which we never met
and another which we are together from the beginning.
If so, does that mean this universe is the one of regret?

I am staring at my undone bed fully aware it won't make itself,
but I can't help and ponder that in another universe things once
broken put themselves together.
However, of action and inaction,
of to be and not to be;
this world demands and answer.
Thus this morning I make my bed quite early and wait for a reaction.
To or not to
stupid indecision
2.3k · Nov 2014
The punchline
Ady Nov 2014
Life's a joke;
death's the punchline.
Now let's all laugh.
Hello, it's been awhile. Hope everyone's well.
I need help with the title again, sorry.
2.2k · Aug 2014
Deep sea blues
Ady Aug 2014
I am a cold, bleak and weary melody;
Forced out of guitar strings, alone,
a solitary piece made by a starving man.
My low notes bring down the sturdiest ship,
dragging its corpse to lay down on the sea-floor.

I am a low pitch plea of woeful "help me";
a drowning man swallowing water as his
mouth seeks the air.
My voice is wispy smoke of years of no use,
contaminating the very lungs from which it originates
And sleep, she is a blissful siren.
Bringing me to underwater caverns-
chanting and humming melodies as the pressure
takes me down under and my eyes close in surrender.

I am more dead than my corpse will ever be;
just an empty sea-shell-
no pearl, no life.
I found this on an old note book. It dates back when I was in the shallow waters of depression.
Such horrible times, it gave me a sense of vertigo just by thinking about it, hopefully I'll never sink back under.
2.2k · Feb 2016
death and rebirth
Ady Feb 2016
I'm waiting in the night
by the red of the light.
I've been left out
under the touch of the rain;
like a photograph
my memories are fading.
Colors dripping,
down the streets streaming;
washed out words are pouring,
down the sewer dripping.

I'm monochromatic,
blind to a world of sheep.
At a standstill,
open arms ready to accept
the sky or ground;
rejecting and forsaking
rejected and forsaken.
A fool in a journey of redemption.
might edit
2.1k · Oct 2014
Shoutout (a poem for you)
Ady Oct 2014
To my first follower,
for taking the courage to click on the tab.
To my first like,
for taking precious moments reading my design.
To the ones who followed after,
for taking notice of my mind in pixelated patterns.
To all who shall come after,
I won't ignore the precious deed.

Thank you for the ones who stayed
as well as those who could not take any more of this ****.
I know I am depressing, banal and even dull at times but
for each and everyone of you who thinks I am worth a heart;
I could not have asked for a better companion who shares
this lovely craft.

Let's continue awhile longer,
reading and writing
listening and trying
and since this is getting a bit tacky I'll end it here
remind all of you that I appreciate that seemingly simple click.
A poem for each and everyone one of you! Thank you for everything so far and I love you all!
No, really, it's true. I feel like I know you guys, nothing is more baring and true than a poet's rhymes in their writings.
2.1k · Oct 2014
Autumn falls
Ady Oct 2014
And then it hit me;

it had nothing to do with the fact that I tripped over a rock
fell and scraped my knee, crushed orange leaves and marred
them against me-it'd be tricky to get this off in one wash.

I was caught by an overdue epiphany;

it had been chasing me since the beginning of everything but
I promise it was not the reason I jogged each and every season
back and forth-which I suppose also was metaphorically.

Nothing was going to change;

I got up and brushed my raw hands on my ***** pants,
mud stuck to the heel of them and trickles of sweat fell down and
made everything that much colder-windy city.

If I kept waiting;

my breath came is white puffs, rapid and elevated,
the sun broke through the thin barrier of gray clouds and I swore
just a bit at the state of my ripped pants.

For someone to come and alter it;

my legs were burning at the sudden discontinuity of motion and thus
I got up and stretched once more- my knee was bleeding- inhaled deeply
the scent of crushed leaves and began my journey home.

It was me all along;

Children played,undisturbed by the chilly breezes of Autumn,
they fell and laughed merrily as though falling was just a sanguine
thing to do.

And it wasn't easy, I know;

The wind took the tiny tangerine hats off trees, blowing, howling,
the leaves soared at the mercy of nature's cycle-death and rebirth-
and suddenly my excuse of “what's the point? I'll die anyway.”
seemed petty and amusing.

I needed to change to change things.

A child, unafraid of pain, dove unto a pile of gathered leaves,
disappeared in a midst of orange and red after emerging
flushed and jolly, snickering and snorting. I crossed the road
and reached the door.
And after I let water fall and take away the dirt, a stray leaf had
made its way to my hair and I did not throw it away but kept it
as a reminder of the tumble I took to fall to this conclusion.

Autumn fell unto my world, feathers bright like the plumage of
a Phoenix bird in flight.
True story, of a rather obvious thing I had ignored for a long time.
1.9k · Jan 2014
Ady Jan 2014
There is a dull ache in the pit of my bossom-
maddening and riveting as the alcohol scalds
my tongue, my throat and settles in my stomach.
Far away,
In the different weather and scent of-
streets, alleways and my bed not quite the same.
Long way from home,
Amidst a place not quite my taste-
missing and kissing in the the corner streets.
Epiphany as the place; that is not quite the same,
reminds me that it is not the missing piece;
Rather, that I am the lonesome traveller.
A stranger, a moribund
In this far away land of sorrow and of memory.
Long way, homesick in the vast expanse of-
memory lane;
A place not quite the same as the one left behind.
Travelled for winter vacation to the place I spent most of my childhood. No longer home, I don't belong there anymore.
1.9k · Sep 2014
Life in technicolor
Ady Sep 2014
We're but a collection of monochrome films,
each it's own color.
Pixels on a screen,
giving life its big animated motion picture.

You are the absence of color in our cinema screen;
I am the absorption or combination of all combined;
So why then, when reflected through a prism your light
gives a rainbow?
It must be the light versus a color, without the light there is
no Technicolor.

We're but a composition of a continuous film,
and ensemble of the cinema of life.
1.8k · Apr 2014
Ady Apr 2014
Because I can't literally run away,
I go for jogs in sun drenched days.
Because tragedy is in my life,
I always turn back around.
1.7k · Oct 2014
Dear lonely ol' you,
Ady Oct 2014
I just want to let you know,
you don't go unnoticed;
I see you.

PS. But it'd be great if you could
come a little closer and thus then
I could hold you and tell you
everything is going to be okay.

                                                                   A friend who truly cares.
Just a reminder to everyone and myself.
1.7k · Apr 2014
The Beast within
Ady Apr 2014
The beast within, me, thrashes against its cage,
It is desperate for possession, dominace, and adoration.
It writhes with the madness of jealousy, it wants you.
To make you thoughtless and craving only but my name upon your lips.
Shattered and defenseless; to use my body as your cover and protection.
This selfish desires from the beast within.
It growls and gnawshes its teeth as you talk happily to another
touching them in friendly manner; heed poised to other.
It is irrational and mad; it knows-
Though careless and savage is the beast within us.
It wants to push you against the wall,
bound your hands and hold your mind.
Only this and nothing more.
However, for now and ever, the beast within my barred castle-
silently and wantonly stares at its prey; so close and yet so far away;
as you smiles completely oblivious.
God, ignorance is bliss, it silently thinks;
The beast within.
Jealousy is a terrible thing.
Old thing by the way, just had the courage to post it now hehe
I'm creepy, sorry!
1.6k · Jul 2014
Lost and never found
Ady Jul 2014
There's a box out back
Where? I don't know,
and yet I've fallen here
in the infinite dark of:
"Lost and (not) Found."
Again I apologize for my abscence I will try and post regularly!
Love you all for still keeping up with me haha...
1.5k · Apr 2014
How does a poem mean?
Ady Apr 2014
Our choice of poison is devotion,
too much: inebriated.
too little: insufficient.
Our choice of diction, susceptible,
an anomaly: dissected in a lab table.
Poked by: forceps wielded by
gloved hands.
There is no mystery to our misery,
because the venom of our loneliness
is a composition of our aesthetics.
I do love to analyze poems, however I disagree with some that there is one single meaning to a poem.
1.5k · Oct 2015
leaves in autumn
Ady Oct 2015
Pining for a love that never was,
I listen to the crooning voices of jazz.
Boy, you made me tumble, you made me fall,
I lay at night dreaming of lips that never met.

Pining for you, I'm sad and lonely,
This are the autumn's blues of such life.

The orange leaves outside fall,
my rain in autumn.
The wind howls through the night,
forlorn whispers of your name.

I'm pining for you,
you who made me tumble, who made me fall,
I'm a leave on the winds of autumn,
Boy, I'm howling for you tonight.
Fall, autumn
1.5k · Jul 2014
The idea of you
Ady Jul 2014
I fell in love with the idea of you.
You know,
that unrealistic belief that the moon is made of cheese,
that I can walk above the water,
that people who fall in love live "happily ever after".
Oh you know,
that meeting you was fate, destiny, chance-and
God I want another-
and not simply coincidence mocking and plucking my
But I was terrified of the hypothesis I formed of you,
of testing the conjecture and getting appalling and
contradicting results.
to protect the fictional character of my book,
I clenched my teeth and walked right past you.
Is it strange to miss someone I barely got to know?
Give me another chance! haha...
1.5k · Mar 2014
Drowning, in a sense
Ady Mar 2014
I've drowned before, in a literal sense of the word.
I, fancying myself adept, bored of shallow waters
dived in to the depths.
However, proving my pride quite wrong, the water
submersed me with its innate and temperate nature
to a world void of breath or zephyr.
I flailed my arms, and kicked my feet; but to the
sapphire liquid my efforts came quiet inept.
Understanding my current disposition, I left myself be
My lungs wailed and burned, the irony hardly lost,
and as I sank towards the muted pit of abysmal blue
I construed of Love's similar tactics.
Because now that I am drowning in the loveliness of
your undiluted singularity;
the resonance of sound, when around you, is dulled by
the  euphony of your voice,
my lungs have a lack of oxygen and the tilt of the colors
of the spectrum are vibrant and mesmerizing.
I've drowned before, in a metacognitive sense of the word.
I, more experienced, don't fancy myself a great swimmer,
because in the torrents of your sea, I am but a mariner
lost in the sublime beauty of exquisite waters.
Don't know if I like the title, perhaps I'll change it later?
1.4k · Apr 2014
The art of minimalism (10w)
Ady Apr 2014
Express more with the freedom
which simplicity can bring us.
1.4k · Sep 2014
An obscene nighttime
Ady Sep 2014
I want to ******* against the wall
until you murmur my name like pleading to a saint.
On your knees begging the devil for release,
gasping, writhing, stripped of all formality-
we'll make the cold moon blush and hide.

I'll teach you sleep is not the only thing to succumb to
at night,
to measure time in breathless sighs and pray to
another God.

I want to have you,
until you forget your name and remember but mine.
Sweating in the night, bodies intertwined.
I'll let you eat from my red apple if you share yours with mine.
Blame it on nine inch nail's "closer"
1.4k · Mar 2014
Stuck here (10w)
Ady Mar 2014
Sometimes, I don't know,
whether I move to or fro.
Whoa, sorry for the overflow it seems this windy and weary weather inspires me.
1.4k · Dec 2015
cigarette kisses
Ady Dec 2015
Stay up all night thinking of you,
of cigarette kisses that never happened,
the after taste of mint in my tongue.

I'm drunk,
But I know clearly all I've wanted is you.

You're head on the pillow
the dreams are out the window,
In the morning you'll pretend and continue your day.

Cigarette kisses,
I'm addicted to the the nicotine hanging off your tongue.

Good morning regret, remember me?
You know me too well,
I'm here at the back waiting on your bed.
Let's stay up all night,
I'm the only company you've got.

You're drunk,
drowning sorrow with some stranger's warmth.

I'm back;
tell me about how lonely you are,
I will try to kiss you and pretend,
when the sun breaks through the window,
about how bad we are for each other.

Cigarette smoke, mint kisses;
we're addicts to this cancer but, ****,
I need you at night when I'm most lonely.

We're drunk, love,
let's drag this in the covers and
burn our fingers with the ashes.
Maybe I'll edit it, maybe I won't.
1.3k · May 2013
Ady May 2013
How long has it been since there was a sound?
Nothing changes, even the moon is constant.
Darkness envelopes me whole, not even a single star in this artificial sky.
A little part deep inside wonders,
Can I lay here until I fall asleep?
Madness sickeningly clungs to my throat,
It scratches and bites it until I can scream no more.
Ady Dec 2014
Maybe the thumping of my heart had not matched
the clicking of your steps because only then would it
explain the havoc on the floor.
It's not your fault, I'm sorry;
it simply fell out of my sleeve and you trampled over it.
Nonetheless, I'm tripping over you once again
but all I find is the pavement to catch me as I fall.
I might edit this later?
Also, excuse the long bouts of nothingness.
Just realized the title is misleading haha oh well I might use it again to talk about drugs
1.3k · Sep 2014
The courtship of an idea
Ady Sep 2014
It dances in the darkened corners of galaxies,
sleeps amongst collections of brilliant stars.
Sways with the tug and push of merry tides
bringing sweet little shells for someone to find.

Ever patient awaiting its turn in the medleys of planets,
a persistent idea over the linear logic of time.
Its lashes are made of stardust and its aspirations bud with time,
it dreams of the waking world when all is still and silent,
stirs in ebony blankets,
willing the sunlight to dawn and sift to illuminate its opalescent

It skirts the boundaries of a seeking mind,
giving furtive glances of its outline
seducing a victim to fill in the lines.

A tool for an artists' oeuvre.
This is for Joe Cole's creativity challenge which was extremely fun!
1.3k · May 2013
Toxic Imagery
Ady May 2013
The vile of acid touches his tongue,

It is bitter, burning and horribly wrong.

Lost or found, anything goes.

His slipping mind and this aching crime.

Everything ruptures corrupted by life,

even white in the black shallow mime.

Stupid, dumb-****. Why can't he talk?

The shadows dance on the dark,

alluring and cunning giving a spark.

Observe the scorching rays of light!

Neon and blinking on this gruesome night.

The spinning, spiralling world, and this opening void,

Every thing confusing this young, troubled boy.

Look at him! Look at him dance,

to the tune of an aphonic trance.

Blurred reflections on condensed mirrors,

terrible headaches, and vicious tempers,

Everything shifting on such hazy conditions but,

Will he dance and regret again?

This grotesque and stupid addictions.
1.3k · Oct 2013
Once again, From the start
Ady Oct 2013
There was nothing in this vast landscape of delusions, only illusions.
A flower, a friend, a gift, a betrayal, a tear, a shattered mirror and perdition.
The music of the euphoric nothingness enticing the darkness,
calling for the shadows, everlasting, never ending.
I know, I deserve this. Always threw the stone and looked the other way,
the sin, the penitence, the lament, the void, the shallowness, the meaningless.
Living each day a moribund marionette moving through the crowd an empty mess.
The ticking, the hunger, the instrument, the mending of the ending,
but then came you. An unexpected gaze wondering through my maze.
Navigating each passage as if though you knew the way, a hindrance.
Let me corrode here please, go away, I thought. I never said it.
You remained here almost an embodiment of the hope I sought for so long,
Perhaps this is another of my creations, a desire from the dire.
Your hands are tepid, driving the frigidness away, maybe it's real?
An hour, a day, a week, a period of time slowly passes.
You are hope, my hope, my desire, my wish, my light and gentle day.
I found the impatient clock fast-forwarding each hour until the time had come,
to see one another.
Your world was intriguing and vivid everyday was fun, every night a pain.
Without a warning you brought the richness of the paint in to the callousness of mine.
The sky once again blue, the birds with songs, the grass now green my world anew.
Mere words such as “i love you” can't paint paint the picture, for it was more.
And yet here I am again. Alone.
Alive, not dead, back on the path to my journey.
Collecting, standing, walking and eventually running through the paradox.
Anew, exhumed, hope plastered once again against my chest,
and as I cry, tumble, fall and learn;
Each days is new, each meeting a joy and each moment thanking you.
Good-bye! I bid farewell to you, let our past be remembered beautifully,
and the present lived and the future build, as once again;
I construct, destroy, collapse, laugh and dream.  
As today the ticking resumes and I commence from where I stopped.
1.3k · Sep 2014
A map to me
Ady Sep 2014
Once in a while you'd call me regret,
wonder out the door and lose your way outside.
But I'd wait by the window,
all morning and each unbearable night of limbo.
And when dawn broke through the window and
the light illuminated the trail on your skin;
you would appear on the doorstep ashamed and keen
on me.
I think it's now routine but I don't mind the times because
I've mapped love marks on the atlas of your skin knowing
you'll want to come back once you've seen the x marks the spot.
This one makes me laugh so much
1.3k · May 2014
Take me somewhere nice
Ady May 2014
Take me somewhere nice,
where I can scream and not be heard;
cry and not be seen.

Take me somewhere
I can pour the pain,
spout these nonsense to the drain.

Take me somewhere I can sink,
vanish within the abysmal depths
of never ending sapphire;
where decay is a fable of forsaken

Take me somewhere nice,
where Death is but a whisper in
the receding breezes of Time.
First stage of grief and loss:
Denial and Isolation
1.2k · Sep 2014
Self-deprecating poet (10w)
Ady Sep 2014
I've nothing to offer
my simple writing on papers.
1.2k · Sep 2015
regrets and sorrows
Ady Sep 2015
I stood at the end of the universe
Waiting for the beginning of time.
Dangling my feet at the abyss where
everything that had shattered came back

I stood at the end of time,
waiting for the beginning of the universe
and a second chance.
1.2k · Nov 2016
alone again
Ady Nov 2016
You belong here,
he carelessly said,
but in my happiness
I forgot to ask where?
Title is temporary
1.2k · May 2014
Loveless (haiku)
Ady May 2014
don't kiss this devil
it'll burn, it will torment you.
stay with angels' lips.
Sorry I couldn't think of a better title and if I made a mistake.
1.1k · May 2014
Take a moment
Ady May 2014
Have you felt the caress of rain
like a cautious, caring lover soothing pain away.
Touched the night sky with your gaze
felt it reciprocate with no haste.
Have you ever loved what no other had dared
Out of fear of the beauty of the unknown.
Sighed along with the thunder of a storm,
being captured in the flash of lightening strike.
Have you felt and failed,
despaired and wailed,
thought and smiled;
Let the clamour of the rain wash away the fears,
the tears?
Take a moment, breathe, remember your sanity
is far more important.
Have you had a moment for yourself today?
I think people need a reminder to take care of themselves.
Breathe okay? Just take a little moment today.
1.1k · Dec 2014
If I could
Ady Dec 2014
There are times when writings is useless.
When the similes go on for too long like when the ocean merges with the sky and your eyes cannot the define the boundary between each crystalline blue and it is almost sublime because there is no end or no beginning and that is what I think of you. Infinite

There are times when art is not enough.
Like those times I cannot make the right mixture of the hue of that lovely tint in your eyes and, of course, not matter how many times I trace you in the canvas those lips like rose petals will never move and say "Me too."

There are times when music is lacking.
How you remind me of a melody each and every single time I see you and despite trying to trap the melody in these useless music sheets nothing comes but a few missing music notes that birds and composers have not and will not fathom.

But if I could write you down in paper,
I'd let the words scramble away once more because the free verse of your world intrigues me further more than finite verses on washed out paper.

If I could paint your essence,
Life would be a monochrome film,no more technicolour, no more blushing cheeks. I like you much more in this everlasting landscape where you can dye the world a million colours and still search forevermore

If I could play you in to melody,
The poor birds would be envious and the world would be a quiet place without composers able to eclipse that lovely song of yours. And yet, I love this cacophonous world in which everyone is deaf to you but I who can discern such a faint, dainty tune.

There are those times, you know?
When I know I'm not good enough but if I could, I still would not.
Sorry again I have been gone for a long while but thank you for still sticking around!
1.1k · Feb 2015
Muses of ours
Ady Feb 2015
We've written you to immortality
among the stars in dark skies
trasncending life and death
despite giving us affliction
towards our one sided affection.

Look at us all write
to the Saints who ignore us
kneeling at the back of their altar
pleading to be heard of.

We don't mind the sadness and longing
you keep us sane, keep us writing.
Musing to our muses,
we adore the inspiration.

Look at us all writing
despite the fact they won't be reading.
Demonstrating our devotion
through our humble emotion.
Looks at us all write to them.
1.0k · Jul 2014
A conversation with Love
Ady Jul 2014
I was going to leave today but Love came
and lightly tapped my door.
As soon as I opened, oblivious to its intent,
it poured and whisked your name in to my place.
It sat contented at the end of my sofa while
I tried to reason with my hot cocoa tightly
clenched within my hands.
It asked for some and I gave my cup away
relenting to the oncoming shadow of the ending
of this day.

I was going to leave today and tightly shut the door
what's the worst that could happen? Pondered Love.
Nothing to lose and nothing to fear-
Hoping for a yes with the possibility of getting “No.”
Live out in regret or knowing crystal clear.
I'm so nervous guys! But wish me the best. It is honestly better to try and fail than to wonder and regret.
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