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bearing a face i can barely recall
wearing a body that falls through your arms
i was born with these phantom limbs
hands that can't hold anything
grip that won't leave fingerprints
nothing in my possession
i'll haunt the halls that were held from me
always at arm's reach
never in my possession
dorian green Jul 21
full moon, nervous edge, sweat beads,
my lungs are bruised and beaten,
and my heart is made of bone.
why, pomegranates bleed,
sigh and remain uneaten,
calcify or rot alone.

i saw persephone cry
and all the angels alight,
stark and sad in burning flame.
a soft weeping right nearby,
holy fires of the night,
and i swear i heard my name.

possession requires a host,
but i couldn't catch my breath
stumbling through the graveyard.
i don't believe in ghosts,
but the awesome fear of death
caught me lonely and off guard.

i will try to describe it:
in the face of this feeling,
your guts are on the table,
your insides exposed, moonlit,
mine were cold and revealing,
dead, skeletal, and mangled.
Rama Krsna Jul 3
claiming to possess a “non existent” flick which “supposedly” documents “an affair that never was”,  you lit that strike anywhere match.

soon, all of rome was burning🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

darling grace, did you stop for a moment to wonder how a meandering earthly river could physically touch the infallible sky?  

things swing from unconditional love to bitter hate.  anger, angst and heartache replace joy, banter and sizzling moments of wanton love making.

at a distance, i see the setting orange sun behind the arches of the golden gate.

the space between us
no bridge can ever connect ~~
as memories fade

© 2021
a haibun is a prose poem of a story which ends in a haiku.
FC Azaele May 4
Give me light
that the poppy receives

Give me Rain
to quench my thirst

As I hunger and thirst
for you
I sit here and ask when you’ll return

My skin cracks and my heart aches
As my bones protrude,
I’ve begun to wither into a corpse
of ruin and sallow skin

I want you;
Your rays, Your light.
Burn me until my skin detests —
for all you give

Give me all
I hope to receive
Written on the 3rd of February 2021
Found in an old journal.

Gradually I'm getting possessed, obsessed by thy love--craft, emotionally flew his heart reaching out to her's. He's intoxicated drunk in love.
Lost in the
lovesome thought of her's. His
heart is detained  underneath
the water of
her soul.
So we're
soul mates.
We met as 2 rivers confluences.
what these mean.
Red heat burns at the extension of my
Fingertips, ashes stoked for a second night of

Clandestine wetted brown sinks it’s teeth
Into my lips again, it’s breath in my lungs a smoky

Warmth fills me for the first time in
Months, but a fire lit myself pales dimly in

To yours. And yet, there is welcoming comfort in
Knowing that it’s closeness won’t flee the

At the first sign of invading intimacy. The risk of
Cancer here is but longing brought to

Cut me with glances, burn with touch. Gods and devils
Both pine for the heart you’ve already
Cigars burn as hearts do sometimes.
My Dear Poet Mar 19
I have a bag full of money
Filled only with paper notes
it’s not really all that heavy
Infact, It’s so light it often floats
So I’m glad I don’t carry
The weight of the rich
on my back
because life would be so scary
weighed down by a sack
I’d rather be up and airy
strung along by a balloon
Flying up like a fairy
Scattering money from the moon
the ghost in the window has returned
he knows
he knows when you believe him gone
his patience
you cannot outmaneuver patience
he watched us grow
from grunts
to talkers
he knows what you are thinking
you can only win
by giving in
ask him nicely to leave
then beg
then cry
you may find peace
long after your tears
are dry
be careful if you enter the spirit realm. it can be a nasty business
GQ James Dec 2020
How can you love me but all you do is hurt me?
How can you care about me but hurt me easily?
Is it that easy to hurt someone you love?
Love and pain can't be in the same place,
If all you do is hurt me,
Then obviously you don't love me,
All I am to you is a possession.

The constant back and fourth,
The constant disrespect,
The constant insecurities says it all,
Stop trying to convince yourself,
Just face the truth and give up the lies.
Jet Dec 2020
and in the 12th my teacher grade tenderly grabbed my wrist
and said
what is this
I said
that was the wrong answer
he wanted me to say
my —-wrist
he wanted me to say my

He wanted me to take ownership
of my body
he wanted to acknowledge
He wanted me to acknowledge
that I was
An inside
of a body
Not a body
He wanted
Me to think what I just
called “me” was just a vessel
To hold “me”
That is it was lent to me and would return
from whence it came
that I was barely or merely or some other kind of “erely” visiting
that me and mine were different when it came to body

Such a kindness and autono-motive restoration to remind a person that they are
That they are not their looks
or their actions
Or even potential ambulation
I know what he offered me was a kindness

I declined
I said no in my own way
If you’re wondering
What I said was “you are what you eat”

I still don’t know what I meant
If I meant

and I’ll ozymandius myself
If I claim to be more than this

I am crumbling, but I will stand tall on these broken feet

As soon as I can fix my posture
Originally performed at iFell Gallery on November 30, 2019
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