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Grace Haak Sep 2
Shadows grip our tongues in fear
Stopping us from spilling words they might not wish to hear
They choke us with their invisible hands
Stopping us from unflinchingly taking the stand
They stare into our souls with veiled eyes
A vaporous possession from ghosts in disguise.
A poem written around Halloween...The imagery seemed fitting.
Jon Thenes Jul 20
I corpse the lie
with lively brilliance
and placed detail

I panel over the guilt
a quilt that I don’t heal

I maintain none of the muscle ticks
or gestures
that engaging humans fashion

Nothing shows
as I
in simple say
I Love You

It’s a glove I wear
and bare for you
so that I may keep your company
which I value over most things
Playing human
Acquiring good company
Philomena Jun 26
I am covered in skin
Much like you are
Cells keeping all my veins and parts inside
The thin yet strong barrier between me and the world
And yet with all this skin
Not an inch of it belongs to me
Some is his
And his
And his
Some is for the media
And a little is for her
I feel their hands on me
Ripping me apart
Taking their shares
Until there is noting left
Nothing to hold the veins nor parts
And I come undone
Too much stress.
But I'll not regress or get aggression.
I am on my own progress.
I am owner of mine possession.
Em E Mar 12
Suffuse me with yourself
Like the reflected sunrise steeps the trembling drop of water struggling not to slide off its leaf.
Like swirls of amber-tinged tea spiralling out to fully claim the warmth of the cup.

I think as we press together how mostly we are space
How easy it would be to interweave our infinite vibrating tiny particles:
Little bits of you slipping between the little bits of me
completing what we hadn't known was incomplete.
A tapestry of shivering flesh.
Seamless as we share breath.

The sun sets,
the droplet shivers on the leaf, lays still.
grace Feb 15
love and possession can not be the same things
you can not hold a girl as an object and a queen
she deserves a real man
not a boy with scarred hands
We're always longing for something the other has
Ever thought of everything the other doesn't?
This actually came to me when I was thinking of feminism :)
kiran goswami Dec 2018
"Would you like to be mine ?" He questioned with sincerity.

"I would, but before being yours I'd like to be mine." She answered.
BlueInkDitty Oct 2018
Magic upon my hands, all pink and blue,
Getting drunk on illusion swirls and shadows,
Sparkles of future into you,
Before they leave, will you follow ?

Fall for my tricks, let my demons go wild,
May these words intoxicate you with a spell,
Jump off a cliff, walk thousand miles,
May they help you reach through my hell.

Golden blood drips from your twisted finger,
A charm of love that melted in your throat,
Bursting galaxies underwater,
And your voice suddenly taints with oat.

Fall for my mask, let my demons untame,
May these words intoxicate you with a spell,
Dive in the stream, run to the flames,
May they scatter your broken shell.
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