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my life , my clothes
my love , my breads
my love life , my everyday living !

my all children , my life
my purpose , my love
my all purpose , my shortage

my everyday living , my challenges
my shortage , my strength
my clothes and my breads , my poems and my stories !

on the spot decision of mine weakens my strength to face my challenges
but there was this spot that i do not own
perhaps i could possess and make my children live their lives worthwhile !
i won my son and daughter !
they can now own their spots in my sufferings yet grow old in their respective successful career !
BSween Oct 10
I am not his
He does not own me
This isn’t just a phase
But I am his
For he has shown me
A path to clearer days
I think I will keep you
on a shelf,
bright among the books
and knickknacks
You sing a visual song,
a parrot's lament,
but you are too wild
to let loose
Elena Mustafa Sep 28
They autumn eye are
Watching us
Day and night
But know to
Protect us
But to possess one of us
When a person goes
At the beach
During the witching hour
She is confronted buy a horrible
Watching down on her
Autumn eye
They of Satan
Will she be possessed by the demons
Of the past
It's a case of adverse possession
There's no time for regression
No room for hate for their goodself
Don't bother about the herd
You are a different nerd
Engineering, artisans, artistic literacy
Justice and advocacy
You are a peerless practitioner
With a scientific temper
Viewing matter and spirit from that angle
Don't bother about the herd
You are a different nerd
C Jul 26
A chameleon
I've become
Self taught
To blend
And quietly fade
Or to POP
Stand out

I know the tricks
But not myself
I know the types
And what they like -
But what I like
My memory fades

Not fades
But blocks
It's there
Deep down
And now I search
And some I've found
Are things of which
I have had fear
For years and years...
Buried like gold
For my thirty-year-old
Self to discover

What joy
In finding joy
In such small things.
Joy and
Openness of being

What use have I
For one true love
When I feel loved
By the moon above?
Love is all around and in
Love is joy and peace and sin
Love is want
Of no-thing
Love is connection
With everything;
Not just
One other
Now and forever
Never to be shared
With any others...
Love cannot be possessed
And possession cannot be

Love is life
Love is knowing
That that life
Fuels every

To realise
That we are not special;
Not you
Not me
And not your lover
All of us
Just like any other
ibkreator Jun 16
Always be
returning to your own body

you feel invaded by another's
freyja May 26
noun | the way his hand rested on the small of her back. the curve of her hip pressed against his side. the soft click of a lock, keeping her in his gilded cage. it was nice at first, the way he spoke about her as a belonging. perhaps it was her own loneliness that made her crave his. the allure of fixing him was too enticing to deny, so she dove headfirst, recklessly swimming against his nature. but the explosion of a thrown wine glass on the wall behind her when she needed to leave, needed to get out, made her hate the naive girl she once was. and still she loved the way he pressed gentle kisses on her tear stained cheeks, apologizing and begging her to stay. and, despite herself, she knows she will.
Bhill May 8
I see it from my very soul
I see a love that has been there for years
your love for me has proven to be my greatest possession
a gift surpassing all things imagined

Brian Hill - 2020 # 128
For Leslie, my greatest inspiration and love 💕
What is your greatest possession?
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