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Prachi Sep 28
The things termed as coincidence,
Are nothing but magic incidents;
It is what you believe,
That you can live.

Believe and you will find it,
Trust and you will get it;
Who to trust troubles you?
It is no one else but you.

You yourself are magic,
Let things be enigmatic;
Just count on yourself,
Miracle will unleash itself.
The energy of beliefs is powerful.
What's there in a payer?
Fooling yourself you can will
There will be a wish fulfilment
Overlooking, it's just a coincidence
His Will coincides
With your will
Prayer is granted
Then you tell
Otherwise, your prayer
Goes to hell
His Will prevailed
You regret to tell
I give here a link to find out what scientific research has to say about prayers ---
Vera City May 9
How they ridicule Jim,
The neighbourhood loner:
"wears a tinfoil hat" and
"turns his wifi off at night"

They all brand him a kook:
"well, you know he's a stoner,
funny coincidence though,
his forecasts have proved right!"
Adrian Feb 20
An opal glacier,
Raven in the night.
An unreceived message,
Screeching warnings so bright.
A steaming screaming ship,
Unwilling to lose the fight.
A hundred escapes too few,
Now they’re all packed tight.
A thousand and a half dead men,
Who on that night, last saw the moonlight.
A coincidence by all means,
Which gave humanity a great fright.
A tragedy yet to be repeated,
As we move into the era of flight.
It was, in fact, a big series of coincidences and cut corners that led to this tragedy. Horrible luck, I do say.
Mari Aug 2019
A great write
is often a co-incidence!
Shadowhollow May 2019
Maybe magic is real .

Maybe it’s is everywhere
Maybe it’s nowhere

What I call ‘magic’ is what some call religion and what they call religion is what some call fate and what they call fate some call coincidence and what they call coincidence is what some call karma

We all have a name for it
And maybe that’s ok
Because how else could we comprehend something which is neither good nor evil
Neither just nor unjust
Neither here or anywhere

How can we begin to comprehend something that just is ?

Maybe I will never have a piece of that ‘magic’
Or maybe my ability to understand I cannot obtain ‘magic’ is my gift
Maybe ...

But how wonderful is it to understand that this is the secret of the universe and beyond ?
That it is something incomprehensible , undiscoverable

Maybe that in itself is what ‘magic’ is

Maybe ...
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2019
Even I can't explain, what it is
But it was not just a coincidence

What is meant, will stay
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Unexplained
silvervi Feb 2019
A mysterious coincidence,
I love mystery, it's exciting,
Could it be a new romance?
Because romantic atmosphere is igniting.

I am thinking of you and your glances,
Shining brightly across the room,
But I still don't know the colour of your eyes,
From a distance I was watching you...

'Look at me', I thought, and there you did.
And you spoke to me right across the room,
You spoke of the day when we will meet,
For a movie and - I hope - a date.

You said, that you hadn't forgotten,
No way, of course you had not,
Don't worry that day you will see me,
From much less far, than so far.

I was a bit nervous, I admit,
But maybe you were nervous too,
I looked at your forearms, uncovered,
to see if I spot a **** tattoo...
or maybe even two.

But no, at least not on your forearms
And maybe you're not the person for that.
I am keen on getting to know you,
I am not gonna regret that we met.

So all my reveries keep on dancing,
Around me, my soul and my head,
Your eyes' spark from a distance,
The warmth that I couldn't forget.

I am pretty sure that you like me,
And for now that is all I want.
I am happy that I can tell you more,
Once we meet, only the two of us, for sure.
Peter Balkus Jan 2019
When it started snowing,
I thought about her.
I don't think it was just a
pure coincidence.
Captain Trips Jan 2019
It *****, y'know,
life & ****.
Everything *****,


But I guess
that's what makes it
good too,


It seems that
is the enemy
of emotion.

Or at least


it is.
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