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Mari Aug 3
A great write
is often a co-incidence!
Shadowhollow May 20
Maybe magic is real .

Maybe it’s is everywhere
Maybe it’s nowhere

What I call ‘magic’ is what some call religion and what they call religion is what some call fate and what they call fate some call coincidence and what they call coincidence is what some call karma

We all have a name for it
And maybe that’s ok
Because how else could we comprehend something which is neither good nor evil
Neither just nor unjust
Neither here or anywhere

How can we begin to comprehend something that just is ?

Maybe I will never have a piece of that ‘magic’
Or maybe my ability to understand I cannot obtain ‘magic’ is my gift
Maybe ...

But how wonderful is it to understand that this is the secret of the universe and beyond ?
That it is something incomprehensible , undiscoverable

Maybe that in itself is what ‘magic’ is

Maybe ...
Even I can't explain, what it is
But it was not just a coincidence

What is meant, will stay
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Unexplained
Viktoria Feb 1
A mysterious coincidence,
I love mystery, it's exciting,
Could it be a new romance?
Because romantic atmosphere is igniting.

I am thinking of you and your glances,
Shining brightly across the room,
But I still don't know the colour of your eyes,
From a distance I was watching you...

'Look at me', I thought, and there you did.
And you spoke to me right across the room,
You spoke of the day when we will meet,
For a movie and - I hope - a date.

You said, that you hadn't forgotten,
No way, of course you had not,
Don't worry that day you will see me,
From much less far, than so far.

I was a bit nervous, I admit,
But maybe you were nervous too,
I looked at your forearms, uncovered,
to see if I spot a **** tattoo...
or maybe even two.

But no, at least not on your forearms
And maybe you're not the person for that.
I am keen on getting to know you,
I am not gonna regret that we met.

So all my reveries keep on dancing,
Around me, my soul and my head,
Your eyes' spark from a distance,
The warmth that I couldn't forget.

I am pretty sure that you like me,
And for now that is all I want.
I am happy that I can tell you more,
Once we meet, only the two of us, for sure.
Peter B Jan 31
When it started snowing,
I thought about her.
I don't think it was just a
pure coincidence.
Captain Trips Jan 27
It *****, y'know,
life & ****.
Everything *****,


But I guess
that's what makes it
good too,


It seems that
is the enemy
of emotion.

Or at least


it is.
KHY Jan 26
Write it off as a coincidence;
But she will forever influence the way you are
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
If those free verses
With anyone’s life

Let them
Enjoy the ride
Or change their way

My apology
I will not
Change my words
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Coincidence is not an excuse, the words liberate how it need to be, finding it's way. Understanding of yours, I don't have control over. Enjoy the reading.
M-E Nov 2018
I discovered
Thirty nine followers
And thirty nine poem
Poem for each
Dear poet
Was it a coincidence or the power of frienship and love brought us together?

Comments must be like: I choose ..Title..   beside this one.   Lol
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