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Leone Lamp Apr 11
How incredibly wonderful and unlikely
That a universe so vast and mighty
Might bring about a sentient species
Capable of developing theses
Which attempt to explain space and time
Thus, the universe can observe itself
Within the consciousness of our minds.
I don't subscribe to any religion. I think beauty lies in believing nothing happens for a reason and yet it couldn't have happened any other way.
Ananya Apr 3
“Do you believe in destiny?”, she smiled
“Only when you stumble upon it.”
“And what if it’s all planned?”
“Keep dreaming”, he smirked, “You’ll soon enough quit.”

“Romeo was bound with Juliet,
star-crossed lovers till the end.
In death, they found one another.”
She stared at him unready to bend.

“Star-crossed lovers, you say?
I say it was serendipity they met.
And one was fortunate to see the other,
right before their tragic death.”

“You’re not going to believe are you?”
“Is it in my destiny to?”, he asked.
“We will meet again if it’s written”, said Fate.
Coincidence smiled, “Only if we meet by chance.”
in dream-like states where
thoughts emerge from unconscious
whim, we carve stone sculptures
on opposite garden ends –

mine is a goat with webbed feet,
Carl’s is a duck with horns;
this is a meaningful coincidence

later, we play in the sand
with our wise inner figures;
he dances while I draw hearts
Veritia Venandi Nov 2020
Whenever I look up to the night sky,
My eyes travel all the way to the dark space between two stars
Where black holes lay in hiding
To forever **** the light out of any free spirited celestial body passing by...

At such times, I am reminded of my own mind...
The dark spaces between the lobes of my brain
Where monsters lay in waiting to **** the light
Out of any happy memory that flies by...

Is it just a coincidence?
Random reflections!
Thank you for kindly taking the time to read ❤ ❤
Prachi Sep 2020
The things termed as coincidence,
Are nothing but magic incidents;
It is what you believe,
That you can live.

Believe and you will find it,
Trust and you will get it;
Who to trust troubles you?
It is no one else but you.

You yourself are magic,
Let things be enigmatic;
Just count on yourself,
Miracle will unleash itself.
The energy of beliefs is powerful.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
What's there in a payer?
Fooling yourself you can will
There will be a wish fulfilment
Overlooking, it's just a coincidence
His Will coincides
With your will
Prayer is granted
Then you tell
Otherwise, your prayer
Goes to hell
His Will prevailed
You regret to tell
I give here a link to find out what scientific research has to say about prayers ---
Vera City May 2020
How they ridicule Jim,
The neighbourhood loner:
"wears a tinfoil hat" and
"turns his wifi off at night"

They all brand him a kook:
"well, you know he's a stoner,
funny coincidence though,
his forecasts have proved right!"
Adrian Feb 2020
An opal glacier,
Raven in the night.
An unreceived message,
Screeching warnings so bright.
A steaming screaming ship,
Unwilling to lose the fight.
A hundred escapes too few,
Now they’re all packed tight.
A thousand and a half dead men,
Who on that night, last saw the moonlight.
A coincidence by all means,
Which gave humanity a great fright.
A tragedy yet to be repeated,
As we move into the era of flight.
It was, in fact, a big series of coincidences and cut corners that led to this tragedy. Horrible luck, I do say.
Mari Aug 2019
A great write
is often a co-incidence!
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