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Zywa Nov 10
Over there: the Ocean,

inside me another one --

Without Lighthouses.
Novel "Lighthousekeeping" (2004, Jeanette Winterson), chapter Two Atlantics

Collection "MistI"
EmmaJoiner Oct 6
The thoughts
They come
They destroy
And then your done
Capture all your feelings
Crush all your believings
You try to take control
But they just can’t go away no more
Years of fear
Years of worries
Years of praying to the heavens
But they don’t leave
They are here with me
And not letting myself to be
Who I wanna be
They just come and explode
Make me wanna hit the road
Go far
All alone
Take a hike
Turn of my phone
But they won’t leave me alone
It’s there
Why the **** do I care!!
(I’m in control!)
No you’re not!
(This is my spot!)
No it ain’t !
And than I paint
All my thoughts
I’m going crazy
It’s too much
I’m going crazy
They are torture
Make my life more slower
They ******* take up time
They are ruthless, never rhyme
Make a hole
A deep dark hole
Where I can’t fall in no more
I climbed out years ago it’s pulling me back
And the fears in there, they wreck happiness
They choke me
They tear my mind apart they mock me!
(You ain’t strong!)
Yes I am!
(You can’t succeed!)
Yes I can
I can just run away from all this *******
But  it’s running after me, never seams to quit
It wants to be the king
It wants to be the ruler
And as the days go by
It gets crueler and crueler
(Worry *****! Be afraid that keeps you alive!)
No it ain’t that’s what makes me die!
(It is a part of you!)
No it’s not
You behave like you have a ******* spot
But you ain’t
You trying to take control
I won’t let you
It seams like a 1000 years ago since I met you
This toxic relationship has been to long
Now that’s it I have to be strong!
(No you’re weak!)
Let me speak!
( I have a louder voice you coward freak!)
No you ain’t !
I'm in control, you just wait!
This is a very personal one, to all the people out there who live with OCD, you are not alone and you are in control! Don't forget.
Zywa Sep 26
After the ritual you were better
but the medicine
made you burn again
Are you still feeling nauseous?

If only you had listened to me
He can't help it either
he needs those ice pops
against the ulcers in his mouth

Don't forget to buy batteries
and tomorrow you have to do it
like me, especially the bathroom
and don't put anything exactly in its place

then it will be clear
that you have cleaned
Oh this misery
all the noise

wet bedding
high deposit
and your family
isn't helping
Poem "bediendepraatjies" ("servant talk", 2014, Antjie Krog, collection "Mede-wete" ["Synapse"])

Collection "On living on [2]"
ky Jul 29
Breathe in the fresh air.
Soak up the sunlight.
Travel everywhere.
Stay up till midnight.

Wear your hair down.
Play your favorite songs.
Put on a flower crown.
Bring your friends along.

Then turn off the music,
and listen to the roar of the waves.
Bury your feet in the sand.

Let all your worries float away.
Zywa Jun 14
Going for a walk,

mama says: "Mouth shut!", so scared --

that I will get sick.
Novel "Kind tussen vier vrouwen" ("Child between four women", 1972, Simon Vestdijk, written in 1933), § 1, page 49, § 6, page 251

Collection "Inmost"
Worries swarm about my mind
Like angry bees about a hive

Buzzing, hungry for fury
My heart jitters in doubt

History revives its might
resilient it becomes. Resilient.
Thoughts in one's mind can determine how they feel.
Ikimi Festus Aug 2022
In the realm of mathematical chance I ponder,
Restless nights consumed by uncertainty's thunder.
Can I embrace reality, forsaking my desire?
Or must I bear the burden of what's required?
Quantum entanglement's mystifying dance,
Threads of destiny woven in life's expanse.
The eternal enigma of life and its end,
Mothers determined, their lost children to mend.
Oh, hapless self trapped in Schrödinger's game,
What defines existence? What is its true name?
In the struggle to pay my worldly dues,
I grasp my father's plight, his toil, his blues.
To straddle both realms, the dead and undead,
When raw truth stands naked, filling me with dread.
Oh, the challenge, as reality unveils,
A test of fortitude that rarely fails.
And yet, amidst the chaos, I recollect,
That worry dissolves when I pause to reflect.
So, I'll turn to prayer, with gratitude's embrace,
Seeking solace, guidance, in God's boundless grace.
Gourav R Dwivedi Aug 2022
Wacky wacky si to hai
ye Jindagi....
I really don't want to explain.
Chhoti si to hai
ye Jindagi....
throw all your worries in drain.
Free life
neth jones Apr 2022
to bed
a head full of cotton wolves
                 to be
calmly deflead of aggression
                 prior to
the cloud cover of slumber
then the beasts and i
         shall procure our fathom
Brevity Homework 1
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