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LC Oct 9
the breeze tickles her hair 
and takes her worries with it. 
the sun wants a break
just for a little while.
she misses the sun,
but knows it needs a minute.
she'll be here when it's ready.
lake Sep 26
i can understand
if you're not making plans
cause it's only autumn
it's the time for boredom

sun is coming down
i can't feel the ground
raindrops on my head
even on my bed

nothing i can't solve
it will soon dissolve
find a new solution
start a new discussion

turn off the alarm
stay here in my arms
if you need just call
walk you through it all
lake Sep 24
the forecast says that it will rain
but right now the sky looks the same
we might not even see grey clouds
but let's not worry about that now

cause the rain will come one day
but that day is not today
and i'm not trying to delay
don't you get me wrong

i know i can't pretend
i know that it all ends
when it slips away from my hands
i hope i'll be gone

keeping safe in the meantime
that's a tape you can't rewind
don't know what tomorrow brings
can't let go of anything
Kathy Sep 18
I feel like a stranger in my own home.
An outsider.
The lodger that has outstayed their welcome.
When are these feelings going to fade?
As though the cycle of my youth has started again.
Pressure to get a proper job.
Pressure to find someone to settle down with.
Pressure to be someone I don’t want to be.
Pressure to live up to the same standards as everyone else.
Pressure to be independent. Not just independent in the sense as we know it but in the financial sense.
Pressure to be thin.
Pressure to be as thin as my mum.
How do I break away from those projections of frustration, of disappointment, of self-loathing?
Ross Larson Sep 17
I miss being a child
full of laughter and wild
without worries and lies
Caleb Nathan Sep 13
my fall fantasies
sing to me
in crisp

i hear them
where the
football flies

i see them
put up in a bun
sitting in the
metallic stadium seats
wrapped in a blanket

with a limitless
drenched within
her infinity smile;

i want to show her
the worst ways
of a world

the puddle
of my past
in its sidewalk-crack

the gray
        surrounding the moon
she sits on
        between my eyes

but where
would i ever

is anybody
sitting there?”

will have
to do

for today
Kmary Aug 14
Today I thought about
writing a poem explaining
my greatest fear

of how...
when you’re madly in love
there is always a gnawing thought
that you may one day wake up
to his bags packed
saying he has clarity
that you are not enough

then I realized
any woman who has ever loved
would already understand.
Crys Jul 14
he holds the galaxies in his eyes
my heart in his hands
and fragments of my soul in his

the galaxies are returned when he dreams
his hands tremble at the weight of my worries
and our souls rejuvenate upon intertwining
-our souls were meant to be united
Joyce Jul 6
the number of pillows in my bed
is the number of worries in my head
i have also a pillow
that never leaves my bed
tucked beside my heart
reserved for you
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