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Mane Omsy Nov 16
Broke into my house, and
Laid by my side, in bed
Caressed my hair and said, in a sweet voice
Wake up sweetheart, I'm here
Don't sweat with fear, I'm near
Let me sing a lullaby, sleep tight
Embrace my body,
I will let you calm down.
And she hummed all night long
Her face buried in my chest
She unlocked all my pain away
Just listening,
Just inhaling her perfumed hair
Just absorbing all her warmth
She robbed me of my troubles
And then we...
Isabella Nov 8
I suppose my biggest worries are yet to come
Which is perhaps why I pretend I have none
I wait for the day when my body grows numb
When my heart will be broken, innocence undone
It’s the least of my worries
Taxing my car
Or saving up for a house
Or remembering that thing
I was supposed to remember
Or anything really
Or passing that test
Getting into that school
Acing that interview
Getting that job
That pays enough
That allows me to progress

I hadn’t even thought about that.
I hadn’t thought about any of it.

I think
about one thing
I obsess
I compulse
Or do I?
Is what I do when I
Think about that thing
I always think about
A compulsion?
Because if it’s not then
Can it be called
And if it’s not
That means it’s me
And the thing I always think
is true

I know it’s irrational
But what if it’s not?
Maybe it just makes me feel better
To think that it is

See, who has time for rational worries
When you’re so full up with
Irrational one’s?
A poem about my struggles with OCD
rainbow Oct 31
Nights are nowhere near long,

they put my eyes to sleep...

I have a comfortable mattress,

Yet my daily stresses and worries keep me apprehensive,

Time is constrained,

Within which little have I gained,

My mind is well trained in postponing action,

We keep giving every excuse an illogical explanation,

Time is like the season, ever-changing in its influence over impairing my ability to reason,

Save me in these broken moments,

Give me a life of that carefree child I just saw riding a bike; laughing joyfully,

As if rejoicing over an incredible achievement...

Perhaps, having made you read till this last line, would serve as heartwarming contentment.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 25

Lamenting embrace
Memories are lost in time
Murmurs of a dream

Fortune falls on me
Answers take wing on whispers
Leaves without a care

Shame hinders my heart
The light ascends without me
I await the storm

So much worry and fears in my heart.
I wish I could stay it...
I really do.

Be back soon later with more poems!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Zywa Oct 23
At home, I am safe,

bút… No, no But, Buts are No's –

At home, I am safe!
“Ghost” (2020, Ellen Deckwitz)

Collection "On the fly"
Lyn-Purcell Oct 16

Hear the call of dreams
Mind races as I give chase
Towards my true fate

Pounding headache but I wrote this mini haiku.
So much inner turmoil that Im trying to work through but thats the human way.
Still trying to make sense of things and the only way is to trudge through the storm knowing that Ill find the peace soon. Whatever comes, I hope I will be strong enough to see it through.
Still working on the list for the Women of Myth as well. I'll defo give a heads up when it's starting up again.
Stay safe and well everyone
Be back soon with more.
Much love,
Lyn x
Garbage trends
Negativity excels
This is the current story
Sit and meditate
Leave aside all worries
Needles stick and ***** my skin,
A sharp reminder of the world I'm in;
Where daggers point at trusting throats
and hope is sinking like a fisher's boat-
Where unkind eyes look aghast
To see that 'normal' is in the past,
And hatred speeds this world's demise-
All this seen by my tired eyes.
In the morn, I'd hoped to wake
To find a little joy to take,
But darkness, pain are all thats found
In this new world,
Born from poisoned ground.
Beulin S S Sep 22
When you feel down...
When you fell down...
Just don't give up;
Stand again;
Raise up again...

When you are in pain...
When you feel your life is vain...
When you stand alone;
Face your fate;
Believe yourself, you are a miracle!

When you meet with failure...
When the World mocks you...
Don't shrink inside the shell;
The day is still bright;
Carry on with your goals...

When your foes mock you...
When your friends lost faith on you...
Raise again...
Don't look back;
Carry on with your dreams...

When you raise up...
When you build your goals...
Obstacles will turn into steps...
Carry on, move on;
Bid farewell to your worries...
Overcome all your  obstacles
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