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What's gone is gone, i say !
What's coming, feels the same.
Regrets and mistakes,
A life, on stakes.
Past ! Haunts me,
Future ! Scares me,
Present ! Is, where i want to be.

What i did, resents me.
What i'll do, will represent me.
A life on the line,
Dangling hopes,
I wish, were, mine.
Past ! Haunts me,
Future ! Scares me,
Present ! Is, where i want to be.
Modern life is a life of worries, anxiety and pressure. Dont forget to smile & breathe. Listen to your mind every now and then. You might be surprised with your own capabilities.
143 4d
I guess the thing I'm scared most of is letting myself fall completely for you.
I'm afraid that after I decide to completely fall that's when you'll decide you don't want to catch me anymore
And I'll hit the ground pretending I'm just fine

Then I look at your contagious smile and your big brown eyes looing back into mine
I get this feeling that nobody's made me feel in a while and I realize there's no sense in being afraid
Because whether I knew it or not I've already fallen completely and you already caught me.
I like being with you more than you know
Poetress2 Mar 15
When I'm sad and lonely,
I go to God in prayer;
I know that He will hear me,
in His Throne Room, He is there.
I cast my cares upon Him,
and He listens intently;
He cares about my burdens,
as I cast them at His feet.
When my heart is broken,
I go to Him in tears;
"Hush now, my dear child,"
as He takes away my fears.
This is how I live my life,
taking one day at a time;
Just knowing God is there for me,
eases my heart and mind.
Crouched beneath empty blocks of office
Two wrinkled hands formed of clay,
open the closed sky with gnarled fingers
eyes as beautiful as a Christmas girl's, without gifting, sob
Sometimes i really miss being a kid
Kids know no stress
Kids have no worries
Just a smile on our faces soft as petals of the frangipani,
nature enjoys us as much as her simplicity
But now I am stressed
Occupied with enough worries
And sometimes I look back at the past
And wish I was still in kid
I feel safe
telling you all o

BIGGEST worries,
d a r k e s t  memories.

Because I know that you
will love me
no mater what.
Rose Mar 1
We were in search of the sea,
traveling the curves of the highway
on the hunt for a lighthouse in the distance
running from responsibilities like the plague
pretending the summer heat won’t fade
building bonfires as the sunlight
falls behind the waves
and still, we smile
the first ocean i fell in love with
Eloisa Feb 6
Had a gorgeous dream
Your broad arms wrapped around me
Gone are my worries
With you,
light seems even brighter.
With you,
life seems to have more meaning.
With you,
smiles seem to be happier.
With you,
time seems to tick by slower.
With you,
all of my worries seem to float away.
With you,
I feel as if I have more to live for.
Without you,
I don't know what I would do.
Some people really know how to make a difference.
Like a moth
Is attracted to light-
towards self destruction,
I'm attracted towards
an unknown reverie.
A venom has handicapped me
forever; venom of
contemplating nameless worries.
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